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ITime and energy must be spent establishing a firm base In the beginning, less is more o Many focus on specific

body parts rather than the entire structure o Many try working out every muscle group in the beginning At this stage, the available energy is spread around so much that very little can be put into more important exercises Result, little overall progress is made o Advanced athletes do extra work because they have spent years building a foundation o Start with the basics, core lifts first Limit number of exercises in a beginning program to just three One for each of the three major muscle groups of the body o Shoulder girdle or upper body- incline bench o Back- power clean o Hips and legs- back squat Receive equal attention to be balanced; a lack in one will affect the proper mechanics of the others Most make faster progress on the hips and legs than on any other body part Get strong first and all other aspects of training will fall in to place Try to combine everything and you wont improve Early on, rest on the off days, then slowly start to add sport specific activities like running short distances or doing skill tasks Do 4-6 sets of 4-6 reps Perfect technique and increase the numbers Pause at the bottom (middle) of the movement o Teaches you to stay tight and to drive into the bar with power instead of using recoil from the bounce at the bottom Intermediate Training o Heavy, light, medium o The weight used for the third set on the heavy day will be the final set on the light day Ex. heavy day, all for five reps: 135, 185, 215, 235 and 255. light day: 135, 175, 195, 205, 215 for fives. medium day: 135, 175, 205, 225, and 235 for five o