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OBJECTIVE 1. State the purpose and function of the Binding Machine.

REFERENCE 2. Operating Instruction Hose Binding Machine.

CONTENTS 3. Introduction. Purpose of hose binding machine is to connected the coupling to the hose either replacing or retighten the connection. The procedure and safety precaution should be practice before any job to be done. The type of wire to be use is from copper or galvanized steel wire. The size of wire is 1.6 mm for delivery hose and 2 mm for suction hose. 4. 5. The parts of the binding machine are shown on figure 1. Binding Procedure: a. Insert hose tot the coupling until to the end.

b. Secure the coupling at hose binding machine adapter by adjusting the adjuster. Check it fit firmly. c. Turn birder need anti-clockwise until 2 or 3 threads from the end. d. Place the wire at guide wheel and guide groove. Ensure 3/8 from the coupling for first turn. e. f. g. wire. h. i. j. Turn to 90 degree approbatory 9 wire from end of hose. Light the end of wire. Turn the binding need clockwise; make sure the tension and over lapping of the Turn until the binding process is completed. Use the pier to bend or turning the wire and lastly solder the end of the wire. When binding is completed, turn binding head as Para c for next hose.


Spool of Wire Guide Wheel Grooved Guide


Fig. 1: Hose Binding Machine

CONCLUSION 6. By this knowledge the student would able to use the machine in correct way and also be able to building the hose when back to the units later.