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DMAP Programmers Guide


Parameters can be either constants, variables, or expressions and can represent one of several types:

Type Integer Real Complex Logical Character whole number


Example(s) 10 or -4

decimal number that is a whole number and a 27000. or 2.7E5 or decimal point, with an optional decimal fraction. 2.7D5 a pair of real numbers representing the real and imaginary parts of a complex quantity represents either TRUE or FALSE a string of 1 to 80 characters (1.1,2.3) or (1.D0,3.5D1) TRUE or FALSE 'GEORGE'

Also, the real and complex types are either single or double precision. The following table indicates the storage units required as a function of data type. One storage unit is the basic word size on a computer. Typically, a word is 32 bits long on a short-word computer and 64 bits on a long-word computer.

Type Integer Real single precision Real double precision Complex single precision Complex double precision Logical Character

No. of words
1 1 2 2 4 1 1 to 20

The type of a parameter must be declared in at least one of three ways:

Constant Explicit Implicit

Inherent in its specification or construction On a TYPE statement for variable parameters In a modules parameter list for variable parameters

Constant Parameters
A constant represents a fixed value and is a number (integer, real, or complex), logical, or character string.

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