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Relay TCS01 is a solid-state electronic relay, used for monitoring the healthiness of trip circuits of breakers in LV, MV and

HV sub-stations. The relay uses a high stability logic matrix to evaluate the trip circuit status and monitors the continuity of the complete trip circuit, including the breaker auxiliary contacts and the trip coil, both in breaker closed as well as open conditions. The relay has a unique feature of monitoring the trip circuit voltage level and giving alarm whenever this voltage falls below 85% of nominal.


Alarms for: Open circuit trip coil Failure of trip supply Trip supply under voltage Failure of auxiliary supply Failure of breaker mechanism to trip

1.0 Ratings Trip coil supply voltage Auxiliary supply voltage Relay Settings: Trip Coil Supply Voltage Trip Coil Supply Under voltage 3.0 4.0 5.0 Trip time delay Reset time Operation Indicators 20 to 264 V AC/DC 20V to 110V AC/DC or 88V to 264V AC/DC 24V, 48 V, 110 V, 220 V DC 110 V, 240 V AC 80% 10% of nominal value as above (Feature can be disabled) 500-millisec 100 millisecond Less than 150 millisecond Separate LED indications for: Power on Circuit Breaker Status Alarm Indication (Manual reset) 2 C/O contacts (self reset)



Output Relay Contacts


-27.0 Output contact rating Rated voltage Max. Switching voltage Rated current Max. Switching current Rated Breaking Capacity Electrical performance Specifications Case Front Bezel Panel Cutout Depth Weight 250 V AC / 30 V DC 440 V AC / 300 V DC 8A 14A 2000VA / 240 W (Resistive) Please refer separate document General Electrical Characteristics 158 x 71 mm 142 x 62 mm 204 mm 0.9 kg approx.

8.0 9.0



MCS01A00000 MCS01B00000


Relay with aux. Supply 24 110 V AC/DC 10% Relay with aux. Supply 110 240 V AC/DC 10%