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Problem statement What is the effect of drinking of different amount of water to the volume of the urine produced ?

Aim of investigation To investigate the effect of water intake to the amount of urine produced.

Hypothesis The more amount water is drunk, the more volume of urine is produced.

Variables Manipulated Responding Fixed : Volume of water taken : Volume of urine produced : Time to collect the urine produced

List of apparatus and materials Students, plain water, measuring cylinder, paper cups

Technique used Collect, measure and record the volume of urine produced

Experimental procedure or method 1. Select 12 male students at the same body size and age and divide them into 4 groups that is A, B, C and D. 2. The students have to empty their bladder before experiment. 3. Group A students are given 100 ml of plain water to drink. Group B students are given 400 ml of plain water to drink. Group C students are given 600 ml of plain water to drink. Group B students are given 1000 ml of plain water to drink. 4. After 30 minutes, collect the urine they produced and measure the volume of the urine. 5. After 45 minutes, collect the urine again and measure. Total the amount of urine produced by each student. 6. Record all readings in the table.

Presentation of data Group Volume of water taken /ml 100 400 600 1000 Volume of urine produced /ml 1 2 3 Average volume of urine /ml


Conclusion The more volume of water is taken, the more urine volume is produced. The hypothesis is accepted.