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Applied Marketing (Market Research Methods) Eduson Discriminant analysis in SPSS

To perform discriminant analysis in SPSS, proceed as follows: Analyze > Classify > Discriminant.... Move the relevant categorical dependent variable into the Grouping Variable box. Click on Define Range.... In the pop-up window, enter appropriate values for Minimum and Maximum. Click Continue. Move the relevant predictor variable into the Independents box. Select Enter independents together (default option). Click on Statistics.... In the pop-up window, in the Descriptives box select Means and Univariate ANOVAs. In the Matrices box, check Within-groups correlation. Click Continue. Click on Classify.... In the Prior probabilities box check All groups equal (default). In the Display box check Summary table and Leave-one-out classification. In the Use Covariance Matrix box check Within-groups (default). Click Continue. Click OK. Now experiment with other options!