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TR-8000 Option Data Communications

Single Patient Dialysis Machine

Operation Manual

Read this Operation Manual carefully before starting to use the machine.  Any improper handling may lead to an accident. Thus, use the machine based on instructions contained herein.  We recommend that you keep this Operation Manual in an easily accessible place so that it will not be lost.

First of all, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for using Data Communications as an optional of TR-8000. This Operation Manual is designed to provide you with descriptions of functions and methods of manipulation as well as cautions for the use, so that you can take full advantage of the capabilities and use the machine in safe manner.

This Operation Manual mainly covers the following contents on Data Communications. 1. Specifications 2. Connection with PC

In sentences, instructions of the operation are described with the headings below. Descriptions following this symbol are directions for the use. You must follow instructions. Descriptions following this symbol are useful information or supplementary explanations for your better understanding.

The following points should be necessary to care specially when dealing with this option. Please use the system with full understanding. 1. Operation Manual (1) This Operation Manual describes required information for the use of Data communications properly and handle it with safe manner, and is not intending to explain about medical treatment of a patient. (2) Using the device, manipulate and maintain it only after you carefully read and fully understand instructions contained in the manual. (3) The method of manipulation and notes on safety in this Operation Manual apply to the use of the Data communications for designated purposes. Never try to use it with in any manner other than those listed herein. The content of this manual are copy righted by Toray Medical Co., Ltd. with all rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, reprinted, or translated into different language in any form without the prior written permission of Toray Medical Co., Ltd. 2. Limitation on liability x We would like you to understand in advance that we shall take no responsibility for any possible damage or lost benefit due to operation of this system. x You must neither dismantle nor modify the system, which will place you outside of manufacturer's production guarantee. x We shall take no responsibility for any damage caused by dismantlement or modification, disassembly, or misuse by a customer, and installation environment, improper handling, etc. that we cannot deal with. x You should not use the Data communications in the case it cannot demonstrate its inherent capabilities. We shall take no responsibility for any damage or a patient's impairment caused in such a case. x You should carry out maintenance check according to the Maintenance Manual of the main system.

Important Safety Instructions

1. Indication of Warnings
In this User Manual, any safety instructions are listed with headings of or , according to the degree of importance. Read through this Operation Manual after you fully understand indications of warning. Warnings or cautions are defined as listed below: The operators or the patients might be assumed to have the possibility of serious injury in case that the machine is used wrongly: Serious injury means any condition that a patient is left with some aftereffects required hospitalization or long-term treatment as an outpatient, such as loss of eyesight, injury, burns (high/low temperatures), electric shock, bone fracture, and toxins. The operators or the patients might be assumed to have injury and the machine might be damaged or defected in case that the machine is used wrongly: Injury means any wound, burns, electric shock, etc. that may not require the patient to be hospitalized or to receive long-term treatment as an outpatient.

Chapter 1 Specifications
1.1. Description of Data Communication Function 1-2 1.2. Communication Specification 1-2

Chapter 2 Connection with PC


Chapter 1 Specifications
1.1. Description of Data Communication Function 1-2 1.2. Communication Specification 1-2

TR-8000 Data communications Operation Manual

1. Specifications
1.1. Description of Data Communication Function
This is a function of transmitting various data of the system to the PC.

1.2. Communication Specification

1.2.1. RS232C parameters
No. 1 2
3 4

Item Baud rate Data length

Parity Stop bit

Description 9600 bps 8 bit

None 1 bit

Signals of D-sub (25-pin) connector (Straight cable)

Pin No. Signal name 2





A connection cable with a device and a PC is straight connection.

1.2.2. Procedure of communication with dialysis machine

Data managed at the dialysis machine side is transmitted corresponding to a data transmission request from the PC side.
PC [1] Data transmission request Data reception Data transmission request Data transmission [2] Clinical data transmission Dialysis system

[1] [2]

A data request signal (see 1.2.3) is transmitted from the PC side to request transmission of clinical data. The dialysis receives the data request signal from the PC, and sends various corresponding data (see 1.2.4 and 1.2.5)


1 Specifications

1.2.3. Format and Data of Transmission from PC to Dialysis Machine

Data transmission request (3 bytes)
K (4 BH)
CR (0 DH) LF (0 AH)

K: Japan industrial Society for Artificial Organs code.

1.2.4. Format of Transmission from Dialysis Machine to PC

Clinical data
Start [1] Data length [2] Data [3] Sum [4] End [5]

Composition of data
No. [1] No. of bytes 2 Description Data start code (ASCII) K 1 (Japan Industrial Society for Artificial Organs Version 1) Data length (ASCII) 3 digits by summing up all bytes of No.3 Example) It total is 123 bytes: 1, 2, 3 Data identification code (ASCII) For detail see data list. * Transmitted repeatedly by the number of data types. Data (ASCII) For detail see data list. * Transmitted repeated by then number of data types. Data for sum check Summing up [1]3, lower 2 digits of HEX are converted into ASCII code. Example) IF total 5aH bytes : 5, A Data end code CR,LF