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Prepared by Dr. Sr. Temy Thomas MD (Repertory)

Lectophobia -- Can. s. Places closed Succin Rain -- Naja. Syphilis -- Hyos. Crushed by houses [being] -- Arg. n. Demon, curses, swears [being] -- Anac. Possessed of brain in stomach [being] -- Acon. Possessed of two noses [being] -- Merc. per. Impudent, teasing, laugh at reproof Graph Perform great things, to -- Cocaine. Repeat everything, to -- Zinc. m. Slide down in bed, to -- Mur. ac. Tease, laugh at reproofs, to -- Graph.

HEADACHE (Cephalalgia) Cause Altitude high -- Coca. Bathing -- Ant. c. Beer -- Rhus. t. Candy, sweets -- Ant. c. Dancing -- Arg. n. Gastralgia alternating or attending -- Bism. Ice-water Dig Lemonade, tea, wine -- Selen. Lumbago, alternating with it Aloe Mercury -- Still. Narcotics, abuse -- Acet. ac. Over-lifting -- Calc. c.

Sleep Damp room -- Bry. Loss -- Cim., Cocc., Nux v.

Location Sutures, along -- Calc. p.

Periodical, intermittent

Spinal disease, chorea Agar Vaccination -- Thuya

Every eighth day -- Iris. Every week or two -- Sul. Every two-three weeks -Ferr. m. Every six weeks -- Mag. m. Lasting several days -Tab

Concomitants Burning along spine -Picr. Act Coldness Back and occiput -Berb. v. Ears Burning -- Rhus t. Stitching -- Caps. Eyes Enlarged feeling -- Arg. n. Heaviness Aloe

Gastralgia, attending or following -- Bism. Heart's action labored - Lycopus. Hmorrhoids -- Nux v. Hypochondrium, right, stitches -- sc. Loquacity -- Can. ind. Lumbago, alternating -Aloe. Nodules, gouty of scalp -- Sil. Nose, dry, neuralgia -Dulc

Numbness, tingling, of lips, tongue, nose -Nat. m. Pains Limbs -- Sang. Lumbar region Radium Respiratory affections -- Lact. v. Scotoma Aspar Spasmodic symptoms Ign Thirst Pulex Toothache -- Sang.


Aggravation Drugging, after -- Nux v. Midnight, after -- Ferr. m. Anger -- Nux v. Attention, close -- Ign. Awaking from sleep -- Lach. Beating time -- Anhal. Bending head Backward -- Glon. Closing teeth -- Am. c. Drinking milk -- Brom.

Attention, close -- Ign. Awaking from sleep -- Lach. Beating time -- Anhal. Bending head Backward -- Glon.

Closing teeth -- Am. c. Drinking milk -- Brom. Hawking -- Conv. Lying-Painful side, on -- Sep. Muscular strain -- Calc. c. Narcotics Coff Water, sight of -- Lyssin. Working in black -- Ced.

After rising -- Kali p. Conversation -- Dulc. Raising head Sulphon Smoking -- Aran. Stimulants -- Gels. Sweating -- Nat. m. Tea -- Carb. Act Turning head forward -Ign.

Scalp-Spots, red -- Tellur. SENSATIONS Ball, firmly lodged in forehead [as if a] -Staph. Brain were frozen [as if] -indigo. Wild, crazy feeling on vertex -- Lil. t.

Scalp-Spots, red -- Tellur. SENSATIONS Ball, firmly lodged in forehead [as if a] -Staph. Brain were frozen [as if] -- indigo. Wild, crazy feeling on vertex -- Lil. t.

Eyes-Turning -- Con. Coughing -- Ant. t. Frightened -- Op. High-ceilinged room -- Cupr. ac. LookingColoured light, at -- Art. v. Walking-Dark, in -- Stram

Drowsiness, hot head -- th. Gastralgia, spasms -- Cic. Head feels elongated, urging to urinate -- Hyper. Opisthotonos -- Cic. Pressure at root of nose -- Bapt. Balancing sensation [with] -- Ferr. m.

Relief Closing eyes [from] -- Aloe, Lol. Food [from] -- Alum. Holding head perfectly still [from] -- Con. Nosebleed [from] -- Brom. Vomiting [from] -- Tab.

BROWS Warty growths on -- Ananth. CHAMBER Anterior, pus in -- Hep., Sil. Hmorrhage after iridectomy -- Led. CHOROID Extravasation -- Ham.

Ropy -- Kali-bi. Granulations, blisters or wart like -- Thuya. CORNEA Ectasia -- Calc. p. Exudation, serous -- Apis. Onyx -- Hep. Ulcers - Vascular -- Aur. m. Wounds, incised, lacerated -- Staph

Eye balls
Sight seeing, moving pictures, bad effects from -- Arn. Edema of ocular conjunctive, translucent -Apis. Red-Yellow vision, with -- Aloe. Rolling -Falling asleep, on -- th. Quickly with closed eyes -- Cupr. m. Sensation as if-Fat on eyes Paraf Wind blowing in eyes- Fluor.ac.

Squinting to relieve pain in forehead -- Aloe. Sensation-Pulsation of superciliary muscle -Cina. IRIDOCHOROIDITIS-Irido-cyclitis, traumatic, with infection and sequel -- Nat. salic. LACHRIMAL SAC Duct Closed, from cold, exposure -- Calc. c. Stricture -- Nat. m. Swollen -- Graph., Sil.

Modalities Relief Open air, in -- Cepa. Worse Night -- Apis. Cold application [from] -- Sanic. Eating [from] -- Ol. an.

Foreign bodies in eyes, cold wind, reflection from snow [from] -- Acon. Morning early -- Calc. c.

LAGOPHTHALMOS Physost Paralysis-Superior rectus -- Senega. OPTICAL-Hyperesthesia -- Chrysar. OPTIC DISKS Hyperemic, retinal vessels enlarged -- Bell., Onosm. Pallor, visual field contracted, retinal vessels shrunken -- Acetan.

ORBITS Bony tumors -- Kali iod.

Pain Modalities-Aggravation
Storm, before a -- Rhod. Closing eyes [from] Sil Looking down [from] -- Nat. m. Looking up [from] -- Chel. Lying down [from] -- Bell.

Lying down on back -- Puls. Motion -- Kali iod. PANOPHTHALMITIS -- Hep., Rhus t. PERCEPTIVE POWER LOST -- Kali p. RETINA-Anemia -- Lith. c. Artery, spasm -- Nux v. CongestionCardiac disease [from] -- Cact. Light, artificial, brilliant [from] - Glon.

STRABISMUS (squinting) Dependent on-Injuries -- Cic. Vision Objects appear-Elongated -- Bell. Retinal images persist -- Jabor. Reading, when Eyes feel pressed asunder or outward Relieved by cold bathing -- Asar. Letters appear red -- Phos. Objects-Appear white -- Chloral.

AUDITORY NERVE Torpor -- Chenop. AURICLE (external ear) Eruption-Acne -- Calc. s. Intertrigo -- Petrol. Lobe-Eruption on -- Bar. c. Ulceration of ring hole Stann Pain, tearing, with tophi -- Berv. v. Cause Alternate with sensibility of ear -- Sil. Damp weather -- Mang. ac. Eruption of scalp, suppressed Mez Sounds, low toned -- Chenop. Syphilis -- Kreos. Working in water -- Calc. c.


EXTERNAL AUDITORY CANAL Sensation as if-Drop of water in left ear Acon Open too much Mez LABYRINTH Bloody, serous effusion, in -- Chenop. MEMBRANA TYMPANI Calcareous deposits -- Calc. fl. Thin, white, scaly deposit -- Graph. Ulceration -- Kali bich. OSSICLES Sclerosis, also petrous portion of temporal bone -- Calc. fl.

Modalities Aggravation-Pressure, motion Menthol Washing face and neck with cold water -- Mag. p. AmeliorationDuring day -- Acon. Being carried, motion -- Cham. Cold applications -- Puls. Motion, covering -- Aur. Sipping cold water -- Bar. m. TINNITUS AURIUM (noises in ears) Roaring -Relieved by music -- Ign.

EXTERNAL NOSE ERUPTIONS, growths-Scales -Caust. Numbness -- Nat. m. Varicose veins -- Carbo v. Yellow saddle -- Sep. TIP-Congestion -- Am. c. ERUPTIONS, growths Knobby -- Aur. Pustules -- Kali br. Warts -- Caust.


INTERNAL NOSE Bleeding (epistaxis)-CAUSE Cough -- Arn. Eating -- Am. c. Hmorrhoids, suppressed -- Nux v. Motion, noise, light -- Bell. Operations Thlaspi Stooping -- Rhus t. Straining -- Carbo v.

OCCURRENCE AND CONCOMITANTS Daily attacks, in -- Carbo v. Persistent, with goose flesh Camph Preceded by heat and pain in head -- Nux v. Biliousness [with] -- Chel. Chronic vertigo [with] -- Sul. Relief of chest symptoms [with] -- Bov. Tightness, Pressure at root of nose [with] -Ham.

Eruptions, growths Nodular swelling -- Ars. Pain in Aching in dorsum, better from pressure -- Agn. Sharp to ears -- Merc. c. String-like to ear -- Lemna m Violent shooting, from occiput to root of nose, from suppressed discharge -- Kali bich. POSTERIOR NARES (nasopharynx) Inflammation-With dropping of mucus Clear, acrid, thin mucus -- Ars. Iod Wet, raw feeling -- Penthor.

SENSE OF SMELL Hypersensitive -Flowers, to -- Graph. Tobacco, to -- Bell. SNEEZING (sternutation) Chronic tendency -- Sil. Aggravation Coming into warm room : rising from bed : handling peaches -- Cepa. Evening, in -- Glycerin.


Expression Stolid, mask-like -- Mang. ac. Bloated, puffy -About upper eyelids -- Kali c. Expression-Stolid, mask-like -- Mang. ac. Parchment-like -- Ars. Sensitive, after neuralgia -- Cod. Sweating -- In small spots, while eating -- Ign. BONES (facial)-Inflammation -- Aur. m. Cheeks-unilateral-Ulcers, wart-like -- Ars. -Yellow saddle in uterine disease -- Sep.

ERUPTIONS-Angioma -- Abrot. -Cancer, open, bleeding -- Cistus. -Chilblains -- Agar. - Lupus -- Cistus. SYPHILID Areol, papules -- Kali iod. Crusts, areol -- Nit. ac. Ulcer, eroding -- Con. WHISKERS Eruptions -- Hep. Itching -- Calc. c. FOREHEAD-Glabella, swelling -- Sil. LOWER JAW-Nodes, Painful Graph UPPER JAW-Tumor Hekla Pain -Hot needles, Penetrating -- Ars. Icy needles, Penetrating -- Agar.

BREATH-Offensive (fetor oris) - Girls at puberty in -- Aur. m. EXTERNAL MOUTH-Color: yellow about -- Sep. LIPS-Liks them frequently -- Puls. - Ulcer, cancerous -- Ars. PALATE Aphth -- Agave. Blisters -- Nat. s. Coating, creamy -- Nat. p. Constriction, scratching -- Acon. Dryness -- Carbo an. Edema -- Apis Elongated -- Strych. Wrinkled; pain on chewing, nursing -- Bor. PTYALISM, Saliva, increased -Eating, after -- Allium s.


COATING-COLOUR Clean-Anteriorly, coated posteriorly -- Nux v. -At menstrual nisus, foul after flow ceases -- Sep. Frothy, with bubbles on side -- Nat. m. Greyish-white base -- Kali m. Mapped --With red, insular patches -- Nat. m. Wet, central furrow -- Nit. ac. ANESTHESIA -- Carbon. s. ATROPHY -- Mur. ac. ERUPTIONS, growths-Furrows lengthwise, in upper part -- Merc.

PERVERTED, ALTERED -- Sleep, after Rheum -Peppery -- Hydr


DENTITION, teething difficult, delayed Concomitants Salivation -- Bor. Sour smell of body, pale face, irritability -- Kreos. Weakness, pallor, fretfulness, must be carried rapidly -Ars. FEEL-Numb -- Plat. -Warm -- Fluor. ac. ODONTALGIA, Toothache CAUSE
Cold bathing -- Ant. c. Dental pulp, inflamed -- Bell. Nursing baby -- CinchTea -- Thuya.

Washing clothes -- Phos.

LOCATION-Eye teeth Ther CONCOMITANTS- Heat, thirst, fainting -- Cham. Neuralgia of lids, reflex -- Plant. Rush of blood to head, loose feeling of teeth -- Hyos. MODALITIES-AGGRAVATIONMidnight, after -- Ars. In intervals between meals -- Ign. Shrill sounds [from] -- Ther. Morning, in -- Hyos. Windy weather, thunderstorms -- Rhod. AMELIORATION Hot liquids -- Mag. p. Lying down -- Spig. Mouth open, sucking in air -- Mez. Rubbing cheek -- Merc. ,Wet finger -- Cham

CONDITIONS and Concomitants Extension-Right to left -- Lyc. Upward Brom Drooling Objective symptoms only: painless type; deficient reaction; sopor, stupor, epistaxis -Diph. FAUCES Anesthesia -- Kali br. Necrosis -- Merc. cy. PHARYNX Coldness -- Cistus


AGGRAVATIONS Menses [from] -- Lac c. Swallowing [from]- Sweet things -- Spong Afternoon, in -- Lach. AMELIORATIONS Inspiring cold air [from] -- Sang. Swallowing [from] -- Liquids -- Cistus. Pustules -- th.

Abscess (Peritonsillar) -- Calc. s. DEPOSITS ON Creamy, extends over tonsils, uvula, soft Palate -- Nat. p. Dark Dry, wrinkled -- Ars. Gangrenous -- Bapt. Greyish Dirty-Like macerated skin, covering tonsils, uvula pharynx -Phyt. Thick, with fiery red margins -- Apis. Extends to posterior nares, air passages, later purplish black -Echin. Patch on tonsils -- Kali m. Thick; shred-like borders, adherent or free -- Merc. v. Grayish-White, in crypts -- Ign. Grayish-Yellow, slight; easily detached; worse on left -- Merc. i. r.

Patchy on right tonsil and inflamed fauces, easily detached -- Merc. i. fl. Plugs of mucus constantly form in crypts -- Calc. fl. Shining, glazed white or yellow patch -- Lac c. Thick-Brownish-yellow like wash leather, or firm, fibrinous, pearly, extends over tonsils, soft palate -Kali bich. Dark grey, or brownish black -- Diph. Thin-False; on yellowish red tonsils and fauces -Merc. s. Then dark, gangrenous -- Merc. cy. UVULA Constricted feeling -- Acon. Sore spot behind, better by eating -- Am. Whitened, shrivelled -- Carb. ac.


AVERSIONS-Wine -- Sul. -Eggs -- Ferr. m. -Food- Boiled -- Calc. c. CRAVINGS (pica) Butter -- Ferr. m. -Buttermilk -- Elaps. -Eggs -- Calc. c. -Fish -- Sul. Ac - Ham rind -- Calc. p. - Meat, salt, smoked -- Calc. p.

THINGS THAT DISAGREECheese -- Col. Eggs -- Colch. Fish -- Carbo v. Food Cold -- Kali iod. Salty -- Carbo v. Warmth -- Puls. Meat- In excess -- Allium s. Soup -- Kali c Vegetables -- HydrWaterImpure -- Zing

GASTRIC AFFECTIONS Better in open air -- Adon. Of cigar-makers Ign HICCOUGH (singultus) -Spasm, followed by -- Cupr. m. Pains in back, after eating, nursing [with] -- Teucr. Spasm of sophagus [with] -- Ver. v. INDIGESTION - DYSPEPSIA CAUSE Drugs, abuse of -- Nux v. Bright's disease -- Apoc. Night watching -- Nux v. Salt, abuse of -- Phos. Sedentary life -- Nux v. Urticaria Cop Water -- Ars.

Pressure as from a stone -- Rectum, in Aloe NAUSEA (qualmishness) -- Abdominal operation, after Staph Beer [from] -- Kali bich.. Coffee [from] -- Cham. Fat [from] -- Nit. ac. Ices, cold [from] -- Ars. Pessaries [from] -- Nux m. Immersing hands in warm water [from] -- Phos. Nervousness, emotional excitement [from] Menthol Sweets [from] -- Graph.

Water, aerated, champagne [from] -- Digitox. Cramps [with] -- Triost. Desire for stool [with] -- Dulc. Diarrha, anxiety [with] -- Ant. t. Drowsiness [with] -- Apoc. Pale, twitching face, no relief from vomiting [with] -Ipec. Pressure downward, in intestines [with] -- Agn.

Relief from
Smoking -- Eug. j. Swallow of cold water -- Cupr. m. Uncovering abdomen.; in open air -- Tab. Weakness, anxiety, recurs periodically [with] -- Ars.

PAIN (gastrodynia) Concomitants-Chronic ulcer [with] -- Arg. n. Extension To sides, then to back [with] -- Cochlear. To shoulders -- Niccol. Pain in throat and spine alternately -- Paraf. Pregnancy -- Petrol. Recurrence -- Graph. Uterine disorder -- Bor

MODALITIES Aggravation Walking, descending stairs Bry Water, cold -- Calc. c. Amelioration Drinks [from] Cold Bism Ice cream [from] Phos Sitting erect [from] -- Kal. SENSATION As if stomach were Full of dry food -- Calad. Pressed against spine -- Arn. Swimming in water -- Abrot

VOMITING, retching CAUSE Anger-Nursing mother, affecting milk [in] -- Val. Climacteric -- Aquil. Closing eyes -- Ther. Lying on Any side, except right -- Ant. t. Right side or back -- Crot. CONCOMITANTS Abdominal rumbling [with] -- Pod. Depression of spirits [with] -- Nux v.

COLIC, PAIN CAUSE-Cheese [From eating] -- Col. Cucumber salad [From eating] -- Cepa LOCATION Ascending colon -- Rhus t. CONCOMITANTS Abdomen-Retracted, tense, scanty urine, desire to stretch -- Plumb. m. Agitation, chill ascending from hypogastrium to cheeks -- Col. Alternates with Coryza -- Calc. c. Delirium and pain in atrophied limbs -- Plumb. m.


AMELIORATION Cause-Lying with knees drawn up [from] -Lach.Rubbing [from] -- Plumb. m. Warmth -- Mag. p. Sitting [from] Erect -- Sinap. n. Lying down -- Nux v. ANUS - RECTUM ERUPTIONS, growths Pockets -- Polygon. Rash, fiery red in babies -- Med. Operations on, to be given preceding -- Collins.

PROLAPSUS ANI Debility [From] -- Pod. Sneezing [From] -- Pod. Piles [With], in alcoholics, leading sedentary life -- sc. gl. Stool, rectal spasm [With] -- Ign. CONSTIPATION CAUSE Enemas, Abuse of -- Op.
Confinement [after], hepatic and uterine inertia -- Mez. Cheese [from] -- Col. Gouty acidity [From] -- Grat Mental shock, nervous strain [From] --Mag. c. Travelling [From]; in emigrants -- Plat

CONCOMITANTS Abdominal weakness Enuresis -- Caust. Fainting -- Ver. a. shuddering -- Plat Nervous, from presence of others, even nurse -Ambra. Passes Better leaning far back -- Med. Better standing -- Caust. Prolapsus Uteri -- Stann. Urging-Felt in lower abdomen - Aloe

BLADDER Cystocele -- Staph. ENURESIS - CAUSE Incontinence Catheterization, after -- Mag. p. Moon [during full]; intractable cases; eczematous history -Psor. Habit the only ascertainable cause -- Equis. Sycosis [history of] -- Med. AGGRAVATIONS
Drinking water [from] -- Canth. Lithotomy [from] -- Staph.


KIDNEYS ACUTE AND SUBACUTE PARENCHYMATOUS NEPHRITIS -CAUSE -Influenza [from] -- Eucal. AGGRAVATIONS At 2 P.M. -- Kal. Lifting, sudden effort [from] -- Calc. p. Lying down [from] -- Conv. AMELIORATIONS Lying on back [from] -- Cahinca. Legs drawn -- Colch. Standing [from] -- Berb. v.

Walking [From] -- Ferr. mur.

MEATUS Ulcers around -- Eucal Membranous-Prostatic involvement -- Sabal. SENSIBILITY Diminished -- Kali br URINARY FLOW DESIRE Constant -Prolapsus uteri [from] -- Lil. t. DYSURIA Difficult-Pregnancy [in], and after confinement -- Equis. Young, married women [in] -- Staph. Lie down [must] -- Kreos. Sit bent backwards [must] -- Zinc. Stand with feet wide apart, body inclined forward [must] - Chimaph. Prolapsus ani [with] -- Mur. ac

RETENTION (isuria) -Cause Atony of fundus [from] Tereb Overexertion [from] -- Arn. Suppressed discharges or eruptions [From] -Camph. Surgical operations [From] -- Caust. URINATION-COMPLAINTS-BEFORE ACT Leucorrha, yellow -- Kreos BLOODY (hmaturia) Cold feeling -- Nit. ac. Heavy feeling -- Thlaspi

ODOR Fish-like -- Uran. n. Garlicky -- Cupr. ars. Musk-like Ocimum Valerian, like -- Murex. Rose colored -- Am. phos. DIABETES, Sugar Assimilative disorders -- Uran n.


COITUS Followed by Irritability -- Selen. Nausea, vomiting Mosch Pain Perineum [in] -- Alum. Urethra [in] -- Canth. Toothache -- Daphne. Urinate, urging to -- Staph. Vomiting -- Mosch. Vision, Weak -- Kali c. DESIRE Suppressed, ill effect from - Con. SCROTUM HYDROCELE -Nodules, hard, suppurating - Nit. Ac Retraction -- Plumb. m. Spots, brown -- Con.

SPERMATORRHA (sexual debility, deficient physical power, nocturnal pollutions) -Brain fag, mental torpidity [with] -- Phos. ac. Emission [with]- Profuse, frequent; after coitus -- Phos. ac.
Masturbatic tendency -- Ustil. Rheumatic Pains -- Gins. Vision weak -- Kali c. Undescended testicle in boys -- Thyr.


DESIRE-Increased (nymphomania) -Must keep busy to repress it -- Lil. t. LEUCORRHA -MODALITIES Coitus [after] -- Nat. c. menses Stool [after] -- Mag. m. Rest [From] -- Fagop.

CONCOMITANTS Diarrha -- Puls. Warm water running [Feeling as if] -- Bor. Of fulness, heat, relieved by cold water [Feeling as if] -- Acon. Hmorrhage, obstinate, intermittent -Kreos. Hepatic derangement, costiveness -- Hydr. Hysterical spasm in uterus and abdomen -Mag. m. Mental symptoms -- Murex. Moth spots on forehead -- Saul., Sep. Metrorrhagia following -- Mag. m.

PAIN (mastodynia) -Worse from jar, toward evening -- Lac. c. MENOPAUSE, climacteric period; change of life -Breasts enlarged, painful -- Sang Cough, burning in chest, periodical neuralgia -Sang. Earache -- San Falling of hair -- Sep. Fatigue-Persistent tiredness, fagged womb -Bellis. Without cause, muscular weakness, chilliness -Calc. c.

Inframammary pains -- Cim. Liver disorders -- Card. m. Pruritus -- Calad. Salivation -- Jabor AMENORRHA Suppressed-Disappointed love [From] Helleb Asthma [With] Spong Cramps to chest [With] -- Cupr. m. Delirium, mania [With] -- Stram. Gastralgia or spasms [With] -- Cocc. Jaundice [With] -- Chionanth. Neuralgic pains about head, face [With] -- Gels. Ophthalmia [With] -- Puls. Pelvic tenesmus [With] -- Pod.


Changeable -- Puls. Hot -- Bell. COMPLAINTS, PRECEDING AND ATTENDING FLOW Axill, itching -- Sang. Backache, general bad feelings -- Kali c. Breasts-Icy cold -- Med. Milk in them, in place of menses -- Merc. v. Burning in hands and soles -- Carbo v. Catalepsy -- Mosch. Deafness, tinnitus -- Kreos. Eyes-Burning -- Niccol. Diplopia -- Gels. Ophthalmia -- Puls
Feet-Cold, damp -- Calc. c. Pain in -- Am. m.

Frenzy -- Acon.

Hoarseness, coryza, sweats -- Graph. Hunger -- Spong. Inflammation of throat, chest, bladder -- Senec. Labia burning -- Calc. c. Mania Chorea Cim Mouth sore, swelling of gums, cheeks, bleeding ulcer -Phos. Nipples and breasts icy cold -- Med. Old symptoms aggravated -- Nux v. Extending Pelvis [Through] antero-posteriorly or laterally -- Bell. Feet [In] -- Am. m. Malar bones [In] Stann Salivation -- Pulex. Sexual excitement -- Plat.

COMPLAINTS FOLLOWING MENSES Erethism, neuralgic pains, inframammary pains, insomnia -- Cim. Eruption -- Kreos. Headache -- Croc., Lach., Lil. t., Puls., Sep. Throbbing, with sore eyes -- Nat. m. Hmorrhoids -- Cocc. Hysterical symptoms -- Ferr. m. Mamm swollen, milky secretion -- Cycl. Old symptoms aggravated -- Nux v. Ovarian pain -- Zinc. m. Vomiting -- Crot. AGGRAVATION Sleep [From] -- Mag. c. AMELIORATION Cold drinks [From] -- Kreos. Hot applications [From] -- Mag. p.

ARTERIES-AORTA-Degeneration, fatty - Phos. Dilatation-Aneurism -Pain - Cact. HEART-NEUROSES -Irritable fromTea, coffee -- Agaricine. hmorrhoids, Suppressed -- Collins. Irritable tremulousness, from scarlet fever -- Lach. PAIN -- Apex, At -- Lil. t. ANGINA PECTORIS -Abuse of coffee, From -- Coff. Shooting-From apex to base -- Med. From base to apex at night -- Syph. From back to clavicle, shoulder -- Spig. PALPITATION CAUSE-Children, growing too fast -- Phos ac. Eruption suppressed -- Calc. c. Prolonged brain work, sexual excesses -- Coca. Tea drinking Cinch Worms -- Spig.


CONCOMITANTS Burning at heart -- Kali c. Dim vision -- Puls. Fetor oris -- Spig. Piles or suppressed menses alternating -- Collins Stomach, heavy feeling in -- Upas. Stomach, sinking in -- Cim. Tinnitus, mental depression, anorexia, chest oppression Coca Urination copious -- Coff. Uterine soreness Conv Weakness, empty feeling in chest Oleand AGGRAVATION Mental exertion [From] -- Calc. ars. Rising [From] -- Cact. Sitting bent forward [From] -- Kal. Stooping forward [From] -- Spig. SENSATIONS-Drops were falling from heart, As if -- Can. s. -Tired, as if Heart were Pyr SYNCOPE, fainting -Odors, in morning, after eating [From] -- Nux v.

AXILL Acne -- Carbo v. Herpes -- Carbo an. Pain, in muscles, right side -- Prim. v. Pain, with, or without swelling -- Jugl. c. BACK Eruption -- Sep. Digging, cutting Sep AGGRAVATION Emission [after] Cob Eating [From] -- Kali c. AMELIORATION Bending backwar [From] -- Rhus t. Bending forward [From] -- Lob. infl. Emission [From] -- Zinc. m. Lying [From] -- Acet. ac. Lying, sitting [From] -- Sep COCCYX Burning on touch -- Carbo an. Neuralgia, worse rising from sitting posture -- Lach. Numbness -- Plat. Bruised-From injury -- Hyper. Ulcer -- Ponia. EXTREMITIES (UPPER) ARM-Itching Fagop Nodules -- Hippoz. Numbness-Right arm -- Phyt. PALM Blisters -- Bufo. Desquamation -- Elaps. Injury with intolerable pain -- Hyper

FINGERSFidgety, must move constantly -- Kali br. Hypertrophy -- Aur. mur. Impression deep, from scissors -- Bov. Itching between -- Phos. ac. Skin, dry, shrivelled -- th. Skin peels off - Elaps. Soreness between - Nat. ars.

BRONCHIAL TUBES-TYPE & OCCURRENCE Alternating with Itching rash -- Calad. Epiglottis, spasm or weakness -- Med. Recent, uncomplicated cases -- Hydroc. ac. Sailors on shore -- Brom. Senile cases -- Bar. m. Tetter recedes with attack -- Sul. CONCOMITANTS Burning in throat and chest [with] -- Aral. Diarrha following [with] -Nat. s. Dysuria, nocturnal [with] -- Solid. Every fresh cold [with] -- Nat. s. Hydrothorax [with] -- Colch.
Nausea [with], cardiac weakness, vertigo, vomiting, weak Stomach, cold knees -- Lob. infl.

Thirst, nausea, stitches, burning in chest [with] -- Kali n. Urine supersaturated with solids [with] -- Nat. nit.

AGGRAVATION Spring [in] -- Aral. Summer [in] -- Syph. AMELIORATION Sea [At] -- Brom. Bending forward, rocking [from] -- Kali c. Lying down [from], keeping arms spread apart -- Psor. Lying on face [from], protruding tongue -- Med. Sitting up Head bent backward [with] -- Hep. Stool [from] -- Pothos. Vomiting [from] -- Cupr. m. Open air [In] -- Naph.

CHEST-Affections Brain fag [after] -- Phos. ac. Operations [after] Fistul [for] -- Berb. v., Calc. p., Sil Hydrothorax, empyema [for] -- Abrot. Suppressed skin eruptions [after] -- Hep. Circumscribed spots [in]-Persistent after inflammation -- Senega. Stone cutters with adynamia [in] -- Sil. Inability to-Lie on right side -- Merc .

AGGRAVATIONS Ascending [from] -- Ars., Sep. Bending forward [from] -- Sul. Cold drinks [from] -- Thuya. Lying on [from] Left side -- Phos AMELIORATIONS Eructation [from] -- Bar. c. Lying down [from] -- Psor. Rest [from] -- Bry. Spots on-Brown -- Sep. Yellow -- Phos.

CHILLINESS, coldness -Epileptic fit [after] -- Cupr. m. Location Abdomen, legs -- Menyanth. Arms -- Raph. Back-Hips, to legs -- Ham. Body Body and feet, head and face hot -- Arn. Face and breath hot [with] -- Cham. Bones, extremities; severe, general -- Pyr. Chest, on walking in open air -- Ran. b. Hands -- Dros. Hands and back Cact Body warm -- Tab. Lumbar region -- Agar.


Concomitants Aching in shoulders, joints, small of back; yawning, stretching -- Bolet. Catarrh -- Merc. s. Cough, dry, fatiguing -- Rhus t.
Desire to uncover abdomen -- Tab. Evening pains of whatever kind; in warm room -Puls. Face, head, palms hot -- Ferr. m. Flatulent colic, nausea, vertigo, hot skin, sweat, heat of head -- Cocc. Headache -- Conv. Extending to parietal region, red eyes -- Ced.

Ill humor -- Caps. Loquacity -- Pod. Pallor -- Cocaine. Pruritus Mez AGGRAVATION Dinner [after] -- Mag. p. Drinking [after] -- Caps. Eating A. M. [after] -- Puls. Dampness, rain [from], not relieved by warmth -Aran.

FEBRILE HEAT Pelvic organs [ascends from] -- Sep. Back [in lower part of], hip, thighs -- Berb. v. Palms of hands [in] -Chenop. gl. Soles of feet [in] -- Canth. Body [in whole], face red, hot; yet chilly from least motion or uncovering -- Nux v.

CONCOMITANTS Chill predominant -- Bry. Colic -- Ver. a. Decline towards A. M., without sweat -- Gels.
Drowsy stupefaction; agonized tossing about, in search of a cool place; must be uncovered; vomiting, diarrha; convulsions -- Op. Dryness Sleep [during] or on falling asleep; deep, dry, cough -- Samb.

Headache -- Astac. Thousand hammers [as from] -- Nat. m. Hot face Back chilly, feet cold -- Puls. Cold hands and feet -- Stram.

Unquenchable thirst, taste of bile, nausea, anxiety, Restlessness, dry tongue; after anger -- Cham. Hunger, for days preceding -- Staph. Itching eyes, tearing in limbs, numbness of body, headache -- Ced. Lassitude, in afternoon; throbs all over -- Lil. t. . Palpitation, precordial anguish -- Calc. c.

Red spot on left cheek -- Acet. ac. Restlessness, cheeks red, apathy -- Iod. Restless sleep -- Calc. c. Skin dry Hot; face red or red and pale alternately; arterial Excitement; anguish, restlessness, tossing about -Acon. Pungent; arterial excitement; distended, superficial vessels -- Bell. Slow, nervous, insidious course; vertigo -- Cocc. Smothered feeling, if covered -- Arg. n. Stretching of limbs -- Rhus t. Sudden onset; dry, burning skin; rapid, small, wiry pulse -- Pyr.

AGGRAVATION Covering up -- Ign. Motion [from], then chilly -- Nux v. Morning in bed [in] -- Kali c. Awaking [on] -- Laur. Sitting, walking in open air [when] -- Sep. SWEAT LOCALIZED - Anterior part of body -- Selen. Covered parts -- Bell. Extremities, upper right Formal Part lain on -- Acon. Parts in contact with each other -- Niccol. s. Posterior part of body -- Sep.
Uncovered parts -- Thuya. OCCURRENCE-Acute diseases [after] Psor TYPE OF FEVER-DYSENTERIC -- Nux v.

INTERMITTENT FEVER (ague, malarial) CHILL OCCURRENCE TYPE Afternoon 1 P.M. daily -- Ferr. p. 4 - 8 P.M. -- Lyc. 4 P.M. -- sc. 5 P.M. -- Cinch.

Morning -- Chin. s. 1 - 2 A.M. -- Ars 3 A.M. -- Thuya 4 A.M. -- Ferr. m. 5 A.M. -- Cinch. 6 - 7 A.M. -- Pod. 7 - 9 A.M.; at noon following day -- Eup. perf. 11 A.M. and 11 P.M. -Cact.
Every 7 or 14 days; never at night -- Cinch.

CONCOMITANTS Anxiety-Exhaustion, hypochondriacal ideas, mental confusion, vertigo, tension of stomach, no relief from warmth -- Nux v. pallor, cold sweat on forehead -- Ver. A Cough, dry, teasing -- Rhus t. Vertigo, yawning, stretching, general discomfort -- Ars. Heart symptoms, enterrhagia -- Cact. Hmorrhoidal symptoms -- Caps. Hyperesthesia -- Ign. Spine -- Chin. s. Loquacity -- Pod. Nausea before chill -- Ipec. No two chills alike -- Puls.

Pain-Joints [in] -- Cinch. Knees, ankles, wrists, hypogastrium [in] -- Pod. Yawning-Somnolency, accelerated breathing -Nat. m. Aggravation Acids [from] -- Lach. Drink [from] -- Caps. Exposure [from] -- Nux v. Exposure, lying down [from] -- Cimex. Motion [from] -- Apis.

FEVER PAROXYSM Afternoon, glowing heat, in face, hands, feet -- Azadin. Anxiety, restlessness, lipothymia, oppression -- Ars. Chilliness, after heat of face -- Calc. c. Congestion of head, drowsiness, costiveness, rectal and vesical tenesmus; chilled from uncovering -- Nux v. Desire-to be covered -- Nux v.

APYREXIA Adynamia Astro-intestinal pains, sallow face, dropsical swellings, enlarged liver and spleen, restlessness, sleeplessness, spasms, diarrha, alburinaria -- Ars. Morning headache, depression, costiveness, amenorrha, enlarged liver, desire for quiet, sallow face -- Nat. m. Vomiting -- Ipec. Abdominal griping, pain in back, loins -- Ver. a.

ACNE Abuse of KI [from] -- Aur.
Cheese [from] -- Nux v. Cosmetics [from] -- Bov. Anmic girls at puberty [in], with vertex headache, flatulent dyspepsia, better by eating - Calc. p. Fleshy young people [in], with coarse habits; bluish red, pustules on face, chest, shoulders -Kali br. Symmetrical distribution [with] -- Arn.

DERMAL (trophic lesions) -- Thallium. ECZEMA -Worse Vaccination [after] -- Mez. Menstrual period [at], menopause -- Mang. ac. Seashore [at], ocean voyage, excess of salt -- Nat. m. NAILS-Atrophy -- Sil. -Hypertrophy (onychauxis) -- Graph. Injury to matrix -- Hyper. Itching-About roof of -- Upas. Pains Burning under -- Sars.

Beneath finger nails -- Berb. v. Smarting at roots -- Sul. Splinter-like, beneath toe nails -- Fluor. ac.

PRURITUS (itching of skin) -Aged [of] -- Bar ac. Chest [of], upper limbs -- Arundo. Ears, nose, arms, urethra [of] -- Sul. iod. Face, hands, scalp [of] -- Clem. Face, shoulders, chest [of] -- Kali br. Feet, ankles [of] -- Led. Feet, legs [of] -- Bov. Orifices [of] -- Fluor. ac. Thighs, bends of knees [of] -- Zinc. m. Without Eruption -- Dolichos. Worse from-Contact -- Ran. b.

VERUCCCA (warts) racked, ragged, with furfuraceous areola -- Lyc. Flat, smooth, sore -- Ruta. Horny, broad -- Rhus t. Large-Seedy -- Thuya. Smooth, fleshy, on back of hands -- Dulc. Lupoid -- Ferr. picr. Moist-Itching, flat, broad -- Thuya. Oozing -- Nit. ac. Painful-Hard, stiff, shining -- Sil. Neck, arms, hands, soft, smooth -- Ant. c. Nose, finger tips, eye brows -- Caust. Small, all over body -- Caust. Sycotic, syphilitic -- Nit. ac. WHITLOW, felon, panaritium Recurrence -- Sil. Traumatic -- Led.

BRAIN EPILEPSY (grand mal CAUSE - CONCOMITANTS Aura Absent -- Zinc. v. Several fits, close together -- Art. v. Begins Painful spot [as], between shoulders, or dizziness, flashes of heat, from abdomen to head -- Indigo. Brain [in], as a wavy sensation -- Cim. Knees [in], ascends to hypogastrium -- Cupr. m. Left arm [in] -- Sil. Stomach or genitals [in] -- Bufo. Upper or lower limbs [in] -- Lyc. Descends -- Calc. c. Felt, in heart region -- Calc. ars. Full moon; nocturnal [during] -- Calc. c.

Deep sleep-followed by Hiccough -- Cic. Nausea, vomiting -- Bell. . Rage, automatic impulse -- Op. Restlessness -- Cupr. m. Jealousy [from] Lach Pregnancy [from] nanthe Syphilis, tubercular [from] -- Kali br. Taking cold; nocturnal; worse right side [from] -Caust. Valvular disease [from] -- Calc. ars. Vital drains; onanism [from] -- Lach. Wet exposure [from] -- Cupr. m

Periodical seizures -Preceded, by Cold on left side of body -- Sil. Dilated pupils -- Arg. n. Irritability, rambling -- Bufo. Malaise -- Cic. Memory, confused -- Lach. Palpitation, vertigo -- Lach.
Vesicular eruption -- Cic. Consciousness [with] -- Ign. Face red [with], thumbs clenched, jaws locked, foam at mouth, eyes turned downwards, pupils fixed, dilated, pulse small, quick, hard th

Swelling of stomach [with], screaming, unconsciousness, trismus, distorted limbs; frequent during night; recurrent tendency -- Cic. PARALYSIS TYPE-Gradually appearing -- Caust. LOCALIZED-Ankles [in], in afternoon Cham Bladder [in] -- Caust., Nux v. Chest [in] Gels Feet at night [in] -- Cham.

SLEEP-DROWSINESS While sitting reading[in] -- Nux v. INSOMNIA (sleeplessness) CAUSES OCCURRENCE Abdominal disturbances -- Ant. t., Cupr. m. Aching-Bones [in] -- Daphne. Legs [in], yet cannot keep them still -- Med. Muscles [in], too much exhausted, tired out -- Helon. aggravated after midnight -- Ars. Aortic disease -- Crat. Banqueting, late suppers -- Puls. Bed feels to hot, unable to lie on it -- Op. Chest oppression -- Physal. Chronic nicotinism -- Plant. Menopause; women with prolapsus uteri or uterine irritation -Senec.

Multiple neuritis -- Con. Weaning of child -- Bell

DREAMS Fantastic, pleasant -- Op.

Forgotten matters -- Selen. Happy dreams -- Sul. Hmorrhage Phos Formication in calves and feet -- Sul. Itching --Scrotum [of] -- Urt. Picks at bed clothes, during -- Op.

POSITION-Must lie-Knee-chest position [in] -- Med. . Back with thighs drawn upon abdomen [on], hands above head disposition to uncover lower limbs -- Plat.
Hands and knees [on] -- Cina. Crossed -- Rhod. One leg drawn up, other stretched out [with] -- Stann. Must move or fidget feet constantly -- Zinc. m. RESTLESSNESS Singing on awakening -- Sul. Skin dry Thea Suddenly wide awake -- Sul. Tobacco -- Gels.

ABSCESS-Muscles, deep -- Calc. c. ANEMIA-Suboxidation [from] -- Picr. ac. Syphilis [from] Calop Type-Erythistic; worse in winter -- Ferr. M BONES-Cold feeling -- Zinc. m. NECROSIS-Femur -- Stront. c. Mastoid-Palatine, cranial, nasal -- Aur. m. Skull -- Fluor. ac. Sternum -- Con. Tarsus -- Plat. mur. Inferior maxilla -- Phos

PAIN -Drawing, pressing, sensitiveness -- Nit. ac. Coccyx [in] -- Castor eq. Face, feet [in] -- Aur. m. Vertebr [in] -- Agar. Influenzal -- Eup. perf. Localized in spots, worse, from weather changes -- Rhod. CANCER -Bowel, lower [of] Ruta Ccum [of] -- Ornithog. Glandular structures [of] -- Hoang nan. Omentum [of] -- Lob. erin.

CARTILAGES (perichondritis) -Ulceration -Merc. c. COMPLAINTS-ABUSE of-Aconite Sul -Chlorate of potash -- Hydr. -Cod liver oil -- Hep. -Colchicum -- Led. -Condiments -- Nux v. -Nitrate of silver -- Nat. m. -Tar, locally -- Bov. -Turpentine -- Nux m.

CICATRICES-Itch -- Fluor. ac. Pain during change of weather -- Nit. Ac Turn green -- Led. Red or blue -- Sul. ac. Appearance-Atypically -- Mosch. -Below, upwards [from] -- Led. ORIGIN-Improve-Relapse continually Sul DROPSY-CAUSES Quinine, abuse of -- Apoc. Eruption suppressed, sweat, rheumatism -- Dulc. Menstrual disorder at puberty, or menopause Puls Remittent fever -- Helle

Diarrha [with] -- Acet. ac. Soreness in uterine region [with] -- Conv. Suppressed urine, fever, debility [with] -- Helleb GLANDS-Atrophy -- Iod. GREASE - In horse -- Thuya. HMORRHAGES-Chronic effects -- Stront. c. -Face intensely red, preceding [with] -- Meli. No mental anxiety [with] -- Ham. Putrescence; tingling in limbs; debility [with] -- Sec. Fever or pain [without] Millef MUTISM of childhood -- Agraph. POLYCYTHEMIA -- Phos. PROPHYLACTICS Catheter fever -- Camph. ac. Erysipelas -- Graph. (30). Pus infection -- Arn. Quinsy -- Bar. c. (30).

AGGRAVATION Arms moved backward Sanic Autumn: warm days, cold, damp nights -Merc. v. Bending Double Diosc Celibacy -- Con. Concussion -- Cic. Daylight to sunset -- Med. Defecation, after -- sc.

Drinking, during -- Bell. Feet-Hanging down -- Puls. High altitudes -- Coca. Laundry work -- Sep. Medicines, patent, aromatic, bitter vegetable pills -- Nux v. People, presence of -- Ambra. New and full moon -- Alum. Plants, growing near water -- Nat. s. Potatoes -- Alum Snow, melting -- Calc. p. Water-Seeing or hearing -- Lyssin

AMELIORATIONS Combing hair -- Formica. Consolation -- Puls. Conversation -- Eup. perf. Covering light -- Sec. Day Day-Alternating -- Alum. Descending -- Spong. Forenoon, in -- Lil. t. Ice, holding in mouth -Coff. Inland, mountains -- Syph. Lemonade -- Cycl. Light -- Stram

Limb hanging down -- Con. Magnetized -- Phos. Midnight-After -- Lyc. Until noon -- Puls Mouth, covered -- Rumex Music -- Tar. h. Night -- Cupr. ac. Oil applications -- Euphorb. d. Putting feet on chair -- Con. Riding in carriage -- Nit. ac. Sea [at] -- Brom. Seashore [at] -- Med. Shaving [after] -- Brom. Sipping water -- Kali

Stooping -- Colch. Storm, after -- Rhod. Taking hold of anything -- Anac. Vomiting Helianth Wine -- Coca. Winter [during] -- Ilex.