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Its finally here: Details on Advanced Lactation Series from Bakersfield Breastfeeds!
Our final educational offering of 2013 is open for Registration!
The response to our 2013 courses has been nothing short of amazing! We have trained nearly 50 breastfeeding supporters already this year, making a huge impact on the quality of available breastfeeding support in Kern and Tulare Counties. Throughout the year we have spoken to many lactation professionals, doulas, midwives, Registered Nurses, physicians, and dietitians who have requested that we make more options available. Its time for the Advanced Lactation Series! This series has been custom designed to work as a full 50 L-CERP series for those preparing for the IBLCE exam, OR as a menu of day-long topics.

Special New Pricing

Series with CERPs Series with no CERPs 1-Day with CERPs 1-Day with no CERPs $750 $250 $150 $50

Lunch and Training Materials are included with all pricing options Application for CERPs has been approved by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Advanced Lactation Series


Our Immediate Impact Topics can enhance your ability to support breastfeeding after just one day of training. Our information is evidence-based and up-to-date. You can even wait to commit to the series until you have attended the first day!* We are confident you will want to return for the rest!

Day I Early Postpartum Management: The First 100 Hours

Join us for a full day of clinical skills and strategies for assisting mothers during the early newborn period and beyond. We will explore common challenges and practice the crucial clinical skills necessary for helping mothers and babies with Positioning and Attachment to the Breast, Hand Expression of milk, and Observation/Assessment of Breastfeeding for Milk Transfer.

Day IV What Can You Do, What Must You Do

This special program looks at Ethics and the WHO Code, Scope of Practice of the IBCLC and other lactation professionals, Requirements for Documentation of Lactation Support, HIPAA, Milk Banks, and Support Systems for the Breastfeeding Mother. This day is divided into 5 E-CERPs for the Ethics portion (5 E-CERPs are required for those applying to take the IBLCE exam and those recertifying.) The remaining portion is eligible for 4 LCERPs. This days topics are eyeopening and thought-provoking. (5 E-CERPs) and 4 L-CERPs)

know about their dietary intake while breastfeeding. (8 CERPs)

Each day of training has been created with 1 hour of Communication and Counseling Skills built in to the agenda. Participants who complete the series will have studied each of the areas required for the IBLCE exam. This course and its individual components do not confer any certification or credential on participants. Rather, they are intended to further the education of breastfeeding supporters in a flexible, customized way which best fits their own personal lactation education needs. L-CERPs and E-CERPs have been applied for from IBLCE. Our IBLCE Provider Number can be provided upon request. *You may opt to register and pay for Day I with CERPs only and then decide if you want to commit to the entire series. If you opt to commit to the series after attending Day I, your balance of $600 will be due on Day II.

Day II Breastfeeding Detective Work: Common Challenges

This full day of education covers the latest findings on Infant Oral Anatomy, as well as Breast and Nipple Problems, Low Milk Supply and Management, and Failure to Thrive. We will help you build your toolkit for handling more complex breastfeeding situations by evaluating multiple aspects of the breastfeeding dyad. (8 CERPs)

Day V Infants Ability to Breastfeed

Explore the dynamics and challenges of Breastfeeding the Preterm and Late Preterm Infant; review the latest information on the Risks of Not Breastfeeding, Immunology, and Allergies; discuss the indications for Supplementation of Breastfed Infant, and practice your clinical skills with using Alternate Feeding Devices. Increase your familiarity with these devices to improve your support of babies who are temporarily experiencing breastfeeding difficulties. (9 CERPs)

Day III Applying Breastfeeding Knowledge

This days learning objectives include Reading Research and Statistics and Applying New Knowledge to Practice. With this new perspective, we will explore Normal Infant Growth Parameters, Safe Sleep Practices, Parenting Styles, and Cultural Aspects of Breastfeeding. The education provided on this day is crucial for any healthcare provider who works with new parents and children as it builds a foundation for creating an evidence-based support protocol in your practice. (8 CERPs)

Day VI Physiology of Breastfeeding

The final day of the series covers Breastmilk Composition, Medications and Breastfeeding, Contraindications to Breastfeeding, Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Breast, Maternal Nutrition, and a special session on Supporting Adolescent Mothers. Enhance your understanding of how breastmilk is made and what moms really need to

Thank you for what you do to support breastfeeding mothers and babies!

Please register early to reserve your seat!

Additional Information
We Love Teaching!
Thats why we strive to make our curriculum thorough and as up-todate as possible, with full references provided to you. We learn so much from our participants, and you will, too! We look forward to a diverse crowd of breastfeeding supporters from a wide geographic area during this series. Please share this course information as often as you can, and get someone you know to register with you! When you attend lactation training in pairs or groups, the dynamics of your group will positively alter your ability to retain the information - plus you will have more fun!

You Can Find Us!

We provide the Learning Materials!
Your handouts will be a valuable reference after you complete the course. They are fully referenced and we try to keep the references on hand during the course for you to read if you desire.

Our website is located at

www.bakersfieldbreastfeeds .com

Our email address is info@bakersfieldbreastf eeds.com -Adrienne & Christine

We Work with Breastfeeding Moms and Babies Every Day!

We do this work every day in the hospital setting and often outside it as well! We offer practical advice and skills that we ourselves use in our daily work. We know what you encounter when you work with new parents in todays environment - we are in the middle of it, just like you. We want to share our experience to make your job easier! Bring your toughest questions - we will do our best to help you work through them in the context of what we are teaching.


We provide your lunch and beverages throughout the day!

We always have our trainings catered, and we always order a vegetarian option.