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NK XL - Office Attendance Software is FREE.

Multi User Staff Software. Use in LAN Networking Or Single Computer PC.
5 Years in Built Calendars & 75 Staff Attendance Records.
Easy to Mark Attendance Entry for EVERYT STAFF and Admin.
Fully Automated Attendance Software. Catch Date Time from Computer.
All Staff Attendance Entries Records in One Place.
Easy to Calculate Present Days & Leaves Days to Manage Salary of Staffs.
No Manual and Staff Interruptions.
Admin Rights for any Changes and Deletions Staff Informations.
DONT CHANGE ANY FILE Settings & Sheet Name i.e.. NOTE & DATA


- Attendance should Marked by every STAFF twice in a day.
- First when he COME-IN office & Second OUT from the Office.
- When This File Open Automatically its goes to DATA sheet.
- Staff will Just write his STAFF CODE & press ENTER to MARK ATTENDANCE.
- Staff IN-Time & OUT-Time Automatically will be Entered of Today's Day.
- System will ask for SAVE Attendance Option YES/NO. Choose as Staff desires.
- Close the Software File after Marking Attendance.
- Always Keep Computer Date & Time Correct.
- Contact ADMIN if to Make Changes in TIME & NAME (Staff Information).


This Software File based in Excel Format.

MACROS settings should be Enabled.
This file you can keep in any LAN Network Place Computer in Share Drive.
So any Staff Can Access to Mark his Attendance on Time.
Every Staff Should Mark his Attendance only Daily basis. (IN - OUT time)
Always Keep Computer Date & Time Correct to Mark Correct Attendance.
DONT CHANGE ANY FILE Settings & Sheet Name i.e.. NOTE & DATA.
Changes & Modifications Rights given to ADMIN only.
If you have any question and suggestion CONTACT us.


- Click Admin Staff Control Button. Only Admin (Owner) authorised to do it.
- DATA Sheet will be Activated and Control Box will be Appeared.
- Choose ADD option to Add New Staff Register Details.
- Write the Unique Staff Code No Only. (Code Can Start From 1,2,3,4..)
- Every Staff will Use his Own Code to MARK his own ATTENDANCE
- Write the Name of Staff for which Staff Code is Allotted. (Def - Staff Name)
- Write Schedule In-Out-Time of Staff in 24-Hrs Format. (Def - 11.00:17.00)
- Click To SAVE Button to Save New Staff Entry.
How To EDIT & DELETE Particular Staff Information :
- Click Admin Staff Control Button. Only Admin (Owner) authorised to do it.
- Choose EDIT option to modify Staff information i.e. Name & Time.
- OR Choose DEL option to DELETE Staff Attendance DATA Permanently.
- Write the Particular Unique Staff Code No to make changes and deletions.
- Click To SAVE Button.
- Click Admin Change Password Button. Only Admin authorised to do it.
- Write OLD Password. Default Password is - 123.
- Write NEW Password & Re-Enter Same New Password & SAVE it.
- Admin (Owner) Should remember and keep confidential this password.
- If you have any question and suggestion CONTACT us.

- Download More Free Excel Softwares -


(Thu) 01/Dec/11
(Fri) 02/Dec/11
(Sat) 03/Dec/11
(Sun) 04/Dec/11
(Mon) 05/Dec/11
(Tue) 06/Dec/11
(Wed) 07/Dec/11
(Thu) 08/Dec/11
(Fri) 09/Dec/11
(Sat) 10/Dec/11
(Sun) 11/Dec/11
(Mon) 12/Dec/11
(Tue) 13/Dec/11
(Wed) 14/Dec/11
(Thu) 15/Dec/11
(Fri) 16/Dec/11
(Sat) 17/Dec/11
(Sun) 18/Dec/11
(Mon) 19/Dec/11
(Tue) 20/Dec/11
(Wed) 21/Dec/11
(Thu) 22/Dec/11
(Fri) 23/Dec/11
(Sat) 24/Dec/11
(Sun) 25/Dec/11
(Mon) 26/Dec/11
(Tue) 27/Dec/11
(Wed) 28/Dec/11
(Thu) 29/Dec/11
(Fri) 30/Dec/11
(Sat) 31/Dec/11
(Sun) 01/Jan/12
(Mon) 02/Jan/12
(Tue) 03/Jan/12
(Wed) 04/Jan/12
(Thu) 05/Jan/12

(Fri) 06/Jan/12
(Sat) 07/Jan/12
(Sun) 08/Jan/12
(Mon) 09/Jan/12
(Tue) 10/Jan/12
(Wed) 11/Jan/12
(Thu) 12/Jan/12
(Fri) 13/Jan/12
(Sat) 14/Jan/12
(Sun) 15/Jan/12
(Mon) 16/Jan/12
(Tue) 17/Jan/12
(Wed) 18/Jan/12
(Thu) 19/Jan/12
(Fri) 20/Jan/12
(Sat) 21/Jan/12
(Sun) 22/Jan/12
(Mon) 23/Jan/12
(Tue) 24/Jan/12
(Wed) 25/Jan/12
(Thu) 26/Jan/12
(Fri) 27/Jan/12
(Sat) 28/Jan/12
(Sun) 29/Jan/12
(Mon) 30/Jan/12
(Tue) 31/Jan/12
(Wed) 01/Feb/12
(Thu) 02/Feb/12
(Fri) 03/Feb/12
(Sat) 04/Feb/12
(Sun) 05/Feb/12
(Mon) 06/Feb/12
(Tue) 07/Feb/12
(Wed) 08/Feb/12
(Thu) 09/Feb/12
(Fri) 10/Feb/12
(Sat) 11/Feb/12
(Sun) 12/Feb/12
(Mon) 13/Feb/12

(Tue) 14/Feb/12
(Wed) 15/Feb/12
(Thu) 16/Feb/12
(Fri) 17/Feb/12
(Sat) 18/Feb/12
(Sun) 19/Feb/12
(Mon) 20/Feb/12
(Tue) 21/Feb/12
(Wed) 22/Feb/12
(Thu) 23/Feb/12
(Fri) 24/Feb/12
(Sat) 25/Feb/12
(Sun) 26/Feb/12
(Mon) 27/Feb/12
(Tue) 28/Feb/12
(Wed) 29/Feb/12
(Thu) 01/Mar/12
(Fri) 02/Mar/12
(Sat) 03/Mar/12
(Sun) 04/Mar/12
(Mon) 05/Mar/12
(Tue) 06/Mar/12
(Wed) 07/Mar/12
(Thu) 08/Mar/12
(Fri) 09/Mar/12
(Sat) 10/Mar/12
(Sun) 11/Mar/12
(Mon) 12/Mar/12
(Tue) 13/Mar/12
(Wed) 14/Mar/12
(Thu) 15/Mar/12
(Fri) 16/Mar/12
(Sat) 17/Mar/12
(Sun) 18/Mar/12
(Mon) 19/Mar/12
(Tue) 20/Mar/12
(Wed) 21/Mar/12
(Thu) 22/Mar/12
(Fri) 23/Mar/12

(Sat) 24/Mar/12
(Sun) 25/Mar/12
(Mon) 26/Mar/12
(Tue) 27/Mar/12
(Wed) 28/Mar/12
(Thu) 29/Mar/12
(Fri) 30/Mar/12
(Sat) 31/Mar/12
(Sun) 01/Apr/12
(Mon) 02/Apr/12
(Tue) 03/Apr/12
(Wed) 04/Apr/12
(Thu) 05/Apr/12
(Fri) 06/Apr/12
(Sat) 07/Apr/12
(Sun) 08/Apr/12
(Mon) 09/Apr/12
(Tue) 10/Apr/12
(Wed) 11/Apr/12
(Thu) 12/Apr/12
(Fri) 13/Apr/12
(Sat) 14/Apr/12
(Sun) 15/Apr/12
(Mon) 16/Apr/12
(Tue) 17/Apr/12
(Wed) 18/Apr/12
(Thu) 19/Apr/12
(Fri) 20/Apr/12
(Sat) 21/Apr/12
(Sun) 22/Apr/12
(Mon) 23/Apr/12
(Tue) 24/Apr/12
(Wed) 25/Apr/12
(Thu) 26/Apr/12
(Fri) 27/Apr/12
(Sat) 28/Apr/12
(Sun) 29/Apr/12
(Mon) 30/Apr/12
(Tue) 01/May/12

(Wed) 02/May/12
(Thu) 03/May/12
(Fri) 04/May/12
(Sat) 05/May/12
(Sun) 06/May/12
(Mon) 07/May/12
(Tue) 08/May/12
(Wed) 09/May/12
(Thu) 10/May/12
(Fri) 11/May/12
(Sat) 12/May/12
(Sun) 13/May/12
(Mon) 14/May/12
(Tue) 15/May/12
(Wed) 16/May/12
(Thu) 17/May/12
(Fri) 18/May/12
(Sat) 19/May/12
(Sun) 20/May/12
(Mon) 21/May/12
(Tue) 22/May/12
(Wed) 23/May/12
(Thu) 24/May/12
(Fri) 25/May/12
(Sat) 26/May/12
(Sun) 27/May/12
(Mon) 28/May/12
(Tue) 29/May/12
(Wed) 30/May/12
(Thu) 31/May/12
(Fri) 01/Jun/12
(Sat) 02/Jun/12
(Sun) 03/Jun/12
(Mon) 04/Jun/12
(Tue) 05/Jun/12
(Wed) 06/Jun/12
(Thu) 07/Jun/12
(Fri) 08/Jun/12
(Sat) 09/Jun/12

(Sun) 10/Jun/12
(Mon) 11/Jun/12
(Tue) 12/Jun/12
(Wed) 13/Jun/12
(Thu) 14/Jun/12
(Fri) 15/Jun/12
(Sat) 16/Jun/12
(Sun) 17/Jun/12
(Mon) 18/Jun/12
(Tue) 19/Jun/12
(Wed) 20/Jun/12
(Thu) 21/Jun/12
(Fri) 22/Jun/12
(Sat) 23/Jun/12
(Sun) 24/Jun/12
(Mon) 25/Jun/12
(Tue) 26/Jun/12
(Wed) 27/Jun/12
(Thu) 28/Jun/12
(Fri) 29/Jun/12
(Sat) 30/Jun/12
(Sun) 01/Jul/12
(Mon) 02/Jul/12
(Tue) 03/Jul/12
(Wed) 04/Jul/12
(Thu) 05/Jul/12
(Fri) 06/Jul/12
(Sat) 07/Jul/12
(Sun) 08/Jul/12
(Mon) 09/Jul/12
(Tue) 10/Jul/12
(Wed) 11/Jul/12
(Thu) 12/Jul/12
(Fri) 13/Jul/12
(Sat) 14/Jul/12
(Sun) 15/Jul/12
(Mon) 16/Jul/12
(Tue) 17/Jul/12
(Wed) 18/Jul/12

(Thu) 19/Jul/12
(Fri) 20/Jul/12
(Sat) 21/Jul/12
(Sun) 22/Jul/12
(Mon) 23/Jul/12
(Tue) 24/Jul/12
(Wed) 25/Jul/12
(Thu) 26/Jul/12
(Fri) 27/Jul/12
(Sat) 28/Jul/12
(Sun) 29/Jul/12
(Mon) 30/Jul/12
(Tue) 31/Jul/12
(Wed) 01/Aug/12
(Thu) 02/Aug/12
(Fri) 03/Aug/12
(Sat) 04/Aug/12
(Sun) 05/Aug/12
(Mon) 06/Aug/12
(Tue) 07/Aug/12
(Wed) 08/Aug/12
(Thu) 09/Aug/12
(Fri) 10/Aug/12
(Sat) 11/Aug/12
(Sun) 12/Aug/12
(Mon) 13/Aug/12
(Tue) 14/Aug/12
(Wed) 15/Aug/12
(Thu) 16/Aug/12
(Fri) 17/Aug/12
(Sat) 18/Aug/12
(Sun) 19/Aug/12
(Mon) 20/Aug/12
(Tue) 21/Aug/12
(Wed) 22/Aug/12
(Thu) 23/Aug/12
(Fri) 24/Aug/12
(Sat) 25/Aug/12
(Sun) 26/Aug/12

(Mon) 27/Aug/12
(Tue) 28/Aug/12
(Wed) 29/Aug/12
(Thu) 30/Aug/12
(Fri) 31/Aug/12
(Sat) 01/Sep/12
(Sun) 02/Sep/12
(Mon) 03/Sep/12
(Tue) 04/Sep/12
(Wed) 05/Sep/12
(Thu) 06/Sep/12
(Fri) 07/Sep/12
(Sat) 08/Sep/12
(Sun) 09/Sep/12
(Mon) 10/Sep/12
(Tue) 11/Sep/12
(Wed) 12/Sep/12
(Thu) 13/Sep/12
(Fri) 14/Sep/12
(Sat) 15/Sep/12
(Sun) 16/Sep/12
(Mon) 17/Sep/12
(Tue) 18/Sep/12
(Wed) 19/Sep/12
(Thu) 20/Sep/12
(Fri) 21/Sep/12
(Sat) 22/Sep/12
(Sun) 23/Sep/12
(Mon) 24/Sep/12
(Tue) 25/Sep/12
(Wed) 26/Sep/12
(Thu) 27/Sep/12
(Fri) 28/Sep/12
(Sat) 29/Sep/12
(Sun) 30/Sep/12
(Mon) 01/Oct/12
(Tue) 02/Oct/12
(Wed) 03/Oct/12
(Thu) 04/Oct/12

(Fri) 05/Oct/12
(Sat) 06/Oct/12
(Sun) 07/Oct/12
(Mon) 08/Oct/12
(Tue) 09/Oct/12
(Wed) 10/Oct/12
(Thu) 11/Oct/12
(Fri) 12/Oct/12
(Sat) 13/Oct/12
(Sun) 14/Oct/12
(Mon) 15/Oct/12
(Tue) 16/Oct/12
(Wed) 17/Oct/12
(Thu) 18/Oct/12
(Fri) 19/Oct/12
(Sat) 20/Oct/12
(Sun) 21/Oct/12
(Mon) 22/Oct/12
(Tue) 23/Oct/12
(Wed) 24/Oct/12
(Thu) 25/Oct/12
(Fri) 26/Oct/12
(Sat) 27/Oct/12
(Sun) 28/Oct/12
(Mon) 29/Oct/12
(Tue) 30/Oct/12
(Wed) 31/Oct/12
(Thu) 01/Nov/12
(Fri) 02/Nov/12
(Sat) 03/Nov/12
(Sun) 04/Nov/12
(Mon) 05/Nov/12
(Tue) 06/Nov/12
(Wed) 07/Nov/12
(Thu) 08/Nov/12
(Fri) 09/Nov/12
(Sat) 10/Nov/12
(Sun) 11/Nov/12
(Mon) 12/Nov/12

(Tue) 13/Nov/12
(Wed) 14/Nov/12
(Thu) 15/Nov/12
(Fri) 16/Nov/12
(Sat) 17/Nov/12
(Sun) 18/Nov/12
(Mon) 19/Nov/12
(Tue) 20/Nov/12
(Wed) 21/Nov/12
(Thu) 22/Nov/12
(Fri) 23/Nov/12
(Sat) 24/Nov/12
(Sun) 25/Nov/12
(Mon) 26/Nov/12
(Tue) 27/Nov/12
(Wed) 28/Nov/12
(Thu) 29/Nov/12
(Fri) 30/Nov/12
(Sat) 01/Dec/12
(Sun) 02/Dec/12
(Mon) 03/Dec/12
(Tue) 04/Dec/12
(Wed) 05/Dec/12
(Thu) 06/Dec/12
(Fri) 07/Dec/12
(Sat) 08/Dec/12
(Sun) 09/Dec/12
(Mon) 10/Dec/12
(Tue) 11/Dec/12
(Wed) 12/Dec/12
(Thu) 13/Dec/12
(Fri) 14/Dec/12
(Sat) 15/Dec/12
(Sun) 16/Dec/12
(Mon) 17/Dec/12
(Tue) 18/Dec/12
(Wed) 19/Dec/12
(Thu) 20/Dec/12
(Fri) 21/Dec/12

(Sat) 22/Dec/12
(Sun) 23/Dec/12
(Mon) 24/Dec/12
(Tue) 25/Dec/12
(Wed) 26/Dec/12
(Thu) 27/Dec/12
(Fri) 28/Dec/12
(Sat) 29/Dec/12
(Sun) 30/Dec/12
(Mon) 31/Dec/12
(Tue) 01/Jan/13
(Wed) 02/Jan/13
(Thu) 03/Jan/13
(Fri) 04/Jan/13
(Sat) 05/Jan/13
(Sun) 06/Jan/13
(Mon) 07/Jan/13
(Tue) 08/Jan/13
(Wed) 09/Jan/13
(Thu) 10/Jan/13
(Fri) 11/Jan/13
(Sat) 12/Jan/13
(Sun) 13/Jan/13
(Mon) 14/Jan/13
(Tue) 15/Jan/13
(Wed) 16/Jan/13
(Thu) 17/Jan/13
(Fri) 18/Jan/13
(Sat) 19/Jan/13
(Sun) 20/Jan/13
(Mon) 21/Jan/13
(Tue) 22/Jan/13
(Wed) 23/Jan/13
(Thu) 24/Jan/13
(Fri) 25/Jan/13
(Sat) 26/Jan/13
(Sun) 27/Jan/13
(Mon) 28/Jan/13
(Tue) 29/Jan/13

(Wed) 30/Jan/13
(Thu) 31/Jan/13
(Fri) 01/Feb/13
(Sat) 02/Feb/13
(Sun) 03/Feb/13
(Mon) 04/Feb/13
(Tue) 05/Feb/13
(Wed) 06/Feb/13
(Thu) 07/Feb/13
(Fri) 08/Feb/13
(Sat) 09/Feb/13
(Sun) 10/Feb/13
(Mon) 11/Feb/13
(Tue) 12/Feb/13
(Wed) 13/Feb/13
(Thu) 14/Feb/13
(Fri) 15/Feb/13
(Sat) 16/Feb/13
(Sun) 17/Feb/13
(Mon) 18/Feb/13
(Tue) 19/Feb/13
(Wed) 20/Feb/13
(Thu) 21/Feb/13
(Fri) 22/Feb/13
(Sat) 23/Feb/13
(Sun) 24/Feb/13
(Mon) 25/Feb/13
(Tue) 26/Feb/13
(Wed) 27/Feb/13
(Thu) 28/Feb/13
(Fri) 01/Mar/13
(Sat) 02/Mar/13
(Sun) 03/Mar/13
(Mon) 04/Mar/13
(Tue) 05/Mar/13
(Wed) 06/Mar/13
(Thu) 07/Mar/13
(Fri) 08/Mar/13
(Sat) 09/Mar/13

(Sun) 10/Mar/13
(Mon) 11/Mar/13
(Tue) 12/Mar/13
(Wed) 13/Mar/13
(Thu) 14/Mar/13
(Fri) 15/Mar/13
(Sat) 16/Mar/13
(Sun) 17/Mar/13
(Mon) 18/Mar/13
(Tue) 19/Mar/13
(Wed) 20/Mar/13
(Thu) 21/Mar/13
(Fri) 22/Mar/13
(Sat) 23/Mar/13
(Sun) 24/Mar/13
(Mon) 25/Mar/13
(Tue) 26/Mar/13
(Wed) 27/Mar/13
(Thu) 28/Mar/13
(Fri) 29/Mar/13
(Sat) 30/Mar/13
(Sun) 31/Mar/13
(Mon) 01/Apr/13
(Tue) 02/Apr/13
(Wed) 03/Apr/13
(Thu) 04/Apr/13
(Fri) 05/Apr/13
(Sat) 06/Apr/13
(Sun) 07/Apr/13
(Mon) 08/Apr/13
(Tue) 09/Apr/13
(Wed) 10/Apr/13
(Thu) 11/Apr/13
(Fri) 12/Apr/13
(Sat) 13/Apr/13
(Sun) 14/Apr/13
(Mon) 15/Apr/13
(Tue) 16/Apr/13
(Wed) 17/Apr/13

(Thu) 18/Apr/13
(Fri) 19/Apr/13
(Sat) 20/Apr/13
(Sun) 21/Apr/13
(Mon) 22/Apr/13
(Tue) 23/Apr/13
(Wed) 24/Apr/13
(Thu) 25/Apr/13
(Fri) 26/Apr/13
(Sat) 27/Apr/13
(Sun) 28/Apr/13
(Mon) 29/Apr/13
(Tue) 30/Apr/13
(Wed) 01/May/13
(Thu) 02/May/13
(Fri) 03/May/13
(Sat) 04/May/13
(Sun) 05/May/13
(Mon) 06/May/13
(Tue) 07/May/13
(Wed) 08/May/13
(Thu) 09/May/13
(Fri) 10/May/13
(Sat) 11/May/13
(Sun) 12/May/13
(Mon) 13/May/13
(Tue) 14/May/13
(Wed) 15/May/13
(Thu) 16/May/13
(Fri) 17/May/13
(Sat) 18/May/13
(Sun) 19/May/13
(Mon) 20/May/13
(Tue) 21/May/13
(Wed) 22/May/13
(Thu) 23/May/13
(Fri) 24/May/13
(Sat) 25/May/13
(Sun) 26/May/13

(Mon) 27/May/13
(Tue) 28/May/13
(Wed) 29/May/13
(Thu) 30/May/13
(Fri) 31/May/13
(Sat) 01/Jun/13
(Sun) 02/Jun/13
(Mon) 03/Jun/13
(Tue) 04/Jun/13
(Wed) 05/Jun/13
(Thu) 06/Jun/13
(Fri) 07/Jun/13
(Sat) 08/Jun/13
(Sun) 09/Jun/13
(Mon) 10/Jun/13
(Tue) 11/Jun/13
(Wed) 12/Jun/13
(Thu) 13/Jun/13
(Fri) 14/Jun/13
(Sat) 15/Jun/13
(Sun) 16/Jun/13
(Mon) 17/Jun/13
(Tue) 18/Jun/13
(Wed) 19/Jun/13
(Thu) 20/Jun/13
(Fri) 21/Jun/13
(Sat) 22/Jun/13
(Sun) 23/Jun/13
(Mon) 24/Jun/13
(Tue) 25/Jun/13
(Wed) 26/Jun/13
(Thu) 27/Jun/13
(Fri) 28/Jun/13
(Sat) 29/Jun/13
(Sun) 30/Jun/13
(Mon) 01/Jul/13
(Tue) 02/Jul/13
(Wed) 03/Jul/13
(Thu) 04/Jul/13

(Fri) 05/Jul/13
(Sat) 06/Jul/13
(Sun) 07/Jul/13
(Mon) 08/Jul/13
(Tue) 09/Jul/13
(Wed) 10/Jul/13
(Thu) 11/Jul/13
(Fri) 12/Jul/13
(Sat) 13/Jul/13
(Sun) 14/Jul/13
(Mon) 15/Jul/13
(Tue) 16/Jul/13
(Wed) 17/Jul/13
(Thu) 18/Jul/13
(Fri) 19/Jul/13
(Sat) 20/Jul/13
(Sun) 21/Jul/13
(Mon) 22/Jul/13
(Tue) 23/Jul/13
(Wed) 24/Jul/13
(Thu) 25/Jul/13
(Fri) 26/Jul/13
(Sat) 27/Jul/13
(Sun) 28/Jul/13
(Mon) 29/Jul/13
(Tue) 30/Jul/13
(Wed) 31/Jul/13
(Thu) 01/Aug/13
(Fri) 02/Aug/13
(Sat) 03/Aug/13
(Sun) 04/Aug/13
(Mon) 05/Aug/13
(Tue) 06/Aug/13
(Wed) 07/Aug/13
(Thu) 08/Aug/13
(Fri) 09/Aug/13
(Sat) 10/Aug/13
(Sun) 11/Aug/13
(Mon) 12/Aug/13

12:34 TO 12:34 *R .Jyaprakesh

(Tue) 13/Aug/13
(Wed) 14/Aug/13
(Thu) 15/Aug/13
(Fri) 16/Aug/13
(Sat) 17/Aug/13
(Sun) 18/Aug/13
(Mon) 19/Aug/13
(Tue) 20/Aug/13
(Wed) 21/Aug/13
(Thu) 22/Aug/13
(Fri) 23/Aug/13
(Sat) 24/Aug/13
(Sun) 25/Aug/13
(Mon) 26/Aug/13
(Tue) 27/Aug/13
(Wed) 28/Aug/13
(Thu) 29/Aug/13
(Fri) 30/Aug/13
(Sat) 31/Aug/13
(Sun) 01/Sep/13
(Mon) 02/Sep/13
(Tue) 03/Sep/13
(Wed) 04/Sep/13
(Thu) 05/Sep/13
(Fri) 06/Sep/13
(Sat) 07/Sep/13
(Sun) 08/Sep/13
(Mon) 09/Sep/13
(Tue) 10/Sep/13
(Wed) 11/Sep/13
(Thu) 12/Sep/13
(Fri) 13/Sep/13
(Sat) 14/Sep/13
(Sun) 15/Sep/13
(Mon) 16/Sep/13
(Tue) 17/Sep/13
(Wed) 18/Sep/13
(Thu) 19/Sep/13
(Fri) 20/Sep/13

(Sat) 21/Sep/13
(Sun) 22/Sep/13
(Mon) 23/Sep/13
(Tue) 24/Sep/13
(Wed) 25/Sep/13
(Thu) 26/Sep/13
(Fri) 27/Sep/13
(Sat) 28/Sep/13
(Sun) 29/Sep/13
(Mon) 30/Sep/13
(Tue) 01/Oct/13
(Wed) 02/Oct/13
(Thu) 03/Oct/13
(Fri) 04/Oct/13
(Sat) 05/Oct/13
(Sun) 06/Oct/13
(Mon) 07/Oct/13
(Tue) 08/Oct/13
(Wed) 09/Oct/13
(Thu) 10/Oct/13
(Fri) 11/Oct/13
(Sat) 12/Oct/13
(Sun) 13/Oct/13
(Mon) 14/Oct/13
(Tue) 15/Oct/13
(Wed) 16/Oct/13
(Thu) 17/Oct/13
(Fri) 18/Oct/13
(Sat) 19/Oct/13
(Sun) 20/Oct/13
(Mon) 21/Oct/13
(Tue) 22/Oct/13
(Wed) 23/Oct/13
(Thu) 24/Oct/13
(Fri) 25/Oct/13
(Sat) 26/Oct/13
(Sun) 27/Oct/13
(Mon) 28/Oct/13
(Tue) 29/Oct/13

(Wed) 30/Oct/13
(Thu) 31/Oct/13
(Fri) 01/Nov/13
(Sat) 02/Nov/13
(Sun) 03/Nov/13
(Mon) 04/Nov/13
(Tue) 05/Nov/13
(Wed) 06/Nov/13
(Thu) 07/Nov/13
(Fri) 08/Nov/13
(Sat) 09/Nov/13
(Sun) 10/Nov/13
(Mon) 11/Nov/13
(Tue) 12/Nov/13
(Wed) 13/Nov/13
(Thu) 14/Nov/13
(Fri) 15/Nov/13
(Sat) 16/Nov/13
(Sun) 17/Nov/13
(Mon) 18/Nov/13
(Tue) 19/Nov/13
(Wed) 20/Nov/13
(Thu) 21/Nov/13
(Fri) 22/Nov/13
(Sat) 23/Nov/13
(Sun) 24/Nov/13
(Mon) 25/Nov/13
(Tue) 26/Nov/13
(Wed) 27/Nov/13
(Thu) 28/Nov/13
(Fri) 29/Nov/13
(Sat) 30/Nov/13
(Sun) 01/Dec/13
(Mon) 02/Dec/13
(Tue) 03/Dec/13
(Wed) 04/Dec/13
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(Sun) 23/Feb/14

(Mon) 24/Feb/14
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(Thu) 03/Apr/14

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(Thu) 01/May/14
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(Sat) 10/May/14
(Sun) 11/May/14
(Mon) 12/May/14

(Tue) 13/May/14
(Wed) 14/May/14
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(Fri) 16/May/14
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(Sun) 18/May/14
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(Mon) 26/May/14
(Tue) 27/May/14
(Wed) 28/May/14
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(Sat) 31/May/14
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(Fri) 20/Jun/14

(Sat) 21/Jun/14
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(Mon) 14/Jul/14
(Tue) 15/Jul/14
(Wed) 16/Jul/14
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(Thu) 24/Jul/14
(Fri) 25/Jul/14
(Sat) 26/Jul/14
(Sun) 27/Jul/14
(Mon) 28/Jul/14
(Tue) 29/Jul/14

(Wed) 30/Jul/14
(Thu) 31/Jul/14
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(Mon) 18/Aug/14
(Tue) 19/Aug/14
(Wed) 20/Aug/14
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(Fri) 22/Aug/14
(Sat) 23/Aug/14
(Sun) 24/Aug/14
(Mon) 25/Aug/14
(Tue) 26/Aug/14
(Wed) 27/Aug/14
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(Fri) 29/Aug/14
(Sat) 30/Aug/14
(Sun) 31/Aug/14
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(Wed) 03/Sep/14
(Thu) 04/Sep/14
(Fri) 05/Sep/14
(Sat) 06/Sep/14

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(Sat) 20/Sep/14
(Sun) 21/Sep/14
(Mon) 22/Sep/14
(Tue) 23/Sep/14
(Wed) 24/Sep/14
(Thu) 25/Sep/14
(Fri) 26/Sep/14
(Sat) 27/Sep/14
(Sun) 28/Sep/14
(Mon) 29/Sep/14
(Tue) 30/Sep/14
(Wed) 01/Oct/14
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(Fri) 03/Oct/14
(Sat) 04/Oct/14
(Sun) 05/Oct/14
(Mon) 06/Oct/14
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(Wed) 08/Oct/14
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(Fri) 10/Oct/14
(Sat) 11/Oct/14
(Sun) 12/Oct/14
(Mon) 13/Oct/14
(Tue) 14/Oct/14
(Wed) 15/Oct/14

(Thu) 16/Oct/14
(Fri) 17/Oct/14
(Sat) 18/Oct/14
(Sun) 19/Oct/14
(Mon) 20/Oct/14
(Tue) 21/Oct/14
(Wed) 22/Oct/14
(Thu) 23/Oct/14
(Fri) 24/Oct/14
(Sat) 25/Oct/14
(Sun) 26/Oct/14
(Mon) 27/Oct/14
(Tue) 28/Oct/14
(Wed) 29/Oct/14
(Thu) 30/Oct/14
(Fri) 31/Oct/14
(Sat) 01/Nov/14
(Sun) 02/Nov/14
(Mon) 03/Nov/14
(Tue) 04/Nov/14
(Wed) 05/Nov/14
(Thu) 06/Nov/14
(Fri) 07/Nov/14
(Sat) 08/Nov/14
(Sun) 09/Nov/14
(Mon) 10/Nov/14
(Tue) 11/Nov/14
(Wed) 12/Nov/14
(Thu) 13/Nov/14
(Fri) 14/Nov/14
(Sat) 15/Nov/14
(Sun) 16/Nov/14
(Mon) 17/Nov/14
(Tue) 18/Nov/14
(Wed) 19/Nov/14
(Thu) 20/Nov/14
(Fri) 21/Nov/14
(Sat) 22/Nov/14
(Sun) 23/Nov/14

(Mon) 24/Nov/14
(Tue) 25/Nov/14
(Wed) 26/Nov/14
(Thu) 27/Nov/14
(Fri) 28/Nov/14
(Sat) 29/Nov/14
(Sun) 30/Nov/14
(Mon) 01/Dec/14
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(Wed) 03/Dec/14
(Thu) 04/Dec/14
(Fri) 05/Dec/14
(Sat) 06/Dec/14
(Sun) 07/Dec/14
(Mon) 08/Dec/14
(Tue) 09/Dec/14
(Wed) 10/Dec/14
(Thu) 11/Dec/14
(Fri) 12/Dec/14
(Sat) 13/Dec/14
(Sun) 14/Dec/14
(Mon) 15/Dec/14
(Tue) 16/Dec/14
(Wed) 17/Dec/14
(Thu) 18/Dec/14
(Fri) 19/Dec/14
(Sat) 20/Dec/14
(Sun) 21/Dec/14
(Mon) 22/Dec/14
(Tue) 23/Dec/14
(Wed) 24/Dec/14
(Thu) 25/Dec/14
(Fri) 26/Dec/14
(Sat) 27/Dec/14
(Sun) 28/Dec/14
(Mon) 29/Dec/14
(Tue) 30/Dec/14
(Wed) 31/Dec/14
(Thu) 01/Jan/15

(Fri) 02/Jan/15
(Sat) 03/Jan/15
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(Mon) 12/Jan/15
(Tue) 13/Jan/15
(Wed) 14/Jan/15
(Thu) 15/Jan/15
(Fri) 16/Jan/15
(Sat) 17/Jan/15
(Sun) 18/Jan/15
(Mon) 19/Jan/15
(Tue) 20/Jan/15
(Wed) 21/Jan/15
(Thu) 22/Jan/15
(Fri) 23/Jan/15
(Sat) 24/Jan/15
(Sun) 25/Jan/15
(Mon) 26/Jan/15
(Tue) 27/Jan/15
(Wed) 28/Jan/15
(Thu) 29/Jan/15
(Fri) 30/Jan/15
(Sat) 31/Jan/15
(Sun) 01/Feb/15
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(Tue) 03/Feb/15
(Wed) 04/Feb/15
(Thu) 05/Feb/15
(Fri) 06/Feb/15
(Sat) 07/Feb/15
(Sun) 08/Feb/15
(Mon) 09/Feb/15

(Tue) 10/Feb/15
(Wed) 11/Feb/15
(Thu) 12/Feb/15
(Fri) 13/Feb/15
(Sat) 14/Feb/15
(Sun) 15/Feb/15
(Mon) 16/Feb/15
(Tue) 17/Feb/15
(Wed) 18/Feb/15
(Thu) 19/Feb/15
(Fri) 20/Feb/15
(Sat) 21/Feb/15
(Sun) 22/Feb/15
(Mon) 23/Feb/15
(Tue) 24/Feb/15
(Wed) 25/Feb/15
(Thu) 26/Feb/15
(Fri) 27/Feb/15
(Sat) 28/Feb/15
(Sun) 01/Mar/15
(Mon) 02/Mar/15
(Tue) 03/Mar/15
(Wed) 04/Mar/15
(Thu) 05/Mar/15
(Fri) 06/Mar/15
(Sat) 07/Mar/15
(Sun) 08/Mar/15
(Mon) 09/Mar/15
(Tue) 10/Mar/15
(Wed) 11/Mar/15
(Thu) 12/Mar/15
(Fri) 13/Mar/15
(Sat) 14/Mar/15
(Sun) 15/Mar/15
(Mon) 16/Mar/15
(Tue) 17/Mar/15
(Wed) 18/Mar/15
(Thu) 19/Mar/15
(Fri) 20/Mar/15

(Sat) 21/Mar/15
(Sun) 22/Mar/15
(Mon) 23/Mar/15
(Tue) 24/Mar/15
(Wed) 25/Mar/15
(Thu) 26/Mar/15
(Fri) 27/Mar/15
(Sat) 28/Mar/15
(Sun) 29/Mar/15
(Mon) 30/Mar/15
(Tue) 31/Mar/15
(Wed) 01/Apr/15
(Thu) 02/Apr/15
(Fri) 03/Apr/15
(Sat) 04/Apr/15
(Sun) 05/Apr/15
(Mon) 06/Apr/15
(Tue) 07/Apr/15
(Wed) 08/Apr/15
(Thu) 09/Apr/15
(Fri) 10/Apr/15
(Sat) 11/Apr/15
(Sun) 12/Apr/15
(Mon) 13/Apr/15
(Tue) 14/Apr/15
(Wed) 15/Apr/15
(Thu) 16/Apr/15
(Fri) 17/Apr/15
(Sat) 18/Apr/15
(Sun) 19/Apr/15
(Mon) 20/Apr/15
(Tue) 21/Apr/15
(Wed) 22/Apr/15
(Thu) 23/Apr/15
(Fri) 24/Apr/15
(Sat) 25/Apr/15
(Sun) 26/Apr/15
(Mon) 27/Apr/15
(Tue) 28/Apr/15

(Wed) 29/Apr/15
(Thu) 30/Apr/15
(Fri) 01/May/15
(Sat) 02/May/15
(Sun) 03/May/15
(Mon) 04/May/15
(Tue) 05/May/15
(Wed) 06/May/15
(Thu) 07/May/15
(Fri) 08/May/15
(Sat) 09/May/15
(Sun) 10/May/15
(Mon) 11/May/15
(Tue) 12/May/15
(Wed) 13/May/15
(Thu) 14/May/15
(Fri) 15/May/15
(Sat) 16/May/15
(Sun) 17/May/15
(Mon) 18/May/15
(Tue) 19/May/15
(Wed) 20/May/15
(Thu) 21/May/15
(Fri) 22/May/15
(Sat) 23/May/15
(Sun) 24/May/15
(Mon) 25/May/15
(Tue) 26/May/15
(Wed) 27/May/15
(Thu) 28/May/15
(Fri) 29/May/15
(Sat) 30/May/15
(Sun) 31/May/15
(Mon) 01/Jun/15
(Tue) 02/Jun/15
(Wed) 03/Jun/15
(Thu) 04/Jun/15
(Fri) 05/Jun/15
(Sat) 06/Jun/15

(Sun) 07/Jun/15
(Mon) 08/Jun/15
(Tue) 09/Jun/15
(Wed) 10/Jun/15
(Thu) 11/Jun/15
(Fri) 12/Jun/15
(Sat) 13/Jun/15
(Sun) 14/Jun/15
(Mon) 15/Jun/15
(Tue) 16/Jun/15
(Wed) 17/Jun/15
(Thu) 18/Jun/15
(Fri) 19/Jun/15
(Sat) 20/Jun/15
(Sun) 21/Jun/15
(Mon) 22/Jun/15
(Tue) 23/Jun/15
(Wed) 24/Jun/15
(Thu) 25/Jun/15
(Fri) 26/Jun/15
(Sat) 27/Jun/15
(Sun) 28/Jun/15
(Mon) 29/Jun/15
(Tue) 30/Jun/15
(Wed) 01/Jul/15
(Thu) 02/Jul/15
(Fri) 03/Jul/15
(Sat) 04/Jul/15
(Sun) 05/Jul/15
(Mon) 06/Jul/15
(Tue) 07/Jul/15
(Wed) 08/Jul/15
(Thu) 09/Jul/15
(Fri) 10/Jul/15
(Sat) 11/Jul/15
(Sun) 12/Jul/15
(Mon) 13/Jul/15
(Tue) 14/Jul/15
(Wed) 15/Jul/15

(Thu) 16/Jul/15
(Fri) 17/Jul/15
(Sat) 18/Jul/15
(Sun) 19/Jul/15
(Mon) 20/Jul/15
(Tue) 21/Jul/15
(Wed) 22/Jul/15
(Thu) 23/Jul/15
(Fri) 24/Jul/15
(Sat) 25/Jul/15
(Sun) 26/Jul/15
(Mon) 27/Jul/15
(Tue) 28/Jul/15
(Wed) 29/Jul/15
(Thu) 30/Jul/15
(Fri) 31/Jul/15
(Sat) 01/Aug/15
(Sun) 02/Aug/15
(Mon) 03/Aug/15
(Tue) 04/Aug/15
(Wed) 05/Aug/15
(Thu) 06/Aug/15
(Fri) 07/Aug/15
(Sat) 08/Aug/15
(Sun) 09/Aug/15
(Mon) 10/Aug/15
(Tue) 11/Aug/15
(Wed) 12/Aug/15
(Thu) 13/Aug/15
(Fri) 14/Aug/15
(Sat) 15/Aug/15
(Sun) 16/Aug/15
(Mon) 17/Aug/15
(Tue) 18/Aug/15
(Wed) 19/Aug/15
(Thu) 20/Aug/15
(Fri) 21/Aug/15
(Sat) 22/Aug/15
(Sun) 23/Aug/15

(Mon) 24/Aug/15
(Tue) 25/Aug/15
(Wed) 26/Aug/15
(Thu) 27/Aug/15
(Fri) 28/Aug/15
(Sat) 29/Aug/15
(Sun) 30/Aug/15
(Mon) 31/Aug/15
(Tue) 01/Sep/15
(Wed) 02/Sep/15
(Thu) 03/Sep/15
(Fri) 04/Sep/15
(Sat) 05/Sep/15
(Sun) 06/Sep/15
(Mon) 07/Sep/15
(Tue) 08/Sep/15
(Wed) 09/Sep/15
(Thu) 10/Sep/15
(Fri) 11/Sep/15
(Sat) 12/Sep/15
(Sun) 13/Sep/15
(Mon) 14/Sep/15
(Tue) 15/Sep/15
(Wed) 16/Sep/15
(Thu) 17/Sep/15
(Fri) 18/Sep/15
(Sat) 19/Sep/15
(Sun) 20/Sep/15
(Mon) 21/Sep/15
(Tue) 22/Sep/15
(Wed) 23/Sep/15
(Thu) 24/Sep/15
(Fri) 25/Sep/15
(Sat) 26/Sep/15
(Sun) 27/Sep/15
(Mon) 28/Sep/15
(Tue) 29/Sep/15
(Wed) 30/Sep/15
(Thu) 01/Oct/15

(Fri) 02/Oct/15
(Sat) 03/Oct/15
(Sun) 04/Oct/15
(Mon) 05/Oct/15
(Tue) 06/Oct/15
(Wed) 07/Oct/15
(Thu) 08/Oct/15
(Fri) 09/Oct/15
(Sat) 10/Oct/15
(Sun) 11/Oct/15
(Mon) 12/Oct/15
(Tue) 13/Oct/15
(Wed) 14/Oct/15
(Thu) 15/Oct/15
(Fri) 16/Oct/15
(Sat) 17/Oct/15
(Sun) 18/Oct/15
(Mon) 19/Oct/15
(Tue) 20/Oct/15
(Wed) 21/Oct/15
(Thu) 22/Oct/15
(Fri) 23/Oct/15
(Sat) 24/Oct/15
(Sun) 25/Oct/15
(Mon) 26/Oct/15
(Tue) 27/Oct/15
(Wed) 28/Oct/15
(Thu) 29/Oct/15
(Fri) 30/Oct/15
(Sat) 31/Oct/15
(Sun) 01/Nov/15
(Mon) 02/Nov/15
(Tue) 03/Nov/15
(Wed) 04/Nov/15
(Thu) 05/Nov/15
(Fri) 06/Nov/15
(Sat) 07/Nov/15
(Sun) 08/Nov/15
(Mon) 09/Nov/15

(Tue) 10/Nov/15
(Wed) 11/Nov/15
(Thu) 12/Nov/15
(Fri) 13/Nov/15
(Sat) 14/Nov/15
(Sun) 15/Nov/15
(Mon) 16/Nov/15
(Tue) 17/Nov/15
(Wed) 18/Nov/15
(Thu) 19/Nov/15
(Fri) 20/Nov/15
(Sat) 21/Nov/15
(Sun) 22/Nov/15
(Mon) 23/Nov/15
(Tue) 24/Nov/15
(Wed) 25/Nov/15
(Thu) 26/Nov/15
(Fri) 27/Nov/15
(Sat) 28/Nov/15
(Sun) 29/Nov/15
(Mon) 30/Nov/15
(Tue) 01/Dec/15
(Wed) 02/Dec/15
(Thu) 03/Dec/15
(Fri) 04/Dec/15
(Sat) 05/Dec/15
(Sun) 06/Dec/15
(Mon) 07/Dec/15
(Tue) 08/Dec/15
(Wed) 09/Dec/15
(Thu) 10/Dec/15
(Fri) 11/Dec/15
(Sat) 12/Dec/15
(Sun) 13/Dec/15
(Mon) 14/Dec/15
(Tue) 15/Dec/15
(Wed) 16/Dec/15
(Thu) 17/Dec/15
(Fri) 18/Dec/15

(Sat) 19/Dec/15
(Sun) 20/Dec/15
(Mon) 21/Dec/15
(Tue) 22/Dec/15
(Wed) 23/Dec/15
(Thu) 24/Dec/15
(Fri) 25/Dec/15
(Sat) 26/Dec/15
(Sun) 27/Dec/15
(Mon) 28/Dec/15
(Tue) 29/Dec/15
(Wed) 30/Dec/15
(Thu) 31/Dec/15
(Fri) 01/Jan/16
(Sat) 02/Jan/16
(Sun) 03/Jan/16
(Mon) 04/Jan/16
(Tue) 05/Jan/16
(Wed) 06/Jan/16
(Thu) 07/Jan/16
(Fri) 08/Jan/16
(Sat) 09/Jan/16
(Sun) 10/Jan/16
(Mon) 11/Jan/16
(Tue) 12/Jan/16
(Wed) 13/Jan/16
(Thu) 14/Jan/16
(Fri) 15/Jan/16
(Sat) 16/Jan/16
(Sun) 17/Jan/16
(Mon) 18/Jan/16
(Tue) 19/Jan/16
(Wed) 20/Jan/16
(Thu) 21/Jan/16
(Fri) 22/Jan/16
(Sat) 23/Jan/16
(Sun) 24/Jan/16
(Mon) 25/Jan/16
(Tue) 26/Jan/16

(Wed) 27/Jan/16
(Thu) 28/Jan/16
(Fri) 29/Jan/16
(Sat) 30/Jan/16
(Sun) 31/Jan/16
(Mon) 01/Feb/16
(Tue) 02/Feb/16
(Wed) 03/Feb/16
(Thu) 04/Feb/16
(Fri) 05/Feb/16
(Sat) 06/Feb/16
(Sun) 07/Feb/16
(Mon) 08/Feb/16
(Tue) 09/Feb/16
(Wed) 10/Feb/16
(Thu) 11/Feb/16
(Fri) 12/Feb/16
(Sat) 13/Feb/16
(Sun) 14/Feb/16
(Mon) 15/Feb/16
(Tue) 16/Feb/16
(Wed) 17/Feb/16
(Thu) 18/Feb/16
(Fri) 19/Feb/16
(Sat) 20/Feb/16
(Sun) 21/Feb/16
(Mon) 22/Feb/16
(Tue) 23/Feb/16
(Wed) 24/Feb/16
(Thu) 25/Feb/16
(Fri) 26/Feb/16
(Sat) 27/Feb/16
(Sun) 28/Feb/16
(Mon) 29/Feb/16
(Tue) 01/Mar/16
(Wed) 02/Mar/16
(Thu) 03/Mar/16
(Fri) 04/Mar/16
(Sat) 05/Mar/16

(Sun) 06/Mar/16
(Mon) 07/Mar/16
(Tue) 08/Mar/16
(Wed) 09/Mar/16
(Thu) 10/Mar/16
(Fri) 11/Mar/16
(Sat) 12/Mar/16
(Sun) 13/Mar/16
(Mon) 14/Mar/16
(Tue) 15/Mar/16
(Wed) 16/Mar/16
(Thu) 17/Mar/16
(Fri) 18/Mar/16
(Sat) 19/Mar/16
(Sun) 20/Mar/16
(Mon) 21/Mar/16
(Tue) 22/Mar/16
(Wed) 23/Mar/16
(Thu) 24/Mar/16
(Fri) 25/Mar/16
(Sat) 26/Mar/16
(Sun) 27/Mar/16
(Mon) 28/Mar/16
(Tue) 29/Mar/16
(Wed) 30/Mar/16
(Thu) 31/Mar/16

4 *R .Jyaprakesh