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BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME1001 Total Contact Hours - 30 Prerequisite Nil

L 2

T 0

P 0

C 2

PURPOSE To familiarize the students with the basics of Mechanical Engineering. INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES 1. To familiarize with the basic machine elements 2. To familiarize with the Sources of Energy and Power Generation 3. To familiarize with the various manufacturing processes UNIT I MACHINE ELEMENTS I (5 hours) Springs: Helical and leaf springs Springs in series and parallel. Cams: Types of cams and followers Cam profile. UNIT II- MACHINE ELEMENTS II (5 hours) Power Transmission: Gears (terminology, spur, helical and bevel gears, gear trains). Belt drives (types). Chain drives. Simple Problems. UNIT III- ENERGY (10 hours) Sources: Renewable and non-renewable (various types, characteristics, advantages/disadvantages). Power Generation: External and internal combustion engines Hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants (layouts, element/component description, advantages, disadvantages, applications). Simple Problems. UNIT IV - MANUFACTURING PROCESSES - I (5 hours) Sheet Metal Work: Introduction Equipments Tools and accessories Various processes (applications, advantages / disadvantages). Welding: Types Equipments Tools and accessories Techniques employed applications, advantages / disadvantages Gas cutting Brazing and soldering. UNIT V - MANUFACTURING PROCESSES II (5 hours) Lathe Practice: Types - Description of main components Cutting tools Work holding devices Basic operations. Simple Problems. Drilling Practice: Introduction Types Description Tools. Simple Problems.

TEXT BOOKS: 1. Kumar, T., Leenus Jesu Martin and Murali, G., Basic Mechanical Engineering, Suma Publications, Chennai, 2007. 2. Prabhu, T. J., Jai Ganesh, V. and Jebaraj, S., Basic Mechanical Engineering, Scitech Publications, Chennai, 2000. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Hajra Choudhary, S.K. and HajraChoudhary, A. K., Elements of Workshop Technology, Vols. I & II, Indian Book Distributing Company Calcutta, 2007. 2. Nag, P.K., Power Plant Engineering, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2008. 3. Rattan, S.S., Theory of Machines, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2010.
ME1001 BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Department of Mechanical Engineering A X 1- 3 b c d e x 1- 3 f g h i j k

Course designed by 1 Student Outcome 2 Mapping of instructional objectives with student outcome 3 Category

General (G) --

Basic sciences(B)

Engineering sciences and technical art (E)

Professional subjects (P)


x --23rd meeting of the Academic Council , May 2013

ENGINEERING GRAPHICS ME1005 Total Contact Hours - 75 Prerequisite Nil

L 1

T 0

P 4

C 3

First Angle Projection is to be followed - Practice with Computer Aided Drafting tools PURPOSE 1. To draw and interpret various projections of 1D, 2D and 3D objects. 2. To prepare and interpret the drawings of buildings. INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES 1. To familiarize with the construction of geometrical figures 2. To familiarize with the projection of 1D, 2D and 3D elements 3. To familiarize with the sectioning of solids and development of surfaces 4. To familiarize with the Preparation and interpretation of building drawing UNIT I- FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING GRAPHICS (2 hours) Lettering Two dimensional geometrical constructions Conics Representation of three-dimensional objects Principles of projections Standard codes Projection of points. UNIT II- PROJECTION OF LINES AND SOLIDS (4 hours) Projection of straight lines Projection of planes - Projection of solids Auxiliary projections. UNIT III- SECTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS Sections of solids and development of surfaces. (3 hours)

UNIT IV- PICTORIAL PROJECTIONS (4 hours) Conversion of Projections: Orthographic projection Isometric projection of regular solids and combination of solids. UNIT V- BUILDING DRAWING (2 hours)

Plan, Elevation and section of single storied residential (or) office building with flat RCC roof and brick masonry walls having not more than 3 rooms (planning / designing is not expected in this course) with electrical wiring diagram. PRACTICAL (60 hours) TEXT BOOKS: 1. Venugopal, K. and Prabhu Raja, V., Engineering Graphics, Eighth Edition (Revised), New Age International Publishers, Chennai, 2007. 2. Natarajan, K.V., A Text Book of Engineering Graphics, 21st Edition, Dhanalakshmi Publishers, Chennai, 2012. 3. Jeyapoovan, T., Engineering Drawing and Graphics using AutoCAD, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2010. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Bethune, J.D., Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 2013, PHI Learning Private Limited, Delhi, 2013. 2. Bhatt, N.D., Elementary Engineering Drawing (First Angle Projection), Charotar Publishing Co., Anand, 1999. 3. Narayanan, K. L. and Kannaiah, P., Engineering Graphics, Scitech Publications, Chennai, 1999. 4. Shah, M. B. and Rana, B. C., Engineering Drawing, Pearson Education (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2005.
ME1005 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS Department of Mechanical Engineering a b x 1-4 c x 1-4 d e f g x 1-4 h i j k

Course designed by 1 Student Outcome 2 Mapping of instructional objectives with student outcome 3 Category

General (G) -23rd


Basic Engineering sciences Professional sciences and technical art (E) subjects (P) (B) x --meeting of the Academic Council , May 2013


WORKSHOP PRACTICE Total contact hours - 45 Prerequisite Nil

L 0

T 0

P 3

C 2

PURPOSE To provide the students with hands on experience on different trades of engineering like fitting, carpentry, smithy, welding and sheet metal. INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES 1. To familiarize with the basics of tools and equipments used in fitting, carpentry, sheet metal, welding and smithy 2. To familiarize with the production of simple models in the above trades. UNIT I-FITTING (9 hours) Tools & Equipments Practice in filing. Making Vee Joints, Square, Dovetail joints and Key making - plumbing. Mini project Assembly of simple I.C. engines. UNIT II-CARPENTRY Tools and Equipments- Planning practice. Making Half Lap, Dovetail, Mortise &Tenon joints. Mini project - model of a single door window frame. UNIT III-SHEET METAL Tools and equipments practice. Making rectangular tray, hopper, scoop, etc. Mini project - Fabrication of a small cabinet, dust bin, etc. UNIT IV-WELDING Tools and equipments Arc welding of butt joint, Lap joint, Tee fillet. Demonstration of gas welding, TIG & MIG welding. UNIT V-SMITHY Tools and Equipments Making simple parts like hexagonal headed bolt, chisel. (9 hours)

(9 hours)

(9 hours)

(9 hours)

TEXT BOOKS: 1. Gopal, T.V., Kumar, T., and Murali, G., A first course on workshop practice Theory, Practice and Work Book, Suma Publications, Chennai, 2005. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Kannaiah,P., and Narayanan, K. C., Manual on Workshop Practice, Scitech Publications, Chennai, 1999. 2. Venkatachalapathy, V. S., First year Engineering Workshop Practice, Ramalinga Publications, Madurai, 1999. 3. Laboratory Manual.
ME1004 - WORKSHOP PRACTICE Department of Mechanical Engineering a B c d e f g h i j 1, 1, 2 1, 2 2

Course Designed by 1 Student Outcome 2 Mapping of instructional objectives with student outcome 3 Category

General (G) 23rd

4 Approval

Engineering Professional Sciences and Subjects Technical Art(E) (P) X meeting of the Academic Council , May 2013

Basic Sciences (B)