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PORT CHARLOTTE HIGH 2013-2014 Mrs. DeWitt Trigonometry/Analysis of Functions Room B-111 Contact Information: 255-7485 Email: lillian.dewitt@yourcharlotteschools.

net Website: http://dewittmath.weebly.com TRIGONOMETRY/ANALYSIS OF FUNCTIONS: Benchmarks studied include but are not limited to the following: Sine & Cosine; Trigonometric functions; solving real-world problems involving various mathematic concepts using technology; Pythagorean identities & Theorem; polar coordinates; DeMoivres Theorem; graphing technology; matrix operations. Students must meet the honors criteria for this course: Recommendation of Algebra II teacher Grade of C or higher in Geometry and Algebra II (or Algebra II Honors) Successful completion of summer assigned packet is mandatory Graphing calculator (preferred), or scientific calculator SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS: Graphing Calculator (TI84/TI Nspire preferably) If you want to be guaranteed a calculator for work where they are acceptable, you must bring your own. 1 -inch 3-ring Binder Graph Paper Pencils (Graded work must be done in pencil) Dividers Paper (White paper only, preferably college-ruled.) Highlighters If you purchase a Texas Instrument calculator, please save the proof of purchase and technology points to turn in to Mrs. DeWitt. CLASSROOM WISH LIST: Box of Tissues Notebook paper (college ruled) Ream of copy paper

Dry Erase Markers (larger size) Graph Paper Pencils

EXTRA HELP: I am available before school most mornings at 6:45am. Please let me know in advance if you plan on coming for extra help, so I can make sure that I do not have any meetings planned. GRADING SCALE: A 90-100 Outstanding Progress B 80-89 Above Average Progress C 70-79 Average Progress D 60-69 Lowest Acceptable Progress F 0-59 Failure GRADING POLICIES: Do Now Activities: will be on the board when you enter class. Please begin this bell work promptly. Do now activities will be collected at the end of every week and on one piece of paper for 10 points. These activities are excused only with an excused absence or excused tardy. All unexcused absences and tardies will result in a zero for that day (on the bell work). Homework: will be assigned and collected regularly. Homework assignments that are complete (showing all work) and turned in on time (i.e. at the beginning of class) will receive full credit (10 points--unless otherwise notified). Incomplete assignments will receive half credit (5 points), as long as at least half of the assignment was completed. Assignments done in pen, with sloppy or illegible handwriting, have no name, show no work, or late will receive no credit (0 points). Quizzes: will be given regularly and may or may not be announced beforehand. Quizzes will normally range in value from 20-50 points. Tests: will be given at the end of each chapter (unless notified otherwise) and will be worth 100 points. Make-up tests and quizzes need to be scheduled upon returning to school. Final Exam: A comprehensive exam will be given at the end of each semester and will be worth 30% of your semester grade. Other grade considerations could include but are not limited to: class/group participation and projects Semester Grades: Each semester grade will be calculated using the following percentages: 35% of your grade will be quarter 1 grade (or quarter 3) o This grade will include a midterm exam which seniors may not waive 35% of your grade will be quarter 2 grade (or quarter 4) o No exam will be included in quarter 2 (or quarter 4) grades

30% of your grade will be your exam o Seniors who qualify may waive the final semester exam

BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS: BE PROMPT: Be in the proper seat, prepared to work on time! Class will begin promptly at the bell. BE PREPARED: Doing what is expected of you makes life easier, so plan ahead. Start work right away, bring necessary materials to class, complete homework assignments on time, be responsible and study for tests! BE POLITE: Kindly refrain from talking when the teacher or another student is speaking. Raise your hand if you have a question (and wait to be called on). Please try to whisper if it is necessary and appropriate to ask a neighbor a question. Be kind, courteous and considerate at all times. Please be respectful of yourself and others. BE POSITIVE: Have a good attitude about yourself and others. Encourage those around you who need help and offer it when you can. You can learn and master skills when you try! BE PRODUCTIVE: Make a goal and stick to it! Excel in things which make you proud! All work should be legible and well organized. Students are expected to show all work. ALWAYS! *Dont forget PIRATE PRIDE (Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence). Remember to be proud of your school and clean up after yourself as well. Make sure to check the area around your desk for trash and be sure it gets into the trash can before you leave. CLASS REQUIREMENTS: Attendance is MANDATORY for your success in the class. In the regular classes, missing more than 10 days means you must earn a C or higher on the final exam in order to pass the class. See your student handbook for specifics regarding attendance policies. Missed assignments and make-up work: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out about the work missed in class and get it done. Assignments will be posted online and in the assignment log daily. Unexcused absences should make up the work; however, no credit will be given. Excused absences have two days to make up work for every absence. After two days, work will be considered late. After three days, there will be no credit given. Missed tests / quizzes and make-ups: No test or quizzes may be made up during class time. It is YOUR responsibility to schedule a time with me to make up any missed tests or quizzes. Make up tests and quizzes may or may not be different then the original test. Unexcused can take the quiz / test, but no points will be given. Excused absences have only two days to make up test. All backpacks, purses, bags, etc must be placed on the floor during the duration of class. No bags will be permitted on the desks.

SCHOOL POLICIES: CHEATING Confiscate the test, project, or assignment Assign academic penalty (Zero on the test, project, or assignment) Referral / Contact parent o Letter to College/University TARDY POLICY Policy will be given out at a later date. ELECTRONIC DEVICES My room is a RED zone. The use or display of cell phones is prohibited at any time during the school day. Phones will be confiscated and sent to the dean if visible. Any other electronic device (CD player, iPod, etc.) will also be confiscated and sent to the dean. PASSES/STUDENT PLANNER Since you do not have student planners this year, there will be one hall pass for all students to use. You will not be permitted to leave the class during the first and last 10 minutes of class. Only one (1) student will be allowed to leave the class at a time. After you have been given permission to leave the class, take the hall pass from the wall and fill out the time sheet. Please make sure the hall pass is returned to its proper place. FOOD AND DRINK NO FOOD will be allowed in the classroom at any time. Water in the original water bottle is the ONLY drink allowed in the classroom.

STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET We have read and discussed the expectations Mrs. DeWitt has outlined for Analysis of Functions. Period _____ Date __________ Students Name _______________________________ Students Signature ____________________________________________ (Please Print) Students Email address _______________________________________ Students Phone Number __________________________ (Please Print) Parents Name _____________________________________ Parents Signature _______________________________________ (Please Print) Parents Phone number __________________________ Parents Email address__________________________________________ (Please Print) Activities you will be participating in while taking this class: Activity Sponsor

Contact phone number

Clubs you will be participating in while taking this class: Club Sponsor

Contact phone number

Athletic teams you will belong to while taking this class: Team Coach

Contact phone number

What was the last math course that you have taken? _____________________________ How would you rate your own math skills? (1-poor, 2-fair, 3-good, 4-great) Why did you choose this score? _____________________________

Grade in course ________________

What do you plan to do to help yourself be successful in this class?

What do you plan to do with your life after high school?