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Exploring Romans Questions 5

(Romans 4:1-25)

1.Romans chapter 4 is the great Bible chapter on what subject? On salvation by faith alone 2.Which two Old Testament saints does Paul use to illustrate salvation by faith alone? Abraham David 3.What characterizes all of mans works and what characterizes all of Gods works? Imperfection Perfection 4.Upon whom does everything depend upon in a system of works? And in a system under grace? On the sinner On the Saviour 5.When making the case of David, which Psalm does Paul quote from and why is it significant? Ps 32 It was written by David after the public exposure of his secret sins (2Sam 11-12) 6.Which two vital truths did David learn concerning salvation? Salvation is freely bestowed Sin is forever banished 7.What are the two crutches those who are trying to earn salvation most often lean on? Their own imagined goodness Religious observance 8.When showing the folly of trusting in the rites of religion, which two aspects of Abrahams circumcision does Paul emphasize? When Abraham as given the rite Why Abraham was given the rite

9.Why was the promises made to Abraham and his seed unconditional and guaranteed? Because it was by the faithfulness of God, not the faithfulness of man 10.Explain Abrahams salvation in reference to that of our own salvation. Abraham was saved the same way as we are. He looked forward by faith to the finished work of Christ. We look back by faith to the finished work of Christ and enjoy the same salvation Abraham enjoyed.