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Exploring Romans Questions 6

(Romans 5:1-21)

1.Explain the difference between standing and state. Our standing is perfect, immutable and guaranteed by the Word of God, the work of Christ and the witness of the Spirit. Our state is imperfect, changeable and, in a large measure, dependent on us. 2.What is the true sign of maturity in the Christian life? To glory in tribulation 3.And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that _________ worketh ___________; and ____________, _____________; and ____________, ____________; and hope maketh not ashamed. Tribulation Patience Patience Experience Experience Hope 4.Which Old Testament saint is a testimony to the maturing power of tribulation? Job 5.What two things are mentioned for the first time in the book of Romans in verse 5:5? The first formal mention of the Holy Spirit 6.Romans 5:6 proves Gods love because it shows that Gods love is what? The gift of Christ 7.According to Romans 5:9-10, we are justified by what? Reconciled to God by what? And saved by what? By His blood The death of His Son By His life

8.What expression does Phillips say we should mark well in the fifth chapter of Romans? Much more 9.According to Romans 5:12, the full blame for human sin is put on whose shoulders? Adam
10.We are not sinners because we ______; we sin because we are

Sin Sinners