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Exploring Romans Questions 11 (Romans 11:1-36) 1.

When will Gods promises to Abraham and David achieve their ultimate fulfillment? Their ultimate fulfillment awaits His coming again when the nation which rejected Him will hail Him at last as Messiah and Kinsman-Redeemer. 2.Mistakes in interpreting the eleventh chapter of Romans can be avoided if it is understood that its theme is not the church, but whom? It is the Jewish nation 3.Who does Paul cite as an example proving that God has not given up on the salvation of the nation of Israel? The conversion of Saul of Tarsus 4.Into which two classes does Paul divide the Jews? A believing minority and a blinded or hardened majority 5.According to Phillips, who has Gods remnant always been? God's remnant has always been those who have accepted the principles of salvation by faith through grace. 6.According to Romans 11:11, what purpose is accomplished in the nation of Israel by salvation coming to the Gentiles? By their fall 7.What are the two great expressions in the New Testament concerning the Gentiles and what do they mean? The first is "the times of the Gentiles" (Luke 21:24) and the other is "the fulness of the Gentiles" mentioned in this passage. 8.When will the fulness of the Gentiles be complete? At the rapture 9.In Romans 11:30-32, what three groups of people does Paul point out that God has shown mercy towards? The Gentiles The Jew The world 10.According to Phillips, when God reveals His ways to us, what is our only response? All we can do is to bow and worship.