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Term 2, 2013: Personal Inquiry Assessment Rubric Name: Ryan Delaney- Solar iPhone Charger

Extremely high level of learning

Proposal, preparation, consolidation and completion

High level of learning Able to complete proposal independently Locates information from a range of sources Identifies some links between set criteria and area of interest Completes work on time Monitors and manages work habits well Well prepared to lead conference Provides clear and accurate information on progress Able to set personal goals independently All project goals have been achieved Able to articulate project goals and intentions carefully monitor these throughout PI Attentive to feedback from peers and provides thoughtful review With increasing independence is able to work cooperatively to allocate tasks and develop timelines. Beginning to evaluate performance of self within the team.

Satisfactory Able to complete proposal with a little support Able to locate information from some sources Contributes ideas to link set criteria to own interests Completes most work on time Monitors schedule reasonably well Able to lead conference and explain current progress with PI Able to set personal goals with little support Nearly all project goals are completed Needs a little support to articulate or demonstrate achievement of PI goals Listens and responds to feedback

Needs to work much harder More effort is required when completing proposal Extra support and ideas required to complete proposal Has difficulty locating information form possible sources More attention to timelines required More attention to monitoring own progress Information and progress must be clearer More focus required during conference Less teacher support should be used in setting personal goals More attention to demonstrating evidence of achieving PI goals is required Work towards better listening and reviewing of peer feedback

Completes proposal independently with considerable detail Locates information from a wide range of sources and adjusts search as new information is found Independently makes clear links between set criteria and area of interest Uses time very well Completes work ahead of schedule Well prepared to lead conference Provides clear, detailed and logical information on progress Thoughtful and appropriate choice of goals All project goals have been achieved and exceeded Able to elaborate on goals, intentions and understandings of PI Demonstrated an ability to constructively review and integrate feedback form peers Accepts responsibility for their role within the group. Able to work cooperatively to allocate tasks and develop timelines. Able to evaluate own performance as part of a team, and teams overall performance.


Student-led conference Personal Goals

Project Goals and intentions achieved

Peer Assessment


With support is able to work cooperatively to allocate tasks and develop timelines.

Beginning to cooperate with others in teams for an agreed purpose.

PowerPoin t Presentati on

Content is well organised with text, and graphics, making slides easy to read and understand Presentation is engaging with the use of colour, images,

Presentation is engaging with use of colour, images and transitions Headings and subheadings are used

Colour and images are used to enhance presentation Some originality used to create an

More information required on each slide More colour, effects and visuals are required to support presentation

transitions and hyperlinks Font size is at least 14pt and a variety of font sizes are used to differentiate information

and only relevant information is included Font size at least 14pt

Model or diorama

Model/ diorama demonstrates a unique level of originality and design Representation shows thoughtful and detailed links to PI

Model/ diorama shows original creative skills with the use of a wide variety of materials Shows careful planning and clear links to Pi focus

interesting presentation Information is in a logical sequence Headings are included Font size is at least 14pt Model/ diorama is creative and shows some links to PI focus Includes a range of materials to support an original design

Font size should be at least 14pt

More detailed required particularly with colour, design and use of a variety of materials More relationship required between model/ diorama and PI focus

STUDENT COMMENT 2 STARS and 1 WISH I think that I did better than I thought I would, I liked how I put all my effort in to complete my goals and my personal inquiry. I think that I presented my inquiry in a really equisit way because you normaly dont see to many inquirys with powerpoint and model. I would change the way I presented my inquiry.