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Junior High Computers

Covington-Douglas Public Schools Class Policies and Procedures Phone: 580-864-7849 Fax: 580-864-7644 Website: http://mrscasteel.weebly.com Teacher: Bonnie Casteel Email: bcasteel@cdwildcats.com Twitter: @MrsCasteel84 Learning Management System: edmodo.com Supplies: Pen/Pencil Loose-leaf paper Classroom Rules All students will follow all rules and policies set forth in the student handbook. KNOW THE RULES! Be on time Come prepared to learn Follow directions Respect yourself and others, as well as all school property Always get permission to leave the classroom Always sign in and out, when leaving the classroom No lining up at the door The following are basic rules that apply at all times: Keep feet, purses, books, and other personal items away from the aisle. Never pull the cord to remove the plug from the socket. Report any malfunction of equipment to the instructor immediately. Operate equipment correctly and safely. Do not move equipment or tamper with cables. The hardware is set up and arranged in a necessary manner. Bathroom Policy: Please use the restroom and get a drink before class, however you will be allowed 5 bathroom/get a drink/locker trips per nine weeks. If you abuse this privilege, it may be revoked at my discretion. Computer and other Equipment Usage: You will abide by the rules set forth in the Covington-Douglas Internet agreement and Computer Use Agreement. Do not share your logon ID and password with anyone. Students will not use unauthorized passwords, disclose confidential passwords, or enter or try to enter any unauthorized areas of the computer.

Employees will be able to use other multimedia classroom equipment in the classroom. At all times, content on these devices MUST BE SCHOOL APPROPRIATE. If you are second guessing yourself, its probably not appropriate. Inappropriate content will result in an automatic zero. *All incidences of unacceptable behavior will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Online Learning Management System All assignments and important documents, as well as test and project reminders will be posted to Edmodo.com. Edmodo is a secure place to connect and collaborate, share content and educational applications, upload assignments, participate in class discussions and receive notications. Students will be given a login id and password for the site. Remember: content must be school appropriate at all times! Grading: Daily Assignments: 50 Points. Save all assignments in a folder for this class. Organization is VERY important. It is your responsibility to keep up with assignments that need to be finished. Tests: 100 points. Tests will be given periodically to show mastery of skills. Absolutely no talking during tests. Cheating will result in an automatic 0! Projects: 100 - 400 points. Workplace Skills: 100 points. You will start each week with 100 points. This should be an easy A. Points will be deducted for tardies, leaving equipment or books out, not cleaning your area after class, not following directions, being disrespectful, forgetting your computer, etc. Grades will be in accordance with the following Covington-Douglas Public School scale listed in the handbook: 90 100 =A (Excellent) 80 89 =B (Above average) 70 79 =C (Average) 60 69 =D (Below average) 0 59 =F (Failing) Parents and students can access grades through the Covington-Douglas website Gradebook using the login id and passwords issued to you at the beginning of school.

Absences: (Regular or School): It is your responsibility to obtain any missing homework. If you know you will be gone, please meet with me in advance. Since most of the coursework, will be done on the computer extra time is allowed. School Activity Absence: If a student will miss because of a school activity it is their responsibility to come in advance of the absence to obtain notes and assignments. Students will NOT get credit if they have not met with me in advance. If the student needs help with the assignment that they have missed, they must come in before school on the day they return to school. If the student does not come in before school, it will be assumed that they understood the assignment and it will be die in class. Students that are absent the day before a test will still be expected to take the test on the scheduled day. Students that are absent the day of a test will be expected to take the exam on the day that they return to school.

I am looking forward to a new school year! Please contact me with any questions you may have. Please sign and date below to acknowledge that you have read and understand the employee (student) handbook. Return this bottom portion only for a daily grade. ________________________________ "" Student Signature" " " " " ________________________________ "" Parent Signature" " " " " _________ Date _________ Date