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JAZZ GUITAR COMPING RAISING YOUR CHORD AWARENESS ANDREW GREEN 7 J. Eugene Smith Library Easter Connecticut State University Witimantic, CT 06226-27« CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION ae 6 How to Use this Book on. 7 Suggestions for Practice 8 Chord Symbols 9 Basic Voicings 10 VOICE LEADING _ 12 Moving Notes ae 13 Two-Note Voicings 15 Three-Note Voicings 16 The Upper Voice 7 Non-Functional Chord Progressions 2 MULTI-USE VOICINGS __— _24 13th Chord 25 Major Triad 30 Major 7th 36 Fourths 40 Diminished Scale Voicing 44 VOICING VARIATIONS passine HORS Blues Etude 65 HARMONIZED SCALES a 66 Ballad Etude. 7 INTERVALLIC COMPING _n RHYTHM _ ‘Anticipotion/Delay 78 Long/Short 84 Connecting Chords 88 Arpeggiation 0 Spece. 92 Rhythm Etudes oa STUDIES AND ANALYSIS __ Solos and comping transcribed and analyzed 100 cD CONTENTS eZ —————————— Vv spuoy som Lv s+Zv9 v+LvD 9D Zv2 ov £y9 £9 Sty v4dv spicy solow ‘yoo sty} UT [eLTayeur ZeyIO ay} yIEM nos djoy [[ta spxoyp asaxy Sururea| ‘ody pxoys rejnonzed w 10} Aepd 0} Jey UTBLIANUN are NOK 40 ‘nog oF MAU St x9JUOD ZzU v UT BUEAETA {JL eouasayos v se paprsord—reynd oy3 107 SSupIOA ,proyp 2zef, s1seg SONIDIOA DISVE