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Highland Park High School

Applied Arts Advanced 3D Animation

Erica Tuke Phone: 224-765-2081 Classroom: E-102 E-Mail: etuke@dist113.org

Respect for self Respect for others Respect for property Responsibility for your own actions

Animation binder Writing utensil Positive attitude Absolute creativity

The grades you will receive will be based on: In-class assignments/projects, participation, quarter-ending stills, storyboards/planning, and the final project. Semester grading will be used. 50%: In-class assignments/projects 10%: Quarter Ending Stills 10%: Storyboarding/Planning 20%: Final Semester Project 10%: Weekly Check Ins (behavior/productivity)


All assignments are completed in class. It is recommended that students spend at least one hour a week outside of class enhancing their skills (whether that be at home, during a free period or during after school sessions). All projects have the opportunity to be improved upon. Students have two weeks to improve the project for a higher grade. After two weeks, project improvement grades will not be granted. Late Work: Work turned in after the deadline will receive a 5% reduction if turned in by the end of the day. Work turned in thereafter will receive a 10% reduction per day late. Quarter Ending Stills: These projects will happen at the end of each quarter as a summative evaluation. Students must demonstrate levels of mastery on certain facets of animation at the end of each quarter. It is expected that students accumulate a bank of procedural skills throughout the course. Storyboarding: Students in Advanced Animation are expected to refine their planning and storyboarding skills before they begin working in the program.


Attendance: Taken daily. If a student is absent on a day an assignment is due and he/she were present the day it was assigned, it must be turned in early or the day he/she returns, or it is late. Absences: Students earn 25 points each week (5 points per Giant Day and 10 points per White/Blue Day) for in-class productivity and on-task behavior. Students who have an unauthorized absence on any given day will lose points from their 25 point-per-week total.

Tardiness is not tolerated and disruptive! 1st & 2nd Offence: Warning 3rd Offence: Teacher Detention 4th Offence: Deans Consequence


Cell phones: Cell phone use and texting is prohibited in class. If an emergency call needs to be made, please ask Ms. Tuke for permission to return the call. If a student is seen using a cell phone in class (texting, gaming, etc.) the consequences will be as follows: (1) Warning to put phone away; (2) Confiscate phone for period with parent phone call; (3) Deans Office Repercussions. Students are able to use their phones as MP3 players during independent work only. If this privilege is abused, the student will not be allowed to use their phone for the duration of the quarter. Students who engage in inappropriate multi-media use shall be subject to discipline if such conduct occurs on School District property if the electronic information was created, posted or received using school computer hardware, software or networks. This inappropriate multi-media use may also be subject to discipline if the conduct has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school, or otherwise has a nexus to school activity. Discipline may include consequences up to and including expulsion. Please refer to the Computer Use policy stated in the Student Handbook.