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Understanding Grimoires Part I The Black Dragon Grimoire Forces Infernal

Copyright 2013 Jacques de Payens IGOS Red Dragon Order

Understanding Grimoires
With the eBook release in 2013 of the Black Dragon Grimoire, readers of this grimoire need to better understand what they have and will be using. Grimoires are looked at often in a fearful manner. There are usually warnings in most grimoire introductions, stating to be careful about their use. This is not in regards to grimoires only. All magical texts should be used in a correct fashion by a knowledgeable person in ritual magic. Sadly, there are few of these skilled occultists. Grimoires tend to be incomplete because they are translations, and it is thought they should be translated exactly without any additions and few explanations. This is a bad practice that future editions from IGOS will correct. In the French system of ritual magic, grimoires are used in a modern fashion that incorporates the ancient knowledge in a practical manner. For basic understanding of Grimoires and Translating, you must read the The Art of Occult Translation and Ancient Grimoires Pulp Fiction or Magical Guides on the IGOS website under the tab educate yourself at www.guildofoccultsciences.weebly.com. This gives you a great deal of food for thought. This article is meant to add greater insights as well as help with practical assistance for using the Black Dragon Grimoire. It also is an insight into the rarely seen French Ritual Magic Tradition and the use of grimoires in general. Proper occult training is the same around the world, it requires years of dedication and practice. In France we stick closely to old Guild training methods with long apprenticeships. What we see being offered as occult books coming from America, is just awful! Many basic important occult ritual concepts are not being followed and most writers are uneducated, untrained self-proclaimed experts. While, they are free to write these terrible books, they are doing the occult community a terrible disservice, leaving not only bad information but, a misinformed or wrongly taught occultist. This is then passed onto to future generations causing, even greater problems. This is why occultism is in such a terrible state today, especially in America.

In future editions published by the International Guild of Occult Sciences and their affiliates, detailed information on the practical use of grimoires will be detailed. Straight translations are not quality or valuable information. Only the most advanced occultists will know how to use these translations, leaving the average occultist with nothing more than a fun read.

The Black Dragon Grimoire Forces Infernal

The occultist gives too much credit to ancient grimoires and somehow links them with demonic magic. This could not be further from the truth. Ancient Grimoires at best are Pulp Fiction of their time and at the worst comic book level. To think that potent occult grimoires would be made available to the general public is plain absurd. All truth or real knowledge is guarded closely by the White and Black Lodges, nothing of value is ever released to the general public. In ancient times, like in modern times, groups or governments seize important books and documents. This happened with Tesla, De Vinci and hundreds of more, throughout the ages, so little of the vast archives of information on esoterica have ever been made available to the general public. We certainly see that today, with the same grimoires or versions of the same grimoires from different languages are republished over and over again. Nothing new seems to have been released to the public in hundreds of years. Of course, these new writers are very disconnected from the source of true wisdom and power. They are poorly educated by bad books and worse low level Orders. If trained in an Order at all. They then claim to be able to give you insights or greater understanding of complicated occult grimoires written hundreds if not thousands of years ago. In France we call these people, dangerous stupid fools. It is sad they have any following whatsoever. The Black Dragon Grimoire, like almost all grimoires were written under the strong oppression of one of the three major religions. Those writing the grimoires were priests of those religions. Meaning, the way the grimoire is phrased will be heavily influenced by that religion. The author uses gods and spirits from the religion he is involved in.

Medieval grimoires from Europe are all Christian based and there was only one Church that ruled. Not the hundreds of Christian cults we have today. As with all religions ancient and modern, they have hateful and fearful beliefs that do not tolerate dissention, so much so, that you could easily be tortured and executed for the slightest offence against the ruling church. Medieval grimoires are very Christian in nature. Those stating that most grimoires are evil and demonic have little understanding of grimoires and have never read one. Bad translations have further added to this incorrect understanding. Translations that state things like blessing that include Satan, Jesus and god. How ridiculous is this. These so-called authors do not seem to read their own writings. A Medieval priest would never praise Satan. This is a terrible mistranslation that shows the low level of understanding the author has. The other area to look for in telling if an author knows anything is if they start off stating that the date on the document is wrong along with the original authors name. This is low level nonsense that matters little. Stating you know the actual original publication date and author, is ignorance beyond belief. And, if this is made-up or incorrect, then the entire grimoire is likely a fraud. If the publisher lies about these basic facts, we must believe the entire work is suspect of being a fraud. If we cannot believe basic information like publication date and author, than we cannot believe the grimoire itself. There is no way of knowing exact publication dates and credited authors. The translator has no business commenting on this, ultimately it does not matter! More time needs to be spent translating and explanation, instead making stupid statements. In the Black Dragon Grimoire, the author is careful to state his belief in the Christian religion. There seems to be a general understanding that if you deal with demons, you are somehow evil or worshipping the devil. Here again, this is completely wrong and more to do with a modern Christian understanding than a Medieval Christian understanding. Even in modern times, there needs to be a clear understanding of what Black Magic really is. This is a subject unto its self and

cannot be covered in this article. There is a difference between Black Magic or the use of demons and Devil Worship. One is using a certain type of negative energy and one is worship and sacrificing to an evil entity, there is a big difference between the two. It was a common belief in Medieval times that godly powers had no interest in and even frond upon earthly needs, such love, money and gambling. That asking God for these things was blasphemy and would bring the wrath of God upon you. If you want worldly goods and desires you needed to ask demons for them, not God. God was only interested higher ideals and purposes certainly, not relationships or money matters. You had to turn to demons for these desires. Demons in todays understanding are thought of as evil, doing nothing but, destruction and harm. This is not the understanding in ancient times and it is incorrect understanding for todays properly trained occultist. In the Black Dragon Grimoire a list of demons and what they will assist you with is listed. If demons were only destructive, theywould not help you period; there would be no practical use, other than attack or cursing. I would think that a demon that helps you find treasure, disables firearms, and help you win at gambling, is far from a negative spirit. It is down right, angelic in nature. This is how demons were thought of in ancient times. You go to God for spiritual and Godly matters and to Demons for practical matters. The Demons we see in movies and read about that are purely destructive are rare and far between. Most Demons have practical, helpful uses. You just need to handle them correctly, like anything of power. There needs to be respect and care taken. You need to understand the nature of specific demons and their uses, not the view of uneducated fools that want to guide you with their poor understanding on the subject. No matter what forces you use, positive or negative, you need to control and protect yourself from these entities. This is just proper magical practices. Spirit evocation is spirit evocation. It matters little what type of spirit you choose to evoke, whether positive or negative. You need to follow strict ritual Magic procedures as outlined in any ritual magic text. You need to understand how to control and banish spirits. A lot of occultists fail to take the time to learn the basics

and then get themselves into trouble. You do not want spirits hanging around after a ritual is completed. They need to be sent back to their own realms. If you do not do this, they can cause trouble, as a bored child would do if left along for hours. It is also important to reward helpful spirits with gifts of food or money. These rewards should never be used by you after they are gifted to the spirit. Food is thrown away and money kept in a spirit offering area on your altar. Never give blood offerings. This ties you to the spirit and the spirit will become vampiric, seeking blood from you all the time. It is not needed to obtain assistance from spirits. This practice started mainly as way to get into the good graces of the public. Having food after a ritual, was a plus for all involved. In modern times, blood feed to spirits causes all kinds of problems, in a spiritual and magical sense. This is another subject that requires detailed explanation; I cannot cover in this article. The properly trained Occult Scientist can use any grimoire safely. By controlling spirits and banishing them, no harm can come to the occultist. Grimoires give spirit names, summoning words of power, sigils and other detailed information. But, the evocation practice rarely changes. Those that call upon spirits without knowing the proper procedures, without protective circles, or with magical machines, are in for a lot of trouble. Luckily, magical machines produce so little energy that they basically draw nothing of power. If they did, the user would have all kinds of problems. Having uncontrolled spirits hanging around is a terrible practice. There are ways of using magical machines correctly and machines that really produce energy, but these are not available to general public. As with rituals junk in junk out, knowing the proper procedures for any practices is essential for success. Not believing businesses and their sales talk should be common sense. A sense, that is not very common. In France ignorant practitioners and ridiculous occult businesses are shunned. In America you make them rich. Since the vast majority of you reading this article will never see any real powerful grimoires, you need to learn how to work with what is publically available. Using a grimoire based on the basic translation offered is of little use and could be very dangerous. It needs to be intergraded into your personal ritual magic system.

It is just that simple. Advanced Magus level occult scientists, can do a complete ritual in their mind, with much better results than using tools that distract from the actual connection to the spirits. In the end tools, costumes, silly accessories and the physical reality, get in the way of powerful evocation. These are the tools of fools and the untrained. Tools are crutches for the level occultist or the beginner. The Black Dragon Grimoire also details lucky and unlucky days. This is very useful information. Living a magical life, is what magic is all about. This is very practical information for you to use. The protections and control power offered in the grimoire are based on Christian beliefs. It is good idea to have Crosses and other tools available as part of the ritual. This is what these ancient demons understand and will react to. As I have already stated, most grimoires we have were written at time when Christianity ruled. As such, the grimoires will use Christian terminology, symbols and tools. Using non-Christian tools will hurt the entire process and could leave you unprotected. Most occultists are not Christian based and will probably find it difficult to call upon Christian beliefs. If you are a trained advanced occultist, you can use your training to work with the grimoire, as I have already outlined. If not, it is not a good idea to use the grimoire. If a spirit causes you trouble on any level, you will need the Cross and the Christian words of power to protect yourself and banish the spirit. Thinking you can call upon a Pagan god to assist, will not help. For thousands of years these spirits have been conditioned to fear the Christian god and the Cross. It will be your most effective tool if you have problems. Pagan occults need to see the Christian gods as any other God Form and use them for what they are good for or needed for. It should be no different than calling on any God Form, whether that be Celtic, Norse, Greek etc. The Gods of Medieval European grimoires are Christian. Never call upon Satan or Devil, unless you are performing a special ritual that involves them. Some terrible translations have added that rituals call upon God, Jesus and Satan. This is a terrible translation error that you must avoid at all costs.

Any translator doing this really shows where they are coming from. It binds you to Satan and gives control of the ritual to Satan. Proper translations are essential to safe and effective grimoire use, too bad only IGOS offers them. The misuse of a few words can turn the ritual into a nightmare of failure and demon possession. There is where dealing with demons can be dangerous. Demons seek energy from those that call upon them. Used correctly, you can access the powers demon hold, used incorrectly and they attack you and drain your vital energies. If you know how to banish and use the correct protective Circles etc., you will be fine. You cannot use grimoires in a sloppy manner. While common grimoires are not the most powerful of grimoires, the continual use of these grimoires over thousands of years, empowers them from the human consciousness realms. This can add a little punch to the generally weak entities. It is important to incorporate as much as possible from the grimoire as you can into you regular system. While it is nice to obtain the exact items mentioned in the grimoire, this is often difficult to do. In regards to Christian items, anything blessed is excellent to use. These can be found online easily and sometimes at a large Catholic Church store. Wood, water and dirt from the Holy Land is easy to obtain. Grimoires all have odd and interesting procedures and special items needed. Some are cultural to area the grimoire comes from and others are pure non-sense, added to make the rituals difficult to do, thus causing many not to do the ritual. This gives the author an out if the ritual does not work. It is hard to believe that people living in Europe had access to things like a belt made of tiger skin. If they could get it, the cost would be far beyond the reach, of even a well-off person. The using of certain woods and the gathering of items at certain times, all does add a special energy to a ritual. The question is, does it ultimately really matter. Do these specific ritual items carry an energy that somehow attracts a spirit, and if so, why? A modern occult scientist certainly knows how to draw these energies without having the actual item; this is all part of Next Level Occultism. These energies could easily be added into to a ritual but, are they needed or just silly ancient dramatics?

If you know the name of the spirit you are calling on, you need nothing else to draw that spirit. Of course, you need to follow traditional ritual magic practices and modify these to what the grimoire states. Even here Circle size is not important if the Circle is formed correctly. Making rituals too complicated is why so few ritual magicians do rituals. It is also the reason why ritual magic has such a high failure rate. If you are going to perform ritual magic you need to have a basic system well learned, along with having all the tools needed for that system. Getting fancy tools of great cost will not help your ritual success. If you want to spend lots of money on your tools, that is fine. But, it adds nothing to the process. If a grimoire calls for a special tool made from a special substance, it probably is just hype. The main concern is protection and banishing. If your regular system failures to produce results, you can always try adding in that unique tool specified in the grimoire. In ancient times unique substances were thought to hold power because they were rare. In modern times, we know this is not true; it is mostly nothing more than silly folklore.

Christian God Forms and Protection

All the evocations in the Black Dragon Grimoire for demons include the commanding of them by God, Jesus Christ and even Mother Mary, and these are also used as protection. It is an interesting blended occultism that is very strange to the modern occultist. In modern times, a priest would never use magic or call upon demons for help. The entire practice of magic is seen as evil by all the modern main religions. Christians do not believe in controlling their life directly, they believe in letting God guide then. To control things yourself is thought of as evil, like Lucifer wanted to control heaven over God. You are to submit to the will of God and what it decides to give you. In ancient times calling on help from demons in the name of God was okay, or at least in some ritual practices. Most of the demons used in medieval grimoires are based in the Judeo-Christian belief system. Few are related directly to other religions. People can claim some

type of connection in a pure sense but, the writer and practitioner would not know these connections. They would only understand the Christian connection to the demon. Many are purely Christian based like Lucifer. Using other non-Christian gods would not assist you in the ritual practice. The problem is if you do not believe in these Christian gods, will they work for you. You need to approach Christian gods like any other god forms. Do you really believe in other god forms like, Odin, Zeus, and Mithras etc.? You need to see Christian gods like any other God Form; they are no more powerful or less powerful then ancient gods. If you add in the human consciousness empowerment factor that give energy to God Forms, Christian gods would be more powerful by far. Occult Science is about results and spiritual energy, not religion. If a god form is stronger and assists you, use it. After all, how many followers are there of Mithras compared to Jesus? The number must be tiny. When using a grimoire that is based in ancient Christian practices, you need to use those forces connected with that belief. As you read the Black Dragon Grimoire, you will notice that every ritual involves the calling upon of God and Jesus, as well as the demon. This is the method used in medieval times, for reasons I already covered. If you have a problem with Christianity, you will have a problem using European grimoires. All religions are poison to the spirit and made up of people that take anything pure and corrupt it. Energy is energy; you use the correct energy for the correct situation. In the case of the Black Dragon Grimoire, it is Christian based. If you call upon Mithras to protect you from Christian based demons, it will not work. The Black Dragon Grimoire is filled with fascinating spells and ritual for, Finding Treasure, To obtain knowledge, To destroy a Spell, To return a Spell, Make a Sympathetic Mirror to counter spells made against you, lucky day guide, conjurations for the Kings of the East,West, North and South, The Black Hen, Hand of Glory, The Great Excorism rite, Conjurations for the demons Lucifer,Astaroth, Silcharde, Bechard, Guland, Surgat, Fromost, an animal protection spell, to stop a sword cut, talisman construction, rid a house of a demon,

To stop a person from bothering you, make a Novena, deter an evil person you met, magical medical cures, against burns, to make stolen objects return, to stop a serpent, to stop teams of horses, counter-spells, in order to not be weary while walking, prevent eating at the table, win at gambling, win lotteries, make yourself loved, have a girl dance for you nude, have a girl come to you, to prevent copulation, not be wounded by weapons, going into battle spell, against firearms, to make a weapon fail, and several more

All the rituals are detailed with exact instructions on how to perform them. I have tested many of these with great results. The demons listed can be used for general desires. Some have specific uses and these are noted in the ritual.

Commanding Spirits
It is important to Command spirits and not ask them. Spirits do not act by request, only by command. That is how it works. There is some thought today that Spirits and God Forms needed to be asked to help. This is one of the many incorrect modern approaches to ritual magic. Spirits have no general interest in helping you. They need to be commanded to do your bidding.

Watch for future editions for detailed instructions on the use of the rituals in the Black Dragon Grimoire.

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignoranceit is the illusion of knowledge.