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Teaching Philosophy
Ann M. Strickler ! I feel that it is vital to plan an instructional program to help each student make

academic, social, and emotional progress. The effective teacher creates and delivers engaging lessons that are appropriate to students instructional levels. These lessons must also address the school curriculum and state standards. As an educator, I am devoted to effectively addressing students skills and abilities by making use of individual and small group instruction. I am committed to providing students with the support needed to make academic strides. To be truly successful in both teaching and learning processes, a teacher must be aware of students strengths, areas that need improvement, and learning styles. In order to address these individual learning styles, I feel that it is important to make use of a variety of teaching styles and medias. It is my goal to create an instructional program that includes individual, collaborative, and hands-on learning. I feel that real-world connections are valuable to students, and I plan to utilize these learning experiences in my classroom. ! I believe that an effective teacher utilizes data to provide students with

meaningful learning experiences. It is essential to closely monitor learning by consistently assessing students in a variety of ways. I feel that it is especially important to record data and make adjustments to the learning program based upon the collected information. I believe that a successful teacher uses data to make decisions about the students instructional levels and to support them accordingly. ! I feel that the classroom should be a place where all students feel safe, included,

and appreciated. I hope to create a community of learners who truly support, respect,

A. Strickler and care about one another. I believe that a successful classroom climate revolves around mutual respect between the students and the teacher. I plan to make use of a classroom management system that aids in creating an environment that is conducive for optimal learning. I hope to create an atmosphere where students learn from me as I learn from them. I feel that the teacher should act as a model for the students. It is important that the teacher exhibits patience, a positive attitude, a love for learning, and a sense of humor. ! I believe that the qualities of an effective teacher extend beyond the walls of the

classroom. I recognize the importance of parent communication and involvement. I feel that a teacher must be dependable, exible, and able to work well with all colleagues, including support staff. I plan to be a teacher who is approachable and willing to go the extra mile in terms of after-school activities. It is my goal to remain current on best practices through professional learning experiences and continued education. I believe that an outstanding teacher is able to seek the input of fellow teachers and welcome feedback.