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Running Head: Smallest Event, Biggest Consequences

Smallest Event, Biggest Consequences: A Study of the Buttery Effect Sandra Stupica Ypsilanti New Tech

PhysiComp Mrs. Learst and Ms. Stupica August 26, 2013

Running Head: Smallest Event, Biggest Consequences

One person can make a difference. If you watch television, listen to the radio, or have

participated in community service, it is most likely that you have heard this phrase.Though it is used often, one should not become numb to it's important message. We all make a difference, especially when it is a positive difference. This "buttery effect"of making a positive impact is important no matterhow big or small the action. This could not ring truer when one works to eradicate poverty. Some causes of poverty are lack of employment options and affordable housing: therefore, a plan to positively effect this issue is to team up with Habitat for Humanity to build houses.