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An A B matrix has A rows and B columns The determinant of the 2 2 matrix a b c d is ad bc

The determinant of the 3 3 matrix

a b c is aei + bfg + cdh bdi afh ceg d e f g h i

o If you take the first two columns of the matrix and recopy them to the right of the original matrix, the parts of the formula form diagonal lines of three elements, with the positive parts going from the upper left to the bottom right, and the negative parts going from the upper right down to the bottom left You can only multiply matrices if the first matrix has the same number of columns as the second matrix has rows When you multiply an A B matrix by a B C matrix, you get an A C matrix

When you are shown simultaneous equations, the coefficient matrix refers to the matrix formed by the coefficients of the variables (which are on the left side of the equals signs)