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EXP. ORPSANAGE 105 ANGELES - aay ALYOUNG BOY, maybe 8, helps a NW wash clothes. she hangs ‘then on the’ Lines, a3 the hot LOS ANGELES sun beata down. he Little boy looks up at the sky where he sees a majestic Floating SPACE AABITAT. A torus. Bigger than ths noon But the sane effect against the blue sky. nx Sistas? Nox es Max? vox Arg the paople from there, are they aigeerent co me? Sho looks over at tho Little bey for a momant, chen goes back te hanging the laundey, as we COP TO KE. SPACE lWe see the TORUS as it sparkles in all of ite glory. we fly over millions of mansions covering the inner habitable side of the torus as it spine alowly in the sunlight. WON (V.0.) they are not so different to you Max. They are just rich. that’s the only differance. ‘They are rich- EXP. LOS ANGELES - DUSK Gleaming rockets take off, tearing through the atmosphere and Inte space from a run down SLUM in LOS ANGELES. A LITLE GIRL watches as they glow up into the heavens. Her Shire is dirty and riddled with holes. NON (9.0.} You see one day the rich decided that Earth was too disty for them and they wanted a new piace to ive, ‘36 they bullet ztysium. 2X7. ORPRANAGE - CONTINUOUS Max Leoks over at the aun akeptically. But they look different. aw don’t think so. You think ao? Max nods, and we cur To-- A COMERCIAL FOR SHE NEW FALL LINE BY GUCCI. Various gupernodel-like faces come up on the screen. A" through "P" lettered next to each head. A PINGER selects the sch medal, we realize it's a touch screen. A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN takes her finger off the screen and walks into = MSDICAL BAY that sits in a high-end designer store. She lies down on an MAI looking machine. ‘The machine closes around her. A lash of Light and then Gucct reads across the image of the dazzling women, her face looks Instantly younger. Now (¥.0.) They just don't gat old the sane wey as us. EXT. ORPHANAGE - conrnyuous Max goes back to scrubbing. vax Do they get sick? nvr. GucCT MEDICAL aay The MRI machine runs a lager up and down the woman’s body. A computer monitor reads the diagnosis: ‘Trace emounts of CANCER. Certain smaller ailments. the laser changes color. RS-ATOMIGING comes up on the sereen. WON (v.04) ‘hey have machines vo fix that. ‘They Live longer. They are very lucky. BEEEP. fealth check COMPLETED. 100% CLAAR ‘The woman’s name and details come up: AGE 97. she looks 40. EXP. ELYSTUM ~ DAY BLYSTAN MOTHERS push strollers past a perfect lawn. They chat as the curvature on the inside of the habitat stretches ovt Behind them. They lock healthy, happy, perfect. MAX (V.0-) Z don't want to get sick. 1 want to go there like thes. Phen’ I won't get sick. INT. SPIDER'S LAIR - SIGHT Lines of humans wait to buy illegal tickets to glysiun from gun-strapped SKUGGLERS. Ne see « HOMER and DAUGHTER. NUN (V. Well, soma peopl do ga there... we see the little girl got a fake SLYSIAN TD NUNBER burnt into her weist. She wines. A FATHER and his YOUNG SOW on crutches step forvard. The father places the dirty essh down, EXP. SPACE - DAY A filthy graftitincoverod rickety old space-ship shoots avay from earth, heading tovard the magnificent ring tn the. aky. NUM (V.0.) Actually many people go there. INT. THMIGRANT SHEP ‘Throngs of illegal immigrants. The MOTHER strokes her DAUGHTER’S hair. Coke bottles and garbage Float in sero G. The PATHER and his YOUNG SON lie waiting co land. num (v.0.) Bot it’s illegal, they don’t Like be there. ExT. ELYSIUM — Day As the ship pulls up to the surface... EWP. PROTOCOT, ROOM A very high-tech cylindrical room on the inside of elysiua. & Siny scroll of text blinks on a computer nonitert ZIOLEGAL, ENTRY. DISPATCHING HOMELAND DEPENSE. BAD. PLYSTUM - DAY The graztitied ship touches dovn. the back bay doors open anc she immigrants emerge. The MOTHER helps her sick DAUGHTER cut onte the lawn of this new usopia. Naw (¥.0.) So they send us hone.