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Assalamualaikum wbt.. To finish this task, I had to find the materials first.

I found some materials in a book and in the internet. My friends and I have made a research at the library to get the materials. After we get the materials, we going to Photostat the materials. From this task, I learn how to make report writing. I just know that, to make a report writing, it must have a format. In this task also, we must collect some picture about our report. This task also help me to think that not easy to make a report writing. This task also helps me to improve my relationship with my friends. Honestly, I enjoyed doing this task very much because I have learnt many new things. I also can improve my grammar during we discus how to make a report. I also get much new knowledge. For the conclusion, I enjoy with this task. This task give many benefits to me. I have learnt many things during this task. Lastly, thanks to lecture, friends and also to my lovely parents because your support. Thanks you very much..