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Additional Coverage July 29, 2011 Civ Law Rev-Prop Possession 1. Elements 2. Kinds 3.

Requirements to ripen into ownership 4. Acquisitive Prescription (Read related 1120, 1123, 1127, 1128, 1138) a. b. c. in good faith in bad faith tacking of possession


Rights of Legal Possessor a. b. Peaceful and Uninterrupted Possession Fruits i) ii) iii) c. Civil Fruits Natural/Industrial Fruits Pending Fruits

Indemnity for Expenses/Improvements i) ii) iii) Necessary Useful Luxurious

Presumption of Just Title i. When Applicable ii. Meaning of Just Title Possession of Movables a. When Lost b. Unlawful Deprivation Arts. 1132, 1505) Loss of Possession CASES: Marcelo vs. CA Olegario vs. CA Seraspi vs. CA BPI vs. CA GR 131803 4/14/99 GR 147951 12/14/2009 331 S 293 GR 123498 11/23/2007 (See related Provisions