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NOBODY’S HOME ‘Words and Music by AVRIL LAVIGNE, DON GILMORE and BEN MOODY ‘Moderate Rock FS Ebsus? Dbmaj7 & & Eb(add2) ‘= B 1 could-n't tell you why she felt ©- pen your eyes and Took Dbmaj7 She felt it evser = y day. find the rea = sons why. Fm Eb(add2) & & And 1 could- n't help You've been re - ject - ed, her. 1 just watched _ and now — you opright © 2004 AMO MUS. CORP. AVRIL LAVIGNE PUBLISHING LD. LA QUIK SONGS, DWIGHT FRYE MUSICINC. nd SMELSLEMETAL PUBLISHING "a igh for Avi LAW PUBLSMING 1D. ana LA GUNA SOMGS Conaled and Aaminsered by ALSO MUS COM ‘At tigecResned Vind by Perms Et & the same mis - takes. a - gain. What's wrong, what's wrong now?) what you've left be - hind, Be strong, be strong now. J Ebladd2) Dbmaj7 ‘ge Don’t know where she be = sit fe whereshe be - longs. — Shewants to go home, but no-bod-y's home. — Eb(add9) Fm ae & ‘That's where she Ties bbro-ken in-side, with no place to go, — a7 AD Ebsus2 Eb(add9) a i = wats no place to go Bro-ken in side. Her feel - ings she hides, ‘dreams — she can’t find, Dbmay? Fm & zB she's fall =~ ing be- hind, She can’t find her place: Eb(add2) Dbmaj7 'e E she’s los. - ing her faith She'sfall - ing from grace; — she's all 0 = ver the place.