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The Siddha


Speciality Of Siddha
By Spencer Jones


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Speciality Of Siddha Medicine

Siddha system of medicine is the oldest documented medical system in

the world. This system of medicine dates back to over 2000 years before Christ.

There are some people who claim that Ayurveda is the oldest medical system,

but from the research done with the help of available historical datas, it is evident

that Siddha system of medicine is much older and has more history than even

Ayurveda. Not only is this medical system the oldest, this is a medical system

with lots of specialities; its specialities far outweigh the Ayurvedic medicine.

The ancient spiritual saints who lived in South India, known by the name

Siddhars, are said to be the founders of this medical system. According to the

age-old literatures, Siddhars were the supernatural humans. They were the ones

who have attained the true realization of the soul, which they achieved by intense

meditation and yogic practice. This is the ultimate state, a human can achieve.

The state when one realizes the true powers of the soul, which resides in his

body. This is the state when one can feel the infinite field of energy that lies

within him and the state when the soul acquires the infinite knowledge. Thus the

Siddha system of medicine is said by the Siddhars after attaining self-realization

and telling it in their own life experience, so this medical system can’t go wrong.

This supreme knowledge of the Siddhars can be understood when we go through

many things said by the Siddhars in their age-old scriptures, which are now

revealed as true facts with our present day modern science and equipments.

They are seen by today’s, scientific world in utter amazement. For example, in

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the book “Agasthiyar Pinda Urpathi”, the size and growth of the fetus in mothers

womb in each stages/months of pregnancy is clearly defined, in addition to that,

the reason for the birth of the fetus in to boy and girl is mentioned, also isn’t it

amazing that The Atomic Theory was said by the Siddhars thousands of years

ago itself.

The fact that the Siddhars practiced “Yoga” stays as evidence that the

now renowned science of “Yoga” infact has its origin from Siddha, since as

stated earlier Siddha system is the oldest medical system older than even


Siddha is a medical system that is passed on from generation to

generation through the ancient system of Guru – Shishya. It flourished among

the Dravidians especially in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Had it been

just a medical system, it wouldn’t have been able to continue its Saga of success

in human life.

Siddha is a way of life, which lays emphasis on positive health, a

harmonious blending of social, moral, spiritual, physical and mental welfare of an

individual. Around 4448 diseases are defined by the Siddhars in their age-old

books and literatures. To cure these diseases, Siddhars discovered thousands of

raw drugs, medicines and invented their uses by using their Supernatural

Powers. They utilized absolutely everything on earth namely – plants, animals,

metals and minerals. 64 types of medicines were prepared of which 32 are

internal medicines and 32 are external medicines. Siddhars also determined their

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life period and expiry. Not only that, they even mentioned about methods to purify

each raw drug to neutralize its toxicity before preparing medicines. They

classified the raw drugs in to Satru [incompatible] and Mitru [compatible], based

on their mutual interactions. The combination of two Satru [incompatible] drugs

produces synergistic effect and when two Mitru [compatible] drugs combine –

Bingo! It neutralizes each other’s bad effects.

A major portion of the Siddha medicines uses herbs and green leaved

medicines. But sometimes situation arises when these diseases can’t be cured

with just green plants, then the Siddhars used medicines prepared from metals,

minerals and salts which are in calcined forms. But it is to be noted that these

were adviced only in chronic stages. This has been said in a Tamil verse from

our Siddha literature, which translates and defines as – In the primitive stages of

the disease, the physician must try to cure the disease with just green plants and

when the physician fails in his attempt to cure the disease with just plants, then

he may gradually move to metals, minerals and salts.

It’s quite natural that, such use of metals and minerals in medicinal

preparations may evoke few questions like –

Are They Safe? Won’t They Pose Any Side Effects?

But these doubts can be completely rectified with a proper understanding

about the special methods that Siddhars suggested and followed while preparing

such medicines. This is how it goes. The raw materials (metals, minerals and

salts) used for preparation of these medicines undergo proper purification

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procedures. These raw materials are then mixed with the appropriate

antagonistic or synergistic drugs, which not only removes the bad effects of the

medicines but also improves their potency.

In preparations of Parpams and Chendoorams (Special Siddha medicinal

preparations involving metals and their calcination), it is necessary to modify the

nature of the metals before using in medicines. When these are purified and

grinded with the herbal extracts specified in the texts, they change their nature

from metallic to organo-metallic complex which is then again subjected to

calcination process by exposing to intense temperature, which not only removes

their metallic nature but will change them to a state which is adaptable to the

human body without any side effects.

Siddhars prescribed these medicines after taking in to consideration, the

nature of disease, the condition of patient and the climatic variations.

Furthermore these medicines are given with suitable adjuvant, in a proper

regimen, for a prescribed duration and in a prescribed dose. When these

medicines are taken by following the above manner, not only will the medicine be

super effective but will have no side effects at all. In this way these fabulous

medicines have been extremely effective in curing many serious ailments for

thousands of years without any kind of adverse effects.

Siddhars were so particular to extract the maximum efficacy from the raw

materials that they mentioned even the period of collection of the latter. These

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sages were wise enough to explain the ways to identify the adulterated drug, as

they knew about the ways of this manipulated world.

Another great speciality of Siddha drugs is its adaptogenecity – i.e. the

same drug can be prescribed successfully for various diseases simply by

changing the vehicle accordingly. So dudes… there ain’t any need to hoard tons

of medicines!

According to Siddhars, everything in this world – living or non-living, dead

or alive are all made up of 5 Boothas (elements) as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and

Space, which by combining in different ratios (i.e. by their mutual intraoclusion

called pancheekaranam) form everything in the universe of which the following

are regarded highly by Siddha practitioners.

- Tridosha

- Medicine

- Food & its taste etc.

Now you might be wondering what tridosha is? It’s nothing but Vatha,

Pitha and Kapha – The 3 vital forces regulating the human body by following the

functions of GOD,

G – Generation

O – Organization or Operation &

D – Destruction

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These 3 basic humours are the basics of Siddha medical science. In a

normal, healthy and disease free body, they are in the ratio of 1:1/2:1/4

respectively. If their normal ratio of 1:1/2:1/4 is altered, that indicates an

abnormal or diseased state and for which treatment is started, taking in to

consideration, the impairment constitution of the body, seasonal variations etc by

giving suitable food & medicine.

Siddha medicine prescribes treatment for the root cause of the disease,

unlike the modern medical systems that only provide symptomatic treatment. As

said earlier, the disease is caused due to the derangement of the three humours

Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. The deviation of these humours from their normal ratio

of 1:1/2:1/4 can be found out by siddha’s own special way of pulse diagnosis

using the index, middle and ring fingers, through which any derangement of the

humours from the normal is found out.

The pulsations felt on the index finger, middle finger and ring finger

correspond respectively to the Vatha, Pitha and Kapha factors. Thus in Siddha

Science, the root cause of the disease can be found out using just this special

method of pulse diagnosis termed “Nadi” since, according to our science, the root

cause is the derangement of the particular humour – Vatha, Pitha or Kapha from

its normal state.

Diagnosis through Nadi, the process of pulse reading is unique to this

system. Since the Nadi (Vatha, Pitha & Kapha) depicts the condition of 3

humours which in turn depends on the condition of the body especially the heart.

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10 sites for observing Nadi have been mentioned by Siddhars years ago itself.

Diagnosis through Nadi needs no other instruments or equipments. A physician

can make the correct diagnosis by this technique through proper guidance,

prolonged experience, powerful meditation & pure dedication. Hence it’s a

science without fallacy. Therefore, in Siddha, we mean to find out and treat the

root cause of a disease and not just symptoms.

In addition there are 8 kinds of diagnostic methods inclusive of the pulse

diagnosis. The diagnosis based on these 8 examinations is entitled as

Envagaithervu. They are

1) Nadi – pulse reading….

2) Sparisam (diagnosis by sensation of touch)

3) Naa (tongue and mouth examination)

4) Niram (complexion - colour of skin, nails, eyes, face)

5) Mozhi (speech analysis)

6) Vizhi (eye examination)

7) Malam (examination of stools)

8) Moothiram (urine analysis)

Among these pulse reading and examination of urine with oil (Special

diagnostic method followed by Siddhars known as - Neikkuri) are the 2 diagnostic

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tools adopted to confirm the disease and to assess the prognosis. Thus Siddha

medical system has the perfect diagnostic method and arrives at the perfect

diagnosis of the disease and this in turn helps in giving treatment right to the root

where the disease is originated instead of giving treatment to the symptoms.

Thus making it possible to root out the disease.

So it can be undoubtedly said that the Siddha system of medicine

developed 4000 years back is far more superior than even the present day

advanced medical sciences. There are best treatments in Siddha even for

diseases, which are labeled as incurable, because we see a disease with an

entirely different perspective than the present day medical sciences.

As said earlier, there are 4448 diseases according to Siddha and this

godly medical system prescribes various special treatment methods and

medications, which not only cures the disease but also gives the body and soul,

a complete rejuvenation. They include:

- Surgery – Ours are the surgical techniques practiced by the Siddhars in

those olden days. It deals with methods like bloodletting, probe

application, splint application of fracture etc. Like the present day harmful

radiation therapy for cancer (which does more harm than good), in those

days the inflammations due to cancer were surgically removed, the bad

blood is let out and then heat is applied using specialized instruments

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- 12 -

meant for the purpose and later on the patient is subjected to medications

for rooting out the cancer. Learn more…

- Yoga – As per the ancient Siddha literatures, Siddhars achieved their

supernatural powers, knowledge and even their life goal – the attainment

of salvation, through intense yogic practice. Siddha explains yoga as it is.

The ashtanga yoga lays emphasis on control of body, mind and soul and

involves 8 stages of which the ultimate stage is “samadhi”(a state beyond

imagination) where one attains self-knowledge, which is the union of the

soul with the supreme God, where the mind merges with the life force.

According to the scriptures, Siddhars used this ashtanga yoga to attain the

8 supernatural powers. A person who follows the ashtanga yoga correctly

can become even more powerful than a combination of all the comical

super human characters. Learn more…

- Pranayama – The science of breathing. According to the Siddhars an

intelligent control over breathing will prolong life & mounts the stamina.

According to Siddha science the total number of breaths per day is about

21,600. Every act of breathing takes place at a length of space of

12inches and during its operation, the energy utilized by the body is up to

an extent of eight inches only and the remaining four inches is being

wasted. It is therefore clear that out of 21,600 total breaths in a day, the

human body is utilizing only 14,400 breaths and the balance of 7,200

breaths goes waste. That’s a whooping 44% of the total breaths per day

that’s wasted, which is a key factor in reducing the lifespan. But with the

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proper practice of pranayama, these 44% breaths can be saved and can

be utilized, which will prolong your life and will help you live healthy and

happy for at least a 100years. Thus pranayama helps prolong life and

maintain a healthy body and mind. It is beneficial for all functions like

respiration, blood circulation, digestion, excretion and secretion and for

improving muscle tone, removing congestion of blood and release of

tension and rejuvenates all organ systems. Learn more…

- Varma (Marma) – It is yet another special science, which is part of Siddha

system. Varma simply means a vital spot or point of the body, where the

life force is distinctively present; any upset or trauma to these points may

turn fatal. It may be thought of as a point where various nerve plexus and

blood vessels meet. These points are inconspicuous and are complex,

and these points cannot be easily detected by sight but can only be found

out by the sense of touch. So this science is kept a secret, by the ones

who know it, furthermore they know that if it gets in to the wrong hands it

can turn hazardous. This art was also used as a self-defensive technique

against enemies since this is a derivative of the martial art forms known in

South India by the names Adimurai and Kalaripayattu. This science also

has another good side that we make use of in our Siddha system, i.e. this

is highly useful to cure nervous disorders and skeleton muscular

disorders. Learn more…

- Alchemy – Siddhars, the ancient sages, were well versed in metallurgy

and chemistry. The special science of alchemy or iatrochemistry in Siddha

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- 14 -

is the science of not only converting lower metals like lead and copper in

to higher metals like Gold, it also deals with the conversion of a lower

grade soul in to a higher grade one. That is, the elevation of humans to

attain salvation is considered as the highest form of alchemy. Gold was

mainly formed as a byproduct in the process of preparation of some

supreme medicines. Aha… I know what’s going through your mind now,

all you folks out there, don’t even think of getting the Midas’ touch, coz it’s

said that the physician should be the son of an alchemist & he shouldn’t

have greediness towards gold or money. According to the Siddhars, only

spiritual faculties born on a particular constellation of stars according to

their former karma can become an alchemist. Learn more…

- Kayakalpa – This is another science unique to Siddha. “Kaya” means

body and “Kalpa” means competent or stone like. It is a science, which

helps us to keep our body free from disease, signs of old age like wrinkles,

gray hair and even death. This is the supreme science developed by the

Siddhars who understood that, they could attain salvation only if they can

put an end to the disease and ageing process of the body. This is the

same science that made Siddhars immortals to live a disease free, long

life unaffected by any changes and attain their life goal of salvation. Thus

Siddha aims not only at your comfortable life in this world, but also at the

very meaning of life, i.e. to attain salvation. Learn more…

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Thus in all sense, Siddha system can be concised and described in 5 words -

• Exceptional

• Exclusive

• Distinctive

• Matchless

• Irreplaceable

Before every storm there’s a calm. Likewise this calm predicts the time

when Siddha medicine will break the barriers and spread like a storm, at the end

of which it will wipe off the word disease from the face of the globe!

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