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Classroom Policies and Procedures Ms. Jennifer DuMond Wakefield High School North Campus 931 Durham Rd.

Wake Forest, NC 27587 Main Office Phone: (919)570-2201

9 Grade World History


Fall 2013

Room:1306 Email: jdumond@wcpss.net Appointments/Student Services: (919)570-2204 Edmodo site: http://edmodo.com/msdumondsworldhistory

Purpose: World History at the ninth grade level is a survey course that gives students the opportunity to explore recurring themes of human experience common to civilizations around the globe from ancient to contemporary times. A historical approach will be at the center of the course. The application of the themes of geography and an analysis of the cultural traits of civilizations will help students understand how people shape their world and how their world shapes them. As students examine the historical roots of significant events, ideas, movements, and phenomena, they encounter the contributions and patterns of living in civilizations around the world. Students broaden their historical perspectives as they explore ways societies have dealt with continuity and change, exemplified by issues such as war and peace, internal stability and strife, and the development of institutions. To become informed citizens, students require knowledge of the civilizations that have shaped the development of the United States. World History provides the foundation that enables students to acquire this knowledge which will be used in the study of Civics and Economics and United States History. Materials:

3 ring binder 11 dividers Notebook paper A composition notebook Writing materials (sharpened #2 pencils and pens) Highlighter Colored pencils (for mapping activities)

*Wish List: Tissues and disinfectant wipes for the classroom would be highly appreciated!*
Classroom Rules: Rule 1: Be Prompt Tardy Bell and Focus & Review When the tardy bell rings, you're expected to be in your assigned seat, working on the daily journaling activity displayed on the board. Rule 2: Be Prepared Materials and Homework To be successful in class, students will to come to class prepared with the right materials. Bring your materials and completed homework assignments to class EVERY day. Rule 3: Be Attentive Participation Class participation is essential to success in this class, so come to class prepared to participate. Questioning isn't limited to volunteers; you could be called on at any time. You need to be sure to listen carefully during instruction and to other students when they're addressing the class. It's up to you to be paying attention. Rule 3: Be Respectful Raise Hands Do not interrupt me or other students when they are speaking to the class. You must raise your hand to get permission to speak. Be Polite Treat the teacher and other students with respect and consideration. Respect the Classroom and the Property of Others No writing on desks or in books. Place (do not throw) trash and recyclables where they belong. Do not take anything that does not belong to you.

Rule 4: Be Honest Take Responsibility for Your Actions We all make mistakes on occasion, but must take responsibility for our actions. Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated Cheating will result in a 0 for the grade and be reported to parents and administration. Please consult your student handbook for the Wakefield policy on cheating. Plagiarism is just another form of cheating. Rule 5: Be Where You Need to Be Stay Seated Students should remain in their seats unless they are instructed or given permission to do otherwise. To Leave the Class You Need a Pass To leave the classroom you will need to obtain a pass in accordance with Wakefield Rules. Go where you need to go and return promptly, do not linger or loiter. Dismissal At the end of class, I will dismiss students, not the bell. Consequences: If a student does not follow the rules as indicated above, or is otherwise conducting themselves in an inappropriate way, the following protocol will be followed. 1. A verbal or written warning will be given to the student. 2. The student will receive lunch detention. The student may also be asked to step aside to discuss the problem with Ms. DuMond and parents may be contacted. Students who are no shows for detention will be given an office referral. 3. An administrative referral will be made, and if necessary the student will be sent out of the room to ISS (In School Suspension) or a buddy teacher for the remainder of the class. Administrative referrals may result in further In School Suspension (ISS), Saturday Detention, Out-of School Suspension (OSS) or Expulsion, depending on the severity of the infraction. Parents will be notified. *Note: All severe infractions will result in an immediate referral, the removal of the student from the classroom, and the notification of parents and administration. Course Learning Goals: 1. Apply the four interconnected dimensions of historical thinking to the Essential Standards for World History in order to understand the creation and development of societies/civilizations/nations overtime. 2. Analyze ancient civilizations and empires in terms of their development, growth, and lasting impact. 3. Understand how conflict and innovation influenced political, religious, economic and social changes in medieval civilizations. 4. Analyze the political, economic, social and cultural factors that led to the development of the first age of global interaction. 5. Analyze exploration and expansion in terms of its motivations and impact. 6. Understand the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions. 7. Understand how national, regional, and ethnic interests have contributed to conflict among groups and nations in the modern era. 8. Analyze global interdependence and shifts in powers in terms of political, economic, social and environmental changes and conflicts since the last half of the twentieth century. The Units we will focus on this semester include:

1. Prehistory, Ancient Civilizations, and World Religions 2. Dark and Middle Ages 3. The European Rebirth 4. The First Global Age 5. Absolutism 6. Age of Revolutions 7. Age of Industry 8. Social Change 9. Early 20th Century 10. Mid 20th Century 11. Global Issues

Grading: All World History grades will be calculated in the following manner: st nd Task 1 Quarter %s 2 Quarter %s Homework /Class work 25 % 30% Tests / Research Projects and Papers Quizzes / Journal Checks Mid-term Total Final Exam (calculated after final grades and part of overall grade) 40% 25 % 10 % 100% 40% 30% N/A 100% 20% of Final Grade

*Many students are surprised when they receive their report cards and their average does not match their expectations. To eliminate confusion, all students and parents are encouraged to regularly check SPAN accounts to keep up with their grades. *Participation is necessary to succeed in this class, and will impact your class work grade! MSL Test: Students will be taking the State World History MSL exam at the end of the semester. This test will require considerable preparation in and outside of class for both the cumulative multiple choice and written response sections. Students should be studying regularly to ensure their success. Group Work: Occasionally group work will be assigned. Students will be evaluated not only on the quality of the work as a whole, but also on their personal contributions to the project. If you are not a functioning, contributing group member, in future group projects you will be assigned to do the work alone. Late Work: It is important that students are held responsible for turning in all work on time. To build responsibility, no late work will be accepted unless due to an absence. Absences and Missed Work: Because each class builds upon previous knowledge, and a large amount of unit material is covered each day, it is very important that all students are present in class every day. If a student must miss class, it is the STUDENTS responsibility to check the missed assignment folder to find the assignments that were missed and obtaining missed notes from their seat partner. If you're absent, you are responsible for making up whatever work you missed. Work due on the day of your absence must be turned in prior to your absence (In the case of a pre-scheduled absence for a school event,) or on the day you return to school for an unscheduled absence. You have two days for every missed day to make up work assigned during your absence. Make-up tests must be scheduled on Wednesdays during Wolverine Watch on Thursday Afternoons or Friday Mornings during my remediation time. This must be scheduled in advance so I know you are coming and can write you a pass. Extra Help: If at any time a student feels that that extra assistance is needed, they encouraged to come to me during Wolverine Watch or before or after class to be given a pass to come in Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings for tutoring or remediation. I am available to assist students during Wolverine Watch, during my remediation time before school on Friday mornings, or Thursdays after school. Students must let me know they are coming in advance for a pass. Bathroom: To leave the classroom, you must carry a signed hall pass. You will get three bathroom passes per nine weeks. Once you've used all of your bathroom passes, you can only leave in an emergency with a note from your physician, or by exchanging 3 Bonus Tickets. In accordance with Wakefield policy you may not leave the classroom during the first or last 15 minutes of the class.

Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy:

Student cell phones and other electronic devices should be put away and silenced until the teacher designates an appropriate time frame for educational use in class. For tests and quizzes, devices may be collected by the teacher and returned at a time designated by the teacher. Consequences for not abiding by said guidelines will result in the following: 1st offense Warning 2nd offense Taken by teacher and returned at end of class 3rd offense administration referral & device taken to the office for parent pick-up
Edmodo: Students can ask questions, get important updates, view interactive materials or collaborate in groups on Edmodo. All postings on Edmodo must be appropriate for school or consequences will result. Students should visit the edmodo site and join with their classs group code. st 1 period group code: j9d33v visit edmo.do/j/gfslvd nd 2 period group code: spun0r visit edmo.do/j/a9d776 rd 3 period group code: lf0uz6 visit edmo.do/j/ldnrzo Performance Incentives: As a student, school is your job. Your compensation is your grades. As with a job, when your work suffers your compensation (or grade in this case) will likewise suffer. Likewise, when you go above and beyond in your performance you may be entitled to a bonus. Bonus tickets will occasionally be distributed for exemplary work or for going above and beyond. 3 Bonus tickets may be used as an extra bathroom pass, a homework pass for a 1 night assignment, or an I forgot my homework please give me another day pass (not valid on test preps, projects, or major papers.) Single bonus tickets can be saved up or put in a weekly drawing for a prize. Another second chance final drawing will occur at the end of the semester. Wakefield High School Honor Code: The students of Wakefield High School are committed to being honest and responsible in the completion of academic materials and interactions with the school administration and community. Cheating, stealing, plagiarism (passing off another's work, words, or ideas as one's own), and lying (including willful distortion or misrepresentation) are considered violations of the Honor Code. Through a joint fulfillment of this code, students and faculty will achieve their fullest potential in academic excellence and character.

Dear Parents and Guardians, I am pleased to have your student in my class! 9 grade World History is a semester-long survey course that gives students the opportunity to explore recurring themes of human experience common to civilizations around the globe from ancient to contemporary times. Due to the large quantity of content matter we are required to cover this semester, we will be moving through a very fast pace. Students grades will be available to view between progress reports on Powerschool, so please check their progress regularly. I want to ensure every students success, so if at any point you or your child feel that they need any assistance with the class, I encourage you to contact me, or for them to speak with me about it. If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to set up a meeting, please contact me by my email or via the school. Please familiarize yourself with the classroom policies and procedures outlined in the previous pages so you can ensure that your student comes to class prepared. Occasionally, during class I will show segments of different movies, documentaries, television shows, etc. These segments will be relevant to the material that we are covering and will be used as instructional tools. If for any reason you are concerned about the showing of these segments, I will be happy to provide an alternative assignment and location for your child. I look forward to partnering with you and your student to provide a foundation in social studies that he/she can build upon throughout their high school careers. This course will be challenging for all involved, but no one ever climbed a mountain by sitting still. Sincerely, Jennifer DuMond

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please detach this portion and fill out the contract with your student, to return to me NO LATER THAN FRIDAY. Student Contract: I have read and agree to the terms included in this syllabus, including classroom rules and the grading policy. I know that my grades are available for me to keep up with on Powerschool. Additionally, I have noted when I can come in for extra help and understand that it is my responsibility to ask for help if I believe that I need it. Student Signature:

Parent Contract: I have read and agree to the terms included in this syllabus, and have read the parent letter attached. I understand that I am encouraged to contact Ms. DuMond with any questions or concerns I might have, and have been made aware of her contact information. Parent Signature: Parent Phone Number: Parent E-mail Address: Parent Media Permission Slip: Select one of the following I give my permission for
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World History class. I do not give my permission for

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