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Board Contact Info Micers Dresident: Virginia George 15 5. Wyn Wood Circle 98.1798 UD: Harry Van Berschoeton 97 Warn Wood Cire 70-4994 nd UP: Donald Watkins 28 8. Wynn Wood Circle 27-8275 Tnasure: Jo be cotud on eretarg: Foyer usin 5 Summerhill Terrace 97-7099 \ssociation Addross: 0 Box 488, ‘amden, DE 19934 COMMUNITY OF WYNN WOOD JUNE, 2009 Jennie Prettyman, (formerly Jennie Palmer), has served the Wynn Wood community for several years as Treasurer. Recently she and her husband, Bill, moved into Bill's home in Smyra. Jennie's home here in Wynn Wood is still for sale. She and Bill are very reluctant to leave Wynn Wood, but maintaining two homes is more than they want to handle. Asa result, Jennie has submitted her resignation as Treasurer The other officers wish them well. We are very grateful for all the time and effort Jennie has put into her position as Treasurer. She has served the community well and faithfully. As part of her resignation Jennie has requested that an audit of her work be completed through June 30, 2009. That audit is presently underway and will be presented at the July 7th meeting, Meanwhile, Connie Jaconi is serving as Treasurer. At the general meeting on July 7th we will ask for a vote for anew treasurer, Connie is willing to complete Jennie's six month term, but the floor will be open to anyone else who wants to be considered before we vote. Please plan to attend the meeting Virginia George, President HEH HERERO E EEE ERE So enor rer en EEE Sen EE EE EES ESE EEE TEES TESTS EESE GLUB, GLUB, GLUB Well, the past three years have been dry as a bone, but this year is turning out to be very different. The frequent rains have filled our ponds, sometimes to overflowing, resulting in not having to run the pumps....a welcome relief! ‘The fish are flourishing and the ponds look really good We have begun a project to keep the cattails under control. We don't want to eliminate them completely, but they tend to overtake the ponds if left to themselves. Our landscape contractor, Al Gumpman, has treated pond 3 with a substance that will not adversely affect the fish or wildlife, but will control the cattails. The officers have decided to institute pond treatment on a three year cycle. Each pond will be treated for cattails every three years, this year pond 3 and next year either pond | or pond 2, whichever needs it more This should help maintain a healthy balance in each pond Hopefully you noticed how beautiful the individual planting mounds at the ponds and common areas looked this Spring. This is a result of all the work our Beautification Committee did last Fall. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard on this project. If you happen to be walking through one of these areas and see trash, please pick it up and help keep our community beautiful. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 7th, at 7 PM at the Moose Lodge. As mentioned earlier, we will be voting to elect a new treasurer. We will also begin looking into the possibility of taking part in the Snow Removal Reimbursement Program offered through the Delaware Department of Transportation. As you are probably aware, Delaware is having its budget problems, so we will be gathering information between now and the meeting to see if the program is still available and to what extent, Presently there are specifications as to what qualifies for reimbursement, We want to be sure we understand all the particulars before signing up, Your input is important...if we go with this program we need to have input about potential contractors. Please bring your ideas to the meeting to be considered. At our last meeting in April we discussed whether to attempt to put the message board up again. Following some discussion, the vote was overwhelming that we need the message board, that it adds to the community, and that, it needs to be rebuilt. Although it looks like noth ing is being done, things are happening behind the scenes. We have a group of men working on the project, and you will soon see the results of their efforts. The officers want to thank them in advance for stepping forward and joining together to make this happen. BY-LAWS & RESTRICTIONS Copies of the revised by-laws and restrictions were sent to every homeowner back in October in a large manila envelope, each one costing over $1.00 to mail. The changes were explained and voted on at the November 21, 2008 meeting and approved as written. They are registered at Kent County and are the documents we are functioning under now. Attached to this newsletter are copies of the pages that were signed and registered with the county. You need to detach them from the newsletter and staple page 7 of 7 (ARTICLE VI-AMENDMENTS at the top) to the back of your by-laws. The other, page 9 of 9, should be stapled to the back of your restrictions. We cannot undo any previous violations that somehow occurred. Please consult your copy of these documents if you have any questions about issues that arise. A couple of residents have stated that they did not receive their envelope, but we haven't had any returned from the post office. If you don't have copies or can't find yours, please borrow from a neighbor and have copies made, The Board supplies copies only to new residents through the Hospitality/Weleome Committee. You can also go on-line and read them. wynnwoodhoa.community.officelive.com Have you visited the revised web site yet? Dan Brown has been working diligently to give us a web site that is more user friendly and more visually pleasing. We think he has accomplished his goal, and we recommend you check it out, As stated above, you can now read items on-line, including minutes from the last meeting, even though these are listed as "pending" until approved at the next meeting, Although the newsletter will also be on-line, we will still have to print and distribute newsletters since not everyone has a computer. Communication is the key word, and we are doing our best to make sure every resident knows what is going on in the community that may affect them. EVENTS - PAST AND FUTURE ‘The Spring Yard Sale was a great success, Thanks, Mary and John MeGurney for all your work! Mark your calendar for the Community Cook-out...October 10...rain date October 17...Pond 3 The Cook-out committee will be distributing a flyer with details prior to the event