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September 11, 2013 Re: Horse Esteemed. This is how. To make Horse. To make Horse fast.

To make Horse faster and fastest not. Yes! And the woe! You can feed the gallop. It seek attention. It want not a carrot. Gallop with black. Look. This Horse is tragedy. It is abrupt. It is fear and daunt. This Horse is shunned. It move quick. If it is given power. Power to sting. It cannot be Head but only tail. Not so! It can be Head. It can be tail. It can be tail that sting. Look. Pale. If I color a Horse. Why? To represent Horse sense and sensibility. Left leg up! Tall right leg down. This gallop! Woe! Let Me show you Pale Horse. If I bring you a litre and you pound Me. If you bring ace back and I bound. This Horse is smart! It bite. It does too. It is rare and to go. Raring to go! It has woe but it rare. This Horse sets its own pace and can be wild. It is never convoluted. It does not woe. Not easily. It buck! It run. It carries riders. It does too. What Horse carries? Every. All. More. Never less is not true. This Pale Horse is not stopping. It seek the fruit of Horn.