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My Understanding About Allahu Ta’ala

Bismillaahi aktubu,

Those people must instead think that Allahu Ta'ala tried to give human
being the simplest thinking that even the dumbest people could
understand that is:

Likely that Allah meant "I could create the bad planet and those which
aren't deserve to be populated by organism and it is in various kinds,
and I could make the planet which is worthy to be populated, and
that's only 1 (earth).

So I hath created the Heaven for people who want to follow the ONLY
path from Me, and created the Hellfire for people who want to follow
the DIVERSE paths, which is by doing so they are following Syaithan."

Allahu Ta'ala is the All Knowing so He creates things which shown His
knowledge of creation and Syari'ah, and He is All Wise so He could
creates things which are so easy for a retard to understand that He had
sent down Islam as the way of live, through His Kalam (speech) which
is Al Qur'an, and His Al Hikmah which is Al Hadits.

Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh (May peace,

development and safety from guile and Allah’s mercy and Allah’s
blessings be upon thee).

Assalaamu manit taba’al huda (May peace, development and safety

from guile to who follow the guidance).