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Les sciences humaines 9

Textbook Cranny, M., la croise des chemins, Les ditions de la Chenelire, 2002, 340 pages Material required One ringed binder with separator Lined and plain loose leaf Pencil crayon Pen, pencil, eraser, pencil-sharpener, ruler Agenda

ClassroomExpectations to speak French in class is mandatory; to be in class on time and to have the necessary materials and equipment to work with; to let the teacher know before a long term absence; if absent, it is the responsibility of the student to make up the undone assignments or test; assignments are to be handed in on time, organised and completed at your best ability; when you are absent from the class for a day or more, please bring a note from your parents/guardians;

Europe et Amrique du Nord (1500 1815)

(Environnement, conomie et technologie, politique et droit, socit et culture) * Society and Culture life in Aboriginal communities and in French and British colonies relationship between Aboriginal people and Europeans, and their roles in Canadas development artistic expression as a reflection of society development of individual and group identity Politics and Law colonialism, imperialism, and nationalism revolutions in England, France, and America Canadas political and legal roots Economy and economic systems Technology exploration, trade, and settlement growth of the fur trade the Industrial Revolution Environment geographical regions of North America exploration and trade routes impact of physical environment on trade and settlement Aboriginal peoples relationship with the environment * BC Curriculum (IRP)

Module 2 : Lappel de lAmrique du Nord Chapitre 6 : La gographie rgionale de lAmrique du Nord Chapitre 7 : Les peuples autochtones du Canada Chapitre 8: Larrive au Canada Chapitre 10: La guerre de Lindpendance amricaine et lAmrique du Nord britannique Module 1 : LEurope en mutation Chapitre 2 : La lutte pour la dmocratie et la guerre civile anglaise Chapitre 3: La Rvolution franaise Chapitre 4: Lpoque napolonienne Chapitre 5: Le triomphe de la vapeur (La rvolution industrielle) Projets possibles Les actualits (Current Event) : Prsentations dune actualit, entre le mois de septembre et le mois de janvier. Recherche sur un vnement ou personnage historique Dissertation Autres?

Course Evaluation work habits / effort / participation assignments/projects/ homework tests and quizzes 15% 30% 35% 20%

= 80% = 20% Total = 100%

Final Exam