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The classic short story Greta Garbo written by distinguished Filipino author Deogracias Rosario tells the love

story of Monina Vargas, a young beautiful maiden and her love affair with Octavio Razon, one of the country's most noted pilots. Monina idolizes the Swedish actress Greta Garbo. Needless to say, Octavio was this Greta Garbos John Gilbert. Moninas Greta Garbo fantasies actually bear some reality. She is a talented young lady, one of the candidates for that years Miss Philippines pageant. Similarly, Monina did resemble Greta Garbo with her long, elegant eye brows, finely tuned nose (unlike most Filipinos,) rosy cheeks and lips a face that could launch a thousand ships. Perhaps Monina was the paradigm a pattern, a model. Monina Vargas was a mere representation of the common Filipina women, who daydream of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe, starring in lead roles, signing autographs and posting for pictorials after another. The story starts with Monina Vargas sitting comfortably the first class section of the northbound express train that will carry her to Baguio where she will meet with her very own (or so she thinks) John Gilbert, Octavio Razon. Greta Garbos going to Baguio! she excitedly says. The next 10 minutes, however, wasnt as exciting. The Greta Garbo in Monina Vargas was waiting anxiously for her John Gilbert. As she waits, she recalls how she fell in love with the noted pilot. She recalls her past lovers how many rivals did Octavio Razon outlasted in order to capture her heart? There was the assembly man, Arsenio Bonifacio, with whom she almost fell in love, but as the good Lord had it, Monina Vargas noticed a wedding ring in the assemblymans finger bearing the name Virginia. There were also a doctor, a starving journalist, a writer and even an aspiring lawyer who wrote her love letters that looked more like legal pleadings than passionate clamoring. Each one of them was outlasted by the gentleman John Gilbert. Monina Vargas fell in love with Octavio Razon similar to the way that Greta Garbo had an intimate relationship with John Gilbert. Unfortunately, the train left without neither Monina Vargas nor Octavio Razon. There was no sign of Octavio Razon there was only the society section of the Tribune newspaper, bearing the headline; COUPLE CELEBRATES FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Below is a picture of a happy couple, a woman and a man who resembles the American actor John Gilbert. Greta Garbo isnt your usual happily ever after story. Just like Greta Garbo and John Gilberts silent films, Deogracias Rosarios classic ended in deafening silence.