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Change in production of Crop 1. Cash Crop and food Crop 2.Maize- 24%, paddy 56%, Wheat 16% 3.

National seed act 1998 and till now around 1000 registered private seed delaers 4. National Rice.Maize,wheat research Program by Narc 5. International rice research Institute is partnering with Nepal on various aspects of reice cultivation. Nearly 54 rice varieties ,more than half have been developed by IRRI. 6.INTERNATIONAL maize and wheat Improvement center- Introduced Hill Maize research Project from 1999 till now. Improved maize variety for commercial Production. 7. Before 1990 seed ,fertilizer supply and distribution monopoly by agriculture Input company but later National seed company was formed in 2002. 8. Ferilizer standard use is 19.1 kg/hecter but should be 15.6 kg/hecter. Nationalfertilizer policy was introduced in 2002. 9. Rice is the most important cereal crop. In 1966 total rice production amounted to a little more than 1 million tons; by 1989 more than 3 million tons were produced. Fluctuation in rice production was very common because of changes in rainfall; overall, however, rice production had increased following the introduction of new cultivation techniques as well as increases in cultivated land. By 1988 approximately 3.9 million hectares of land were under paddy cultivation. Many people in Nepal devote their lives to cultivating rice to survive.
10. Under Tribhuvan University system, IAAS Rampur have also research on breeding major crops
including rice, wheat, maize and grain legumes. A well equipped biotechnology laboratory for crop improvement is located at the Institute.