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Participation Grade Rubric Psychology Name __________________________________


Date _______________________


Present everyday unless excused and makes up work for any excused absences; no unexcused absences. Always on time; and begins class work promptly Attendance & when the bell rings. Punctuality


Always is prepared with necessary supplies (notebook, pen/pencil, homework, notes) Part of being prepared is using the lavatory and water fountain between classes, seldom takes time away from class to use the lavatory and/or water fountain.

Concentrates on using time wisely. Begins work promptly and continues working until Productivity assignment is complete without being reminded to be on task. High concentration of skills. Listens, reads, and makes effort to understand tasks at hand. Focuses on performing steps Work necessary to obtain an accurate Product finished product. Always takes pride in work produced and consistently uses citations for others ideas/work. Exemplifies appropriate student behavior by consistently demonstrating consideration of others, allowing others to Environment participate, asking relevant questions, and contributing and listening regularly during class discussion. Cumulative Points

Absences are infrequent but Student frequently misses class. student is concerned about missing Expresses little or no concern for work and is eager to find out work make-up work for absences. Some missed before being reminded. absences may be unexcused. Work is made up regularly but Frequently arrives late; does not there are still no unexcused have excused note for tardies. absences. Periodically arrives late Places little importance on with acceptable excuse and/or note punctuality. May knowingly but does not place major interrupt class activities during importance on being on time for entrance. class. Generally is prepared with Seldom is seldom prepared with necessary supplies (notebook, necessary supplies (notebook, pen pen/pencil, homework, notes). Part /pencil, homework, notes). of being prepared is using the Frequently takes time away from lavatory and water fountain class to use the lavatory and/or between classes, often takes time water fountain. Trips to lavatory away from class to use the and/or water fountain are lavatory and/or water fountain. excessively long. Trips to lavatory and/or water fountain are of reasonable duration. Tends to follow lead of class. Is easily distracted and may or may Sometimes appears unmotivated not distract others frequently. Must but generally concentrates on frequently be asked to begin work completing work as assigned with and/or not shut down early. Must be an on-task attitude. Concentration reminded to stay on assignment or level varies by day. cease activities not currently a part of the assignment. Usually listens, reads, and makes Frequently seeks to be reminded of effort to understand tasks at hand. task details. Does not attempt to Usually focuses on performing understand the final product of steps necessary to obtain an assignment. Submits work often accurate final product. Takes pride knowing it must be redone to in work produced and consistently achieve acceptable standard. uses citations for others ideas/work. Understands appropriate student Frequently prompted to correct behavior by generally behavior. May make derogatory demonstrating consideration of remarks about others, seldom others, allowing others to contributes and/or listens during participate, asking relevant class discussions, and is disruptive questions, and contributing and to the learning environment. listening regularly during class discussion

Your Goal: To be an enthusiastic and actively involved learner and peer who possess the skills, attitudes, tenacity, and drive to exceed expectations! Subject to change based on individual student needs