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DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN (CSNB 163) (Due date: Monday 26 August 2013) Assignment 1.

A Boolean circuit has two control inputs (C1, C2), two data inputs (X1, X2) and one output (Z). The network performs one of the logic operations AND, OR, EQU, or XOR (exclusive OR) on the two data inputs. The function performed depends on the control inputs as follows: C1 0 0 1 1 a. b. c. d. C2 0 1 0 1 performed by network AND OR EQU XOR

Derive a truth table for Z Find the Boolean expression for Z. Use a Karnaugh map to minimize the expression Draw the final logic circuit for Z.

2. A decoder from BCD (0- 9 only) to seven segments LED works as follows: Given the input in BCD, the segments in the 7 segment led will light up in order to form the digit represented by the BCD number. The designation of the segments is as in (a) and the digits formed are as in (b). The outputs will be zeroes (none of the segments are lighted up) when the input is not a BCD digit (10 15). (Note: In some 7 segment display, representation of hexadecimal digits are allowed).

a. Generate the combined truth table for all the 7 output segments a to g, as below.
A B C D a b c d e f g

All other inputs

b. Obtain the Boolean expressions for the outputs. c. Minimize the expressions. d. Draw the logic circuit for the system.