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Dear Sir/Madam: A blessed and peaceful day! A mans true wealth is the good he does in this world. -Mohammed It is truly right and just to give thanks to the Lord by sharing His continued blessings upon us. In line with this, we will be having an Outreach Program on September 28, 2013 at Barangay San Vicente, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro. Approximately 250 families will benefit from the program. The following are the objectives of the said event: 1. To teach proper personal hygiene; likewise, provide them with hygiene kits. 2. To enhance social interaction and improve comradeship through games and different participative activities. 3. To emphasize the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating habits through health teachings along with the distribution of nutritious food and goods. As a public health nurse, I know that proper nutrition is very essential. In keeping with the Nutrition Theme for this year, Gutom at Malnutrisyon: Sama-Sama Nating Wakasan, I, in behalf of my team, would like to be part of this fight against malnutrition. But, this may not be possible without your coordination and collaboration. We would like to extend our program to you by asking for financial support. We are also seeking donations for the hygiene kits like toothbrush, toothpaste, nail cutters, shampoo and soap. Any nutritious food and goods that you are willing to contribute are also very much appreciated. We will gratefully accept and visibly recognize all supporters. I am hoping for your positive response. Thank you for your support. More power and God bless you.

Sincerely yours, Michelle Anne Faminialagao-Natividad, RN