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Prem Dhey Theer

"Arrows Of Love"

Prem Dhey Theer

"Arrows Of Love"
A Compilation of Naam Net messages from Summer 1997 to December 1998

An Invitation to Join Naam Net

The Guru has done apaar kirpa and has created Naam Net for thirsty souls who want cyber Naami sangat.

The only requirement is a commitment to 20 minutes of daily Naam Simran. The preferred time for naam
simran is amrit vela (from 12.30 am to Sunrise). However, if this is not possible, Naam Simran should be
done at night.

After one month of joining Naam Net, all new Naam Net members will be expected to start japping naam
for at *least* one hour at amrit vela.

If you wish to join Naami jan who send Gurbani glazed arrows of love to each other, please send a note to


with the subject heading: ADDLIST

Please include a statement of commitment to 20 minutes of daily naam simran.

Please note, Naam Net is *NOT* a discussion group - only inspirational messages are allowed.
I. Naam Sakhis
Satgur Jaag Jagaindaa
One and Only WaheGuru

II.Sikh History
The Young Martyrs
The Martial Heritage Of Khalsa Women
Khalsa Lioness, Kaur Princess : Bibi Dalair Kaur
Bhai Lalo & Malik Bhago
Even Pain and Hunger are Your Gifts
Bhagat Dhroo Jee's Determination
Mountain of a Man

III. Pearls on a String

Pearls on a string
Punjabi Shoes
Praying is Boring
Free For All
A good deal
Good Wife
The Way it Is
man preet charan kamalare
Ik Oan(g) Kar
Love in Smagham
Line Dancing

Who could lose such a jewel?
How Great He must Be
How could one forget
Gurmukhs of Naamnet
One Amrit
Naam Ratan

V. 24 Carats
The rotten (ratan) carrot
akhaar jin kio ieyaa
aisa gur ko bal bal jai
100 Suns, 1000 Moons
110-220-hardwired-supbpanel- power plant- waheguru
The Potter
Your Voice like no Other

VI. Reality
The Beautiful Face
Remote viewing
Jap-Joag and Gurmat
Waheguru Weave

I am OKAY!
naam chak
Beautiful Banee
Keertan Health News
Smiling, Happy, Joyful
Anand Bhaiaa
Guppt Nam
A prayer
Lust buster
Tu mera pita
as a child once remembers

VIII. Existential
(Still) ONE
Raccoon Tantric
Rung of Naam
Feeling Blue
Charged with Waheguru
I don't know YOU


sakhi maarag
Sangat Jee
Sneak Thief
satguru sikh kee kar-re prit-pal

X. Evening Walk
Evening Walk
A Strange Odour
Dogs don't like pears
Shifting Sand
Waheguru jis lap
Gur Mere Sang - Guru is with me

XI. Lie down and take Rest

Lie down and take rest
Bed Or Floor?
Hard Times

XII. Dreaming
Fight The Monster
From Dusk To Dawning
Guru the Saaki
The Appointed Hour
Wonder of Wonders

XIII. NaamTechnique
Namm Techniques
The Zen of Naam Japna
How to Celebrate Guru Nanak Jee's Gurpurab
Kirpaa Ney Hoyee

XIV. Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing
My Amrit Vela lies in Ruins
Gur Nanak Panthiooo..................
The Test
Aakhaan Jeevaa Visrai Mar Jao
In the House of Mirrors

Beware!!!! another drug on the streets - SSSG
Don't Forget Me Lord - I am YOUR servant
What I am with out God
Dukh Sukh
What is Your Favorite color
Deceiver of Men
Foot Loose and Fancy Free
Satguru ka sikh bekaar te ha-Te
Sabh ko akhai apna jis nahi so chun kadhiai

XVI. Stilling Wanderer

The Wanderer
Sun Naha Prabh Jio Ekalri Ban Mahe...!
But all I can say is Vahheguruuu...! Vaaheguroo
Jan Nanak Eh Khel Kathan He!
jin gur mil har har gayah ||
Upon The Sand - The Wanderer
The Pearl
Hang & High
The Wanderer - The Love Song
The True Wedding
Himself .. the Bride in her dress ..Himself... the Groom
The Wedding Aay
The Song of the Buddha

XVII. Sign of Victory

The Khanda Insignia - Sign of Victory
Great He is
Arms of Power
Are you a Lion or a louse?
In every Face
Janam Janam Dhee Khaid
Young Khalsa
Son of a King


Why Was I born a low caste?
Good Old Days...But the Future's better
Make Peace...
Ala-Bala-Mo Monkey
Gotta give to get
Great Reward Of Satsangat

IX. Hot Line to Heaven

Hotline to Heaven
Aisee Kirpaa Mohe karo
Devotion to You
My Faith and ACtion

XX. Gursihk Prem

Gursikh Prem
On the Wings of Love
Arc Angel
The Garden of The Heart
I am Thine
Quiet Joy
Waiting for the rain to Fall
How can i prove my love
The One who Satisfies


Naam Rang
kaamlaa - har ras naam
Nanak Man Tan Rang
Sweet Naam - 'Naam Prabhoo ka laga meeta'
Music and Naam
Amrit / Naam Space
Naam Simran and the greedy miser
The Journey

XXII. Naam Experiences

Seeing The Light
Magic moments
More Magic Moments
Prem, Prem, Prem................
Roller Coaster to WaheGuru
The Meeting of the GURU
Chew Naam, Pyareooo, Chew Naam!!!!
The Phenomenon

XXIII. Naami Gursikh Amolak Bachan

Naam Technique - 1
Naam Technique - 2
Quality not Quantity
Gursikhan daa jeevan - The Circle of Naam

XXIV. Glimpses of Gupt Sants

Baba Mani Singh jee
Baba Puran Singh jee
Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee
A gursikh in Kenya
A Nihang Singh
Bhai Mastana jee

XXV. Glimpses of GurSikhs

up and up and up....
Ik-On-Kar WaheGuru
Business Man
Guru Nanak Darshan

XXVI. Amrit Vela

Gurbanee Quotes - Early Waking
The Torch
The time known as "Amrit Vela"
Gur Gyan Becomes Visible From Naam Simran
A date with waheguru at amrit vela

XXVII. Power of Naam

Nagar Keertan
He cherishes the human beings
Please do ardaas for me
HemKunt Sahib Sakhi
Siri Nagar Sakhi
Naam Laddoo Sakhi

XXVIII. Amazing Adventures of Vechara Singh

Eyes and Ears
Blood Bath
Silence Please

XXIX. Gurmat 101

Gurmat 101 - Amrit Vela
Look at ME

XXX. Playtime
Brahm Giani Mota Daas jee
Splash! Splash!!!
Crimson tears- what sister fed kukoor
Overdosing on the Naam
Gurmukh vs. Manmukh
Top Ten answers to "Pyareoo Naam Jaapoö"
Sant to Sant
Resumes been accepted NOW!!!!!
Naam da Laddoo
Bhai Mota and the $1 million lottery
FootPrints - daas dee version
FootPrints - sehaj dee version
The Heavy Thinker
Waheguru electrical
Sikhs in Space
Captain of our Starship
Naam Net presents... VIRTUAL KEERTAN
WAH!-Land The Land down Under
har har naam deeo daru ||
Pillow *FLights*
Forbidden Fruit
Castle pearl
I. Naam Sakhis

satgur jaag jagaindaa

Part I - The Sleeping Queen

Startled, I woke up. I was sweating and breathing heavily. Then I remembered where I was. With relief I
said out aloud, "It was just a dream."

Immediately my maid came and asked me if I needed something. I looked lovingly at her. She was more
than just a maid; she really was my best friend. She had known me for over twenty years now. Quite
alarmed at the sweat on my face, she said, "What is wrong, my queen?"

I murmured, "Just a bad dream."

She started, "You shouldn't have eaten that spicy food. That cook needs some sense..."

Best friend or not, I was in no mood for her gossip. I interrupted, "That will be all."

She gave a short bow and with a feigned hurt look, left. I calmed myself. The dream had been so real! I
silently tiptoed into my little prince's chamber. He was sleeping quite peacefully. I went close and softly
kissed his cheek. He stirred and dreamily looked at me and mumbled, "Ma."

I kissed him again. He looked a lot older than seven years. He looked up and asked, "When is papa
coming home?"

Trying to sound confident, I said, "Soon, my child, soon."

"But Vazeer had promised he would be here by last month." Vazeer was the chief minister and it was no
secret that he was the one who was really running the kingdom.

"Go to sleep, my son. Your father will be here soon." He smiled at me and went back to sleep.

I returned to my bed and silently prayed for my king's well being. He was a gentle man and had brought
peace to the land after decades of bloodshed. But a few months ago, a small rebellion had broken out in
the southern province and it was decided to send soldiers there to break it. The king too wanted to go. I
had begged him to not to go, but Vazeer had advised that the king's place was with his soldiers. I had given
up. After all, it was only a small battle. To re-assure me, Vazeer had sent all but a third of our soldiers
with the king.

But now I was quite worried. The king hadn't written for weeks and just this morning in the court, a
messenger had come and asked me to send the remaining soldiers to the battlefront. I asked him why the
king had not written; he replied that the king was busy. But he re-assured me that the battle was almost
over. I didn't want to send all the soldiers but Vazeer had said that it was absolutely needed. Once again, I
trusted him and did what he said. Only fifty soldiers remained behind.

I was about to go back to sleep when I heard a knock on my door. I was surprised and asked who it was.
Vazeer answered. He opened the door. He had never been to my chambers before. I knew there must be
something urgent.

"What is it?" I asked. He was a man in his fifties. His beard was grey but his mind was the sharpest in the
He replied, "Nothing, my woman." I was shocked to hear his reply; all my subjects referred to me as

I raised my voice, "What do you want?" Without replying, he came and sat on the king's favorite chair.

"You," he said. "WHAT?"

He laughed. "You are now my queen."

I had enough of him. He probably had too much wine in his blood.

I called out, "Guards." The guards didn't come. I shouted out again, "Guards!" Still no one came.

Vazeer softly said, "Guards." Immediately, two of my guards came and bowed to him. A cold chill went
up my back.

Vazeer said, "My dear, I am afraid, there has been a little change. The king is dead and has been dead for a
month now."

I screamed out, "You are lying!" I ran to the window and shouted to the sentry. "Come here at once!" They
looked at me without moving.

Vazeer laughed again. "Please understand your position now. You no longer can command."

I looked at him. I clearly understood why he had insisted that the king go to war. It had been his plan to
have the king killed. He softly said, "Guards, behead the prince now."

My body shook with fear. "NO," I screamed, "Please no!"

The guards started going to the prince's chamber. I ran up to them and tried to hold them back. One of
them roughly pushed me away. I fell down and with a loud thud, the back of my head hit the wall...

Part II - The Sleeping Thief

Screaming, I woke up. Instinctively, my hand went to the back of my head. Surprisingly, there was no
blood there.

The gang member sleeping next to me angrily slapped me for disturbing him. The slap brought me back to
reality. A sigh partly of regret and partly of relief escaped my mouth. I wasn't a royal queen, rather just a
street thief. I lay down again and thinking how real the dream had been, dozed off.

That night our gang busted open a jewelry shop. Unluckily for us, the police was in the area. Before we
realized it, they were upon us.

I ran as fast I could. I was at an advantage because it was night time and I knew the streets. After all, I was
born and raised on them.....

My mother had died at my birth. Of course, nobody knew who my father was; it is hard to keep track at a
brothel. Why my mother had chosen to give me birth is a mystery which I still haven't solved.

My mother's friends had more or less brought me up; my real friends, though, had been the streets and the
gang I had joined when I was nine years old.

I was now twenty two and was a wanted man in many places. It was a matter of pride for me to see my
picture at police stations. It always gave me an unexplainable exhilaration to walk by a police station and
look at my picture.
To date, I had never seen the inside of a jail. My friends told me I was lucky, but I told them that it wasn't
luck, but skills that kept me free.

But today I wasn't feeling so sure about my skills. I had had too much to smoke the previous night and I
was feeling quite disoriented.

My foot slipped on the pavement. I fell down and hit my arm heavily against the gutter.

I was still recovering when a police officer came and grabbed me by my neck. There was no hope now. I
would be badly beaten and would see the inside of a jail for months or even years.

I cursed him.

The police officer was breathing heavily. After a few minutes, he made me stand up and strip off my
clothes; right there on the street! I protested; he gave me a slap and said, "Do as you are told, sewer rat."

I spat at him.

I felt his baton hit the right side of my skull...

Part III - The Sleeping Farmer

I woke up with a cold sweat. Instinctively, my hand went to the right side of my head. Surprisingly, there
was no scar there. Then I remembered who I was.

I jolted up in my bed. That too had been a dream! I looked around. My wife lay by my side, snoring

I touched my face. It was covered with sweat. I tried to calm down. I got out of the bed and drank a glass
of water. I then looked at my children's peaceful faces. But my heart kept on beating wildly.

I was walking back to my bed when a paralyzing thought arose within me: "Am I dreaming?"

This thought shocked me so much that I sat down right there on the ground. I touched my arms and legs.
They felt real enough. But so had the police officer's baton and the prince's face.

Dizzily, I walked back to my bed and tried to sleep. But I was too frightened to sleep.

In the morning, my wife and children were alarmed by my state. I no longer cared to say anything to them.
Just the thought, "Am I dreaming?" kept eating away at my heart.

I didn't go to the farm that day. What was the use? It was not real, why did I need to do anything when I
knew it would soon end.

That day, I spent many hours in front of the mirror looking closely at my face. I tried to see if it had any
similarities with queen's and the thief's face. But none existed.

Everyone and everything told me I was not dreaming. But my eyes told a different story. I looked deeply
into them and saw only sleep in them.

My wife and children were greatly troubled by my low spirits and tried to cheer me up by talking about the
expansion of the farm which I had been passionately pursuing, but I couldn't help but laugh at them.

I looked closely into their eyes and even in them, I saw nothing but sleep invasion.
That day went slowly. I sat on the bed waiting for the dream to end. I no longer knew who I was. Was I
the thief? Was I the queen? Was I the farmer?

That night, my wife held me closely and tried all her charms to bring back her farmer. But I was too
frightened of the world and no matter how hard I tried, I could not open up my fears to her. That night too, I
could not sleep at all. Next morning, my wife suggested we go to the temple and visit the pundit.

I beamed at the thought. My family and I used to visit the temple on the full moon's night and I vaguely
recalled the pundit saying that we were all living in a dream.

I could not wait to get to the temple. The pundit must know about my problem and would surely have a

Next morning, my wife and I walked to the temple. She was pleased to see me happy again.

But my happiness was short lived: as soon as I saw the pundit, I knew something was wrong. One look
into his eyes told me what it was. He was sleeping too! In fact, he seemed to be sleeping even more deeply
than I!

Greatly depressed, both of us returned home.

This depression only got deeper by the day. My wife and children were visibly frightened of me and there
was a heavy silence in the whole house. They talked in hushed voices and avoided me as much as possible.

I wanted to open up to them and tell that they needn't be frightened - this was a dream after all, but the truth
was I too was deeply frightened. In fact, the lack of sleep and cleanliness had left such marks on my face
that it frightened everybody!

I spent my days in bed or in front of the mirror. Even though my wife forced food into my mouth, I
become weak and quite yellow. After five days, I was so weak that I had difficulty getting up from my bed.

Depression hung over me like never before. That night at sunset, I did something I had never done before -
I prayed.

The pundit had said that all prayers are answered. Of course, I hadn't believed him then and I believed him
even less now, but there was no other hope. So I knelt on the side of the bed and prayed,

" Creator, please wake me up."

I was quite surprised to hear these words come out of my mouth. I surely hadn't planned to say them; they
had just come quite spontaneously. I felt a little better and a little lighter.

My prayer was answered the next morning.

Part IV - Sat Kartar Singh, the awake one

I was laying in my bed and I heard a man singing. He sang,

gurmukh jaag rahe din raati

sache kee liv gurmat jaati ||

manmukh sooea rahe se loote

gurmurkh sabat bhai hey || (panna 1024)

The Gurmukhs remain awake and aware, day and night.

Following the Guru's Teachings, they know the Love of the True Lord.
The self-willed manmukhs remain asleep, and are plundered.
The Gurmukhs remain safe and sound, O Siblings of Destiny."

This song struck an arrow into my heart. I felt truth in these words. I knew the creator of this song knew
about my state. It seemed that the singer was singing directly to me.

I jumped out my bed and barefoot, ran to the man singing this song.

The man was a middle aged man. He looked like a farmer. I ran up to him. He stopped singing and looked
at me. The first thing I did was look deeply into his eyes.

Yes! He was awake!

I hugged him and he hugged me back. His hug broke the depression within me and I started sobbing.
Without a word, he stroked my back. Finally, my tears dried up and I looked into his eyes again. It would
be wrong to say they were beautiful. They seemed so unnatural. I had never seen such eyes. They
appeared not to blink.

I asked, "Am I dreaming?"

He replied, "Yes."

With my breath held short, I again asked, "Is there a way to wake up?"

Again he replied, "Yes."

"Please show me the way."

An indescribable light I had never seen before flooded his eyes. He sang,

soea rahe maya madh mate

jaagat bhagat simrat har rate || (panna 388)

"The mortals are asleep, intoxicated with the wine of Maya.

The devotees remain awake, imbued with the Lord's meditation."

I hadn't heard so much beauty before. His song was monsoon for me. I felt nourished and green again.

After that song, there was a short silence.

Then I humbly asked about him. His name was Sat Kartar Singh. He as a sikh of Guru Nanak.

I briefly told him about my state of affairs. And asked him how I could become a sikh too. He told me that
he was a having a keertan at his house in a week's time and he would answer all my questions then.

He also told me start working again since working was a part of being a sikh.

I thanked him and went home and took a long nap. My wife and children thankfully hugged me and with
laughter, my life started again.

I eagerly awaited the day of meeting with Sat Kartar Singh again....

Part V - Keertan, the awaker

As I went about my duties on the farm my soul was soaring, over and over I heard the words:
soea rahe maya madh mate
jaagat bhagat simrat har rate ||

"The mortals are asleep, intoxicated with the wine of Maya.

The devotees remain awake, imbued with the Lord's meditation."

running through my mind. It was hard to be patient.

At last, the day for the keertan came, the day when I would again meet with Sat Kartar Singh. Carefully we
prepared, bathing and dressing in our finest clothes, we approached the home of the farmer Sat Kartar
Singh. He greeted us and motioned us to sit close to the people performing the keertan. Looking around I
noticed right away, that the others who came for the keertan were dressed very simply.

Sat Kartar Singh sat in front of the vaja, he closed his eyes and began to sing. It was the same hymn a first
heard him singing, the answer to my prayer:

gurmukh jaag rahe din raati

sache kee liv gurmat jaati ||

manmukh sooea rahe se loote

gurmurkh sabat bhai hey ||

"The Gurmukhs remain awake and aware, day and night.

Following the Guru's Teachings, they know the Love of the True Lord.

The self-willed manmukhs remain asleep, and are plundered.

The Gurmukhs remain safe and sound, O Siblings of Destiny."

I felt as if he was singing just to me, just for me. I couldn't take my eyes from his face, It was incredibly
beautiful, bathed in light, it made me want to weep inside, that there could exist sach beauty, all over again
my longing started.

As he sang, the light around him increased its glow, until it shone so brightly that all the others in the room
seemed pale and transparent, almost unreal and unmoving. It was as if only the two of us existed, and were
real, the others were merely a back ground on which we were painted, in golden bright light.

After an undetermined amount of time, his song finally came to an end. I was filled up inside with his
beauty. I longed to ask him many questions. He just looked at me with his deeply aware, awake, eyes and

Part VI - Maya, the enticer

She wears a red dress, a strapless gown,

golden hair cascading down
her back
She smiles, holding you in her gaze
you find yourself slipping in a daze
and smile back
She holds a crystal goblet full of wine
invitingly, she suggest you dine
knowingly she offers you her fare
partake, and you won't be going anywhere
She's Maya the enticer
The Witch, she's got you in her grasp
She inflames your desire until you long to clasp
and serve her, receive her kiss
Seductively she draws you close, and closer into her embrace
don't look too closely at her face
her eyes reflect her master, She's Jyams mistress

He walks into the room, Bearded, Turbaned, a quiet man and small
Yet His very presence fills the hall
with One word he breaks the spell
*Waheguru* the party's over
Slowly you rise from her bed
a bit confused, you shake your head
to clear it, you disengage the Lady in Red
un-disguised, disfigured now, she looks a monster
wearing as ornaments deaths necklaces
of charred bones and rotting corpses
her smile the grimace of deaths many faces
The Scavenger
You pull away and scream
"This is a Nightmare, a disturbing dream.
Rotting filth, I want to be clean, I want to be clean of the

I woke up trembling, this dream had been the worst of all. I looked over at my wife where she lay next to
me sleeping, and saw a shimmering of red sequins glimmering, and sparkling, I sat up shaking,. I
stumbled from my bed and ran through the dark streets to the house of Sat Kartar Singh. The sun was just
beginning to rise, as I reached there. He was standing in His doorway waiting for me. I cried out, "How
can I be free from her, How can i be cleansed of the corruption and filth?"

He answered calmly, "You must do Isnaan with Guru Sahibs Amrit. Then only can you be cleaned and free
from the clutches of death."

He told me to start getting up early in the morning before the dream time, and gave me a small bound
volume to read. He said this book contains the medicine you need to keep the dreams away, if you read it
every day as the sun is rising, the dreams will stop.

When i returned home, i told my wife to get ready we were going to a Smagham, a gathering of Sikhs. She
looked at me puzzled, her eyes were full of death. Her coral earrings, looked like tiny dancing skulls, I
looked away, What was that word I had heard in my dream? Waheguru. I repeated it mentally, waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru. I would have to ask Sat Kartar Singh what it meant.

Part VII - My wife, the beautiful one

I came in from the fields and found my wife sleeping, her head was down on the table,
and there was some papers in her hand. Without disturbing her, I gently removed them and
read what she had written.

She wrote:

"Everything has been changing so suddenly, I don't know who to tell, there is no one to tell, but I must tell
someone, so I am just writing this to myself, to try to organize my thoughts, to try to find some sense, to all
the changes, recently, in my life.

My husband had been acting so strangely, weeping and talking about sleep and death.
Then he met this unusual man, Sat Kartar Singh. This man is a Sikh. He wears a beard,
and has uncut hair which he keeps bound in a turban. After this meeting, my husband was
much calmer, less disturbed, happy even, but still nothing has ever been normal again
in the usual sense.

We went for keertan, to this Singhs home. The music was very beautiful, it wrenched my
heart, and made me want to weep, I didn't say anything, because I felt so strange, and the children's father
seemed so happy I didn't want to break the spell.

Then a few mornings later he went running from the house. When he returned he seemed calmer, he told
me we were going to a Sikh gathering.

The smagham had the most unusual effect on me. It is hard to describe, but I must try. It has changed my
whole life...

I met a very unusual woman there. She was a Singhni. I think she was the most beautiful
woman I have ever met in my life. Her face was radiant and glowed with sach light. Her eyes had sach
depth, when I looked into them it was as though the universe opened up its mysteries to me. This woman
Bibi ji, was unlike other woman, her face was covered with hair like a young man, soft black and curly.
She sat quietly, and greeted me quietly and softly. From the very first I was drawn to her. So many were
staying at that gathering, she asked me to come and sleep with her and the other ladies. My husband
joined the men, and children went off with others their own age.

Bibi ji slept completely covered with a black lo-ee. Or I was never sure that she was sleeping, she was so
still. I found myself yearning to be like her. Like the Singhs she also kept her hair bound in a turban. I
thought of all the women in my village, with their jewelry, make up, lipstick, and nail polish, silk dresses,
and artificial finery, none were so beautiful as Bibi ji. She had only 2 changes of clothes, very simple, one
blue, and one white, and the ever present black lo-ee.

In the morning everyone began getting up very early, I heard strange sounds, as though there
were many lovers, I was frightened and covered my face with my blanket. I slept very late. No one
disturbed me. Later Bibi ji came to take me to the langer. I saw my husband there. He greeted me

"Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh"

I had never heard these words spoken before. I smiled and nodded.

I asked Bibi ji what the words meant. She said this is how Singhs greet each other.
She told me when Guru gobind Singh, the father of the Khalsa gave Amrit, he told Singhs to greet each
other in this manner. I was even more curious. She explained about Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak.
I asked her "How does one become a Singh?" She said they must be given Guru jis Amrit, that is

Just then a very fierce looking Singh, carrying weapons, entered the langer. I must have looked alarmed,
She said not to be afraid. He was our protector. Then she explained about the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
There was so much to learn. But I was so thirsty to hear everything. I can't explain even now, to my self
what was happening to me. It was so bewildering. I just knew I did not want to leave Bibi jis side.

She said "Lets go to the keertan." She did keertan for one hour, the same 4 lines over and over,

Gurmukh pi-aaray aa-e mil, main chireen vichhunnay raam raajay.

Mayraa man tan bahut bairaage-aa, har nain ras bhinnay.
Main har prabh pi-aaraa das gur, mil har man mannay
Haon moorakh kaarai laa-ee-aa, naanak har kammay

"I am unworthy. I am unworthy of your love."

She was weeping. I was weeping. A beautiful young girl wiped the tears from her face as she sang. I
wondered where her children and husband were. It was obvious to me that she was in some sort of deep
mourning. I thought she must have lost a child. I learned later that this was mourning was called "vairaag"
by the Sikhs. It meant deep and urgent longing for the Guru. I felt so much love for her.

That evening when we went for sleep. I asked her if she would wake me too, in the morning. She agreed,
then, disappeared beneath her lo-ee.

I was sleeping face down, I heard "waheguru waheguru" just as I turned, she touched me, I gasped. An
electrical current shot though my body shocking me. "Are you OK ?" she asked. I replied only that I had
been startled. How could I explain?

She led me to the showers, "isnaan", she said. During her bath she kept on some of her clothing. I was
surprised, she said these are kachara, and kirpan, they are a part of me, given to me at baptism, I can never
be separated from them... She explained more about the baptism, how one never removes hair, and must
keep a comb, and kara also, with one at all times. Her hair, kesh, fell to her knees gleaming as she washed,
oiled, and combed it. Beside her I felt utterly filthy, to my soul. I started weeping, I
couldn't stop my self, "No amount of water can ever clean me," I sobbed. She put her arms around
me, lovingly and said, "Guru can wash you clean in an instant, when you receive His Amrit."

We went to join the others. "Waheguru Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru" Every one together, in
once voice was calling "waheguru"; it was very comforting.

When I met my husband again , I said," I want to take the Amrit." He looked deeply into my eyes and
smiled. It felt as though he touched my soul.

The thing is since baptism, I have undergoing so many changes. Nothing has been easy, everything has
been very difficult, and sometimes a real struggle. Those three hairs, I had plucked from my chin before,
have turned to fifty. All my facial hair has gotten darker and much heavier. I don't know what to do. I feel
so hideous, and yet there is my Masters face looking back at me, when ever I look in the mirror.

Some of my closest former friends are shunning me. I know it is not because they do not love me., They are
uncomfortable, and so am I. But my farmer comes in from the fields happy now. He looks at me and says,
"I feel so alive." He tells me I am beautiful, and the daughter of Guru Gobind singh, but it doesn't stop the
shame. The singhs give me so much love and treat me as their sister. But inside I see the beautiful smooth
faces of other women, and I feel disfigured. Bibi ji was special, she had courage, I am not like her. I want
to cover my face in shame. I weep into the ramalas, and plead with Guru ji, for what? To make me like
other women, rather than like Him. I can't ask for that, and so I just weep and feel ashamed. I feel like I
am being punished for all my past misdeeds. Sometimes, I don't know how I can
bear it.

We went to another smagham. A young girl was washing feet. I heard her say, "Who is she she? She is so
beautiful." Later she met me and said, "They say you practice a different kind of Sikhism." I said, "There
is only one Waheguru, What is different? We both love Him. Sikhism is Sikhism." I wanted to tell her ,
"Yes, do AMrit vela, do waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru. Do Naam simran." But I
couldn't say anything.

I felt beautiful, but I know that I am not. It's just vanity , this body is corruption,
and it is rotting away. Nothing matters to me any more but Naam, and my Kakars and Paath.
I can't be separated from them, it would kill me. Literally I would die. Slip back into a partial person, not
fit to be called human, consumed in pain, always trying to anesthetize myself with fruitless activities.

It is a struggle to wake up and do Paath. Sometimes we are so sleepy, we want to go for the bed, but we
look at each other and remember how it was before, that is enough to wake us up again. I envy those born
to this path, so pure and innocent, they don't feel the traces of dirt..."
I put the papers down, and woke my wife, I pulled her into my arms, and looked in to her eyes, *HE*
looked back at me.

"I didn't know, you should have told me. I have been so selfish, thinking everything was me all this time. I
thought you just did this for me. Forgive me."

We both started weeping in to each others arms. "It will be ok, we'll get through this with
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru." Then we were weeping and laughing together.

The children came in and found us. They just looked at us like we were crazy,

"What's for langer?" the little one asked.

Part VIII - Bibi ji, the gurmukh one

Just when it seemed that my suffering was at and end, when I found what it was that was missing from my
life, when I was to be fulfilled, it was then that my true suffering began.

Early in the morning as I had been instructed by Sat Kartar Singh, I would wake, take bath and begin my
prayers. It was difficult at first because everything was so strange.

My wife I and discussed the matter and thought it would be a good idea if we could get some one to help us
learn at first. Some one to teach us and guide us, we were so ignorant.

We went to a Rainsubhai keertan. The melodious sounds had us entranced. When my eyes were closed it
was as if fairies were dancing in gold dust, just beyond the field of my vision. When I opened them, and
glanced across the room, I saw that Bibi ji was sitting with my wife.

Later during the langer we had a chance to speak. We discussed our situation earnestly, My wife was all for
inviting Bibi ji to be our guest for some time, so we could have the opportunity to learn from her. Bibi ji
agreed that there were some small things she could help us with. Like the proper pronunciations of the
scriptures, as well as the proper protocol to observe if we were to bring Baba ji into our home.

Sat Kartar Singh was to have a keertan in his home and she agreed to come at that time.

My wife became very excited, it was obvious she had a deep regard for Bibi ji. When the appointed time
came, we went to the keertan. Sat Kartar Singh motioned us to sit close to him, even my wife was invited
to sit with him, although very few women ever sat with the ragis. I felt very honored and insisted that she
do so, even though she was shy to. Bibi ji sat with her. We really didn't know the words, but when they
sang "waheguru waheguru waheguru", we joined in whole heartedly. We were given small rhythm
instruments to keep time with. And I closed my eyes to enjoy.

A pain began to start in my heart. It rose into my throat, and I felt as though I would suffocate from the
weight of it. It could not even be released into tears, and I felt as though it would overwhelm me.

I do not know Gurubani. I have no idea of the words being sung or their meaning. In my life time, how can
I ever hope to understand. How could Bibi ji or Sat Kartar Singh or any mortal being ever make a
difference. How could I ever hope to grasp an inkling of what Gurubani means.

Images started floating through my mind, I saw immensely large stone feet with brilliantly red colored
flowers, sprinkled in offerings, scattered on them, and smelled the scent of incense burning. I could see
worshipers bowing, and prostrating themselves before them. I felt a breeze blowing gently soothingly,
fanning away the heat of my distress. I heard the words, " Kar Kirpa Har Charnan Dhi-aa-ee." In an
instant my distress returned, What did it mean? What were these words.?

Afterwards, on the way home I whispered to my wife what I had seen, and the words, Bibi ji looked into
my eyes, hers glittered like diamonds in the darkness, she spoke softly, and said "Bless me that I may dwell
upon Thy Feet." My heart exploded, and I turned my face away into the night as the tears finally began to
come. Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru, i heard her repeating slowly, softly with her
breath, waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru, we joined her. waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru....

Part IX - Sant ji, the knowing one

It is curious, the closer I get to God, the further away I feel. In the beginning I felt so close, but now I feel
like I am completely worthless of His love.

We have decided to bring Baba Ji to our home, we are not sure of how, or when, or even where we will will
put Him, when He comes, so I guess it would be more accurate to say we want to. One problem is we can't
decide whether to bring the old fashioned, or modern scripture.

I was plowing my field, rehearsing going over and over in my mind, what to say, who to tell how, to say it.
Actually I hadn't really discussed this with any one, not my wife or Bibi Ji, or even Sat Kartar Singh.

But every morning in my prayers, I begged Baba ji to come. It was He, more than anyone, I was talking to
now. Baba Ji, please help us to find the proper respectful place for you. I don't know how we will even
read your Holy Gurbani, with your help only. I just know that I am longing for you, I feel so far away. I
know you are in every part of your creation, but having Your Word in our home, surely that will bring us

When I reached home in the evening, there was excitement in the air. "Sat Kartar Singh has sent word that a
Sant will be visiting his home and we are to come right away." my wife said excitedly.

"Right away then", I answered tiredly, and went for the bath.

I wondered to my self, "What is it that makes One a Sant. Can He perform miracles?" I supposed I was
soon to find out.

By the time we reached the house, Keertan was in full swing. It could be heard even before we came in
sight of the house. It looked as though there would be no where to sit inside, shoes were scattered every

Bibi ji, without saying anything, bent over and started arranging them in neat pairs, and neat rows. I noticed
that she wiped each one with the end of her chuni. I was a little surprised, but didn't say anything. I
wondered wahe though. Inside just as I suspected, there was no place at all to sit, we were just able to get
through to bow before Guru Sahib, the women disappeared into the langer. I found a place near the back
of the room, with a view of the Sant and sat down to study Him. He didn't look unusual. That was in his
favor I decided, better than the flashy Sants. Still he was so very ordinary in appearance... I really
wondered what it was about him that was special. Then he looked my way. He looked deeply into my eyes.
I felt as if he was reading my soul.

Still, that sort of thing had happened with Sat Kartar Singh, I wasn't giving this so called Sant any breaks.

After the program, we were preparing to return home. Just as we were leaving, Sat Kartar Singh touched
my shoulder. Sant ji wants you to remain the night with him. We will sleep now, do Amrit vela in the
morning, then he wishes to interview you. My heart skipped a beat. "Calm down I told my self, Nothing
special has happened."

I was one of the first up, I didn't like waiting for the bath, so I figured best to be there first. The door
opened, Sant ji nodded to me on his way out, as he walked past.

When I had reached for simran, It was very black, and I could see nothing at all. I groped along the wall,
until I bumped someone with my foot, then sat down. Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru, all my fatigue,
from the day before, hit me. wahe guru waheguru waheguru. I felt my self slipping, I propped my back
against the wall. waheguru waheguru waheguru.

I saw a figure standing in front of me. There was a light glowing round his head. I looked closer, It was
the Sant, he was carrying something on his head. He turned and looked into my eyes, and motioned me to
follow him. We walked through the dark streets, then I saw my house ahead. Suddenly the Sant
disappeared, my head felt very heavy, I reached up and felt something, a package of some sort, wrapped in
cloth and heavy, I began to feel light headed from the weight, I felt as if I was floating, As though the
weight was an anchor being drawn up, and I was attached to it. Then I burst into the light, it was blindingly
bright. I put my hands to my eyes, to shut out the light, Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru. I opened my eyes, everyone was standing for prakash, I must have dozed off and had been

Sat Kartar Singh told me "Sant ji wants to come to your home." I wondered how they communicated, Sant
ji seemed like a silent Sant to me, I never saw him speak. It crossed my mind that I wouldn't be going out
to the fields today. Since it was early, the Sant procession was small, only a few, 5 or so, Singhs followed
him as we went towards my home. Still I hadn't heard him say a word, The others were singhing "Dhan
Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji", When we reached the house a man was standing in front. He was
dressed in a blue robe, with a yellow sash and he had a package on his head like the One in my dream.

The strangest feeling came over me, I began to tingle and a shiver traveled up my back. There was a trunk
beside him. Inside, one room had been cleared out. Some how my wife had reached home ahead of me and
was scurrying about. Bibi ji was looking a bit mysterious I thought, calmly giving directions. The trunk
was opened, A canopy was hung, a small platform assembled, pillows and draperies, assembled. I smelled
prashad cooking, I got that feeling again of tears welling up, choking me. Then Sant ji
entered the room, he began to recite Ardaas, "So, he does speak," I thought irreverently. The Singh, in blue,
came in and knelt down. He removed the package from his head, set it gently on the platform, and
unwrapped it. Then he motioned me to come and sit beside him. After he took the Hukam Nama, he spoke
to me, "These words mean-

"Every moment thou nuresth me as thy little child".

There was just ONE line.

Part X - Waheguru, the only one

Today Bibi ji left for her home.

It's strange how empty everything's feels. She just came to us and said, I have been called home. My wife
nearly broke down, She clung to her for the longest time. They clung to each other. Bibi ji said, "I've been
happy here," looking around. "Many changes have happened, I have to return, I have my duty to serve, we
are all bound by our karma's," and smiled. It was an ironic, sort of sideways, half smile, but a smile none
the less.

We even managed to learn do small keertan while she was here, a start, like a tiny seed, that if watered, will
grow. Not that I expect we will ever be able to do much more than satisfy the longing of our own soul to
taste Gurbani.

Still inspite of everything, all the progress we have made, there is a gap, a big hole, I didn't realize until she
was gone how much a part of everything she was. Well to be sure we'll see her at the next smagham.

I spent the afternoon with Sat Kartar Singh, he too is leaving. He has duties to serve Singhs in other parts
of the country. I never really realized how important he was. He was so humble and treated us just like
his own, always kept us close. It turns out that he is one of the most highly respected Singhs alive at this
time. I didn't find that out from him, rather some very self important fellows who came to collect him. He
cleaned their shoes, when they were busy with arrangements.

Something inside has changed, even though I feel like a river that is running dry. There is a feeling inside.
Some other members of the sangat asked to come by later this week. We made some plans for keertan. I'm
not sure wahe they asked us, but it seemed to comfort them to do so. It comforted me too. And my wife is
already busy with the ladies, making plans for the langer.

I'm not sure wahe i feel like weeping so much. Everything is here. Baba ji is here. We get up everyday, do
paath, keertan. Life is full. My heart is full, so full it is spilling over again and I can't stop the tears from
flowing. Maybe I need to get a dog. Maybe I just need a hug. Maybe,... I just need Waheguru.

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

One and Only WaheGuru

After much toil and time, a King finally won a war which had devastated his kingdom for decades. The
war had kept the King away from his palace and his beloved Queen for a over two years.

As can be expected, with the end of the war, the King was extremely happy and was looking forward to
returning home. He sent a message to his Queen, all his relatives and servants telling the good news and
asking them if they want anything that the King could bring for them.

The messenger who had been sent with the message came back three days later and recounted to the King
in detail all the things that everybody had requested. One relative had requested the finest silk. Another
had requested the diamond studded shoes. Yet another had requested exquisite musical instruments.

But when the messenger got to the Queen's request, he hesitated. The King had waited patiently to hear
what his precious wife had requested and impatiently prodded the messenger on.

The messenger said, "Sire, please forgive me, what the Queen said was quite incomprehensible to me. I
asked the Queen to repeat her request but still the answer was the same. Forgive me, O King, perhaps I
misunderstood .... but all she said was "One"."

The King beamed so much with happiness that he went down from his throne and kissed the messenger and
gave him a diamond ring from one of his fingers.

None of the other ministers present really understood what had transpired. It was only in the privacy of the
King's chambers that his chief minister asked the king, "Sire, would you be kind enough to explain the
Queen's message?"

The King laughed and said, "All the others want this and that, but my most beloved one just wants the
"One" King of hers."

The King returned home after a few days and first went and distributed all the requested gifts to all the
relatives and in the end ..... he, along with all his treasures, went to the Queen's chamber and resided there
from then on.


sab-he thok para-pate

je aaveh *ik* hath ||
"All treasures are gotten,
if *one* is obtained"

Sure we ask for many things from our WaheGuru; but the sakhi who asks for only the ONE and ONLY
WaheGuru gets WaheGuru and all WaheGuru's treasures.

Now WaheGuru is so big that it is beyond our minds to even imagine imagining WaheGuru's vastness.
Those who are shown WaheGuru's vastness say to WaheGuru, "OK, WaheGuru Jee, enough. I have seen
enough.... Now please just give us a corner in your palace where we can sit and watch only

WaheGuru is so loving that one glance of WaheGuru towards us can fulfill us for eternity.
WaheGuru is so blissful that one drop of WaheGuru bliss can make us a-molak and above any praise.

WaheGuru is the only reason for japping naam.

Even souls who do not seek WaheGuru are actually seeking WaheGuru. All souls are searching for love,
fulfillment and nurturement that only WaheGuru can provide.

Now sakhiooo, is it not totally awesome that Waheguru is *our* father, mother, brother, sister, friend and
lover. And to think that WaheGuru, the awesome, knows us and cares about us!!!!

WaheGuru is not some impersonal energy somewhere in the ether-filled heavens ... nay, WaheGuru is here
NOW. Indeed WaheGuru is reading these words as we read them. YES. WaheGuru loves us. That should
be enough to blow us away to Sach Khand.

Yes, *our* WaheGuru, the awesome, knows us and cares about us.
Yes, *our* WaheGuru, the awesome, knows us and cares about us.


*OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru.
*OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru.
*OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru. *OUR* WaheGuru.

WaheGuru is ours and we are WaheGuru's.

WaheGuru is ours and we are WaheGuru's
Waheguru is ours and we are WaheGuru's

We belong to WaheGuru and WaheGuru belongs to us. Yes, sakhioooo, Waheguru belongs to us. Just like
our earthly mother belongs to us; so does WaheGuru belong to us.

Sure, we are small and insignificant; but ask a mother of ten what she thinks of the smallest of her children
- the one who is completely helpless and she undoubtedly will say, "I love that child the most."

We are small and filthy and helpless and bound by our million of years of man-mat but WaheGuru
cherishes us. To WaheGuru we are priceless.

So Sakhiooooooooooooooooooo, rejoice as WaheGuru wants us to rejoice.

Dhan Guru Dhan WaheGuru Dhan Waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

There is only one thing worth asking for and that is none other than *OUR* WaheGuru.............

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

II. Sikh History

The Young Martyrs

Chamkor had a small fortress, which Guru Gobind Singh occupied. He had then with him about forty
disciples, and his two elder sons Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh - the former being seventeen years old, and
the later fourteen. But soon the Imperial army, which was in hot pursuit, besieged this fortress also, and
there was no way out but to fight and die one by one. The disciples held the fortress a long time, baffling
the calculations of the enemy, as the Master kept up an incessant shower of his gold-tipped arrows. The
disciples one by one would sally out, waving their swords in the midst of the enemy, and die. Ajit Singh
entreated his father to let also go and die, as his brothers were dying before his eyes.

"O Father!
I feel an intense desire for this death,
And the feeling rises supreme in my breast
That I must go and fight and share
This last honor with my brothers."

The father lovingly embraced the boy, decorated him with sword and shield, dressed him fully as a soldier,
and kissed him.

"Go, my child! Akal Pursha so wills."

Ajit Singh rode a horse into the thick of the battle, and waving his sword and crying, "Sat Sri Akal, Sat Sri
Akal," departed for the true Kartarpur of Guru Nanak.

Gobind Singh saw him go, closed his eyes in prayer, and accompanied the soul of Ajit Singh for a little
distance beyond death's door, until the boy was among the celestials.

As the father opened his eyes, he saw the little one, Jujhar Singh, standing before him with folded hands
with the same entreaty on his lips.

"Father, I, too, wish to go where my brother has gone."

"You are too young to fight," said the father.

"What is age, Father? Have I not drunk the mother's milk?

And have not tasted the sacred Amritam?
Bless me, Father, and let me go."

Gobind Singh took the little one in his lap, washed his face dressed him in a beautiful velvet suit
embroidered with gold and silver, put a small belt round his little waist, and gave him a miniature sword.
He wound a turban on his head, decorated it with a little crest, and kissed him.

"My child," said he "we do not belong to this earth. Our ancestors
live with the Akal Pursha. You are now going; go and wait for me there."

The child had gone but a little distance when he returned and said he was feeling thirsty.

Gobind Singh again said: "Go, my child! There is no water for you on this earth. See yonder, there is the
cup of Nectar for you where your brother lies."

This child then rode the way his brother had gone.
The Martial Heritage Of Khalsa Women
Late one afternoon I dropped by the house of my old friend, Satwant Singh Khalsa, to return the handgun I
had borrowed from him to teach a shooting course at a local martial-arts school. The shiny metal weapon
had been cleaned and oiled, and was now carefully wrapped in a cloth and tucked under my arm as I
knocked on his door, His smiling face appeared and he greeted me as I walked into his home. I handed
him the gun with a profusion of thanks, and turned to leave when his young daughter of six, Amrit Kaur,
came up and grabbed her father by the leg.

"Papa, can I see that?" she asked. "Of course", Satwant Singh replied, and he began to unwrap the gun with
great reverence. Her eyes grew as big as blue moons reflecting the glint of the handgun as her father
explained to her what it was. She looked at the gun then looked at me, a Khalsa woman in a turban, and
her face clouded with confusion. Again she looked at the gun and then up at me and began to smile shyly.
Finally she said with expectant wonder in her voice, "Papa, can girls shoot guns too?"

Actually, Khalsa women have been shooting ever since guns were first introduced to India. Many of the
old stories have been lost, and those that remain are scant in detail and description. But the fact is that
the Tenth Master, Siri Guru Gobind singh Ji Maharaj, encouraged and promoted women in martial training
in the army of the Khalsa. The Khalsa has no gender, neither male nor female, so those women who were
inclined to study the martial tradition found their places in the ranks of the Khalsa Fauj (Army). Mai
Bhago Kaur is an outstanding example of a woman warrior in the Sikh tradition.

In 1705 the Mughal forces under the direction of the emperor Aurangzeb laid a deadly seige on the fort of
Anandpur Sahib in a desperate effort to destroy Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Khalsa. As food and water
were exhausted, the conditions became unbearable and many Sikhs deserted the Guru. The Sikhs from the
Majha area of Punjab, belonged to a tradition of gallant warriors, but they also chose to abandon the Guru
and return to their villages. Before he left the fort, Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked them to put their
denouncement on paper : they wrote that they were no longer Sikhs of the Guru.

When the women of the village heard that their men were returning home,traitors to the Guru's cause, they
were incensed. Bhago, a lady from Jhabal, spoke to the women and together they resolved to reverse the
situation. As the men returned, hungry, tired and depressed from their experience at AnandPur Sahib, the
women would not let them enter their homes. They said to their husbands and sons, "Either go back and
make amends for your cowardly behavior, or exchange your dress with ours, stay at home act as
housewives in our place. Dressed in your clothes we will go and fight for the Guru, lay down our lives for
him, and wash away with our blood the shame which you have brought on us all, nay the whole of Majha

Shamed by the courageous response of their womenfolk, a band of forty Sikhs started back towards the
Guru under the leadership of Bhai Mahan Singh and Mai Bhago. Dressed in soldier's battle-gear, Mai
Bhago struck a fearsome pose and was respected by the Sikh soldiers for her spiritual clarity and her
courageous nature. As they made their way toward the Guru, groups of Sikhs from various villages along
the way joined them in support of the great Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

By that time, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Khalsa army had left the fort of Anandpur Sahib with the
promise of safe passage from Emperor Aurangzeb. But his promise proved to be a cruel deception and the
Khalsa suffered devastating battles in which the two elder sons of the Guru were killed. Now they were
being pursued by Wazir Khan, the Nawab of Sirhind with over 5000 Mughal soldiers. Having already
captured and bricked alive the two young sons of the Guru, Wazir Khan was eager to kill the Guru himself
and gain favour with the Emperor in Delhi.

The Sikhs from Majha met with the Guru-Master between Ramiana and Khidrana. With Bhai Mahan Singh
as their spokesman, the forty Sikhs begged the Guru to forgive their desertion and to bless them with his
grace. Together they rode with the Guru to Khidrana where there was a large water tank to slake the thirst
of the guru's army. But at this time of May, the plains of Punjab were already scorched by the summer
heat, and when they arrived they found the tank nearly dry. Guru Gobind Singh Ji signaled for his army to
continue on in search of water. Bhai Mahan Singh proposed that his group stay behind and engage the
enemy there, allowing the Guru time to reach a place of safety. Guru Gobind Singh Ji agreed to the
strategy, and rode about two miles forward with the bulk of the Khalsa army.

Big white sheets of Khaddar, the course woven cloth, were spread out on the shrubs so that the Mughal
army would think that the full army of Sikhs were camped there in great numbers. Fearlessly, the small
band of Sikhs waited in ambush for the huge army of Wazir Khan to approach the tank in search of water.

The battle of Mukhtsar began on the 8th of May, 1705. Under the leadership of Mai Bhago and Bhai Mahan
Singh, the Sikhs from Majha fell upon the advancing Mughal forces with a fury free of petty revenge. Mai
bhago was seen fighting in the first rank, firing her long-barrel musket with the skill and precision of a true
soldier. The Mughal army rushed forward several times in an attempt to dislodge the Sikhs and capture the
tank, but had withdraw each time under the fierce volley of bullets and arrows. When at last the Khalsa's
ammunition was all used up, they advanced forward in small groups to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand
combat. When her time came, Mai Bhago charged into the enemy ranks with a long spear, creating havoc
and killing many Mughal soldiers.

They were not fighting for victory that day, as the Mughal army out-numbered the Khalsa by about 500 to
one. They had no thought of saving their lives. They only wished to win time, to stall the Mughal forces
long enough so that Guru gobind Singh Ji and the rest of the Khalsa might advance to a better field of
battle. By day's end, all the Khalsa lay dead in the battlefield.

Nearly 300 of the Turks lay with them in the same bloody bed. The battle had taken it's toll and now the
Mughal Army cried desperately for water. When Wazir Khan advanced forward to take possession of the
water tank, he was shocked to find that it was bone dry. Morale had shriveled in the blistering heat of the
Punjabi heat and discipline in the ranks was quickly dissolving. Abandoning the dead and wounded where
they lay, Wazir Khan and his army beat a hasty retreat in search of water for his despairing men.

As evening fell, Guru Gobind Singh Ji rode back to the battlefield of Khidrana. He got down from his
horse and surveyed the bloody carnage that stretched before him. With a deep affection that he felt for his
Khalsa, he knelt by each fallen soldier and blessed him. Coming to Bhai Mahan Singh, the Guru saw that
he was not yet dead. He lifted his head gently and wiped the blood from his face. Mahan Singh opened his
eyes and saw the beautiful face of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The Guru asked him if he had any last wishes,
and Mahan Singh begged him to tear up the document that he had signed renouncing the Guru. The Guru
said, "You have done a great deed. You have saved the root of Sikhism in Majha. You are the Muktas, the
liberated ones, delivered from the round of birth and death forever." Saying this, he reached in his belt and
pulled out the paper they had signed in Anandpur and tore it up into little pieces that floated away on the

Continuing on, the Guru came to where Mai Bhago lay in the blood soaked grass. Dozens of Mughals lay
dead around her where they had fallen in mortal combat. He was surprised to find a woman here on the
battlefield. When he knelt to lift her head he saw that she too was barely alive, and he washed her face with
cool water. She opened her eyes and saw the Guru's face in all his radiance. Such a beautiful sight, after
such a brutal day, lifted her soul into spiritual ecstasy.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji had her removed from the battlefield and her wounds were tended to by his
physicians. When Mai Bhago recovered from her injuries, the Guru gave her amrit from his own hands and
she became Mai Bhago Kaur. Having dedicated her life to the Khalsa, she stayed with Guru Gobind Singh
Ji and served him as one of his personal guards. Dressed in male attire, she was one of only 10 Sikhs who
were permitted to guard the Guru when he slept. She lived to be an old woman and died in Hazoor Sahib
(Nanded, India) where she remained after the Guru's death.

The legacy of Mai Bhago Kaur lives in all of us. She showed the way for feminine strength to be
courageous, powerful and dynamic. Her actions turned the course of history, and her courage under fire
won her the love and respect of Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Mahahraj.

The wives and daughters of today's Khalsa should be given encouragement and support to pursue martial
arts training. It is not always easy for women, as it goes against the social programming and expectations
of our culture. It requires building physical strength that women often lack in childhood, and which is
often difficult to acquire later on. Yet it is not only possible for women to become proficient in the martial
arts, when given the chance we often excel. More importantly, it builds discipline, confidence and a
strength of character that serves a women her entire life.

"Papa", said little Amrit Kaur shyly, "Do girls shoot guns too?" Satwant Singh was surprised at his
daughter's question and he looked to me for a reply.

"Of course", I said with a smile, "Girls shoot the best! When you get older I will teach you myself." On
hearing this she put her hand to her mouth and giggled with great excitement and expectation.


The author helps with the annual Sant Sipahee Training Camp in the beautiful mountains of Ram Das Puri
in New Mexico, USA. Available to youths 13-17 years old, it is an open door to the world of the Sikh
Warrior. Boys and girls from all over the United States and Canada, as well as from many different regions
and lifestyles, attended Sant Sipahee Training 1996. Training such as rock climbing, martial arts,
wilderness skills, and hiking filled their days and nights. Daily workout and morning meditations
completed the schedule. At the end they were physically fit, mentally alert, and spiritually attuned to the
concept of Sant Sipahee - The warrior saint.

Khalsa Lioness, Kaur Princess : Bibi Dalair Kaur

(Based on a true story from the Punjabi book "Adarshak Singhnia" by Karam Singh, translated by Baldev
Singh, re-written by Harjit Singh )


"ALLAH HO AKBAR!!!!!" screamed the Moghul soldiers, with their heads down, one hand on the horse-
reigns, one hand weilding a mighty sword, they charged up the hill determined to smash the fortress gates
this time. A thousand arrows and bullets rained down from the over the high fortress walls. It was useless,
they couldn't penetrate AnandPur, the Khalsa fort.

"RETREAT! RETREAT!" screamed a desperate General as he saw hundreds of his imperial forces drop to
the ground. Back at base camp, an emergency meeting of General's was called. The jungle nights were
cold, and hundreds of camp fires where seen all around the base of the hill. Anandpur Fort stood on top,
impenetrable and untouched.

"9 MONTHS! 9 Long months in this wretched, mosquito infested jungle. When are those Fortress rats
going to give up?" said Wajir Khan.

"Be patient General, even rats die one day" replied Jabardast Khan.

"Patient! How much more patient can we be? We have over 1 million soldiers out there. One Million
soldiers to kill that infidel Gobind Singh. Yet his Khalsa army has killed tens of thousands of our soldiers
and we have barely scratched the fortress walls" thundered a raging Wajir Khan.

"Sit down Generals. As leader of the royal forces of his excellency Emperor Aurangzeb, I will make the
decisions." Said Aurangzeb's General. He continued, "Let us review our tactics. We have 22 local Hindu
Kings with us, we have the victorious armies of Wajir Khan and Jabardast Khan with us, and we have the
military might of the Moghul Empire. One million soldiers, countless cannons, and an unlimited supply of
arms. Fellow generals we have underestimated these Khalsa rats. Even though there can be no more than
10,000 soldiers in the fort, we have not been able to beat them through sheer force. They have the superior
position on the hill top. Think of another plan Generals. We need a new strategy."

"Patience is the best strategy. It has been several months since we imposed the seige. I believe our seige is
working fellow Generals. We have cut off all supplies of food and water to the fort, those rats must
be almost starved by now. If we just wait another few months, victory will be ours." Said Jabardast Khan.

"It's already December, there's a cold and miserable winter infront of us. Our camp hospitals are bursting at
the seams with sick soldiers, those wretched floods last month brought so many mystery illnesses, that
hundreds of soldiers are dying every day. There is low moral amongst the troops and thousands of
soldiers are deserting us every week, because they think we will never be able to capture the Fort. Do any
of us went to spend the rest of winter like this? NO. I suggest we lure out the Khalsa rats and finish them
with our swords!" raged Wajir Khan.

The room full of Generals stood up and cheered.


"Beloved Son and Guru, listen to your mother," said Mata Gujree. She continued, "You are beautiful and
you have your father's blessing upon your head. Whatever you say is law, but I urge you to reconsider the
offer of safe passage from the Royal forces. Aurangzeb himself has given his word, promising on the
Koran that no harm will come to us."

"Mata Jee, it's nothing but a trick. Why would they offer us safe passage after they've been trying to kill us
for 9 months?" said Guru Gobind Singh jee.

"Guru jee, you are our Father, we live for you and we will die for you," said Bhai Mani Singh, "but Guru
jee we started off with 10,000 Khalsa warriors and now we have less than a thousand. Guru Jee, you are
the King of this world and the King of the next world. It makes no difference to us if we live at your feet in
this world or the next, but Guru jee this world needs you. You must survive, if you stay here you will die
with the rest of us."

"O Beloved Khalsa jee, I would rather die fighting than walk away from this battle. But Khalsa jee, you
are my Guru and you have ordered that we accept the offer of safe passage and leave the fort. So we will
leave tomorrow. But, I don't intend to leave the fort unguarded. Bibi Dalair Kaur Jee, you are my trusted
Sikh. I want you and the rest of my daughters to stay here along with 10 Khalsa men." Said Guru Gobind
Singh Jee.

"Pita Jee, your words are true, bless us so we may do this duty and bring honour to the Khalsa," replied
Bibi Dalair Kaur jee.

Guru Gobind Singh jee tapped her shoulder with the tip of his arrow.


As soon as Guru Gobind Singh jee left the fort, the combined forces of Moghal troops and Hill Rajas
quickly abandoned their sacred oaths. They charged after Guru Gobind Singh jee and his 500 Khalsa
soldiers. A bloody battle took place on the banks of the Sirsa river. Many Khalsa soldiers were killed and
Guru jee's family was scattered. His younger sons and mother escaped with Gangu to his village. Later on
he turned them in to the authorities for a reward. This lead to their martyrdom.

Bhai Mani Singh and Guru jee's wife escaped and rode to Delhi. Guru Gobind Singh jee, his two older sons
and the remaining 40 Khalsa soldiers escaped to the place called Chamkaur were another battle was fought.
The Khalsa fought against the odds. All 40 Khalsa, along with the older sons fought to the death. Guru
Gobind Singh Jee was ordered by the Khalsa to survive and escaped to Mashiwadha.
While some of the Combined Moghul forces pursued the Khalsa, the rest rode to the fort to claim victory.
Bibi Dalair Kaur saw that her beloved Guru and Khalsa had been betrayed and she prepared the Guru's
daughters for battle. The Moghul soldiers broke their ranks and rode to the fort, burning and looting
everything in their way. Bibi Dalair Kaur stood up infront of her sister's and spoke with passion, "Sisters,
we have given our heads to our Guru-Father at the amrit ceremony. We have lived for Truth, now the time
has come to die for it. Sisters, remember that we are all trained warriors and we will die fighting rather
than be taken as slaves. Sisters, pick up you guns and get in position_it's a good day to die_BOLAY SO

The enemy soldiers thought that the fort was empty and were taken aback by the sudden rain of bullets.
Within a few minutes, hundreds of dead soldiers lay outside the fort. Seeing this, the remaining soldiers
left their positions and ran for their lives.

Wajir Khan was furious at not having captured the fort, he started screaming at his men "FIRE THE
CANNONS! FIRE THE CANNONS." Intense cannon fire succeeded in breaking through a wall of the
fort. No-one could be seen inside so the ground troops charged towards the fort. Suddenly, they were
showered with bullets and line after line of soldiers dropped dead to the ground. Wajir Khan was ruthless
and kept sending more and more troops, eventually the Khalsa women ran out of bullets. Wajir Khan
smiled as capture was imminent.

Bibi Dalair Kaur jee gathered her sister's together and spoke with her Guru-Father's blessing, "Sisters, we
have fought well, now we our time has come to die. It is up to us to die with honour. Remember the brave
women from RajPut. When their husbands had died in battle and their fort was about to be captured, they
would all jump into a fire and burn to death rather than let the enemy dishonour them. This was how their
religion taught them to preserve their honour. Our Guru-Father is always with his Sikhs and protects his
sons and daughter's honour. Sisters, our Guru-Father has trained us as warriors and we will die fighting
alongside our husbands and brothers. Remember we are lionesses."

The enemy was advancing so rapidly that there was no time for further speeches. Bibi Dalair Kaur jee gave
the signal and all Khalsa women drew their swords and positioned themselves behind the damaged wall.
This was the only way for the enemy to enter.

Mighty soldiers began climbing in over the piles of rubble. When they saw 100 Khalsa women and 10
Khalsa men ready for battle they stopped in their tracks. They were expecting to find hundreds of Khalsa
men, they never knew women could be warriors.

Witnessing the events from a distance, Wajir Khan yelled, "Cowards, are you afraid of women? They are
gifts for you, capture them and do what you want with the rewards of your hunt." Bibi Dalair Kaur yelled
back, "We are the hunters, not the hunted. Come forward and find out for yourself!"

Wajir Khan took up the challenge and rode into the fort with his men. Khalsa Lionesses attacked them from
every corner and he dropped dead to the ground. Not knowing how many other Khalsa warriors were in
the fort the Moghuls retreated yet again.

Jabardast Khan started yelling at his men "FIRE THE CANNONS! FIRE THE CANNONS." Intense
cannon fire destroyed the already weakened wall. The fort's inner compound was clearly visible and no
Khalsa warriors could be seen. Jabardast Khan was convinced that no one was left alive and this time he
took thousands of troops with him into the fort. They searched every inch of the fort but did not find
anyone. Jabardast Khan was furious. Where did the Khalsa lionesses disappear too? He screamed at his
men to find them. The soldiers searched cautiously, expecting a surprise attack from any direction.
Finally they concluded that the remaining Khalsa warriors must have escaped through some secret passage.

Orders were given to abandon the search and initiate looting. The very soldiers who were afraid for their
lives started searching for wealth inside the fort. When they removed the piles of rubble from the fallen
wall they found no wealth, they only found the bodies of our martyrs. The faces of Guru Gobind Singh jee's
daughters were still radiant yet peaceful.

They and their Khalsa brothers and husbands had stood by their leader, Bibi Dalair Kaur. They died
fighting to the death and received an eternal place at our Guru-Father's Lotus Feet.

Dayh Shiva bar mohe ehai, subh karman tay kabhoon na taro.
Na daro ar so jab jaa-e laro, nischai kar apanee jeet karo.
Ar sikh ho aapnay hee man hau, eh lalach hao gun tao ucharo.
Jab aav kee a-odh nidhaan banai, at hee ran mai tab joojh maro. 231.
(Guru Gobind Singh)

Give me this boon Lord,

that I never refrain from righteous deeds.
That I have no fear when fighting the enemy,
That I attain victory with faith and fortitude,
That I keep your teachings close to my mind.

Lord, my desire is that I sing your praises

and when the end of this life draws near,
may I die fighting,
with limitless courage
in the battlefield.
Bhail Lalo & Malik Bhago

Sacred Odysseys of Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak Chamatkar : Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh
English adaptation : Pritpal Singh Bindra

Chapter 3 : Preparation for Odysseys

Parable 8 : Malik Bhago-Bhai Lalo

One:.Bhai Lalo

It was the ambrosial hour of the day. On the West Bank of the river Beas, a divine entity was absorbed in
the celestial light. This epitome of love was immersed in Godly eulogy. The cool sublimity was sprinkled
down from the heaven. In the atmosphere of tranquillity and solitude, the incessant effect of the soothing
heavenly oration was breezing out divine fragrance. The day broke, he opened his exalted eyes, looked up
to the heaven, and then towards the river and all around: I live by thinking of Thine virtues, O Lord. Thou
bidest within my mind.

When Thou dwellest in my mind, it easily revels in joy. (Suhi Rag M.1)

With this sweet pronouncement he got up and prophesied, "Will come a Holyman, sacred eulogies will
flow, and inhabitation will expand." He continued his journey; a couple of days had elapsed in walking and
staying intermittently. On the third day, in the early hours of the morning, he set his celestial-being under
the berries at the backwoods around the bank of a pleasant pool. At the expiry of the recitation of
heavenly hymns, the exquisite lips vocalized: I shall never ask anything else of the Lord; please, bless me
with the Love of Your Immaculate Name.

Nanak, the song-bird, begs for the Ambrosial Water;

O Lord, shower Your Mercy upon him,
and bless him with Your Praise. (Gujri M.1 P.504)

After showering the enlightenment, and radiating the place with Godly aura he commenced his journey
and, once again, forecast, "Will come the Holyman, sacred eulogies will flow, and inhabitation will

Then, after a voyage of about four days, passing through the Village Khalra and (the city of) Lahore, where
he stayed under the Pipal Tree in the market-square, he arrived at Eminabad. It was known as Sayedpur
Sandiyaly at the time. Reaching there, outside of the residence of a Carpenter, he announced his
arrival by enunciating aloud the glory of the Formless, "Dhan Nirankar". The Carpenter, although rugged
in looks, in keeping with his rough occupation, was accorded with a submissive nature. The articulation
fetched him out. He ventured to observe, but his eyes reclined. He once again glanced, and he fell on his
feet. The divine words perforated his ears, "So, Bhai Lalo, we have come and have commenced our tours of
our own country and of the foreign lands". He bowed his head and with eyes humbly dipped in tears, led
him to the upstairs-room.

His companion was in a soliloquy, `At the (Government) Treasury (at Sultanpur), there were numerous
servants at his beck and call, the Nawab was always full of admiration, the peace was prevailing in the
household, he had a pious sister, and a dutiful wife was there to serve. He abandoned all those. Even during
his journey, wherever he stayed, people rendered services with obliging hands. Where have we come now?
To the house of a peg-chiseller. He has neither a stringed-bed, a stringed-square stool, nor a carpet and the
coverlet.' In the meantime, Lalo brought a small bedstead, woven with cotton tapes, from some where from
the outside. With respect he bade him to be seated there. There was no attempt of conversation from both
sides for sometimes. Then, Lalo went down to his lonely kitchen-square.

The companion, Mardana, asked, "O, My Benefactor! Who is this man in whose house you have ventured
to come yourself? Deserting your own household, forsaking the cities why have you come to adore this
place?" Then, he smiled and asserted, "O, Mardana! We have come to the house of Devotion. It is the
household of righteous vocation. Here, righteous vocation is blended with wisdom and enlightenment."
In the meantime, food was ready and Lalo came and announced, "Kindly come to the kitchen-square and
let me have the honour of serving you food." Sri Guru Jee remarked, "Lalo! Whole world is a Kitchen-
square, imbued in truth it becomes the embodiment of veracity. You may bring the food here."

Lalo went and brought the bread made out of rough-ground grains along with the cooked spinach. Mardana
thought, `Where the hell have we come? This dry bread and my poor throat! But, whatever my Guru
desires, so do I accept. Come, my faculty come and eat with pleasure.' Pondering like this he swallowed but
felt the nectarous taste.

When the Satguru, the True Guru, had eaten as well, Lalo bowed on his feet. The Satguru blessed him with
benediction and Lalo's devotion and supplication was garnished with spiritual bliss. The Satguru expressed
his desire to proceed further after about three days. Lalo humbly petitioned him to be merciful and to
extend his stay. His intensive emotional love won Satguru's favour to sojourn there further. During the night
times, he remained at Lalo's upstairs-room, and during day he spent time imbued in the divine thought
sitting over the sandy dunes. After a few days, Mardana went back to Talwandi to inquire the welfare of his
family and Shri Guru Jee stayed there. The conversation went around the town that a Bedi, offspring of
Khatri clan was residing with the Low-caste, Lalo, and relished food cooked by him. A (Muslim) bard was
accompanying him too. Whenever Mardana went to town, people called him, Wayward Musician or Bard.'
This dissension was enhanced when a few high caste Brahmins approached Guru Jee to cause him to make
them understand but, unable to refute, returned. A large number of Hindus and Muslims, after listening to
the recitations and discourses, became his devotees too. Here Guru Jee became to be known as `Nanak
Tapa, the austere'. Some called him` Nanak Shah, the eminent.' People from the villages far and wide
started to congregate and went back after attaining bliss and life contentment.

The Brahmins and Maulanas, the Hindu and Muslim priests became apprehensive, "He has settled here
permanently. More and more people are turning to be his devotees. They might be distracted from us." And
both the priests started to instigate the Nawab and his Official, Malik Bhago, indulging in back biting. A
few times, surreptitiously, they sent marauders to disrupt Satguru but they could not dare to face his divine
A day of some auspicious came and Malik Bhago arranged a Brahm Bhojan, the festive lunch, for the piety.
Along with the Brahmins and Sages, he sent an invitation to Guru Jee. But Guru Jee did not go to attend
this Brahm Bhoj. The Brahmins found an excuse and provoked Malik Bhago, "See, how egoistic is Nanak
Tapa, in spite of your invitation for the Brahm Bhoj he has not come. He eats in the house of low-caste but
does not adhere to the invitation of a Khatri or Brahmin. He is arrogant and is propagating the evil-
practices." Malik Bhago ascertained that the invitation was issued but the Guru had not come. He flew into
the rage and sent for him, and that too through a Brahmin. On receiving the message Sri Guru Jee said, "We
are the mendicants, what have we got common with the kings.?" The Brahmin further incited the Malik,
"See, he is still in pride; your invitation had no value for him. I tried hard to make him understand but he
conveyed that he had no business with Malik Bhago."

Satguru, after conveying his decision had gone out. The remaining affectionate congregationalists, in the
house of Lalo, thought that the flare of discontentment with the Officials had not been pleasant, those
people were blinded with power, and, in the wake of authority, they indulged in atrocities. Malik Bhago
might commit some persecution on this celestial enlightenment and Godly-being. A glow of light
penetrated through these newly illuminated hearts and they contemplated on various means but could not
conceive any solution. In the evening, when Guru Jee came back, he heard about their stammer and said,
"Don't worry. That Nirankar, the Formless, to whom we all belong, will deal himself. You just recognize his
Name and remain imbued in it." Whenever he spoke thus, a heavenly ray radiated and created confidence in
depressed hearts.

Two: Malik Bhago

Next day, the officials, sent by Malik Bhago, told (Guru Jee) to present himself in the Court before him,
and, in case of refusal, they would wheedle force. Sri Guru Jee just smiled, "Alright, Bhai, we come with
you. If the Almighty wanted to get his will to be carried this way, then, we have no objection." And he
accompanied them steadily. Love-strung, Bhai Lalo followed too. When the word went round, a few other
well-wishers arrived at the Court along with some spectators. The Court was in session and Malik Bhago
had occupied his seat of authority.

Sri Guru Jee was ushered in and he stood there in a contemplative mood. His sight strewed a trembling
feeling in Malik Bhago and, when he wanted to speak, his tongue stuttered. Guru Jee, then, said, "Aye,
Malik! What for have you called for us." Stammering, Malik replied, "Considering you a mendicant, I had
invited you at the Brahm Bhoj. What evil was there in the Brahm Bhoj that you did not attend?"

Guru Jee: "We are mendicants. What ever the God endows we eat." Malik: "Then, what was the
imperfection in eating at my house?" Guru Jee: "Numerous had eaten in your house, what did it matter if
one did not come to eat?"

Malik: "When all the Brahmins, Khatris, Sages, and Mahatmas come and eat but one remains in his ego
saying, `I won't eat.' It is tantamount to an insult." Guru Jee: "A mendicant never reflects in the dishonour
of any individual. The philanthropist doles out charity, the one who covets may take it. But why a
punishment for the one who does not wish to take?"

The Malik was quietened momentarily. He secreted his mouth and said, "You are a Khatri. In spite of being
a Bedi you eat at the low-caste's, and keep a company with musicians and bards. You are defiling the
religious decorum by making the affluent and the low-caste to eat while sitting together at the same place
and in the same line. And, moreover, when invited, you don't come to the prosperous and high caste
Khatris. What sort of mendicancy is that?"

Sri Guru Jee smiled and remarked, "Well, Malik Jee! Get me a pancake out of your Brahm Bhoj." Then he
diverted to Bhai Lalo and asked, "Get me one of your bread made out of rough-ground grains." When he
received both the articles, he held one in his right hand and the other in the left. He stretched his arms and
squeezed his both the hands. The drops of blood started to pour out of the pancake whereas the milk
dropped from the rough-grained-bread. Guru Jee quietly stood there and Bhai Lalo and others kept
observing. Estranged Bhago felt ashamed and his facial colour fainted.
Guru Jee: "There are no thorns attached to the seed of an acacia tree. But when this seed bears a plant, the
thorns and thistles sprout out. The materials for life subsistence, accumulated through irreligious means, do
not seem to be painful but when the innocent and pure minded people consume them they face anguish,
they feel the prick of the irreligiousity. Who would like to sacrifice pancakes and rice-pudding for sake of
rough-bread? Yes, who?--the one who is knowingly yearning to swallow poison draped in sugar. The glory,
authority, materialistic love, and accumulation of wealth, all are of what good if they do not lead to a
righteous attainment? The poverty and beggary, whether they are the result of circumstances or rough-
living, if they are legitimate, then the mind remains free of anxiety and in tranquil. And one whose mind, is
in gratitude, is awake. In his heart there is the love of the Supreme Master, and through his hands makes
honest living. The bread regained through such an earning is the Brahm Bhoj."

Expressing thus Guru Jee exited the place. The Malik could not dare to utter even one word. All the people,
who had gathered around, were overwhelmed with the spectacle. Most of them were convinced of Guru
Jee's virtuosity and heavenly endowment. The son of the Nawab of Sayedpur fell ill. When Malik Bhago
went to inquire his welfare, he found him (the Nawab) very much depressed. A few hakims and lay-doctors
were sitting beside. Observing his dismay, Bhago said, "Nawab Sahib! Under such circumstances,
sometimes, the kindness of the mendicants amends the situation. If an accomplished mendicant comes
across, with his faculty it could be remedied."

The Nawab asked, "Where can we find such an accomplished mendicant." Then, he replied, "I can name
five or ten mendicants. Get all of them and put them under internment. Don't release them till the time
illness is cured. The accomplished ones will themselves emerge. In case of their failure, the populace will
be rid of them." The Nawab ordered to invite them all. In the list which Bhago presented, he included the
names of Guru Nanak and Mardana. The official soon rounded up five mendicants and brought them to the
residence of the Nawab.

Guru Jee was at the sand-dunes of Roro. He was summoned too. Lalo immediately darted to the place,
perceived the Luminousness of the World in the internment, and lamented, "Oh, you the mundane world!
you, in darkness, could never comprehend your sooth-seers, you never endowed them due respect and
never hesitated to give them trouble." But Sri Guru Jee indicated to Lalo, "Be conscious, Lalo! It is
Almighty's mystic act." Then, the Nawab came and declared, "You the mendicants of the Supreme Master!
My son is in ailment. You all pray to the Allah, the God Almighty so that he regains fitness"

Guru Jee: "Have you ever seen grapes growing on an acacia tree?"
Nawab: "My Mendicant Master! Never."
Guru Jee" "How can an authority regain welfare?"
Nawab: "I don't understand."
Guru Jee: "You have convened the God's mendicants with coercion. Those who have been forced to come,
what could be the effect of this repression on them? The hearts which have been implanted with
compulsion, how could they ask for `God's Benevolence'"
Nawab: (Biting his lips) "Your dialogue is rational."
Guru Jee: The way you challenge the people and collect the revenue, the same way you are begging for
God's bounty with vitality."

There was a very strong Fort, belonging to the Pathan Rulers, at Sayedpur. Malik Bhago was the keeper of
this Fort. His oppressive authority was prevalent over the territory. He was the only one who had faced
Babar, and Sayedpur became the venue of the genocide of the people. Guru Jee's assertion at the time
pierced his thought. On the other hand his son was in agony. He mollified himself and said, "O, the
Benefactor! We, the ones who are in armed forces, are crude people. The obstinacy overpowers us. Please
regain the kindness, pardon my offensive, and pray for the welfare of my child."

Guru Jee: "Accept the will of Almighty; what ever will be will be. Bank on his command, if he is destined
to become healthy, he will do so. And if God's will is negative, then he will not."
Nawab: "My respected Master! It is the cry of the entrails, motherhood cannot be erased, and the heart
renders. Please resolve to recarve the annals of destiny."
Guru Jee: "O, you with motherhood! Observe the doings of the Supreme Master. Your authority is not
acceptable in the Court of Almighty. The destiny has been writ, and that is inevitable. Supreme command is
ascending to combat the mundane authority. Today, the prince is in restful sleep and let him slumber, who
knows tomorrow how the clothes of the body would tear off, how the heirs-apparent and the princes would
prune each other. What is happening today is soothing, tomorrow could be arduous."

The Ruler could not discern. He did not understand but was awed. Terrified, he asked, " My Master!
Kindly, bring me to the abode of kindness. I will never indulge in force in my territory. Endow me with
your benevolence and save my child."
Guru Jee: "Saving of child's life is the offal from the food of these mendicants but to save the souls of the
child as well as your officials, you show kindness, and, thus, he would be saved. What good is your
command? What for is this effluence? How would you benefit from this wealth? Sitting on the misfortunes
of the poor do you think that you are a prospered man. Take care of the righteousness, indulge in justice and
learn compassion. But it is all the Supreme Master's play. (looking at Lalo) Lalo! Look at the doings of the
Formless. Whistle has been blown, but no body harkens; when the kite is at its height, who cares to pull the
cord? The ecclesiastical command has been issued, efforts of all the people will be adjudged and the
merriment will be forbidden and man will not be left midway between the justice."
Nawab: "Dear Master! Bestow the child's life, pardon the misdoings. You are endowed by Supreme Master,
we are the guilty ones.
Guru Jee: O, Dear Khan! What an acclaim? You are just interested in the present well-being."
Nawab: "(Thinking hard) I envisage now. (Looking at Bhago) Release all the mendicants. (Attending to
Guru Jee) You, my benefactor, please go. I will present myself at your door and beg for the life of my child.
Please, pardon my omission."
Guru Jee: "Lalo! Go and get some left-over piece of bread. Give it the boy to enable him to get well."

Lalo went and brought the piece of bread. It was given to the sick-boy who was cured forthwith. It was
wondrous for the Pathan Ruler, and the same for his Courtiers. Bhago and all the liberated mendicants,
were still standing there!!!
Satguru Jee: Beware Khan. The celestial orders have been issued. A force is coming to encounter the force.
Seek the Lord's benediction, if you can. World is God's domain, Godliness is every body's pursuit, and the
oppression and force are contrary to the Godly realm. The Nawab did not conceive that he was counselled
to revel in justice; not `what I do, I will continue doing', as his type of justice was epitome of high-
handedness. As a matter of fact all the Patthan Dominion was the domain of tribulations. The Guru Jee
without subsequent reflection, and imbued in his mendicant-mood, quietly proceeded further to-wards the
sandy-dunes. Lalo approached and asked, "My Reverend! What was your divination today?" Satguru Jee,
then, giving a sign of wisdom, went into taciturnity.

Next day Malik Bhago came, putting his head on his feet said, "O, My Celestial Benefactor! I have
committed a great disobedience. Kindly have mercy upon me and pardon me. I was mislead by some
Guru Jee: "Aye Bhago! You an Official, and taken in by the people, how can it be?

Guru Jee: "Aye Bhago! You an Official, and taken in by the people, how can it be? Abandoned such an
office in which your eyes cannot distinguish between the morality and immorality. The Rulers are not the
masters, above those masters, there is another Master, one must remain under restraint and adhere to His
justice. Though He is invisible weighing your deeds, He does balance them.... His judgment is coming."
Malik: "I was disobedient, kindly pardon me."
Guru Nanak: "The disobedience to me is disobedience to Nanak. Isn't it? The disobedience to Nanak is not
a disobedience, rather you care about the disobedience you are meting out to yourself, your subject and the
creator. The animals and the birds roam about all day long, they labour for their subsistence, and they
remain happy, always healthy and fly high up in the sky. The livelihood earned through hard work is
bestowed with peace. The toil keeps the body healthy and leads it to the serene way of the Supreme Master.
To snatch other people's sustenance with force and deceit, and to hoard it to sit over it, like a snake, is a
sickness of both mind and soul. You have wasted your `self', you have lost your `self', and you have slain
your `self'. Take pity on yourself and rejuvenate the dead one with rays of righteousness."
Bhago: "O, my True Master! My mind has rippled enough, whatever you vocalize, is pleasing to me. But,
please guide me, how can I, with the body waning with laziness, perform labour?"
Satguru: "The Ruler's throne is labour and the poor man's shovel is labour but only if they perform their
labour keeping in mind the Creator. Your Official duty is your labour and your subsistence. It is labour,
provided you distinguish between just and unjust, balance the justice, don't accept bribes, and don't
commit atrocities. Yes, all your commands, all your responsibilities are your toil if you indulge in them
with the intention of welfare and goodness. Whether you have been given an occupation or have chosen it
yourself, the misuse vanquishes all of them. The labourer's shovel, official's duty, retailer's weighing-bar,
king's justice and a sage's attributes, are all vocations provided there is no abuse. All is transformed into
worship if it is performed with the remembrance of the Supreme Master in the heart. And the allotment of
the remembrance comes from the Master, either through Destiny or through some one's kindness. To
squeeze more from the one who has been left just enough for his bread after sweating blood in labour,
tilling the land, and paying the land-revenue, is like sucking his blood. And robbing some one of his hard
earned living is same as cutting the throat of an animal and compressing out its blood. "How can the Master
eat your Brahm Bhoj? How can the seeker at the door of the Master consume the same? Each morsel is
infused with the ego and has been the source of threadbare wail. It is dripping blood. Your Brahm Bhoj,
your alms, your sacrificial-food, and your oblations are all for your own fame, to cover up your vices, and
hide the pools of illicit blood. Grief stricken are those, who live on such alms. Piteous are those who
survive such eating and called themselves sages, brahmins and ascetics. Bhago! Country is emblazing with
their abomination. The oppressed populace is screaming. "A celestial command has been issued. The
forests of vices have pulled away the clouds of tribulation. Now you get ready to face the offenses, which
you never hesitated to inflict upon others. You did not feel the bitterness of perpetration on others but, now,
you would narrate how caustic it is."

Bhago shivered, cried, and he fell on the feet, "Pardon me, O, My Benefactor! Please pardon."
Guru Jee: "Pardoned you will be by the pardonable, but only if they, the poor and the trampled ones, whom
you have made impoverished and degraded, pardon you. Go, get the pardon from those whom you have
tyrannized. I am not merely a mendicant of obeisance; the absolute character is always judged. The tempest
is swarming the country and it is going to bluster the Rule of the Patthans. If you feel to save yourself, bow
down, seek passion, and indulge in true earning. And, only then, raise your head by depending on those
true and unblemished wages."

Listening to the noble communication of the Master, Bhago left the place at the time. He opened the
treasures at home and disbursed all the wealth, which was getting poisoned under the squatting snake, the
illusion, among the people who he had been plundered. Some people betokened Bhago to have gone mad
but others maintained that it was the glory of `Nanak, the ascetic, who had tamed such an effective snake.
Yes, in the domain of Sayedpur, it prevailed that the turn around of Bhago have treadled him to the Master's
portals now, through the blessings emanating from the erstwhile afflicted souls.

Then, one evening, Bhago arrived at the house of Lalo. Yes, the beholder of the universe was devouring the
maize-bread. He gave a piece to Bhago, "Eat, my brother, and discern the taste." It was the first time ever
Bhago relished the corn. With the folded hands, he said, "My Ever Benevolent Master! Favour me with
your kindness, let me have the blessings of your feet, save me from the adversity, save me both in this
mundane world and celestial domain.

Guru Jee: "The populace, which you had put under sufferings, is feeling alleviated. Their blessings reached
the heavenly court and you were showered with His kindness. Repeat the Godly Name, but remember,
without the righteous occupation, fortunate stage is not attained. Ones, who revel in honourable
occupations, become chaste but, by luxuriating in the adverse company, they are infested with the avarice
thought. Those, who have the dependence on the God's Name, his Enlightenment, and Composure, are the
Sages, Saints, Mendicants, and Mahatmas. The ones, who are merely possessive of careers, are not
successful if they are lodged in follies like the animals, although, they may be, seemingly, healthy and
devoid of worries. The ascetics, remaining taciturnly in the forests, are not the sages and saints; their bodies
fluctuate and oscillate and they are the instruments of predicament. But, yes, those who repeat the Godly
Name and are suffused in It, are soothed with love, gratitude, supplication and
nectar. They, from within and without, are raising their craving arms, them and only them are alive and are
accepted in both, the mundane and heavenly, worlds. Without the Godly Name, it is a dead-body and there
is no soul in the life. Yes, Bhago, today the kindness has ascended with the Name for you. Living in the
Name, relinquishing the undesirable company and living in the True Fold you will save yourself. Contrary
to that you will have the acceptance neither here nor hereafter. Beware the hard time is ahead at both the

Once again, Bhago fell on the feet. Now Bhago was semi-conscious. Lalo came forward and sprinkled
water on his face. The Satguru, the all pervading Satguru, placed his hand on his head and articulated,
"Wahiguru, the God is Supreme." Bhago said, "Wahiguru" and he was filled with the bliss of `Wahiguru'.

And thus, to save the emblazing world, the chivalrous Satguru, abandoning his household, relinquishing his
relations, commenced from Sultanpur on a divine journey. After interrupting the wandering at many places,
he encamped at Eminabad and the true congregation was inaugurated. People of far and wide villages got
reformed, but Lalo and Bhago were the premier pious persons, the Guruwards. The topnotch, Maulanas--
the Muslim Priests, the sturdy Pundits and the Pandhey--the lay-priests were misleading the
masses. The Rulers were manipulating into fallacies. They continued till the genocide commenced and,
they, along with the subject, were the victim of anguish. Guru Jee left this place after a few days. Bhago
continued to congregate with Lalo and, before the great genocide, which occurred in Sayedpur and ended in
general massacre, he, with Godly Name on his lips, went to Agra.

Guru Jee stayed there for a few days more but to attend to the overwhelming call for the deliverance of the
world, he restarted his sojourn. His first proclamation, before he left Sultanpur, was to revel in devotional
singing, worship, and supplication in the presence of the `Wahiguru'. The performance in His absence does
not get accepted. In spite of their auspicious effect, they are not fully realized. In the second proclamation,
at Eminabad, the body is in the universe and, with the hypothesis or through the philosophical education, it
does not renounce the world; that is why, keeping the mind on the ethical path, it steps into the occupation
of righteousness to nurture this notion and to keep to the honourable livelihood. Every vocation, every
profession ranging from the peg-chiselling to the reigning, all are the result of pious earning. The pious
living is the fortunate performance provided that the Godly Name is vested in the heart.

Establishing these two towers of enlightenment, the Great Benefactor proceeded further:
(1) Bask in Worship, devotional singing and pray on Godly Name with presence of mind.
(2) Adopt an honest and virtuous occupation and honest earning with repetition of Godly Name.
Amalgamate the Righteous Vocation and the Celestial Name.

Even Pain and Hunger are Your Gifts

"How did you get that black eye?" asked Guru-Father, GurDev-Pita Gobind Singh Jee. The teenager
dressed in a long blue gown, wearing a sword looked at his Master's feet and responded with silence.

The King of this World and the next, radiated glory in all directions and the lovelight washed over the quiet
young man, "Dear child of mine, your turban has been knocked, your nose is bleeding and you have a black
eye. Now you dont get that from just cleaning the stables. So I order you to tell me who did this to you?"

The slender young warrior continued looking lovingly at the Master's feet and humbly replied, 'I was
feeding the horses Guru jee when you suddenly slapped me.'

The Khalsa warrior who had brought the young Singh in to Guru Jee's royal court quickly interrupted, 'O
Guru with the Royal Plume Kalgee-Dhar Patshah, True King and Cherisher of the Poor, Gareeb Nivaaj,
this saintly boy will not tell you, but I saw that mighty Singh over there just walk across to the boy and
without even uttering a word he swung his arm with full force landing his palm on the boy's right cheek.
Guru Maharaj forgive my younger brother for his answer , he is not lying for he sees your face in
everyface, everywhere and all the time. He speaks little and is always engrossed in service and meditation,
seva and simran. He was attacked for no reason, that is why I dragged him here to get some justice. He did
not want to complain.'
Some warrior Nihangs dressed in blue battle clothes, grabbed the Singh accused of the attack and escorted
him into Guru King Guru Gobind Singh Jee's divine presence.

'Explain your actions.' ordered the Helper from Waheguru, Nasaro Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh Jee.

The Singh was built like a mountain with an ego to match he replied in rough voice 'Guru Jee, this boy is
half my age, everyday he does seva and simran, he speaks little and when he does its full of love and
humility. I can't stand him. Everyday I do seva along side him, I see how much you love him and bless
him, whereas I get no look of grace. He was getting too close to you and I hate him. I had to teach him a

Guru Gobind Singh Jee reprimanded the Singh and gave him some community service to do, then he got up
and hugged the young Singh who was still looking at the Master's feet, 'Dhan GurSikh, Great is the
GurSikh who even in suffering accepts it as a divine gift.'

Ketia Dukh Bukh saad mar.

Eh Bhee Daat Teree Datar.Countless many continously suffer pain and hunger
O Giver, Even these are Your Gifts(Guru Nanak Dev Jee in Jap Jee Sahib).

Bhagat Dhroo Jee's Determination

Guru Granth Sahib Jee says '

Ram Japo Jee Aise Aise

Dhroo Prahlad Japio Har Jaise'

Repeat God's Name in this way, in this way :

Just as Dhroo and Prahlad did.

Bhagat Dhroo Jee was the son of a king, when he was 5 he was playing on his fathers laps when one of the
king's many wives shouted at him to get off. She wanted her own son to inherit the throne and so was
trying to stop the king getting too attached to bhagat Dhroo jee. No-one defended Bhagat Dhroo jee, he
was really really upset and ran to his mother's room. He said to her 'I am a prince but they shout at me like
a servant boy. Why don't they respect your son Mata jee...I thought you were a queen not a slave?' She
replied 'because of my destiny i am a queen, but because i never meditated on God's name I have no more
respect than a slave.' Bhagat Dhroo jee was furious that they didn't respect his mother. He told his father
the King, 'I am leaving this kingdom to go and meditate on God's Name, one day when I have enough
spiritual power I will reclaim the throne.' His father insisted he stayed, but the other queen was quite happy
to let him go. He was determined and left into the wilderness. Traveling to the jungle were all holy people
went to meditate he was met by a Saint (the son of Brahma I think), the Saint spoke to the little boy and
was surprised to hear a child saying he was going to the jungle to meditate. So he tested the boy to see if
he was serious. He said to Bhagat Dhroo Jee, 'you know it's dark and dangerous in the jungle, wont you get
scared of the wild animals?' Bhagat Dhroo Jee replied, 'I dont care if its dark and dangerous, I'm going to
meditate on God's Name.' The Saint tested him again, 'But you're the son of a king and used to being fed
the finest food, will be able to live on berries and roots in the jungle?' Bhagat Dhroo Jee was determined
and replied, 'I'm going to meditate on god's name even if there's no food.'

The saint was truly impressed by Bhagat Dhroo Jee's determination and whispered the secret name of God
into Bhagat Dhroo Jee's ear. He had met his true guru and for the next few years he meditated long and
hard. When he was a teenager he felt he had enough spiritual power to overtake the king and claim the
kingdom. He had been meditating on God's name with this sole target for all these years and now his ego
had got the better of him. On his way to the palace, his True Guru met him again and laughingly said were
are you going, bhagat Dhroo jee replied 'I'm going to fight the kings army and reclaim the throne.' His
True Guru laughed and said how are you going to beat an army?. Bhagat Dhroo jee replied, 'I have
meditated on God's name for years and years and the spiritual power I have is immense.' His True Guru
handed him his staff and said 'Before you break the Kings Army, just break my measly staff.' Bhagat
Dhroo Jee tried with all his might but failed miserably to even break a 3 foot stick! He fell at his True
Guru's feet and begged for forgiveness, his ego had broken. He returned to the jungle were he continued to
meditate. After many years his True Guru came again and said to him aren't you going to the Kingdom to
fight the King's Army and reclaim your throne? Bhagat Dhroo Jee's spiritual state had gone beyond
worldly pleasures and he replied with humility and love, 'SatGuru jee, I am low and humble servant of
God, what do I want with worldy pleasure and kingdoms? The bliss I am experiencing at the feet of God is
all I need.'

It is said that Bhagat Dhroo Jee's spiritual efforts pleased Waheguru jee so much that a whole dimension of
creation was given to Bhagat Dhroo Jee. Forget about a mere few hundred acres of a kingdom!

Bhagat Dhroo Jee had determination! He was determined to meditate on God's name whether the wild
animals killed him or if he starved to death. Once his ego broke he reached the highest state of humility and
love and now the whole world honours him.

Mountain of a Man
Baba Deep Singh jee was a mountain of a man. Broad shouldered, clad from head to toe with weapons,
the sun's rays were sliced on the mighty Khanda's edge as he rode his powerful steed across empty plains
and thick jungles. Leading the Khalsa Army of Akali Nihangs, the warrior-saints of the Immortal One,
he was on a mission to uproot the tyrants that had occupied the Guru King's Royal Court, Darbar Sahib
better known as the Golden Temple. Resting under the all pervading hand of Guru Arjun Dev jee at the
peaceful gurdwara called Tarn Taran Sahib, the Akali Nihangs cooled their bodies one last time in the pure
lake. As they dressed they added colourful decorations to their blue battle-dress. Why not be joyful?
After all they were in a wedding procession on their way to marry their bride - Death. Reciting Kirtan
Sohila - the final prayer, they rode like courageous long-haired warriors of old towards the rising sun,
Darbar sahib would be reached before nightfall.

Over 50 years earlier, a young wide-eyed man called Deepa, stood like a drop in an ocean of Sikhs. On
the high platform ahead the King of Kings, over seven foot tall wearing a tall pointed turban, stood with a
sharp sword dripping with blood and raised to the sky. He thundered "I now have 5 heads! Sikhs of
Immortal God and Guru Nanak, you have passed the most difficult test." Deepa had never seen such a
man, was it a man or was it a miracle called Guru Gobind Singh Jee? The ocean of Sikhs was waiting
with baited breath, even the birds and jungle monkeys didn't dare to move. Five beautifully radiant souls
stood alongside the Helper from God, the spiritual energy that flowed from them was more intense than
thousands of blazing suns. By nightfall Deepa had kneeled in the warrior position, Bir-Asan, and gave his
head along with 80,000 others that week. 20 year old Deepa, became Deep Singh, the Lion of Light. A
lion the world would never forget.

A warrior, a saint and a scholar of the highest order, Baba Deep Singh jee was the one that provided Bhai
Mani singh jee with ink, paper and pens as the Beloved of Waheguru Guru Gobind Singh Jee connected
with the Divine Spirit and the Word of God rained down like nectar. Day after day, the Word passed from
the Guru-Kings's mouth through Bhai Mani Singh Jee's hand. Many months passed like this until the
complete message of Waheguru jee was finally completed in what later became Guru Granth Sahib
Jee. In celebration the Khalsa gathered and served together in performing a continuous reading, Akand
Paat, which lasted 48 hours. The spiritual energy generated was immense and the lovers of Waheguru's
word sat absorbed in a love and spiritual joy that is only found deep inside. Supernatural powers bowed at
the feet of Bhai Mani singh jee and Baba Deep Singh Jee. As they sat next to Guru Gobind Singh jee, their
bodies started rising up. Guru Gobind Singh jee, the Master, brought his students out of their intense love
and back into the world. He told them they each had great sacrifices to make before they left this world.

Bhai Mani Singh Jee and Baba Deep Singh Jee were given the responsibility of starting and running two
Universities, or Takhsals. Although the majority of Sikhs were fighting in the Khalsa Army, Guru Gobind
Singh Jee wanted to share the message of the Supreme Being with the whole world. Bhai Mani Singh Jee
and Baba Deep Singh Jee established two DamDami Takhsals. Each taught correct pronunciation of
Waheguru's word, the meanings of it, they produced qualified preachers and made beautiful hand-written
copies which were distributed to Sikhs wherever they were. Baba Deep Singh Jee even translated Guru
Granth Sahib jee into Arabic and sent it to the Sikhs in those lands. The utmost respect and devotion was
given to the most precious jewel in the world - Waheguru's Word.

After Guru Gobind Singh Jee physically left this world, the Guru-ship was passed onto Guru Granth Sahib
jee for spiritual guidance and the Guru Khalsa for worldly guidance. The Guru Khalsa, or nation of Sikhs,
decided that the best way to survive the Moghul onslaught was to regroup into two armies: Budda Dal and
Tarna Dal. Budda Dal was for the over 40s (if any sikhs lived that long) they were the home-guard. Tarna
Dal was the younger army and were sent into battles. The Tarna Dal had five troops, Baba Deep Singh Jee
headed the ones known as Shahidi Missal - the martyrs.

When the 80 year old Baba Deep Singh Jee received the message that Jahan Khan's Army had invaded the
Guru's Royal court, Darbar Sahib. He left the duties of DamDamee Takhsal and gave a roaring speech to
the Shahidi Missal. Raising his huge double-edged Khanda sword, he drew a line in the ground. "Khalsa
today you have a choice of life and death. If Darbar sahib is precious to you, if it hurts you that a man sits
on the Guru's throne, if you are sickened that prostitutes are dancing in the Guru's Court then step across
the line and ride with me to the Death. Khalsa Jee, make no mistake, if you are still thinking about who will
look after your children, if you are still thinking of growing old and having an easy life, then don't cross the
line. The line is only for the ones that will not look back."

Every single Akali-Nihang, crossed the line. "Boleh so Nihal - SAT SRI AKAL_Speak be Joyous -
ETERNAL HOLY GOD". The storm of justice stirred into action, the Warrior-Saints rode to the wedding
with Death. A few miles from Darbar Sahib, Baba Deep Singh was struck by a Moghul sword
across the neck. His head was severed from its body. The body was dead, but Baba Deep Singh Jee spirit
was indestructable. Gur gobind Singh Jee's hand was above him. Baba Deep Singh Jee miraculously
picked up his head and kept fighting until he finally threw his head onto the walkway around the lake of the
Darbar Sahib. The Khalsa went on to reclaim Darbar Sahib.

In honor of such a noble sacrifice, Gurudwara Shaheed Ganj is established in Amritsar. Baba Deep Singh,
the Lion from God's Light received amrit aged 20, led the Akali-Nihang warriors of the Shahida Missal and
founded DamDamee Taksal as a centre of excellence for preaching and sharing Waheguru's word as Guru
Gobind Singh Jee, the King of Kings, had instructed. A Saint, a Soldier, a Scholar and always humble
enough to consider himself no more than a servant of Guru Granth Sahib Jee and Guru Khalsa.

Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Jee. Great! Great! Baba Deep Singh Jee.

III. Pearls on a String

Pearls on a string
Amazing nature!

Article posted by Jasjit T Ahluvalia from his local newspaper:

The Moon and eight of the planets will be lined up in the sky this week "like pearls on a string" in a sight
that won't be visible again from Earth for at least another century.

Continuing through next Monday, the planets will appear in the southwestern sky in a line slanting forward
from the horizon. From west to east, Pluto will be followed by Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus,
Jupiter, and Saturn, with a crescent moon alongside.
Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will be visible to the naked eye, with Venus and Jupiter by far
the brightest. A good pair of binoculars will be needed to see the small blue dots that are Uranus and
Neptune. Pluto will be visible only by telescope.

The heavenly bodies will be all lined up "like pearls on a string", according to Jack Horkheimer, Executive
Director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium.

"Pearls on a string" such a beautiful phrase. Guru Arjun Dev Jee uses a similar example in ardas:


The whole creation is strung on Your thread."

The complete shabad is from Sukmanee Sahib and follows:

"Too takr tum pae ardas, jeeo pind sabh teree raas
Tum mat pita hum barik teray, tumree kirpa ma sukh ghaneray
Koe na janay tumraa ant, ochay te oochaa bhagwant
Tum te hoe so agai karee
tumraee gat mit tumhee janee, nanak das sada kurbanee"

"You are our Lord and Master; to You, I offer this prayer.
This body and soul are all Your property.

You are our mother and father; we are Your children.

In Your Grace, there are so many joys!

No one knows Your limits.
O Highest of the High, Most Generous God,

The whole creation is strung on Your thread.

That which has come from You is under Your Command.

You alone know Your state and extent.

Nanak, Your slave, is forever a sacrifice. || 8 || 4 ||

Punjabi Shoes
Bhai Gurdas Jee was so humble and full of love that he wrote that when he sees the Sikhs that have come
into the Guru's presence he puts his head on their feet. In fact, he loves them so much, they are so great
that he says when I die, take my skin and make shoes from it. Shoes for the GurSikhs to wear on their holy

When going to the gurdwara, see each person as Bhai Gurdas would have and keep your focus on their feet,
wipe their shoes, serve the ones that have come to serve the Guru.

Praying is Boring
Once some men approached Guru Gobind Singh Jee and said 'Baba jee, O we don't get anything out of
saying our prayers. What can we do about it?' Guru Gobind Singh jee noticed they were in the habit of
chewing cocaine leaves and told them to try an experiment. They agreed. Guru Jee said chew your cocaine
leaves, but don't swallow it. They chewed and Guru jee said spit it out. They did so. They began chewing
some more, and again Guru jee said spit it out. This carried on for a while. Out of frustration the men
stopped chewing and demanded to know why Guru jee kept making them spit it out. Guru Gobind Singh
jee asked them 'You chewed a lot of leaves, but did you get intoxicated?' They answered, 'How can we get
intoxicated if you don't let us swallow?'

Guru Gobind Singh Jee said, 'There is the answer to your question, you say your prayers like parrots, your
mouths move but none of the meanings or feelings go inside you....yet you expect to be in divine bliss!'

Free For All

Guru Gobind Singh asked the Sikhs to prepare a huge amount of Prashad (sweet pudding) for the
congregation. Guru Jee said to the sangat, 'Today the prashad will not be distributed by anyone, today I
want each one of you to come and get it yourself.'

People were puzzled, Guru jee repeated the request, 'Come and get it yourself.' Most of the sangat got up
and took great big handfuls.

One of the more religious looking Sikhs sat quietly at the back watching the commotion. Guru Gobind
singh Jee approached him and asked why he was not participating. He replied, 'O guru jee, it is better when
the Prashad is distributed, I don't like this new approach.'

Guru Gobind singh Jee said, 'Beloved One, the reason why you are still far from Waheguru jee is because
still doubt your Guru's word. You still follow what your mind says is good and bad, right and wrong. You
have little faith in what your guru says.'

The Sikh fell at guru jees feet and begged for forgiveness.


BELIEVE and OBEY 100% what Guru Granth Sahib Jee says. The mind has to die to the shabad. Don't
doubt the Guru.

A good deal
The giani said, "please sit and listen with attention, by talking while there is kirtan and katha on you are
wasting your breaths. You have come to the Guru's shop to purchase naam in exchange for your breaths,
and I am the Guru's salesman sitting on the stage displaying the shabd jewels contained in the Guru's
treasure chest."

There is no difference between spiritual life and daily practical life of a SAINT. All actions are spiritual.

Work done with love and full heart, always bring people closer to GOD.

Good Wife
The Giani jee was explaining to the newlyweds as they sat infront of Guru Granth Sahib jee, how the wife
can please the husband. He said some wives go to 'witch-doctors' for potions and mumbo-jumbo mantras
so that their husband remains under their control. But Bhagat Fareed Jee's salok teaches us to:

1) speak sweetly
2) remain humble
3) say sorry
then the Husband (Waheguru) will be pleased.

The Way It Is
by Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa Jee

If I could find the words to say

What my heart beats to me every day
What my soul whispers in longing's way
What resonates so purely when I pray
Then I could describe my love for You.

When I feel you in my heart's own beat

In this sacred place where lover's meet
Soothing blissful rising heart
When I know I am complete
And there is only love for You.

..Then there is no now, there is no then

There is no real and no pretend
There is no enemy and no friend
Only wave upon wave again and again
Of endless love for You.

man preet charan kamalare

Love for WaheGuru come from reading Guru Amrit Banee with concentration. This body with it's lotus -
photus flowers is left eons behind on the Naam path.

Don't get caught up in Kamla-shamla. All this is lower stuff. All this is just yet another distraction.

Tell me, if you want to fly to AmritSar and you ask the ticket agent about the fastest way to get Amritsar
and he starts talking about sight-seeing in Europe - what will you tell him?

GurSikhs don't give a damn about these things, heck, they don't even give a damn about mukti


Love is already within us. We don't need some lotus to turn up to start our love for WaheGuru. Do Amrit
Vela Naam Simran with Awareness and then with every breath - very little time is left.

Ik Oan(g) Kar
IK Oan(g) Kar, means

Ik the line symbol meaning One

Oang the 'oora' letter meaning Supreme Soul

i.e. cosmic energy known as God before creation
Kar the wavy line sprouting from the 'oora' letter meaning creation sprung from the Supreme

LOVE-IN Samagham
Love was a unity
By a Dancer and His/Her dance
Were they One or what?
The Dancer was Not this, Not
the dance
Yet could the dance be separated from
the Dancer

You are the centre

Just be at the centre
Travel not outside the centre;
And identify not with outer circles
Just be at the centre; you are the centre.

Your body is a circle, around your centre,

Your mind too is a circle, around your centre
There are many circles around your centre
Identify yourself, not with the outer circles
You are their centre, remain at the centre.

Remaining at the centre, move the circles

Move not yourself

Move the circles from the centre

Watch them moving: from the centre.

Be a spectator; not a spectacle

Be a witness, not a participant
You are the centre
Be at the centre

naach(n)tee line dancing

Har kaa baagaraa
naachai pi(n)dhee meh saagaraa||rahaao||
naach(n)atee gopee ja(n)naa||

In this garden of God, the mortals dance

like the water in the pots||pause||
The women and men dance alike
panna 693

Joining hands lets form one line

and go line dancing down through time
Kukoor ji is leading, dance stepping first in line
his footsteps tracing golden ones, following right behind
Dhan Dhan Gur Nanak Nirankar, dancing through all time.
One hand through his collar, in kukoors footsteps, falling all the time
my other holding hands with daas, whose following right in mine
prancing fancy in sisters footsteps, dancing to stay in time
with the rythym of the universe and keep us in one line
unbroken dancing verse by verse in oneunbrokenline


Heeeyyyyyy Maaaaaaaannnnnnn!
Take a walk on the wow side
be a flower in the waah-light
a pure waah-japping naamlife
waah-waah no stress'n'strife
everything's gonna be alright
waah-waah colours of the All-Bright
In every one in every sight
waah-waah love
waah-waah hug
from you to Guru
from Guru to you
Waah-Waah guru

V. Priceless

Who could lose such a jewel?

There is no reason for this post, other than I long for the Darshan of Naami Gursikhs and this seems the
only way Darshan of Naam Net Gursikhs. In the midst of a thousand people I feel alone without the sight
of a Gurmukh. At times I am desperate for some Gursikh to tell me about Naam Simran. I want to hear it
again and again. I would die for the gift of Saadh Sangat.

I have searched the world and found only one thing is constant. That is the presence of Vaheguru. Only one
thing brings contentment and understanding and that is the Naam. I wish for the resounding
vibration of the Naam to ring through my soul, forever. How long must I wait before I, the Paapee of
Pappees, can sit once again in the midst of the Guru's Khalsa? Even a square inch, I would be eternally
grateful. My heart pines for the love of Naam and the love of the Creating Master.

When will my mind refuse the filth and lure of this world? When will His Word resonate throughout my
being? I would die for such a moment, again and again.

I want only one thing in this life. That which for I have been sent. The Naam. Great and Invincible is the
Naam. How infinitely holy and pure! Without measure is the Naam. The greatest of the great. How I long
for somebody to help me to find it again! How did this fool lose such a gem? Am I so foolish that I saw not
its value? Will the Saint who gave me His Naam have mercy upon me when I bow again to his Charan?

Whence I took the Pahul of the Saint's Khanda, I must have been too much. I pray that somebody, even
now, could come and burn this ego.

Are there fools such as I, who could lose such a jewel? I am unforgivable, for I gave my head and then took
it back. Will the greatest Master have mercy upon this infidel? How could I be so blind, not to see the value
of the early hours. The Master gave me his most precious gift and yet, still I saw not its worth. I deserve the
pain and suffering of a million births and deaths, for I am the one who lost the greatest gift of all. I long for
the Darshan of GurSikhs.

May they be blessed with infinite grace and infinite pleasure, those who take their heart and in its absence
place the Hukam of their Master's Word. May I bow again and again to the feet of those who Jap
the Naam with such love and truth. May I wash their Charan and drink in haste the dust of their feet. May I
lay down and hope they walk over my worthless self. Great are they, beloved Gursikhs!

Those who not even for an instant think of another. Those whose focus is strong and determined. Oh, how
infinitely fortunate are they! If I, the infidel, was to even steal a glimpse of their Charan, I would
consider myself in ecstasy. I would travel a million miles, to see the Charan of my beloved Pyarai.

How false am I? The greatest pretender! The King of Fools! Tears of worthless value! Oh, what I would do
for the Naam to return. What I would do for the taste once more! I would never let it go. Never.

But who would grant this fool a second chance?

The Master is merciful, but even to such infidels who lose the Gift of Naam? How could I repay my
Master? My head is of no value. I have nothing with which to complete this sale. I am lost. My chances are
at an end.

The only thing left is to beg for forgiveness, for I have been such a fool. I can only hope that my Master
shines his merciful light towards my worthless and withering state. Such a day is surely worth its wait.

I beg the Naami Gursikh Sangat to pray for this lost one. I would be eternally grateful and forever at your

How great He must be

How great He must be
even whose Naam is so sweet?
How thunderingly stunning His sight must be
whose Naam is so powerful?

How miraculous His mercy must be

who gives His Naam even to me?
How wonderful His grace must be
whose Gurmukhs are so full of light?

How beautiful His Charan must be

for which I would die again?
How uncompromising His Kirpa must be
who fills life into all?

If one day I too could meet my Beloved

I would count myself the unworthiest in His Darbar.
If one day I too could meet my Beloved
I would.......if only such a time would arrive.

How can a stone like I swin the ocean sea?

How can my Beloved's Vision be held by my sinful eyes?
How can this rotten cage be filled with His Light?
Why does this tongue not continue His Jaap
even when His Amrit Rass is so sweet?
Why does not this body no longer awake
even though the sheets are upon a corpse?

What use is working so very hard

when in reality, I dig my own grave?
What use is making so many friends
when in reality, they number my ashes?

What I would do for that Hunger of Naam?

Again and again I would consume forever!
I would not stop, forever and ever!
Oh, but one more sweet chance?

Waheguru Ji

I looked at her. She was so beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. Nay, she was beauty itself. She was wearing
a bluish garment sparkling with light. Her face radiated peace and composure I had yet to experience on
Earth. She was standing besides a river. The sun was rising and the river reflected
the dawn's beauty in all it's glory. The whole scene raptured me and filled me with awe.

She had a big bag which seemed to be half filled with stones. It was only when she pulled out one of the
stones that I realized it was no ordinary stone. No, it was a beautiful gem. I had never seen such a beautiful
gem, surpassing the brilliance and the elegance of any gem on Earth.

Then she did a rather peculiar thing. She threw the gem into the river. Before I could say anything she did
the same thing again. And again. And again. It was beyond me how such beautiful gems could be so easily
discarded by her. Couldn't she see how precious, how valuable these gems were?

Once in a while, she would put a gem into her pocket. But then she would go right back to dropping those
beautiful gems, one after another, into the river.

Finally I broke out of my spell and said, "Who are you?".

She looked at me and her eyes sparkling with life and mirth, said, "I am you".

It completely shocked me to think that I could be that beautiful. "But", I stumbled, "I am ugly and dirty,
you are pure...?"

I could feel her laughter inside. "I am your soul."

Like a flash of lightening, I completely understood her. I saw her and me as one. My dirt and ugliness were
the false and fleeting me. She was the true me. Like a jewel wrapped in rags, I had hidden her from the
world. Nay, I had hidden her from me.

There was complete understanding.

I didn't have to ask her about her curious behaviour of throwing gems. The gems were the priceless suaas
(breaths) given to me. The ones I had spent on simran, she had put in her pocket and had became part of her
treasure. The rest were uselessly thrown away.

I wept deeply for the time spent in pursuit of the world.

I looked at her. She was so beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. Nay, she was beauty itself. She was wearing
a bluish garment sparkling with light. Her face radiated peace and composure I had yet to experience on
Earth. She was standing besides a river. The sun was rising and the river reflected
the dawn's beauty in all it's glory. The whole scene raptured me and filled me with awe.

She had a big bag which seemed to be half filled with stones. It was only when she pulled out one of the
stones that I realized it was no ordinary stone. No, it was a beautiful gem. I had never seen such a beautiful
gem, surpassing the brilliance and the elegance of any gem on Earth.

Then she did a rather peculiar thing. She threw the gem into the river. Before I could say anything she did
the same thing again. And again. And again. It was beyond me how such beautiful gems could be so easily
discarded by her. Couldn't she see how precious, how valuable these gems were?

Once in a while, she would put a gem into her pocket. But then she would go right back to dropping those
beautiful gems, one after another, into the river.

Finally I broke out of my spell and said, "Who are you?".

She looked at me and her eyes sparkling with life and mirth, said, "I am you".

It completely shocked me to think that I could be that beautiful. "But", I stumbled, "I am ugly and dirty,
you are pure...?"

I could feel her laughter inside. "I am your soul."

Like a flash of lightening, I completely understood her. I saw her and me as one. My dirt and ugliness were
the false and fleeting me. She was the true me. Like a jewel wrapped in rags, I had hidden her from the
world. Nay, I had hidden her from me.

There was complete understanding.

I didn't have to ask her about her curious behaviour of throwing gems. The gems were the priceless suaas
(breaths) given to me. The ones I had spent on simran, she had put in her pocket and had became part of her
treasure. The rest were uselessly thrown away.

I wept deeply for the time spent in pursuit of the world.

How could one forget

How can one remember Thee, unless first we meet
Oh, but the nearness of Thee taste devinely sweet
Please bless and fill me with Thy Grace
Granting this unworthy one a glimpse of Thy Face
Blind me with thy Blinding Light
Empty me of weakness, and fill me with Thy Might
Once met,
How could one forget
Waheguru waheguru waheguru wahegur

A psuedo-sant was preaching in a village. The psuedo-sant was quite rude and hot tempered and told
people off quite openly. One man got so enraged at some of the pseudo-sant's teachings that he vowed to
get enlightened and openly show the world that this sant was indeed pseudo. To get enlighted, the man
started japping naam day and night.

When he did get enlighted, he proceeded to the psuedo-sant's dera and fell on his feet and said,

"It is because of you that I am in so much ras that I see WaheGuru everywhere and in everyone."

There are infinite numbers of ras in WaheGuru's creation.

The ras of water,

the ras of food,
the ras of money,
the ras of kaam,
the ras of friendship,
the ras of hatred,

The most wide-spread ras of all is the ras of ego. Observe how much time and energy we spend indulging
in this ras: perhaps *all* our time!

What is the gurmat-approved ras?

The guru answers:

sakhiea naam maha ras peoo ||

Why is naam the *maha* ras?

Because naam overpowers all other kinds of ras. Indeed naam is the *only* ras that overpowers the ras of
ego. The only one.

We all know the ego is the only wall which is stopping our union with our beloved. The guru gives us the
sledge hammer of naam to destroy this wall.

Indeed most of us start naam because of the ras of ego. We all want to be happy. We all want more power.
We all want to be care-free.

But the classic catch-22 happens!

Even though we jap naam to indulge in and en-power our egos, what really happens is that the ras of naam
silently and steadily replaces the ras of ego with it's own ras.

So pyareooo, let us not waste our time with other kinds of lower kinds of ras. What we *all* really want is
to be pain-free. Pain exists because of duality and illusion of ego. So what we *really* want is to be ego-
free. And there is only way to do that:

waheguru gurmantr hai

jap humai kho-ee ||

Let us dive into maha ras - naam ras.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Gurmukhs of NaamNet
"Whom shall I call low,
For all have the same master.

There is one master of us all,

He gives man their various duties
and watches over them.

To some small, and to some great duties

One goes without them.

Man came into this world naked,

they will depart from this world naked.
Yet during their lives they make a great display."

daas, daasan daas, gurdas and Guru have blessed us all immensly.

daas then wishes to share some of this, while intending to hide themselves under Guru Ji's Chola, that this
One not get big head, haumai, ugly ego, as he has quite enough already.

Guru Ji, has always been in this One's life. Remember Him from very early age, face to face, never
forgetting His voice.

Yet, this One, for long time, lived in self-created darkness. This One practice much religion, yoga, and
"sordid self-discipline"..meaning only "disciplined" what was comfortable.

Experiences this One had of yogic kind many times before Amirt Diksha Darshan Kripa of Guru Ji, so been
Blessed much. Yet this One BIG ego not ever die, just get bigger.

Guru Ji promised this One long ago that One day He would take this One's head with His Sword, but this
One not fully Understand that for long time. Filled with own efforts this One "yo-yo'd" (ie: up & downed)
in spiritual life and worldly life very much.

This One before Amirt Diksha Darshan Kripa of Guru Ji heard the angels, and saw many things, yet always
wished to Once again See One's Beloved. Never happened again the same.

This One know had Amirt Diksha Darshan Kripa of Guru Ji in past life, but ran away. This One did it in
this life as well. This One always frightened, no courage, weakness, not self-restrained. Then Guru Ji
called this One, to the Sword, not allow this One to refuse again. Promised that He give Courage and Life
to Spirit.

Approaching Amrit, experienced thousand life of Karma, felt like heart attack, wanted to run, but very
literally handed oneself physically to Panj Pyaare Guru. Guru tied white linen around this
Ones wrist and Khalsa Mata Ji brought this One back to Sangat, all fears then gone.

Long time this One say "vaheguru" but not had Amrit in this Life, not Naam, not Gurprasad.

When Amrit thrown in face, Penetrated Soul, Sight, Heart, Mind, Voice, Thought, Hearing, everything.
This One, leaving body again See Guru, Guru kept promises and One now belong to Guru.One was at Once
One with Guru Ji Light of Face, Guru Ji Fivefold Voice, finally Guru Ji, Cool/Bright Silence.
This One first time Know Perfect Peace.

When this One call "Vaheguru"...each time crying to One's Beloved, this One Hear Vaheguru Singh back in

This One often now confused ego, but filled Heart. When blended with Vaheguru Ji, One not know if Bride
or Bridegroom, if Vaheguru Ji or OneSelf...no difference.

Tears this One has, over and over, waited maybe one million lifetime...

One say...
Do not waste Precious Human Life...
Remember Vaheguru Ji Name with Breath,
Remember Vaheguru Ji Name with Mind,
Remember Vaheguru Ji Name with Body,
Remember Vaheguru Ji Name with Soul.

When say and Hear Vaheguru Ji Know that You call Him and that You Love Him.

This One such foolish, ignorant, sinful, only want Sangat Ji feet, serve Sangat Ji, ego die in Vaheguru Ji.

Love Vaheguru Ji.

PS: Jaap Naam, Hear Naam, Speak Naam, Live Naam Vaheguru Vaheguru
Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru.......

One Amrit
Regarding "techniques" and Naam Simran:

Please do not allow your self to get caught in this trap, There are those who would say that you need "their"

There is one Amrit, One Guru.

There is some truth to what is spoken of the Lotus in the Heart;

yet Guru has told us that knowledge of this sort does not lead to Him.

There are as many "techniques" as we allow there to be, but there is only one Guru, and God.

Guru's Bani is very clear:

"Repeat the Naam with the tongue of the mouth and the tongue of the mind."

"Remember Him with every breath."

To believe that "my" Panj Piaare give a "better amrit", or "do it correctly" is both perverse, profane, and
disgusting, and belittling Amrit Sanchar into a ceremony or even lesser a teaching, joining a "secret elite

Amrit is none of this:

Amrit is the Guru,
The Guru is Bani,
Bani is Naam,
Naam is Guru,
And Guru is Amrit.

We meet the Beloved face to face

He speaks into our ear and fills us with Naam.

He touches our Heart, Mind, and Body with His Hand of Grace.

We are not given a "mantra" rather the SatGuru Empowers the Gurmantra with Naam. It can be found
other ways for other people, for other sikhs. For a Sikh of Guru Nanak Dev Ji / Guru Gobind Singh
Maharaj, having received Guru's Amrit, Naam flows into Waheguru Gurmantra, and there becomes no
difference between Naam, Gurmantra, and Gurban

Then one eventually sees the Guru in every face, hears His Voice in everyone's voice, the sant, as well the
prostitute and the devil. Even the Angel of Death moves and acts as Guru's Hukam.

The rushing through the trees, the sound of the traffic outside one's window, the pain of old age that seem
settled in one's bones, the Guru.

Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhaia, Ja Sukh Tam Na Hoe.

Even our seeming pain of separation becomes itself Naam. Our failings become our opportunities to see
Waheguru Ji.

A "technique" is useful as far as helping one concentrate on Simran, or Remembrance of Naam. When the
"technique" becomes as important as Remembrance of the Beloved, it becomes the tool of haumai,
nd a fit home for the Five Thieves to find their lodging.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in fact, all 11 Nanaks, including Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, say that Naam is
available to all at every moment.

Yet, a Sikh of the Guru is blessed in that during Amrit Sanhar, he/she has Revealed Naam directly to
him/her. Let us remember this blessing; forget techniques and technology, remember Waheguru,
and have pity for those that have not been so blessed as ours selves.

Sikhi is a Path as Wide as God and as Deep as His Love.

Naam Ratan
Bhai Sehajo was a sikh who complained everyday to the guru about the lack of dhan in his life. Everyday,
he would do ardas and tell the guru to send him more Maya.

One night, he had a dream: he heard a voice tell him that he would find a man at the edge of the forest the
next morning who would give him a dazzling heart-shaped diamond.

Needless to say, Bhai Sahajo awoke early the next morning and ran to the edge of the forest. And sure
enough, there he found a naami gursikh in samadhi. Even though the Bhai Sehajo's heart was beating
wildly with excitement, he couldn't resist being enveloped by the stillness and the grace of the naami
gursikh's samadhi and despite himself, sat down watching the naami gursikh's face.

At dawn, the naami gursikh opened his eyes. Bhai Sehajo was wonder-struck at the beauty in the naami
gursikh's eyes. They seemed to resemble the sky expanding above the forest - full of gloriously deep
Bhai Sehajo's hypnotic state was only broken when the naami gursikh said, "You have come for the

Still in a half daze, he nodded his head.

The naami gursikh put his hand in a big bag by his side and shifted around. He took out a diamond which
was circle-shaped. This one seemed even more dazzling than the one in the dream.

The naami gursikh asked, "Is it this one?"

With much difficulty, Bhai Sehajo said, "No."

The naami gursikh again put his hand inside the bag and took out another diamond - this time it was
rectangle-shaped and this was even more dazzlingly than the circle-shaped one.

"No," said Bhai Sehajo, "I am here for the heart-shaped one."

The naami gursikhs took out 3 or 4 more diamonds before the right one showed up. Bhai Sehajo slowly
took the diamond and almost reluctantly, walked back home.

But he came back a few hours later and fell at the naami gursikh's feet and begged,

"Give me the wealth that enables you to give such priceless diamonds away like rocks."


Pyareoooooo, that wealth is NAAAAAM!!!

har ke naam ke vaparee ||

heera hath chaReyah nir-molak
choot ga-ee sansari ||
- Kabir Sahib jee

Loose translation:
"(Bhagat Kabir Sahib is a) merchant of har naam;
when this price-less diamond (har naam) was obtained,
worldliness dropped off."

When we see naam even in the fraction of its full glory, all worldliness seem like dust.

Sure the worldly diamonds - the most precious one the *I* diamond - seem so dear and indispensable now.

But let the guru give us the True and Pure diamond of Naam and even *I* will drop away like darkness at

How do we get this Sach and Nirmal Naam?

ONLY one way: by following on the path of gur-mat:

sacha dhan
gur-mati aaye ||

So let us all wake up to this gurmat path and like faithful kukoors who rejoice when they see their master,
lift up our souls towards SatGuru's komal charan kamal and praise the guru with GURU WAH!!!!
XII. 24 Carats
This morning i never heard my alarm at all and got up two hours late. i was just too sleepy! Amrit vela was
almost over . but i decided i had to give it a try.

It was very tough fighting sleep and my mind kept making journeys to the bed. It made many nice plans. I
was so late that after an hour of fighting sleep and dreams, i stopped to do prakash. I actually then went to
my room, but looking at the bed, i had to go back to baba jis room and finish my simran. Then i left again,
and planned to listen to banis on tape and sleep, but seeing the bed sent be back down to read
nitnem.. The thing was no matter how tired i was, i kept thinking of naamnet. I wanted to run to the email,
but i couldn't, not if i didn't do simran, and not if i didn't read paath. So my beloved naamnet sakhi jis, you
were the carrot that kept this donkey going this morning.

The rotten (ratan) carrot

One afternoon this one doing langer cleanup seva in ashram, this one see something very strange on
window ledge. In a tall narrow jar is carrot standing point up with honey dripping down. This one very
curious wahe carrot is standing in jar. Next day carrot is still there, and day after too. So this one start
asking questions to find out wahe. This one very new to Sikhism at that time, maybe 18 or so years ago.
So would go stay ashram for few days, learn something. One lady was living outside ashram, she would
come for few days too. This lady been married many years with out child, so she ask Yogi bhajan, what to
do to get baby. He tell her do some paath, keep carrot in honey 40 days, then feed to husband, baby will

So that one put carrot in jar, drip on some honey, bring to ashram an leave in window, go home do paath.
Day after day the carrot standing in sunny window, point up in jar. The honey drip down. Carrot start
looking pretty strange. Shrivel up some, droop, start get fuzzy looking, some mold start growing there.
Every one have great time making joke about rotten carrot.

That one smile at joke, do paath, check on carrot go home, 40 days passed. Carrot is looking very bad.
This one is wondering wahe carrot is not laying on side covered in honey turning into candy carrot, but
not my carrot.

After 40 days that one take home moldy, shrivel, drooping, rotten carrot. Slice, cook, and disguise in tasty
sauce, serve tasty dish to husband. But husband not fooled, refused to eat rotten carrot. That one got son.

That one did paath, believed, had faith that Guru ji would give her son. She did her best to do her part,
Guru ji did the rest.

Take one step towards waheguru, waheguru will take one million towards you. Even if step is in wrong
direction and you not knowing the way, Waheguru ji will find you and catch you up in his arms, if your
desire is sincere.

So pyare, wake your self up in the morning, do isnaan, do simran. Don't worry about technique, Waheguru
ji will take care.

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru. Just do your best.

Waheguru will do the rest.

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru........

Waheguru turn rotten carrot into 'ratan' carrot.............

Satgur daya nidh mehama agaadh bodh
Namo namo namo namo, nayt nayt nayt hai

Charan Sharan Gur, ayk painda jaae chal

Satgur kot painda aagay hoe layt hai

Ayk baar Satgur mantra simran maantra

simran taa(n)he baar(m)bar Gur hayt hai

Bhaavani bhagat bhaaeh kodi agra bhaag raakhai

Taahe Gur sarab nidhaan dhaan dayt hai

The true Guru is a treasure of mercy, unfathomable wisdom and glory.

Who so ever utters His name is emancipated.
I make obeisance, I bow and I am devoted to Him.

If you take but one step to the feet of the Guru's protection,
He takes one millon steps towards you.

Once the True Guru gives the medicine of repeating the Name (mantra),
You go on repeating it for the sake of love.

The beloved sikh bretheren are given protection

and the gift of all treaures at the feet of the Guru.

akhaar jin kio ieyaa


Pyaree Naamee Sangat Jeoo, Let us all join in ardaas. For we Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak
Dasmesh Jee, your Nit, Nit Bulanharai Bachai do not have words or Sumat, how to ask but only Satgur
Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee your Sat Pyaree, Pyaree Banee Jee can light a Naam's
flame in our heart, we can only recite what you have given us through Banee Jee.....

Ramkalee mahela 1|| (anng 879)


Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo

100 Suns, 1000 Moons

Who can tell Guru Nanak Dev jee's secrets? What can the ant on the river bank say about the treasures in
the flowing river. We can but bow, humbly , devotedly, forever and ever be a sacrifice to the Being known
as Guru Nanak Dev jee.
When Guru Nanak Dev jee left for his travels, his sister Bibi Nanki was sad and asked when will I see you
again dear brother? Guru Nanak Dev Jee sweetly replied, 'Just think of me and I will return '

One day Bibi Nanki was yearning for the sight for her brother Guru, the pangs of her heart reached Guru
jee thousands of miles away and to everyone's astonishment he instantly appeared back at home.

If 21 Million devotees feel the pangs of separation in their heart, then wont Guru Nanak Dev jee appear. Of
course he will, not physically but spiritually, bright light , brighter than a hundred suns and a thousand
moons inside your mind's eye.

'Je sau sooraj ugavay, chand charay hazaar

Etay chanan hoi-d-aa, gur bin ghor andhar' (Asa Dee Var)

If 100 suns shone, and 1000 moons rose

Even this much light is pitch dark without the Guru.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Nirankar

110-220-hardwired-supbpanel- power plant- waheguru

This poor mind has been trying to think of coherent way to express this idea. Please forgive mistakes, will
try because to day is June 9 when all naamnet sadhsangat has been requested by administrator to jaap naam
at least one 1hr daily amrit vela between 12:30 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Wahe sadhsangat is soooo precious Guru

This one is like simple 110-appliance, sit with hardwired sadhsangat plug in Waheguru waheguru
WAHEGURU WAH GURURUUUUU whoops! blew my circuts, This one try to find electrician to re wire
circuits. plug in Waheguru waheguru waheGURUUUUUUU ! Then try to find software engineer to re-
program hardrive plug in Waheguru WAhegur WAHEGURU WAHGURUUUUU OOPs! happen again.
This One decide to get SERIOUS jaap naam 2 1/2 hrs. Now this one 220 appliance :) Hey where did my
hardwire sadhsangat go?:( Ok will plug into invisible hardwire naamnet satsangat ji :) WaheGuru waheguru
waheguru Waheguru WAheguru WAheguru WAheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru waheguru

Wahe...........................Guru Waheguru Waheguru

Well, seems to be working, circuits not being blown (don't tell but blown circuits = 1/2 the fun) now is like
scrubbing batta, cleaning is getting done scrubbing scrubbing scrubbing, until i see the sun waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru jaaping naam
waheguru waheguru waheguru merging into One
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

aisa gur ko bal bal jai

The giani gave an example of how much Waheguru jee loves us...

A mighty tree spread its canopy far and wide, giving shade to all the creatures. Everyday a child used to
enter the field, sometimes he would climb the branches, sometimes he would sit by the trunk, sometimes he
would fall gently asleep in the shade like a baby in his mother's arms. The tree loved the child, the child
loved the tree. Years passed and the child stopped coming to the field. The wise, old tree waited day after
day, month after month for his beloved. One day the tree whispered to the wind to find out if the child was
unwell. The wind returned and whispered to the tree that the child was well, but he had no desire to come
to the field where he grew up. The tree asked the wind to carry a message to the ears of the child day after
day, month after month. One day a young man marched into the field and standing tall and proud he raised
his arm at the mighty tree and shouted "Can't you leave me alone Old Tree? I'm not a child any more, I
don't need your friendship anymore, I need money. You can't give me what I need, so i don't need you."

The wise old tree loved the youth and said, "But of course I can give you wealth, just pluck all my fruits
and sell them in the market." The youth ran to the market with the fruit and made a huge profit, but he
never went back to say thankyou. The Wise old tree sent more messages and one day a married man
walked into the field holding his child's hand. He said, "O Tree why cant you stop bothering me, I need a
house, not your love. You can't give me what I need, so I don't need you"

The wise, old tree said, "But child, why didn't you tell me you need a house, just chop all of my branches
and build your house with it." The married man ran home with all the wood, but he never came back to say
thankyou. The wise, old Tree waited patiently and sent messages day after day. One cold winter's day an
old man walked into the field with a walking stick and two adult sons. The old man said, "O stupid tree,
you still bother me after all these years. I need firewood for my home not your love. My grandchildren are
cold and you want me to waste my time in this field with you!"

The wise, old tree said, "But child, why didn't you just ask me? Ask your sons to chop down my trunk, that
should provide you with firewood for many winters." The men walked off dragging the might trunk
through the white snow. They never returned to say thankyou.

At the end of winter, a procession walked by the field. People were crying, the tree asked why and was told
that his beloved child had passed away. The Tree said, "O my child has left the world, O people pull up my
roots and use them for his funeral pyre."


WaheGuru Jee sacrifices everything for the well being of his creatures. But the ungrateful human takes it
all for granted and never appreciates it.

The potter
A potter takes clay,
cleans and kneads the clay and begins to shape it.
When at last he fashions a pot, the clay is wet and needs time for
any moisture at all left in the clay, and the post will burst, explode
during the firing.
If the temperature is not right the pot can crack and be rendered
But when all conditions are right, the pot is fired, cooled, and then
ready to hold water.
it can be glazed and refired again for decorative purposes, but it's
the first firing that gives it it's water bearing properties.

This morning i was talking with one singh and he say people always want
everything from Guru sahib right away. But only Guru sahib knows when
we are ready..

It remind me of something, and i say i am a wet clay pot, if Guru ji

puts the water in me now, i will not only not be able to hold the water,
but the clay will be dissolved and the pot ruined. Even if the clay
dries and water is put in , the clay will become wet again
and the pot will fall apart.

Patiently we do Amrit vela and give Guru sahib our love and trust. He
knows when we are ready to put the water in.

Many tests will come. Difficult tests, and we cry out to Guru sahib,

This is the pot being put through the fire and the clay hardened, only
when we pass through the fire, is the clay properties changed, so that
the water may be held...

Trust Guru ji give him your love, your devotion, your trust, your

Then he will give you His Love, His Devotion, His Trust, and His
Strength, a million times over.

Then he will pour the water in.....

Your Voice Like No Other....

This Blindness at Your Cause,
So Vast the Illusion.

In an Instant,
All is Seen,
The All is Heard.

The daylight of confusion,

Giving way to the Darkness,
The womb that contains the Swan Soul.

This womb, this tomb, this cave and utter darkness.

A Darkness so Bright as to Blind the ego and its senses.
The sound of the untuned orchestra,
Giving way to the Grand Concert of the Universe.

Your Name,
The Beloved Friend,
This One seems to speak it,
Yet it is only the Friend,
The Spoken Name,
Gives way to yet another,
The Same,
But without form and source.

Drowning in the Ocean of Existence,

One holds firm to the Tow-Rope of this True,
Yet Unspoken Name.

The Golden Zephyr,

Sound of Silence,
Light and Breath of Infinity,
The Key to the Star Doorway of the Divine Domain.

After This,
Singhing Song of Silence,
Eternally Grateful,
Eternally Benevolent,
Eternal Presence.

VI. Reality
Once a traveling theater came to a village. The play was about a hero, a heroine and of course, a villain.
The villain was really, really nasty. He had done just about everything possibly bad: robbed the hero's
father; killed the heroine's mother; poisoned the hero's dog etc etc.

In one scene, it was night-time and the heroine was walking alone to get to her home. The villain was
hiding behind a tree and was waiting to kidnap her. Slowly the heroine approached the tree...

Well, one of the audiences in the front row - a villager - had had enough of the villain. The villager shouted
out to the heroine, "HEMA JEE!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!"

Saying that, he took off his slipper, jumped on the stage and starting hitting the villain with all his might!.

Of course, there was much running around. Many stage hands tried to save the villain but the villager was
furious and mistaking the stage hands for the villain's goons even beat some of them!

The director had the good sense to turn the lights on and bring the villager back to "reality."

The villager was no less than the sarpanch - the village head. He felt quite embarrassed and walked away
mumbling apologies and adjusting his dhoti.

This is a true story and it is said that the actor that played the villain refused to give back the villager's
slipper and prized it more than any acting award.


The villager is actually *us*. What's going on around us is waheguru's khaid or lila - nothing more. All
our family, relatives, friends and enemies are merely playing their parts; but we take this play so very
seriously that we are ready to kill anyone who refuses to acknowledge that our way is the right way and the
only right way.

Indeed, if any one tells us that we don't want to hear, we spend even the amolak time of amrit vela in
regurgitating the words over and over again in our minds. Equally bad, if some one praises us, and we
know they are just saying it to be polite; we still re-play those words in our minds and tell just about
anybody within earshot: "You know what Bhai Fakey said; he said that my keertan was the best he has
ever heard."

It is only when guru will turn the light of naam within us, will we realize the essence of reality.

Beg the guru for naam. There is only one thing worth begging for and that is naam. Wake up at amrit vela
and repeatedly beg the guru for naam. *All* we have to show is that we *really* want naam. And the guru
will give us naam.

But remember

babeeha amrit vela bholeya

tan dar su-ni pukar ||

"In Waheguru's court, the cries of a babeeha (gursikh) are heard (only) at amrit vela."

So pyareooooooo, enough of talk, now jaap, jaap and more jaap of

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

The Beautiful Face...

Only Rumors...

Some say "He is here"

Others "nay over there"

Yet where can I go where you are not?

He says to One:

Yet Rhythm...

The Ocean Breaks upon the shore of consciousness...


Standing in the Heart,

Longingly Gazing Upward....
Beholding the Beautiful Face.....

Seeing ...

In Wonderous and Profound Exstasy

The ever questioning mind,

far away...
Deafening Silence...

His Voice So Sweet,

Lulling the "me" to Sleep..

The Light of His Eyes...

As far as the sky...

His Beauty So Overtakes....

Attention never Breaks...
i Wonder....
Is it I...






The Heart Pierced with Bliss of Naam...


It is not me, yet it is I...

It is He...


The Wonderous Destroyer of fear...


The Wonderous Destroyer of doubt...


The Wonderous Destroyer of alone...

All One...










The All...that IS...

Is it i that call your Name...

Or is it simply You Waheguru...
and your Voice to Leading Home...

Standing at the Gate....

The Star Doorway to the Divine Domain...
And yet, standing not...

Seated, Enthroned upon the Heart,

The Center, Seed, and Very Essense that IS that which is...
And yet, seated...you are not...

You stand in the Heart...

You stand in the Doorway...

You are the Heart,
You are the Doorway...

You are He who waits...

Life after Life...
and Knocks...

You are He...

In This Moment...
That Opens the Doorway...

You are He...

Entering the Doorway...
Never Returning...
Fountain of Bliss...

Neither "here"
Nor "there"


IS........................Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru Waheguru


The Night of Awakening...

The Bride and Her Sisters,

Awaiting the Light of Morning,
The Sun of Dawning...
The Husband and Father of All.

We, Singhing the night past,

Glory in Song the Name of our Beloved,
Voices blending, ascending...
No longer pretending.

In the Voice of my Sisters,

I Hear my Husband Lord;
The Thunder of His Greatness,
The Flute that so closely touches His Silence,
The Drum that Hearkens the Foosteps of His Omnipresence,
The Bell in Constant Rememberance of His Name,
The Conch, that Reaches Infinity and Beyond.

One after another my Sisters call me to the Beloved,

Their Voice progressively, sweetly, and Silently becon One Beyond.

Even the Enstacy of Universal Praise,

Gives way to His Voice...

My Sisters Shine,
As the Light of a million Suns....

They are but the Glint of Prem in the Beloved's Eye,

It's Brightness and Coolness so Attracting,
One looses the savor of another in Its favor.

Looking into the Beautiful Face,

Hearing His Voice,
There is no other.

Waheguru Ji.

Remote viewing
The psychic soldier closed his eyes and traveling through space and time he found himself charging into
battle. His mighty steed raced down the green hill alongside a thousand other Khalsa warriors. The battle
drums echoed around the valley like a thunderstorm, with their swords raised and heads down, they rode
like the wind. Cries of 'Bolay So Nihal...Sat Sri Akal' were rising upto the blue sky and Guru Gobind
Singh jee's blessing were raining down, this was his Khalsa, the army of the Immortal Being fighting for
honour of saints, the protection of poor and for the destruction of the wicked. Heart pumping faster than
a humming birds wings, adrenaline flowing through every artery, the psychic soldier raised his sword
above the head of an enemy foot soldier, he swung the mighty weapon down with the cry 'Bolay So
Nihal...Sat sri Akal'........and found himself back in his cool, dark underground meditation room. He was
sweating profusely, his heart was still racing.....what had happened? This was the twentieth century but he
had been fighting in a battle 300 years earlier? How was that possible? He had been reading the battle
ode 'Chandee Dee Var' over and over, then absorbing into Naam Simran his soul had traveled where guru
jee carried it. He instantly started reciting Sukhmanee sahib again and again, hour after hour and returned
into the ocean of lovelight and anand.


My friend told me the above, he actually met the Sikh who this happened to, his underground room is a
shrine where he spends most of his time in meditation.

Bhagat Kabeer Jee says that in this mind is contained past, present and future. God is Deathless and
Timeless...Akaal, so when you are tuned into God, then you too are timeless and know past, present and

After seeing what is happening around the world.
Today let us do just....

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Vaah Guroo Nanak Nankaree....

Naam has become a garland in my throat, Mun has become Motheechoor jewellary ( Motheechoor is the
biggest jewellary made out of beads of very expensive diamonds)every breath I take has become like a
expensive diamond bead with which I repeat Naam.

I have spread a sheet of Naam upon which I sit, now Vaaheguroo Jee will not let me get up and leave as
Vaheguroo Jee has so much love for me...

Oh my Vaaheguroo Jee take pity on me and save me, Nanak has thrown on the feet of Vaaheguroo

Vaahguroo, Hai Vaaheguroo jee thanks a billion trillion.....infinity times for giving us Gurbaanee and Naam
through your form of Dhan Guroo Nanak Dashmesh Jee.........We have no words of our own but can only
utter your Gurbaanee...... and Naam......Vaahguroo Vaaheguroo Vaahguroo Vaaheguroo Vaahguroo
Vaaheguroo Vaahguroo Vaaheguroo Vaahguroo Vaaheguroo Vaahguroo Vaaheguroo Vaahguroo

Shuker, Shuker, Shuker, Shuker,Shuker, Shuker, Shuker, Shuker,Shuker

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Waheguru tera shuker hai

Guru Nanak tera shuker hai

Jap-Joag and Gurmat
Since the dawn of human form, many Reeshee, Munees and Vaiddha(n) through Sastars (books) and
thoughts had tried to express their ways and means to the solution of the Jeevan problems. i.e, Vaidaanth -
Yoag , Hutt Jog etc. Similarly, 'Jap- Joag' has a place of its own to solve the Guthee
(problems) of living.


In essence the discipline of JAP-JOAG is as follows: -

One takes Gur-Munt (Naam) from one's Guroo and starts Japping Gur-Munt. All Gur-Munt are not the
same, this reflects on the amount of different so-called Guroo's in which their ways are also different.

We are here to discuss the 'Jap-Joag' in terms of Gursikhee and nothing else. One takes Gur-Munt from
SAT GUROO NANAK DESMESH JEE in the form of Panj and in the presence of DHAN GUROO
GRANTH SAHIB JEE. (We will discuss this further on how GUR-MUNT is given/taken) Naam Abheeaas
(repetition of Naam) starts from Jap by Rasnaa (verbally). As one increases this Naam Abheeaas the verbal
spectrum decreases eventually leading to only one-self hearing of the Naam. Only the moving
of lips can be seen, nothing is heard by anyone else. As the more Naam Abheeaas is done in this form,
eventually this leads to Jap by SURTEE. This is where the NAAM DAA KHANDAA Jap is done very
loudly within one-self. Sometimes if one sits near such Gurmukhs, one can hear Naam vibrating from such
Gurmukhs.(Whilst once in Hohsiarpur dass actually experienced such Gurmukh) This is where
EKKAGRATAA (coupling of Suratee and Dhun/Melody of Naam) starts to increase many folds. When this
form of Jap is at it's peak one sets into the stage of Samadh Avasthaa.

In this Samadh Avasthaa, one gets the fuel for flights of 'NIJ SUVROOP' meaning Jeevan-Athamaa's
Anand. According to Gurmukhs, at this stage of the Athamaa's Anand, the voice of Jap stops in Mun.
Athamaa's Anand is the stage where in Nij Suvroop, (Atama being the part of Param-Atama) one
experiences all GUN of PARAM-ATAMA and becomes part of VAHEGUROO JEE resulting in
SUNTUSTHEE (fulfilment/contentment). This is where one can experience Samadh Avasthaa, as long as
one wishes to have Athamaa's Anand. In this stage when one wishes to return to normality the Jap of
Naam starts again in Mun.


In essence the discipline of GURMUT is as follows:

One (Pranee) at the time of AMRIT SANCHAAR is to present oneself to 'PANJ JANAA' in the presence of
DHAN SIREE GUROO GRANTH SAHIB JEE and achieves Amrit Daath. During this Daath, The highest
of the high, the bonding of two words VAAHE....and GUROO....is composed with the rhythm
of the inhale and exhale of the breath. (ARAD-URRDHEE SUAAS- ABYAASEE NAAM- JAAP DEE

The main purpose of Amrit Sanchaar is: 'HOU BALHAAREE SATGUR APNAI JIN GUPAT NAAM
PARGAACHAA' (panna 667) During the ceremony of Amrit Sanchaar, Satguroo Nanak Dev Jee in Gupat
form manifests in 'Panj Janaa' and according to the above Hukam Satguroo Jee yields out Gupat Naam and
starts the rhythm of Simran. (All Janns are part of Vaaheguroo Jee and have Gupat Naam covered with
dirt) This is called 'Amrit Kalaa'- GUPT NAAM PARGAACHAA..... The 'Panj Jann's'
give the 'Gupat Naam' (Gur-Mantar) and is exhibited how to contemplate Naam with every breath which is
called Naam Drirr.

Let us put the above in simple context.....

Some of you may have heard or seen when a new hand-pump is installed, the water (water from outside) is
poured from the top of the pump (to fill the vacuum) in order to create the 'gravity' of flow of the
continuous water controlled by the actions of the pump-handle. Similarly, Gur-Mantar' (AMRIT NAAM
DHAAN) is given to one by the 'Panj Janna', to yield out Gupt Naam which is restrained by the vices in
within one-self. BUT IN GUPT (privately) one at a time. As the movement of the handle (up and down)
creates a flow of the water, Similarly, the contemplation of Naam (Simran) with the inhale and exhale
of breath is such actions called 'Suaas - Giraas' Simran. Sometimes a rosary (Simranee Maalaa) helps to get
in the rhythm of Simran. GurMunt's simran kills vices in a controlled fashion to the Jeevan-
Athamaa's Anand stage.

So pyareoo...... Keep up your AMRIT VELLA......to contemplate Naam and drink AMRIT NAAM RASS.
How can a dumb person explain the taste of sugar? Pyareooo.......dass kookar can not explain the Rass of
Amrit at Amrit vella. Try for your self and do not get trapped by Katabee-Gyanees. Listen to Satguroo Jee



(panna 825)



About seven years ago daas was told the following saakhi:

A family in a village in India arranged a langar. But for some reason which daas does not recall, a lot more
sangat showed up than anticipated. There was no time or resources to cook more langar, so the family

The family elder, an "ordinary" gursikh, in his 70s, told them not to worry. He proceeded to the langar. He
asked the prashada and daal to be put in two battas. He covered them with a cloth and did an ardasa to the
guru to save their honor...

"mere satguru hee pat raakh"

"har juu
raakh leho pat meri"

And then he started distributing the prashada and daal to other langar-distributing sevadaars. He did not
uncover the battas and lo and behold the langar never finished!


This feat can only be accomplished by one who has complete faith in the Guru.

ja ka riddey biswaas prabh aayah ||

tat gian tish mane pragatayah ||

"The heart in which entered WaheGuru faith,

WaheGuru enlightened that mind with absolute knowledge"

Obviously this above GurSikh was one who had spent his life in the ameo ameo ishan of Sikhi. Only then
can one do the above miracle with such faith and grace.

Pyareooooo, let *us* too start spending our lives in the ameo ameo ishan of GuruSikhi.
GuruSikhi starts at amrit vela with

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru

and continues throughout the day with

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru

and then further continues at night with

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru;

by that time it is amrit vela again and it is time to do some more

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru...........


Guru Har Rai left our world in Kiratpur at the age of 31 years, 8 months and 17 days.

Less than 32 years old! I always thought 32 was young, but guru jee lived a WHOLE life in that time, he
made everyday count.

Guru HarKrishan Jee was less than 8.

Guru Ram Das Jee and Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee were both less than 50.

Guru Arjun Dev Jee was 43 years old.

Gur HarGobind Jee was only 49 years old.

Guru Gobind Singh jee was 42 years old.

Yesterday a father of 4 died in Southall, aged 47. Everyone was shocked, he was so young, his children are
all yet to be married. It was unexpected, they couldn't even find a recent photo of him...why take photos
when you have the real deal in front of you?

"Eh sareera meria, thoo kia karam kamaiaa?"

O body of mine, what actions have you done?

Kia karam kamaaiaa tudh sareera ja thoo jag meh aahiaa?"

What actions have you done, O body of mine, since you came into this world?

Time is running out. No one lives for ever. Don't even expect to blessed with flowing white hair, seven of
the guru jees left this world aged less than 50!

Why feel trapped , doing what you dot want to?

What is holding you back, break out, be free from worldly chains, free to fly high into Waheguru Sky,
like a bird with outstretched wings gliding on the currents of love.

Life is too short to worry.

So start to live - hurry! HURRY!
waheguru weave
Think of your life as a weaving loom.
Your daily actions as the unbroken thread wound round and round the
What sort of fabric do you choose to weave?

Use you naam jap as the shuttle to pass between the thread of your
An unbroken jap of whaeguru waheguru to create the most wondrous
Waheguru weave.

Sart the naamjap in the Amrit Vela, like winding the shuttle with the
then through out the day, continue the naam jap unbroken. If someone
speaks to you,
or some task take alot of concentration, and you must stop,
paas the jap *under* the thread of your activity, ( just try to
remember mentally),
then when you are again free, start the jap again audibley, ( but
pass the naam jap *over* the thread of your activity.
Continue this through out the day. Do the naamjap while cooking,
driving, (carefully please :), reading, writing, viewing, bathing,
walking, etc. etc.
Waheguru *over*, Waheguru *under*, in and out of the daily activity of
your life.
After some time look back and see the beautiful weave
of Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru fabric that your life become
when you choose to weave it with Waheguru.


I am OKAY!
My mother worries too much she says go to sleep you're not well, you don't eat.

I say no! I am OKAY! I don't feel hungry.

But i then realize she is right, she only says because she cares.

Maharaaj says get up, You are not well, you are not well, you are drowning, the five chor are going to get
you, You don't eat enough Naam

I say no! I don't feel hungry. I am OKAY!

but I am not okay, the Guru is right, Gurujee only says because Gurujee cares and deep down inside I am
just too hungry, So hungry, POOKHA! .I just want more and more and more and more and more and more
and more....Vaheguru...Vaheguru..Vaheguru..Vaheguru..Vaheguru...Vaaheguroo..
vaaheguru!..Vaheguru! Vaaaheguroooohhhhh!.....JEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!........................

Little gift for the season from a brother.


People are unreasonable, illogical, self-centered,


If you do good, people will accuse you of

Selfish, ulterior motives,


If you are successful,

You win false friends and true enemies,


The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow,


Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable,


What you spent years building may be destroyed overnight,


People really need help

But may attack you if you help them


Give the world the best you have

And you'll get kicked in the teeth,


from a sign on the children's home in calcutta.

naam chak..
No extra ordinary experience, just
they won't let us be...
Wanting to sit and listen to paath
Akhand paath, or lie down when the body can no longer sit,
and listen listen listen,,
but no, Every so often,,
langer chak???

no no, just want to listen

again and again.

take some food, drink something ,eat something

no no naam chak..

You haven't eaten or drink anything...

again and again...
oh we are disturbing you do you want to eat.

you are kind no no just want to listen

how can one take food, or drink,

when one is eating and drinking for the soul...
that is the true food and drink
the true hungar and thirst.

Still- take something...fruit


finally hitting on soulution

in old days a singh must listen to entire akhand paath

before being given amrit.
just want to try to be like that
cannot of course
only want to try
especially first day
without speaking eating drinking,
listening only (naamjap) (paath)

ok now they understand....

and leave one in peace
to listen and listen and listen

Beautiful Banee
I have been to many programs, and heard the Beautiful Kirtan. I wished that I could do Beautiful Kirtan as
well, I asked Gurujee, Is it possible for a fool like me to learn and do Kirtan, Maharaaj jee that would be

I tried to learn tabla first, but I was double jointed, bendy fingers, I was hopeless, I couldn't get the beats
right kept getting mixed up with the numbers.

Then, I tried to learn Kirtan Vaja, I couldn't match my voice with the tune, couldn't remember the names of
the notes, bendy fingers again, got mixed up.

I got fed up and depressed, I had to always carry a tape with me to listen to Kirtan or wait for someone to

Then a Chardee Klaa Gursikh asked me once to do some kirtan, I shamefully said I don't know how, they
said I will teach you, they showed me three keys for doing simran. VAAHEGURU! . They opened the
Amrit Kirtan and asked me to do a shabad, I said I only know Simran, They said on these three keys you
can do Mool Mantr or any Banee any shabad, see.

I tried and it fitted, Ahaa! Gur! VAH! I thanked her and went back to see Gurujee.

Vah! GuruJee you let even fools like me able to sing your Beautiful Banee, I am unworthy! THANKYOU!



Keertan Health News

Just read a `Health News' circular which states the following:

1) Get out and enjoy some christmas carols this christmas. Singing has many benefits, and you don't have
to sing well to enjoy them.

2) When you sing, your mouth and throat muscles relax and open, so more oxygen enters your body.
Releasing your voice through singing is also a great stress reliever.

3) So why not join a singing group and experience the power of singing in a choir?

4) If you really don't want to sing in front of others (like me!), try the following
i) Singing in the shower
ii)Hum songs that you know - a good place to start is when you are driving or working or just
passing time!

Well, well , well!

It's amazing that it takes something like this to enlighten this idiot on the subtle significance of shabads
(singing/chanting the praise of Waheguruji) and sangats (choirs?) and forever singing the praises of
Waheguruji (whilst standing, sitting, running, walking, driving, dreaming, etc.) is all about....it's good for
health and general well being (mental & physical & spiritual) too!!!!!!

Wah Wah Wah Waheguruji!

Smiling, happy, joyful

Guru Nanak Dev jee,
young and full of life,
overflowing with love,
eversharing humility,
graceful, caring
smiling, happy, joyful,
laughing in the love of waheguru
and swinging his arms with joy
like an innocent child,
like a beautful blossoming flower
swinging from side to side on its stem
guided by the gentle breeze,
and radiating beauty
forever glorious in waheguru sunshine.
Anyone walking by
would smell the sweet fragrance
of love and humilty wafting by
they'd watch the wonderful
radiating, glorious flower
giving love to one and all
hating no-one,
fearing no-one
just being beautiful
just being beautiful
just being beautiful
here for you and me
forever and ever and ever...

Vich duniya sev kameeyae ||

Ta dargah baisan paaeeyae ||
Koh Nanak bah ludaaeeyae || 4 || 33 ||

In the midst of this world, do seva,

and you shall be given a place of honor
in the Court of the Lord.
Nanak says, swing your arms in joy! || 4 || 33 ||

(Panna 25 & 26 of Guru granth Sahib Jee:

Siree Raag Mahalla Pehla Ghar Panjva ||)

Anand bhaiaa
Anand bhaiaa sukh paaiaa mil gur govindaa
Sabhe kaaj savaariai jaa tudh bhaavandaa

All joy and peace when I'm with you, my Guru Govinda.
I succeed in all I do when I walk in your grace, my Guru Govinda.

With You beside me I don't lean on anyone else.

You've given me all I need. I'm your very own, my Guru Govinda.

I spend and use whatever I need. There is no end to your blessings.

All the beings You have created, they all serve me now, my Guru Govinda.

All my foes are now my friends, no one wishes me harm.

No one calls me to account. You are my saviour, my Guru Govinda.

Guppt Nam
i am writing for the first time, i do not know how to do this, please forgive any errors, please read this and
let me know if my message is even worthy enough to be placed on nam net.

i was traveling in the village when i happened upon a very gurmukh lady. i was so impressed with her that
i became her attached to watching her. she just went around chanting the nam. constantly doing nam
simran and reading banies. i felt heat flowing from her body and a smell of beautiful flowers. where ever
she was at the area was always warm and cozy. when i followed her into the gurdwara she fell into a
blissful trance on hearing the kirtan. her body became hard as if there were no longer a soul occupying it.
when the kirtan was over she was still in a state of bliss that she did not get up. the sangat members tried to
get her up to go and have langar but she would not move. some of the ladies in the sanget became angry
and said that this lady was just putting on a show. so they began to abuse her. they hit are and pulled her
distar. they even left bruises on her body. but she would not move. it was obvious that she had no idea
that they were even there. she was with god. when she awoke out of her trance she found bruises and
blood where the ladies had abused her. i became so upset that i cried. but she only looked at me and said
that it must be something that she has done and she was truly sorry for any crime that she might have
committed against these ladies. she was truly the grace of god. and had no anger or ill feelings toward
anyone. she was just going about her daily routine completely absorbed in the nam. i asked her why she
did not say something to those women who had done this. she replied that "guru has
not given me these orders".

i only wish that i could absorb some of her kindness and love. how many times have i wanted to hit
someone who drove me off the rode or was not polite to me. am i really meditating on the nam and
listening to the word of god.

A Prayer
Give me peace
when I need to rest
Give me class
to walk among the best
Give me understanding
to admit when I'm wrong
Give me strength
when I need to be strong
Give me time
to live many years
Give me courage
to face all I fear
Give me knowledge
to teach the youth
Give me honesty
to speak the truth
Give me power
to control my life
Give me eyes
to see what is right
Give me wisdom
to know when to change
Give me reasons
to start each day
Give me thoughts
I can call my own
Give me comfort
when I stand alone
Give me chances
to correct my mistakes
Give me a heart
in case this one breaks.

Lust buster
My 17 year old daughter said, " Tell him it's because we are all Gurus brides." Pyari sakhi ji, my sister in
divine love of Waheguru ji. It IS because we are all longing for the bliss of divine union with Waheguru ji
to be accepted as His bride to have Him love us as we cannot be loved by earthly love.

Want it any clearer?

Tomorrow morning get up at 12:30 AM and do naam simran until it becomes light. Until you ache from
sitting , and fall asleep, wake yourself back up, and are in sheer torture and longing to be one with
Waheguru ji

Baba Nand Singh Jee used to say if you are a man then treat all women as men, if you are a woman then
treat all men like women.

Bhai Gurdas jee says to men, treat an older woman as your mother, a younger woman as your daughter and
a woman of the same age as your sister.

Kenny Rogers, the aging rock star, married his grand-daughter, well she looked young enough. He said to
be happy one needs three things and they are ...drum roll maestro....

1. Someone to love
2. Something to do
3. Something to look forward to.

He said he had all three and he was very happy.

What about me?

1. Someone to love...........................Waheguru Jee

2. Something to do...........................Naam Simran
3. Something to look forward to.......Union into the Supreme

When simran is happening with Waheguru,
lust is about as attractive as
an icecream cone melted on asplaht...
has all the appeal of
hot sticky black tar showing through
the drips in the dirty cracks of the road....

well my dog might still like to lick it up... slurp....

While Waheguru entices the senses with Naam......

Like bees on a warm spring day, hover about the honey suckles,
As night winged creatures, entranced by candlelight, fly into it's
Similarly, this one is intoxicated by the sweetness of His Holy Name.

too meraa pitaa, too hai meraa maataa

too meraa pitaa, too hai meraa maataa
too meraa bandhap, too meraa bhraataa
too meraa raakhaa sabhnee thaaee
taa bhau kehaa kahraa jeeo

You are my father, You are my mother

You are my friend and You are my brother
You always watch over me wherever I go
Why then should I have any fear?

Getting to know You - this is Your gift

You are my comfort, You are my honor
There is no other besides Yourself
All the world is a playground of Yours.

You are my father, You are my mother ...

Myriads of beings are all Your creation

Living their lives under Your direction
All that happens, You are the doer
By ourselves, we have no power

You are my father, You are my mother ...

My greatest joy is chanting Your Naam

Singing Your glory ... peace in my heart

Satnaam Vaheguroo, Satnaam Vaheguroo

Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo

Satnaam Vaheguroo, Satnaam Vaheguroo

Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo

Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo

Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo
Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo
Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo

My greatest joy is chanting Your Naam

Singing Your glory ... peace in my heart
My perfect Guru has given his blessing
Nanak has won the battle of life.

You are my father, You are my mother ...

too meraa pitaa, too hai meraa maataa ...

As a child once remembers...

As a child once remembers,
Do I remember you:

You gave me birth, and Life and Breath,

You hold me to Your Breast.
Feeding me on the Milk of Your Praise.
In my pain and sorrow,
You, Holding me close,
Singh me a Lullaby...
Ikoankar SatNaam Sri Waheguru

As a Wife to Her Beloved Husband,

Shall I ever be:

Wrapped in Silent Embrace of Union,

We are One,
There is no other.
Looking in Your Eyes.
Seeing Only my True Self.
Ever Wispering the Song of Bliss
Within my Waiting Ear...
Ikoankar SatNaam Sri Waheguru

As a Friend,
I have Stood by your Side:

Never forsaking me,

You and I Walk hand in Hand.
Skipping through the Flowers in the Meadow of Life.
Trusted Friends, Sharing most Intimate Secrets.
Together we run and hide within the body cave.
Unseen by all we share,
The Universal Secret...
Ikoankar SatNaam Sri Waheguru
Ikoankar SatNaam Sri Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguruuuuuuu

VIII. Existential
... I met an old but lively muslim poet the other day, he had excellent english and has been published. He
said it's no longer good enough to write about the globe, that is too small, think extra-global, people's minds
are thinking of Mars. If humans just exist to eat, drink, reproduce then what difference is their between us
and animals. Being human means we can think existentially (his words not mine, too big for me!). He said
your poetry has to be huge, going beyond seeing people as one, but traveling beyond - EXISTENTIAL.

An Astronomist was saying (i cant remember the exact figures) from Earth we can see about 1 Billion stars,
From space telescopes like Hubble we can see 100 times more i.e. 100 Billion stars. He continued, that
behind each star is an enormous galaxy. And as if that wasn't enough to WOW me out at God's Wonder, he
added 'And that doesnt include what we cant see!!!!!!!!'


....when I got regained consciousness, I thought WOW MAN, THAT'S REALLY EXISTENTIAL (I should
really look that word up just in case it means something else, but what the heck it sounds vast and huge so
it i'll do!)

Now I can can't write poems about that VASTNESS, people think about it and talk about it, but Guru
Nanak Jee showed us how to BE IT.

(breathe in deep, deep)

(breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)

Now do you fell VAST or what?

Anyway coming back to my favourite tuk (verse), it's Guru Arjun Dev Jee from Bhavree Akhr :

Oaang Saadh SatGur Namaskarang.

Aad M'dh Aant Nirankarang.

The O-ang Saint True Guru, I bow to YOU.

Through Beginning, Middle and End YOU are FORMLESS.

Now think of the sound people make when meditating on 'Om'. And meditate on (breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)

(think EXISTENTIAL, huge, vast sound rippling through space and time and beyond)

(breathe in deep, deep)

(breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)
(breathe in deep, deep)

(think EXISTENTIAL, huge, vast sound rippling through space and time and beyond)

Now when your thinking a feeling is this huge and vast, realize that all your problems are trivial, all hate,
bad feeling, fear, doubt etc is trivial.


It takes one to know ONE
How can we ever become ONE
being two
the me and you
the dual duo do
doojha poojha
ones self, shelf life is just too long
to long for ONE WAHEGURU

(Still) ONE
If i describe a flower to you, tell you of it's beauty and its
fragrance,the delicateness, the translucent colors,
the wonder of creation, its attractiveness,
will i be describing the same flower a bee sees,
who can see living colors in what we percieve to be just white.
who very existance depends on the nectar of that flower

If you have never seen a flower,

what images will this provoke,
latent memories from former life perhaps,
or a lifting of the veil....
a glimmer, a glimpse...
yet you will believe me because in the description
is a passion which can exist only in truth...
and if my passion is strong enough, it will stir desire in you
for a similar experience...
a tugging of the soul to reveal itself
in truth and beauty...
and to merge back into the oneness of waheguru
this is the love i have for you sakhi jeeoooo

i love flowers...
just think about the bees
they see white in living colors
they live on nectar....
they all one conciousness
no maya for the bee
she exist only to serve her queen
who takes care of everything....

When One meet the Guru
One Understand,
that not Understood,
Because One Understand GuruVAHGuruVAHGuru

In moment when One with Guru

Seem like thousand thousand thousand year,
Then One open eye, or Closes Eyes,
Like when falling asleep.

To Always Remember,
To Be Awake,
Never sleep again in Heart,
But Sleep of Death in ego
at feet of Vaheguru and
Vaheguru Slave
and Vaheguru Slave Slave...
My only prayer....

Raccoon Tantric
Last time we did White Tantric Yoga was to a video... It used to be the "Mahan Tantric" would appear in
person, but due to his advancing age and health,, it's done by video these days...

It was 8 or 9 years ago...we were in New Mexico at the summer camp...On the way we had stopped and
gone water skiing. I couldn't straighten my arms as a result...

The White Tantric is done sitting in line facing a partner. Every one wears white

We were given a position to hold the arms in, for a given time, and had to sing along with a rather
ridiculous tune...so being the playful person that i am,,, i got into it.....made the most of it you could say...
We had to hold this position without moving for 62 minutes... then we had a break before doing a similar
62 minute set... motionless.... When we used to do live tantric in the old days, i would always hear tales of
the "really old days" when the "Mahan Tantric" would give a position for 2 1/2 hours say "keep up" and
leave for a couple hours... So whenever we were given a position to hold for an undetermined amount of
time, i would remember those stories, and tell my self "Ok you got to do this for 2 1/1 hours," Then when
it turned out only to be 31 minutes i figured i got off pretty easy...

Well this 62 minute thing was pretty intense, but the old 2 1/2 hour trick worked for me... And at the end of
the day my arms straightened out just fine... so i got something out of it...Actually, i always found it to be
very cleansing...

It wasn't too long after that, when we were back home, our black cat, Inky gave birth. We lived in an area
with very viscous racoons... These varmints were not cute,,pretty scary actually,,, They would raid the
neighbor hood trash cans...They came over the fences into the yard..

We had a couple of pet ducks Midnight and Sunlight. We got home just after sunset one evening to find out
that Sunlight had become a racoons dinner and Midnight was still running,, we chased the 'coon of with a
garden rake it growled and showed us it's fangs...as it went over the fence. Inky used to go out side every
night, but she was pretty upset by this racoon, having kittens and all. One night she came and got me. Her
dry catfood was in a dish right outside the sliding glass door on the patio. There was the racoon helping
itself. She wasn't too happy about that.

I scared it off, but after a few minutes it came back..i discovered that it couldn't see into the house, even
though i was right on the other side of the glass door. And i had a *perfect* view... I went and got a baseball
bat...opened the door just wide enough, about 3 inches, for the bat to fit through, pulled the catfood dish up
close, and waited. I sat on my heels, with the bat poised, and sure enough, the coon came creeping up.

As soon as it was in range, i let him have it. Bopped him right on the head! He was pretty surprised. He ran
off. I waited absolutely motionless.

After 15 minutes or so, it was back. *BOP* i let him have it again..it was really bewildered, couldn't figure
where it was coming from.

just sat there motionless, just like i learned in white tantric... i got into it... "The hunter waiting for its'
prey"...I sat there for more than an hour, getting a bob off on the racoons head, with the baseball bat every
15 to 20 minutes or so... Sitting completely motionless, between bobs, doing Tantric with the racoon.

The last time it came creeping back, Inky came diving in from the shadows with a high pitched cat scream,
and i bopped that coon' a really good one one the head. It totally freaked out and ran off, This time it didn't
come back..

Inky and I made a pretty good team...We shook hands, and dusted off our duds, Well not really... but it was
satisfying for us both.

I still get a chance to use that White Tantric training,, those sleepy mornings doing simran...just keep the
back straight and meditate, let Waheguru ji do the rest. I'm sure He'll come flying in just like Inky did...

While i jap naam, Waheguru will *bop* jyam....

Rung of Naam
I would like to offer some of my understanding/opinion for the deliberation of cybersangat.

`Rung' = colour;

colour = specific portions of light;

light = energy waveform in 4 dimensional electro magnetic spectrum (at least what's known to us in the
physical sense);

`electromagnetic' waveform = 3 dimensional `energy equivalent' initiated by physical vibration and ends in
physical vibration.

I would like to suggest that, perhaps, when Guruji used the word `Rung', the intended reference is to the
aspect of Naam which is `the endless, infinite and dimensionally unlimited Naam `waveform', Naam being
sourced from `vibrations' of Waheguru to our `inner being/soul' or any aspect of the Creation itself.

When reference is made to `dyed in his colour'. The perhaps, quick and simpler understanding is to see this
as trying to copy his character. Perhaps there is more to `Rung' then is being read at first glance?

When I read `Rung' as `Vibrations of Waheguru', it makes more sense and understanding easier.

I am already repeating myself in my Houmai.....I apologise.....and beg for forgiving of assuming....

All things being said, Waheguru did say...I will not achieve him thru my cleverness. So I am still lost....just
can't help trying....

Ramkali Mahela 4

Har Ke Jan! Satguru! Sat Purukha!

Benoh Keroh Gur Paas
Ham Kirai Karam Satguru Sernaiei
Kar Dayehah Naam Pergas.
Meray Meet! Gurdev!
Mokoe Ram Naam Pergas.
Gurmat Naam Mera Pran Sekhaeie
Har Kiirat Humeri Rehras!

Feeling Blue
White is for sants, the ones who have the pure light of the All-Bright radiating in them, out of them to the
four corners of creation. There's a young sant called Mani Singh, he was previously called Resham Singh
and wore blue. He meditated on naam deeply and devotedly. Once he was glowing bright in meditation
and another Sant came to meet him, he bowed at his feet to the light of God. The older sant said, "The
Light of God shine brightly though you in the Dark Age, you are precious (mani), extremely precious, you
will be known as Sant Mani Singh.

Blue is the colour of the sipahees, the warriors of Akal. Blue is the colour of the ones fighting battles in the
world and blue is the colour for the ones fighting the 5 enemies inside. Khalsa is the one who fights every
day...Khalsa soi jo karay nit jang says Bhai Nand Lal jee.

The colours worn by the shaheeds, the immortal army of Guru Gobind Singh jee is blue and/or white, they
are sants and sipahees, saints and soldiers.

charged with Waheguru

A very beautiful and stirring example of Love was seen.

Near the completetion of Amrit sanchar

The Panj Pyare stand while One gives instruction...
It was explained that Bibia as well as Bhai sahib should keep keski
Women being equals to men... Singhs -Singhni.
A wonderful example of Love...

The oustanding inspiration was when The giver of Instruction turned

towards Siri Guru Granth Sahib and said Guru Khalsa there is no
Takskaal (nehi) no Akhand Keertani (nehi), We are all One Jetha of Siri
Guru Granth Sahib ji... All one body of Khalsa

It was later learned.. or said... of The five Beloved Panj Pyara... that
the one who spoke those words was Taskaal, while another was Akhand
Keertani, another Babar Khalsa
Another independant. Another formerly Bhramin Hindu...

The Sanchar was *****charged***** with Waheguru

Sach Love,,, .. a shining example...
We are all One body of Khalsa

i don't know you

I don't know your form,
i haven't seen your face,
yet it is in every form
i see it every place.
although your voice i haven't heard
i only know you by your word,
the comfort that it gives
inside my heart, where it lives.
Though you seem to be so far
inside my heart is where you are
like a morning star
golden white, and bright you are.
Patiently i sit and wait,
control my breath and meditate,
to catch a glimpse of you,
whispering all the while Waheguru
Then when you remember me
i sense you overwhelmingly, and weep,
sometimes uncontrolably
that you are so sweet.
Precious beyond compare,
Beauty more than i can bear,
Trembling, longing, entranced
aware of my insignifigance,
yet i can't leave longing for your glance
and sit waiting ever for the chance
to love and to be loved by you
Beloved waheguru waheguru waheguru
i don't know you,
but i love you just the same
i don't know you,
but i love your name
when i listen inside i hear
waheguru waheguru waheguru
the sound that is most dear
waheguru waheguru waheguru

IX. Wake up its AMritvela


Amrit Vela! Amrit Vela! Amrit Vela! Vaheguru Jee! Amrit Vela! Amrit vela!more Amrit Vela...
Amrit Velaa! amrit vela! Amrit Vela! amrit vela! Amrit Vela! Amrit Vela, Amrit Velaaa!...
Amrit vela! Amrit Vela Again! amrit vela! Amrit Vela! a bit more! Amrit vela! Aaaah! Amrit Vela..
Amrit vela! and Amrit vela! and Amrit Vela! and tiny bit more! Amrit Vela! satnaam Amrit vela!
Amrit vela! satnaaam! Amrit vela! amrit Vela! Vaheguru Amrit vela! not enough! Amrit Vela
Amrit velaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

even the thought of it makes me feel funny, Amrit Vela-ahahahaaa!,

I was thinking that when its light on one side of the world it is dark on the other, when it is Amrit vela in
Australia it is day in England and when it is Amrit Vela in England it is day in Australia,Amrit Vela upside

VAAH! Guru JEE! you have given us Amrit vela all day, Ahaa! GUR!Vah!

I think this is why Chardee Klaa SOorma Bhai D SINGH Jee! (Atho Pairee), has been trying to tell us to
jap twenty four hours instead of the quarter of an hour that I try and do!

but then again I'm am Mad, could be wrong But a good excuse to Jap some more NAAAAM, because it's

sakhi maarag
Guru has given everything, including beraag. Longing to be with waheguru. Not just be with waheguru,
but mix with, live with, merge with waheguru. Indeed be waheguru.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru........

Jaap naam with each breath. And keep on jaaping until it becomes your heartbeat. Your pulse. Indeed you
become Naam and Naam becomes you.

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.......

*Then* you will be ready to merge into waheguru.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.......

Continue Amrit vela. There is always ups and downs in avasthas. Something that Sants, naami gursikhs
don't usually reveal. But don't worry. Just jaap naam.

Don't miss amrit vela ever. Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru..........

This life a lovely, precious, precious, *precious* gift from waheguru. Each breath a priceless moment.
Adorn with the Naam Ratan - waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.......

Guru already know you to be guru's and is/will take care of you.

Obey guru. That's the marag. Amrit vela simran, Sadh Sangat, Guru Seva, waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.......

Surrender: obey guru, and noone else, even not yourself. Just guru and guru's hukam... waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru wahegur waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru..

Sangat Jee

I was walking down the street in town one day. And people where passing by, some smoking and I had to
hold my breath till they went by. Some drank, some spat, some swore.

Then I thought Oh! Vaaheguru Jee Maharaaj, MAHARAAJ! BEANT SWAMI, GHAT GHAT KE ANTAR
KI JAANAT, PALE bure kee Peer pashanat, SAbh te oocha, Me sabh te neecha, Hou kachu naa jana teri
Saar, deene sagle pojan khan Mohe nirgun ek gun nahi jaan MAHARAAJ! VAHEGURUJi!

all these are your children and you love them so much, All of them deep inside long for and hunger for
NAAM, One day they will all take Amrit and we will all do Simran together. VAhegurooo! Vahegurooo,

Our heart Japs naam, even Our footsteps Jap NAAM! but our minds just don't listen...

Kou Mai Foolio Man Samjave - Foolio Man Samje Gur Sabdi

Only the Guru can Save us now!


Sukhan dhey Sagar vich Taran valaa Surmaa....... T Singh Jee's post SANGAT JEE- touched the Avvsthaa
when one see's Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee eveywhere and in everyone...Vaah Thoo Satgoo, Vaah theraa
Naamee Surmaeaa........ Jay Dhakan Tay Thoo..... Thooo..... Thooooo....Thoooooo
...Thoooooooooooooo....... Vaah Thoo guroo, Vaah Thoo guroo, Vaah Thoo guroo, Vaah guroo, Vaahe
Guroo Thoo Vaah,Guroo Thoo Vaah,Guroo Thoo Vaah.Guroo Thoo Vaah and then........
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo
The time will come when SAREE PRITHVEE,KHAND, BRAMAND,JEE-JANT will NaamJap. (As
Scientist thinks that the universe was created by the boom [sound] so will .... SATGUROO DHEY RAAJ
VICH SATJUG HOOCHEE ANAA..This is part of Pratam Dohra that Singhs used to recite after Ardaas.
As the Chakar within the Khanda is a circle so shall.... ..........THE BOOM OF NAAM DAA KHANDHAA

This starts from being Guroo Jee's Sikhs first and not Jathes or Dehras

Besant Mehalla Panjva(n) Handholl Panna (1185)

Hoe Ekatarr Milhoo Merai Bhaee Dubdaa Doorr Karoo Liv Layai | |
Har Namai Kai Hovhoo Jorree Gurmukh Baishoo Saffaa Vashayai | |

And what is common in Gursikhs? Gunn.

'Gunna Kaa Hovai Vaaslaa Kaadd Vaas Leejai ||

Jai Gunn Hovann Saajannaa Mil Saanjj Kareejai||
Saanjj Kareejai Gunnhoo Kairee Choad Avgunn Chaleeyai ||
Pirhai Patumberr Karr Adamberr Apnaa Pirr Mileeyai ||
Jithai Jayee Bhaeeyai Pallaa Kaheeyai Choal Amrit Peejai ||
Gunna Kaa Hovai Vaaslaa Kaadd Vaas Leejai' ||

Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo

Sneak Thief
I slip away at the earliest hour
dirty and unkempt, I am Your beggar
and creep to sit beneath Your feet
and steal away the precious moments that are so sweet
before others come
I want to be alone
I am only filthy, unworthy to meet
unclean to sit beside Your stainless seat
fearing that sound would wake
others and would take
away my chance
to sit alone with you entranced
and deprive me of this precious hour
i dared not even risk a shower
and so I sit unwashed in haste
and feel the depths of my unworthiness
in my True State of being
undecieved by abolutions simulating purifying
A beggar dressed in rags I plead
forgiveness for stealing this hour I so badly need
that i would come before you in such disarray
forgive me please, I couldn't stay away
and in desperation took the means
of a sneak thief, I prostrate myself before you filthy and unclean
begging grant me the grace of emptiness
fill me with the kindness of your glance
chain me ever ever to Your feet
please accept me i entreat
bless me with the Sev
to be slave of the slave of Your slave
I am Your beggar.........


"Sukhmani sukh amrit prabh naam.

Bhagat jana ka man bisraam. Rahao."
(Guru Arjun Dev jee,Sukmani Sahib, p262)

The `Sukhmani Sukh',

the greatest pleasure
in the treasure chest of pleasures,
is God's ambrosial name.
The mind of the saint
abides in wondrous ecstasy. || Pause || (loose translation)


If I'd known that Waheguru jee loved me so much,

I wouldn't have wasted so many years
before I jumped in and japped his nectar Name.

If I'd known that ego was destroying me,

I wouldn't have waited so long
before I made time to erase it
with the humble words of Sukhmani Sahib.

If I'd known that speaking sweetly

would please my Husband
I wouldn't have wasted words
discussing religion.

If I'd known that the feet

of God's devotees
was the door to bliss
I wouldn't have looked up.

If only I'd known.


Bhai Randhir Singh jee writes in one of his letters from Multan Prison, that the wardens and guards
ruthlessly tortured the prisoners. In the burning indian summer, they were strapped in a thick strait-jacket,
tied to a tree trunk with arms above their heads. Bare headed they were made to suffer night and day for a
whole week. Then they were too frail to do any hard labour, so they were punished again and tied to the
tree..the cycle began again. He would have died if Naam simran wasn't continuously and powerfully
beating in him day and night. His heart was dancing to the divine kirtan of the guru's word. In so much
bodily sorrow, his mind was experiencing joy. They sung Sukmani sahib day and night, the harder the
conditions became, the more powerful was their continuous meditation on the melodious words of
Sukhmani Sahib.

"Sukhmani sukh amrit prabh naam.

Bhagat jana ka man bisraam. Rahao."
(Guru Arjun Dev jee,Sukmani Sahib, p262)

The `Sukhmani Sukh',

the greatest pleasure
in the treasure chest of pleasures,
is God's ambrosial name.
The mind of the saint
abides in wondrous ecstasy. || Pause ||


When grandmum was growing up in the Punjabi village she read all the stories of the khalsa warriors brave
and bold. There was no TV to distract her and no other entertainment, the minute hand ticked away into the
early hours as she flicked the pages through book after book. The real story of Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur saved
grandmum in her hour of need. Bibi GurBaksh Kaur was a Khalsa wife with a baby and a husband, they
were on a pilgrimage and needed a horse and cart for the long journey. The Muslims were terrorizing the
Sikhs in those times so when a Muslim driver offered a lift they hesitated. He reassured them and said
'Trust me, nothing will happen, infact take a vow infront of your guru that if i do anything to you I will be
punished, but your honour will be saved." Bibi GurBaksh Kaur did ardas from the heart and said "Guru
jee, I am only stepping on this horse and cart because you will save our honour if anything happens." The
driver followed a deserted track and in the middle of the jungle he attacked an killed the husband, having
tied up Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur he took the baby. Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur's spirit reached Guru jee's feet " Guru
Gobind Singh jee Save me Save me, I only stepped on the cart because of my faith in you, now save me
guru je save me!" Just then a blinding flash of light was seen, Guru Gobind Singh jee and 5 Khalsa rode
through the jungle like a raging pride of lions, they sliced the Muslim driver into two with one strike of the
sword and guru jee sprinkled a few drops onto the husbands face to revive him, untying Bibi Gurbaksh
Kaur the disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared.

Grandmum was at a family party, it was late no-one would take her home, finally the best offer she got was
from a half drunken man who insisted on driving grandmum home. She really didnt want to go with him,
who knows what could happen in the long, dark and deserted Canadian roads. She had little choice though
and did ardas, "Guru Gobind Singh jee, I'm only going with this man if you protect my honour." They
drove for a few hours when the car broke down. they were in the middle of nowhere, in total darkness,
what could she do? They waved at the odd passing car but no-one dared stop at that fearful hour.
Grandmum's spirit reached Guru jees feet, 'Guru Gobind singh jee save my honour like you saved Bibi
Gurbaksh Kaur jee's honour, I have no one else but you Guru Father, no-one else but you." Just then a car
stopped, the man was a hippy type, he got out and offered them a lift. Neither of them felt any fear,
infact Grandmum thought it was Akal Purakh himself answering their ardas. He took her home, he went to
the petrol station with the drunken-man who had rapidly sobered up, he took him back to the broken down
car, got it all fixed and then went.

Have Faith Khalsa Jee, Guru jee is not far away....Gur meray sang sada ha nalay.


There *is* much, much exquisiteness on this [naam] path. In fact, more than we can possibly imagine.
There are worlds, nay, galaxies which are filled with wonders and such beauty that we never could get their
fill. But all this happens after gurprasad. So that's why sikhi emphasizes on obeying the guru hukam. And
guru's hukam is focus on gur/mool manter and bani, not other stuff.

There is ras in naam but that only comes after one is dedicated to naam and naam only. Once naam ras
comes, then the mind automatically becomes still; hey, which mind in its right mind would want to leave
intoxication!! Once the mind is still, then the nirgun Waheguru "appears" from everywhere.

That is the real goal of sikhi. To mix our nir-gun soul (atma) with nir-gun parm-atma. To go back home.
To go back into mother's lap. To go back to our real state of being. To go back to fearlessness. To go back
to real sarbatt-da-bhalla, because sarbatt and us are connected. Just like we want our families to prosper;
similarly in that state our re-realize the whole creation is our family - naturally we want its bhalla.


After amrit we *really* are given a new birth.

Do we worry about our previous lives's darknesses? - no. Similarily, after amrit, the former life is just that
- a former life.

After amrit, we take birth in guru's lap; can we still be dark after that? - no - guru is nir-lep; just like akaash
- smoke and darkness fill the air; but the air is always clean. Playing in guru's lap; touching guru's feet;
being in guru's presence; nay; *thinking* of guru takes our blackness away.

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru........

satguru sikh kee kar-re prit-pal

"...... Once a maha purakh told me that

"The guru cares more about your mukti than you do..."

I must say those words changed my outlook on life more than any other words. Before these words, I used
to worry about how little time I could devote to the guru. Although with Guru's help, I was giving the Guru
almost all of my free time, including amrit vela, but I felt that I wasn't doing enough.

But when this maha purakh told these words to me, I realized that the Guru knows my situation and knows
how to best handle it. Perhaps if I had more free time, I would spend more time with the five.

But these words just calmed me down immensely. Now I put in the same amount of time, but I feel a lot
better. My naam sessions are also getting better and better.

Just felt like a great burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I feel a lot lighter. I feel like I am
swimming in the Guru's hukam and that he is completely taking care of me.

I feel closer to the Guru than ever before....


That burden this gursikh writes about is ego. Before this gursikh pyara used to say:

"*I* have to jap this much naam."

Now the gursikh says,

"However much the Guru wants me to jap, that much I am japping."


Pyareooooo, let us too give our-*selves* to the Guru. Please note to do this all we have to do is obey the
Guru and give the Guru our amrit vela. The Guru takes care of the rest of the day/life.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

X. Evening Walk
Evening Walk
Returning from our walk early this evening, my dog Bonny and i happened to see an alligator lizard in the
road. She didn't go any closer than 6 or so inches, even though her nose was close to the ground. I took a
little piece of dry grass and touched it to see if it would run. But the life had gone out. Though i didn't
move it, an incredible stench filled the air all around for a hundred of more feet. I thought of jyam. How
could a ten inch lizard newly expired have the stench of a large rotting corpse. The stench of jyam, i guess
has no size, and is respector of nothing, and no one, but Naam and Waheguru.

The un cut-grasses drying in the summer sun, have turned a deep reddish brown rust, as though they are
about to spontaneously combust. Unusual color, i rarely have seen it other than shades of golden honey
colored wheat.

I noticed a rustle as i was studying, and considering, if i have ever seen grass this particular, peculiar dark
shade of almost red, as though you could see flames ready to burst forth. I peered into the grass at the edge
of the road. Black, spikey, white streak, shaking, a skunk. Bonny looked back.

"No Bonny, No!"

I thought of that post last week or so, a gupt post about lust and campanions, remaining nuetral. Accept it's
presence, acknowledge it , don't react, don't try to fight it, just let it be. Good advice for dealing with a

If you threaten a skunk, it will spray, if you let it be, it will eventually wander away. If you shoot it. The
smell will linger for a week or more. Keeping your cool is the best way to get away, out of danger. Just be
aware, wary, without fear.

Jyam was out, on the road tonight. Waheguru, naam was inside.

Good thing i had enough sense not to poke at the skunk.

A Strange Odour
The village girl drew out the bucket from the deep, dark well and as she poured it into her clay pot ready to
carry on her head back home, she noticed an unpleasant odour. She spilled away the bucket and drew out
another with the same results - a bad smell. By this time her friends had turned up with their clay pots.
One of them remembered that whenever the well gets dirty the water gets smelly, so they decided to spend
the morning drawing up buckets of water and spilling them away. the clean water would be coming up
from the ground and the dirty water on was removed. They carried on until nightfall, but the water stunk
worse than ever. A wise, old woman walked passed and noticed the girls spilling water, she said "If you
want to get rid of the smell, then you have to remove the cause of it." She continued, "I guess some animals
fallen in there and having drowned is rotting away." The girls pulled out a few more buckets of water , one
of which contained a dead cat. Then they skimmed the remaining dirty water and that is the story of how
the well was cleaned.

Baba Nand Singh jee said that this dead, decomposing cat is EGO. This dead, rotting cat is inside us and is
giving a bad smell to everyone around us. No matter how many good actions we do, like seva, simran,
paat and donations of daswand to charity, if it is done with ego then we still stink. Its like talking out
buckets of water to clean the well but not dealing with the cause of the problem.

Khalsa jee, we have to remove ego, then our seva, simraan, paat and donations of daswand to charity will
be pure and acceptable.

Dogs don't like pears

Last evening was spectacular in its warmth, and clarity, a rarity for these parts.
While the sunset into the ocean ,and became a red line on the horizon, the moon rose over the hills. Full
and bright orange, huge, a harvest moon. The craters and land marks could be clearly seen. The children
got out their telescope, the moon was too large to be viewed completely. I wondered what it would be like
to stand on the moon just then and look back at the earth. Were we glowing bright? Could you see the

i went into the house, i had been out for an evening walk, and selected nice juicy pear. i went out on the
porch and placed myself so i could see both the setting sun, and rising moon, and took the first sweet bite.

Faithful Bonny, our big black doggie, sat right in front of me looking eagerly at my pear. It was so sweet
and juicy. I said "Bonny dogs don't like pears". Bonny looked even more interested, her eyes glowing, her
nose shining. I repeated again, "Dogs don't like pears Bonny." I though of giving her a little piece, so she
could see that dogs don't like pears, but i thought oh, i'll just give her the core, when i've finished, she'll
sniff it and lose interest, and wander off. I put my foot on her chest, and gave her a rub as i finished the
pear. Her attention never wavered. I held out the core, she lunged, and took the pear core half way back
into her mouth. Chomp, slurp, chomp, slurp, chomp, gulp, swallow. "Dog's love pears!" she said,"
especially sweet and juicy ones." Guess she showed me.

Later when i was alone doing sukhaassan. I was thinking of naamnet sangat. I felt like without you, i
would be like a dried up shivreled piece of fruit. But because of you i am like that sweet juicy ripe pear
that even dogs love! <Kukoor Ji ! >

Last week i looked out the window to see 3 kitties walking up a kitty path through the dried up summer
pasture. 3 tails waiving above the dried up stalks of brown grass. As they came closer, i noticed that
two of them were walking cheek to cheek, body to body, stumbling over each other in their effort to be
close, the third one right behind. They walked for over a hundred feet that way pressing cheeks close, the
smaller grey one stretching up to meet the face of the taller orange one, trying to stay in step with each
other.. They all three seemed so close and loving, they were inseparable in their love. It made me
think of hugs in Waheguru < Sakhi Ji ! >

This morning when i was so sleepy in Amrit vela, i happened to think of sakhi T. singhs electrical posts...
WAH!- i am flying for the next hour- GURU! i want to see the world through her beautiful eyes!
< Some day we'll all take Amrit and the whole world will be Khalsa ! >

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

This one has been told two true stories from Punjab which i will try to report faithfully, please forgive

One man was walking down the road. A Singh and his dog were coming from other direction. As they
passed each other in the road, suddenly the dog jump out, and bite the man. He get serious wound and need
attention to it. The singh take the man to his home to care for the dog bite. He stayed there more than one
day and through the night. The Singh tended his wound and cared for him. Then he do his Gurbani paath.
The injured man listen to his paath, then start asking questions. Due to this time he spent in the Singhs
home, because of dog bite, the man soon become himself Singh, and drink the Amrit. He would tell others
the story, and say, the dog took birth to bite him, change his all karmas and turn him to Singh.

In the Sangat the was a Singh who had a small dog. He always keep this dog close by him, even take him to
the langar and feed him roti. In the simran it was seen that he would take the dog in his lo-ee. When
questioned about this he tell this story. Every morning when i would sit for simran this small dog would
come and lay very close to me, and try to crawl into my lap. Always i would push him away,
but he always come back. One morning it was very cold, the dog came creeping up to me, i took him under
my lo-ee so we both can get warm.. That day i saw God. Now i always keep the dog with me.
Every morning i take dog in my lo-ee and every morning i see the God.

When i hear this story, I start to have the most intense longing to be taken under lo-ee like the small dog.
I feel like ,if ever i am taken under lo-ee, then We will both get everything. This feeling persist for more
than a year, maybe two, three years, since first hearing story. But who can take me in lo-ee.?

Then today i feel like i have been taken into the lo-ee of Naamnet. I am in the lo-ee of Sadh Sangat.
In the lap of Waheguru. This is not the feeling from doing simran, nor Amrit vela. is due to the love,
compassion, support of Sangat.

Saturday we went walking on the beach...
It was glorious...
i met a woman walking her *very *large dog....
"Kukoor" i said to myself...
i asked her about him...
He was an Irish wolf hound...
curley fur...
Grey with just a touch of rust....
I told her he looks just like my imaginary dog....
How do you tell someone about your kukoor :)

Only kukoor jee you are much more beautiful, than that one.

Your fur gleams like a polished sarbloh batta,

with out a touch of rust...
Your eyes are so deep,
reflecting your master
your devotion so complete
your faith so strong...
and you are not imaginary at all,
only as real and close as Waheguru

Oh kukoor i long to stroke your silky ears

and bury my face in you fur, and hug your neck,
and hear the rumble of your growl
GRRrruuu GRRUUuuu
and race with you and daas down to the river of Naam
where the current of waheguru runs deep and strong as the ocean,
and the waves breaking are waheguru waheguru waheguru,
and the light shining through them in the sunset, are His inner
and play along the *sandy* shore of the Sukh Sagar, Sea of Tranquility..

where the waves of waheguru break endlessly.......

endlessly... endlessly
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Shifting sand
Kukoor ji you are near?
precious kukoor come lick this tear,
there's only one, lonely one, that trickles here.
let me bury my face deep, deep in your fur,
Oh, my dearest faithful kukoor dear,
it's just too much to bear,
so hard to conquer
this despair
at least for now, there is no fear,
just this looming emptyness, no cheer
you are my only comfort, kuoor ji, my kukoor dear.
lay your head in my lap and let me stroke your silky ear,
and whisper in them waheguru, waheguru, 'til neither of us care.
waheguru waheguru waheguru ji, please hear,
the plea of this unworthy one, weeping here,
drenching this poor kukoor with silent tears
waheguru waheguru waheguru ji, keep me ever near
make each teardrop nectar, to feed my kukoor dear
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru name so dear
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru let us ever hear
sound of waheguru waheguru waheguru ringing in our ear
waheguru waheguru waheguru most merciful kindly endear
waheguru waheguru waheguru your name the prem dhey theer
waheguru waheguru waheguru that peirce this heart so deeply here
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
Waheguru.........waheguru.......... waheguru..........waheguru
Har prem baanee man maare-aa, anee-aalay anee-aan raam raajay
jis laagee peer piramm kee, so jaanai jaree-aa
jeewan mukat so aakhee-ai, mar jeewai maree-aa
Jan Naanak, Satgur mayl Har, jag duttar taree-aa

This evening i was giving water to gander,
When my dog Bonny start growling and barking,
I look over and see large black buzzard with 4 foot or more wing span flying low over the trees.
Bonny bark and run over to chase it off.

Many times i have seen Bonny bark,, but seldom do she ever give chase to anything.

now i happen to associate buzzards with jyam.

One time in simran i give challenge to jyam to leave someone i dearly love and respect
then all of sudden large buzzard flash in front of me and i shriek
yeah like i am so brave.
But stand my ground and say to leave.
it turned out that same day
condor ( 8-11 foot wing span- buzzard) and California state bird
on the endangered list
was released back into the wild.
So since that time, i think of that scavenger jyam and buzzards together.

So when good old Bonny give chase to that black old buzzard ,am thinking how GURbani is only thing that
gives chase to jyam, waheguru naam jap.
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Waheguru jis lap

We have a black kitty by name of Clever Queen. Like her many descendants, that roam about, she lives out
of doors. Since we live in the country, the cats live naturally, and seem to prefer it that way. Two or three
are tame enough to pet, some of the really pretty kitties, lay just out of reach, with a look, but don't
touch policy. They may follow you down the road "meow, meow," for a walk , but always stay just out of

Clever likes to come in the house every so often. She is a skinny little thing, so when she comes in i put
food down for her. She takes a mouthful or so, but then she is back to rubbing up against the leg. She
comes just for love. She will climb into the lap and purr and purr, sticking her sharp claws deep into the
skin, kneading, and pressing in kitty ecstasy.

She is a dusty, little, all black kitty. Whether she rolls in the dust to groom, or to disguise her scent, for she
is hunter, it clings, and she brings it also into the lap. When finally the dust is too much, and the claws too
sharp, it's push the kitty off the lap, or a little aside.

Not a bit offended, she looks for another leg to brush up against, or lap to crawl into, and the loving begins
again. Then off she goes, when she's satisfied, and she won't come in again, for months sometimes.
She can be seen through the window, out in the field, with a kitten ,sometimes, like now. She has one black
little kitty, just like her. They are mostly together, when ever she is around, but sometimes the little black
kitty is alone.

We have a dutch kitchen door, and all the langar leftovers go out to the critters. Bonny, the big black
doggie, has a good ear, and keeps it tuned to the kitchen door. She is much bigger than the kitties and
reigns over the food bowl. sometimes i put out two, to give the kitties a chance, but Bonny carries them off.
Some one or the other of the kitties is very faithful to that door, always on the look out for the chance to be
more vigilant than the Bonny.

Today the little black kitty was there. Like other times, as soon as the door opens the little kitty scaredy
cat, jumps up, looking frightened out of its wits, and runs off as fast as it can, scat. Oblivious to the fact
that some delicious morsel is coming its way, It can only see the huge human, can only experience its fear.
It's too bad, because it is so tiny and looks undernourished, but its fear keeps it from the very thing
it longs for most.

It reminds me of our condition. Waheguru ji stands at the door offering us love and nourishment, but fear
keeps us from the love and sustenance. Waheguru ji in His kindness leave something for us any way,
but do we partake? We who are dirty, are ever welcome into Waheguru ji lap. We who can give nothing, are
sheltered in His love. We fear the awsomeness of His love and run. We fear even the treasure He leaves us.
We fear the commitment, being different from others. We fear the hardships. Yet we long for Him. In His
mercy, He is ever kind and compassionate, and has infinite patience.

Still the treasures await us, all we have to do is take one step forwards, He will carry us the rest of the way.
He will cleanse us, nourish us, love, and beloved by us, take us into His very lap. It just takes not running
away, when he bends to uplift us.

Oh but the sheer awesome beauty of his love, how to withstand it. And so we run like the little black kitty,
to hide, our hunger knawing at us from inside, but afraid. Controlled by our fear, afraid to give into

i am verily an infant.

Naam is like the mother, beautiful and strong.

The infant loves her more than life,
she gives nourishment and comfort.
But there is fear.

The mother is awesome in the energy of her power like a wall of fire.
There are no flames, no heat, but the sheer energy is overwhelming.
How can she be approached and loved?
How can one be gathered into her arms and carressed?
How can one bear the beauty of her embrace?
How can one bear the glimpse of her face?
How can one be uplifted, and be carried by her grace?
How can one do anything but weep, and cringe,
while yet longing unbearably to be caught up and be loved by her?

Sakhi dear, how is that we may sit in our mothers lap

and enjoy her sweetness, without being overcome by fear?

Gur Mere Sang - Guru is with me

My friend said, 'I close my eyes and try my hardest to hold onto Waheguru's feet, but He kicks me away'.
This is for her.

(based on a poem called footsteps in the sand)

As the sunset of life approached, I looked back across the miles of sandy beach, remembering the sunrise
and how I'd set off on the wonderful journey of life. Along the way I could see 2 sets of footsteps, at other
places I could see only one set. I faced the vast and deep ocean, the cool air soothed my soul....'My
beloved Waheguru jee, most merciful and compassionate Lord, I have a question for you. When I look at
my life I see you were walking right their beside me, but I noticed that when I was going through the
hardest time, when I was suffering in sorrow and drowning in depression, there was only one set of
footsteps. O Waheguru jee, why did you let me down? Why weren't you their at those times when I
needed you most?'

A warm breeze blew past and dried away my tears, a seagull flew past and I lifted my chin, Waheguru Jee's
answer came inside me 'O My beautiful child, my precious bhagat, there were only one set of footsteps in
the sand because that was when I was carrying you.'

Gur mere sang SADA ha nale

Guru is ALWAYS with me.

XI. Lie Down and Take Rest

Lie down and take rest
More from Sant Attar singh ji

Without service of The Satguru and the Sangat Humility cannot be achieved
In order to spread the Religion of the name and to administer Khande-Da Amrit, Sant Ji on the request of
the devotees used to go to their villages. Once the Sangat of the village "Dan Singh Vala" took sant Ji to
their village. Bhai Lal singh Mastuana came to pay respects to Sant Ji, two or three times. Sant Ji said to
Bhai Lal singh, " O Bhai Lal sing, in the Kingdom of Satguru Nanak, Sewa (service with hands and
otherwise) is a very essential duty of a Sikh. You must join in the Sewa (in the construction) of the
Gursagar complex and the Sacred Tank. Along with it, practice the meditation on the Name. Without Sewa
the I-am-ness of the man does not vanish, although he may devote as much time as he likes in the Religious
Meditation etc, Without Sewa, transmigration does not come to an end."

Bhai Lal Singh began sleeping on the ground, near Sant Ji Maharaj at night. All of a sudden Bhai Lal
Singh woke up at 2am one night. He was astonished to see Sant Ji sitting in meditation on the couch. He
got up and sat on the ground for meditation. After a few moments, Sant Ji Maharaj noticed him sitting on
the ground and observed, "Bhai Ji, as yet, good part of night is still left. You better lie down and take rest.
My daily routine of Nit nem takes a good deal of time and I finish it before 2am. Then I become absorbed
in the Shabad (the Word). So I have to get up much before 2am.

Bed Or Floor?

This morning after few days, this kookar logged onto Naamnet. A personal post by a Sakhee described how
this Sakhee is losing attachment with warm and cosy bed at Amritvella,and look forward for Naam Simran
everyday. Dass,kookar can only thank Dhan Satguroo Nanak Dassmes Jee. As dass was reading a post
dass's daughter addressed dass with a question - Should Gur-Sikhs sleep on the bed or on the floor? Dass
answer this question with the following story:-

One day this king mounted his horse and decided to look-around his kingdom at dawn. He was not far from
his palaces, when he saw a poor man cuddled sitting near a smoldering fire. Being a cold night the king
asked him how was his last night. This poor man answered the king by stating that he is 'only a poor man,
you are a king how can I compare or answer you? Go and do what you came to do.' The king was offended
and asked him again the same question. The poorman replied that some of his night was as good as his and
some of it was better than his. Hearing this the king became very astonished at his answer and said: 'Some
of your night was as good as mine and some of it was better than mine ? how could that be? I'm a king.'
This poor man who happened to be a Gursikh explained to this king, the first part of your night you crept
into a beautiful warm bed and I cuddled myself near this fire as warm as you were, both of us do not
remember where we were, on the bed or on the floor. So this I consider to be the same as yours. The latter
part of your night you were indulged in Kaam where as I had my bath and I was indulged into Naam sitting
near the fire. So this part of my night was better then yours. The king became much ashamed of this answer
and became a Sikh and started to indulge in Naam at Amritvelaa.

The answer to the question put by dass's daughter was- one can sleep on floor, on the roof, on a cardboard
box, standing up, in the tree, on the bed or on the moon, who cares, what difference does it make sleep is
sleep. But to sleep during Amritvellaa is wrong.

So pyariooo Sajan jeooo, sleep anywhere but look after your Amritvelaa. Do not get into empty rituals, do
and live by the GYAN knowledge blessed upon us by Dhan Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak
Dasmesh Jee. This is what Gurbanee states,the truth which keeps us on the path, for who do not do Simran
at Amritvelaa-



Baba Freed Jee states towards those, who do not get up at Amritvelaa;
One who does not get up Amritvelaa, their being here is fruitless.
It would be better if they are dead. Why? because they have forgotten Vaheguroo
but Vaheguroo hasn't forgetten them as Vaheguroo still provides them with worldly things.

Now isn't that beautifully put.............


This one confesses to having slept during Rainsubhai for the first time ever. It is not unusual, during a
smagham, for any one to get more than one, two hours sleep or rest here and there. Also sitting for keertan
and doing seva , the body becomes very fatigued.

Somehow in 24 hours this one sat for more than 20 of those hours after only one two hours sleep. The
keertan was really beautiful, but this one body was in sach agony.,, Only naamjap could be done, no words
could even be sung. Only the energy sangat around this one gave this one the stamina to sit at all in the
keertan. This one say to this one's mind very firmly, this one is going to hurt no matter where this
one is, so let it be in the keertan, and this way passed several hours. After midnight when it was close to one
o'clock , this one gave in, and stood up and began walking around the outside of the hall where the
keertan was being sung, hoping that would lessen the pain in the knees. After close to an hour it became
apparent nothing but rest was going to relieve the situation. so this one went to where other were sitting and
stretched out some, then turned and put head down and stretched out.

Now this one has never been able to sleep on floor with any degree of comfort unless there was mattress.
Even these days too many hours pass in the bed and this one has back pain.

Oh, but to put this ones head down on the floor and stretch ones body out while listening to the keertan was
exquisite. That floor was the most comfortable bed this one has ever felt and just began to melt into
the floor and was lulled into the most beautiful sleep, like sleeping in Waheguru jees lap. Like this, this one
slept in the Rainsubhai.

Coming home to this ones bed, Amrit vela came , but the body would not move..the mind woke, but could
not compel the body to move or even the tongue. So much aching was there, and utter exhaustion. After
some hours pass this way, then cassette of Nitmen was heard. This was another first, the first time this one
has *heard* the whole of Nitnem while in the bed. It wasn't until well into the second half of Sukhmani
Sahib that this one slept again. It was agonizing, there is no worse feeling then being in the bed while the
sweet precious hours of Amrit vela fly by... unless it is passing those hours with out hearing panj bania.
Thank modern technology for that. This one wondered before, there was such things as cassette recorders,
what could one do if one does not have Gurbani by heart and no one to read paath... sach suffering this one
cannot imagine...

Given the choice of this bed, or that floor, this one would choose that floor any time.

Hard Times
Shabad by dhan dhan Guru Arjun dev jee :

rag dhanasaree mahala 5

aukhee gharee na dekhan dehee

apana birad smaleh.

hath deh rakheh apanay koe

saas saas pritpaleh. 1.
prabh sio laag rahoa mera cheet.
aad ant prabh sada sahee
dhan hamara meet. rahao.

man bilas bhe-i sahib koe

acharaj dekh bada-ee.

har simar simar anad kar nanak

prabh pooran paij raka-ee.2

The Lord lets not his devotee see the difficult hour
and thus fulfills his innate nature.

Lending his hand, He preserves His own slave

and cherishes him at every breath. 1.

My mind is attuned to the Lord.

From the beginning to the end, the Lord is my Saviour,
Wonderful is My Friend. Pause.

On beholding the marvellous greatness of the Lord,

my mind is delighted.

Remembering the Lord, enjoy,

O Nanak the perfect Lord has saved my honour. 2.

Respected Giani Jaswant Singh 'Parvana' jee was explaining it in Katha: Here is an explanation of Aukhee
Gharee - I always thought it meant when the Sikh was having alot of dukh - pain and suffering.

Aukhee Gharee : translated as 'difficult hour'. What is the difficult time for a Sikh of the Guru? Is it when
we have suffering and sorrow? No, none of the Shaheed martyrs called their final time Aukhee gharee
because a Sikh sees dukh and sukh, suffering and happiness, as the same thing. The Sikh doesnt chase
happiness and doesn't run from pain. So what is Aukhee/Difficult? Guru Ram Das Jee explains that the
person who slanders the Guru, the one who has turned his back to the destroyer of darkness is the one who
is facing the most difficulty - Aukho. These people are Guruless (manmukh), and in this shabad Guru
Arjun Dev Jee says that Waheguru jee doesn't let his servant (Gurmukh) be separated for even a short time
as a gharee (40 minutes). A mother would never let her child drown, it's her nature to save. Waheguru jee's
nature is to give his hand of protection and cherish the servant at each and every breath. The GurMukh will
have times when s/he starts to drown in the world and makes mistakes. But the GurMukh is instructed to
do ardas 'Waheguru jee I am as small as you are great, you have given me the gifts of the 5Ks I beg for you
to bless me so that I never do anything to dishonour them.' Even 40 minutes (1 gharee) away from
Waheguru jee is a major sin, we all find it hard to remember Waheguru jee all the time. So do ardas for
forgiveness and beg for Waheguru jee to not let us face the Aukhee Gharee.


This is a powerful shabad, one way to meditate on it is to say the mool mantr followed by the shabad and
keep doing jap (repetition) of this until you feel what Guru Arjun Dev jee was expressing.

This one is wondering ...
What is more important waking up on time, or going to sleep on time.

Problem is if one does not sleep on time, one cannot wake up on time,and is tempted to sleep in the AMrit
vela even if one does get up.

Recently this one witnessed a young man coming to work. It was obvious, he had been awake the entire
night. While he showed his good intentions and integrity, by showing up, willing to work.. His demeanor
and exaustedness made me to think of what if must be like to Waheguru when we get up for Amrit vela
without enough sleep.. Yes, we love Waheguru, we are devoted to Waheguru, and cannot miss Amrit vela
no matter what. But what condition are we in to enjoy His love, not enough energy to sit and contemplate,
much less meditate, sleeping through the priceless moments before the sunrise, those moment that pass so
quickly and will never come again.

Too many things doing...

Waheguru ji please tuck me in at night, instead of my alarm clock

Daas was once doing a bicycle trip in Ontario, Canada, when daas came upon a beautiful lake. It was a few
minutes before sunset and this scene mesmerized daas so much that daas dismounted and went and sat next
to the lake.

There was rather pleasant and refreshing breeze coming in from the lake. Daas decided to spend the night
there. In fact, daas decided to sleep under the stars that night.

"Forget the tent," thought daas and unfolded daas da sleeping bag.

The sun went down in a blaze of WahColor. With the sun gone, suddenly the breeze died. It was amazing:
one moment there was a nice cool air from the lake, the next moment it was like a vacuum.

With the death of the breeze, came swarms of mosquitoes with their probes fully prepared. Daas does not
joke when daas says swarms: daas was wearing a t-shirt and daas looked at daas dee arm and it was black
with the little fellows. Easily 10 to 20 on one arm!

Daas panicked: daas quickly (albeit badly) opened up daas da tent and got into it. Many mosquitoes
entered daas da tent as night guests!

Needless to say, daas had a terrible night.

When daas awoke from slumber the next mourning, daas saw some mosquitoes so laden with daas that they
had a hard time flying!


At amrit vela, naami gursikhs put their sur-ti roopi probes into nir-gun WaheGuru and bliss-out on
WahNectar when the breeze of thoughts die.

Many naami gursikh bliss-out on WahNectar from WaheGuru even when WaheGuru enters the sur-gun
roopi tent of creation.

Many naami gursikhs who spend raNs blissing-out on WahNectar have trouble even walking!

Eyewitness report of a Naami Gursikh:

"... When Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee used to get up from a raN of
keertan, he looked completely intoxicated and would walk like a child.
Many gursikhs felt that Bhai Sahib would surely fall and therefore stayed
close to him and many times held him. He would walk a little and stop and
talk like a child....."

Start blissing-out on WahNectar NOW....

XII. Dreaming

Fight The Monster


SatGuru Nanak Dev ji says


By conquering your mind you have truly conquered this world.



Sound familiar? Well, if you get bored then that is great, I'm really happy that you have felt that way. I hope
you were so bored that you felt like your head was going to explode. If you've been frustrated with
boredom then you've stepped in the furious fire, you've seen the face of your enemy. Now you know who
your real enemy is. It's your own mind. It's not the TV, its not your parents its not your teachers, its not
your religion its your own mind. You thought your problems were caused by other people, but your real
enemy was sitting inside your head all of the time!

The mind is like a huge, hungry monster which runs around out of control like a dinosaur from Jurrassic
Park. It roars like thunder, demanding to be fed all the time. If we don't feed it then it gets bored and
makes us feel frustrated. It wants to sink its sharp fangs into interesting things, it wants our eyes to be fed
with videos and Television and pictures of blood and killing and action and sex. It wants our ears to be fed
with loud angry music, it wants to hear funny jokes. It wants our tongue to swim around in tasty food:
chinese , italian, indian , sweets ,chocalate, ice cream - FEED ME! FEED ME! It's screaming at us all the
time. The monster-mind wants our body to have sex, to talk sex and to read about sexy newspaper
stories, all the time it thinks of sex, it even makes us dream of sex. It wants to drink and smoke it doesn't
care about health it cares about having a good time- it only cares about itself. The monster is sitting inside
in each one of our heads demanding to be fed all the time -so we feed it hoping it will let you
have some peace and quiet, but it never gets full up it gobbles down your music, TV, sex and food - in no
time at all it's bored again and wants to chew some more interesting things. It tells us that we can't be
happy unless we get a girlfriend/boyfriend and that's really exiting but the monster chews that relationship
up and spits it out, and the mind runs after another partner and another, again and again it gets bored.

Take a look at what we do, as soon as the monster-mind gets bored we get up and turn on the TV, but that
gets boring so we hire a video, but thats gets boring so we order a Pizza with extra cheese, but that gets
boring so we go out with our friends. Eventually we have to come home and be by ourself. Alone in the
room, nothing to do - we can't stand to be by ourself for even 10 minutes its boring, so we play some
music, read a book play a computer game. What does that tell you about our nature ?- we're so boring that
we can't even stand our own company! If we ever end up forced to keep your own company then the
monster-mind starts feeding on our thoughts. It tells us that we are bored and its our teachers fault or our
religions fault or our parents fault. It starts chewing up our thoughts, it makes us angry and bitter and
chews up some more negative thoughts which make us suspicious and paranoid. These are all new
emotions for the monster to eat so it carries on chewing your brain until you feel like your head is going to

The sad part is that:





and we don't even try to stop it, we just sit and take it.

We are not the first ones to have lost the battle, the whole world is a slave to the Monster-mind. And do
you know why everyone has lost this battle? It's because no-one saw who their real enemy was, no-one
realized there was a battle to be fought, everyone just became a slave to the monster.

SatGuru Nanak Dev ji showed the world who the enemy was, how to fight it and how to tell it that we were
no longer going to be its slave. From now on we would only serve the True Master - Wonderful God.
the Guru's time, the Moghuls were Turks who converted to Islam, but they got bored of being good
Muslims who lived by God's will. They conquored many countries, they raped women and took them
away as slaves they burnt villages to the ground - they conquored half the world, they forced people to
convert to Islam, but they never conquered their Monstermind. They were always slaves of the monster.
But, many of the Holy Indians were not any better, they were bored of being good Hindus, they pretended
to pray so people gave them food, clothes and money. Read the following story of Guru Nanak ji and
Sajjan Tug and you'll see what kind people become if they don't fight their monster mind.

Sajjan was a murdering, priestly thief. He ran an inn for travelers and had several people working for him.
They would lure travelers to the Inn and Sajjan,which means friend, tried his best to befriend the
innocent travelers. If the guests were Hindu, Sajjan Tug would dress as a Hindu saint and pray, the
travelers would feel they were at a friendly place then at night he'd have them killed. If a Muslim came,
then he would dress as a Muslim and pray, the traveller would feel safe but Sajjan would have them killed
as well. Sajjan pretended to be everyones friend, but only so he could steal their belongings.

When Guru Nanak ji came, Sajjan was rubbing his greedy-hands with excitement for he thought Guru
Nanak must be a great King, Guru Nanak ji's face was happy and glowing, he walked with a smile and a
song - Sajjan thought only someone who had so much money that they didn't need to worry about it could
be as happy as Guru Nanak ji. Naturally, Sajjan wanted to be this happy King's friend.

Sajjan quickly made a royal court with a special throne for the King to sit on. Guru Nanak ji played along
with Sajjan's game, for God had told Guru Nanak ji what kind of friend Sajjan really was. Sajjan sent in a
dancing girl- he knew all kings loved dancing girls and surely this would please this happy King. Sajjan
thought the girl could lure the King to bed and when this rich King fell asleep they would kill him. But,
Guru Nanak ji asked the girl, what are you doing? Where is your honour and self-respect? Do not misuse
your body - your body was given to you for praising your True Master by doing paat and simran. The
guru's words had a deep effect on the girl she told Sajjan I'm no longer working for you -you are not my
Master any more you made me do a lot of bad things.
Sajjan was as mad as hell, and he quickly sent in another worker. The new plan was that they would get the
rich King drunk so that when he become unconscious they could kill him and steal all of his money. But,
Guru Nanak ji said I have no need to drink your wine, for the wine of God's Name is always intoxicating
me. The man left deeply effected by Guru ji and he too told Sajjan I am no longer your slave, I will not do
bad things for you any more.

Sajjan was even madder now, he thought he would have to conquer this King himself, so he created a tasty
dish but poisoned it so Guru ji would die and he could steal his belongings. But, Wonderful God protects
his saints and sent the word of God to Guru Nanak ji. Guru Nanak ji sang to Sajjan - the real Sajjan
(friend) is the one who never deserts you & stands by you in God's court, but you are like dirty-metal which
when you rub it with a cloth gets shiny but only gives the cloth blackness meaning Sajjan smiled shinily to
the travelers but the only thing that rubbed off on them from his friendship was his dirty murdering actions.
Guru ji continued singing Gods message: you are like the crane which looks holy,
dressed in white but rips the flesh of the creatures it eats. Sajjan Tug fell to his knees tears in his eyes, he
couldn't hide his sins from God. Sajjan repented by giving his life to Guru ji by taking amrit. He stopped
following what his monster-mind was telling him to do and started following the advice of Guru ji. He
served people honestly and prayed honesty. Guru ji showed him how to slay his monster-mind once and
for all using the all-powerful weapon of meditation on God's Name.

It is Guru Nanak ji's command that we conquer our mind, we must stop living like a slave to the
monstermind. Tell your mind you no longer will be a slave to its desires. Tell the monster that you only
serve the True Master - Wonderful God and no matter how much the monster tries to make you feel sad or
lonely or angry or lustful or proud or like doing dirty deeds like Sajjan Tug, tell your mind Guru Nanak ji
reigns supreme in the kingdom of this body and then do simran. Only the ones blessed by Guru Nanak ji
are able to slay the monster, millions of people do strange things in the name of religion but without Guru
Nanak ji's blessing none of them have found the Truth.

We all love to be with our friends, or to sit infront of TV or to cuddle upto our spouse and our children.
Everyone wants to be with the monster all of the time and no-one can stand to be with Wonderful God for
more than 5 minutes without getting bored. The person who has escaped from the jaws of the monster-
mind and has also tamed it, is one in millions ,a blessed person who can sit with their Creator without
getting bored. Guru Nanak ji's blessings fill their mind with love for God. That person is known as a saint
and throughout Creation the glories of that being are eternally sung. Whenever you start getting bored, or
depressed or sad, fight the monster by firstly, begging to Guru Nanak ji for his blessings to begin the battle,
then sing Waheguru and feel the Wonderful God's love and warmth pouring into you. Do this each and
everyday, more and more. In this way you will be gradually conquoring your mind and within a matter of
years you will have truly conquored the world.


A Dream

A child lay sleeping in his bed

TV dreams dancing in his head
Little serpent hanging from the wall
and scaly creeping creature crawl
White serpent head, both are green
Both are hours spent watching TV screen
The bed and child are in a cave
The childs subconcious, near ocean wave
Across the front, erect a wooden fence
Banis, Kakars, his best defense
But not maintained
Much is lost, and nothing gained
Creatures grow and grow larger still
Childs subconcious has no will
The fence destoyed and pushed aside
The scaly monsters creep inside
Over, under, all around
Up the wall, and on the ground
Pushing underneath the bed
And hanging over childs head
Grown large enough to swallow whole
The sleeping childs, sleeping soul
Devouring the body cave
TV is subconcious grave

Tell the child of the dream

explain Kakars, and TV scene
How small creatures grow into monsters very soon
The child replies, "Don't worry it's just cartoons"

meaning of dream:
TV on
Simran off
Turn Sat Simran ON

From Dusk To Dawning

She saw him lying face down in the mud and filth by the edge of the city street. It was dusk. He was
hidden by the long shadows of encroaching darkness. If she hadn't accidentally stumbled into him, she
might never have noticed him laying there. She gasped, drawing her breath in sharply. It was the high
prince of the kingdom that ruled the city. She removed her cloak and spread it over him. "Sir, sir," she
shook him gently, "wake up sir." " We have to get you to some place of safety." "Who are you?" he asked
puzzled, "Where am I."

We are in the out skirts of the kingdom, and you are injured, Just be still and come with me."
"But who are you?" he asked again. I, sir am your servant" She replied, "Now hush."

She led him away to a humble cottage, more of a hovel, and took him inside. She bathed him and removed
his filthy clothes, giving him clean, worn ones, to wear. She fed him simple fare, wishing she had better. He
lay back on her bed and fell into a deep slumber. She sat through the night, at his bedside, watching,

She had been a captive of war, sold into slavery, taken to a far and strange land. She came from poor, but
proud people. She was no longer young, not beautiful, but something in her bearing, had made him take
notice of her, when she was being auctioned on the slave block. He purchased her, took her home to his
palace, and presented her to his princess. She was given duties, and taught the language. She still had
difficulties understanding sometimes. Their ways were so foreign, but she did her best to learn. After she
had learned enough to gain some independence, she was given her freedom. Life was hard in the city, she
often longed for the security inside the castle. Sometimes she wished she could be purchased again,
everyone had been so kind.

Now she had a different problem. It seemed the prince was unable to remember his identity, he certainly
did not remember her. She pondered over what to do. When he woke, it was light. She cared for him again.

He was embarrassed. "Why are you taking care of a beggar and thief like me," he asked. "Sir you are no
thief, you are the high prince, son of the Emperor himself." "Woman you are crazy," he warned. "I'm
nothing but a street vagabond, although a good looking one I admit, but certainly no prince."
"Stop calling me sir," he roared.
"Sire then."
"Hopelessly crazy," he muttered.
"Respected young sire," she continued, "You have suffered some injury, that prevents you from
remembering your true identity. Please let us go and sit at the gate of the kingdom, perhaps that will help
you to recall your heritage."

She described the court life for him. Telling him of the tastes, scents, sights, and sounds of his former way
of life, hoping to prod his memory."

When they reached the gate, she requested him to repeat his Fathers name.
"Please continue to repeat the name of the Most High One in a loud voice, perhaps your Father or one of
his guards, will hear you and open the gates."

He did as she requested feeling very foolish and unworthy. He certainly had no recollection of any of the
descriptions she had given him of what lay beyond those gates.

After a bit, he had a sort of inkling, but dismissed it as just a memory of her descriptions, nothing he could
remember first hand.

She showed him a small jewel given to her by one of the occupants of the kingdom. He looked at her in
awe, saying "I should be your servant." She replied" I have been instructed never to reveal this jewel lest it
should be stolen from me. However what is rightfully your is lacs and lacs compared to this." He shook
his head in amazement and wonder.

They sat together every day for 2 1/2 hours, 91 days in all. She refused to leave his side or let him leave
the gate except to make some living. They returned again each morning. She continued to admonish
him to repeat His Fathers name.

Then one morning....it dawned on him, everything came rushing back suddenly, overwhelmingly.........
Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru..
The beauty, the splendor...
Waheguru waheguru waheguru....
joy, past absolute caring...
waheguru waheguru waheguru...
comfort, peace, tranquility....
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru....
Fathers loving
waheguru waheguru waheguru....
waheguru waheguru waheguru
love bliss union...
waheguru waheguru waheguru,...
he wept...
waheguru waheguru waheguru ...
washed in....
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru,
When he remembered to look for her, he found her inside,
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Was really surprised when a Gurmukh was explaining meaning of Gurusikh? He says Gurusikh is
like "Chandan tree". Chandan will give his sweet sweet fragrance to the "Nim" plant near by. He says
even further gursikh should be so patience and jeevan wala that even some one tries to cut this "Chandan
tree" --- its fragrance will even effect the axe or chain saw. Hence, I looked at myself and was really
surprised!!! Where I am flying?

I am no way even near any of this stuff. If some one says bad about me -- i will try to bury him
alive with my words or with every possible weapon. I will not even spare people who are good to me.
Shame! i should really change and do ardass to Guru sahib to do his kirpa so that i can learn some thing
from gurubani and put that in my life.

Well! this Gurumukh also explained ---- how you should see others? He says that try to see other
from outside ---- don't try to go inside of anyone by peeling off his skin. If you want to see someone from
inside --- then make a better habit of look at you. He said that everyone tries to show up their "sifat" (good
things). So, if you see everyone from outside then you will like everyone and if you see yourself from
inside then you will see your bad things ----- thus you will like others more.

He says that most of the people who follow their religion are blind. That is why there is religion
crises? Both parties are blind and thus they will sure hit each other. He said that as we try to help blind
people in real life --- so we should also help religious blindpeople.

But, blind like me cannot even walk himself. Need good support! May be "charan dhoor" of
sangat! or Gurus Kirpa!

Guru the Saaki

An advertisement in the local Daily:

"Earn 100 Rupees per day for only 30 minutes of work!!! All meals will be provided. Contact Mr. Busy
Singh Businessman at 123 456-7890."

Imagine the excitement of daas when he saw this ad. Quickly daas set up an appointment with Mr. Busy
Singh Businessman. At the appointed hour, at Mr. Busy Singh's house, Mr. Busy Singh came out with a
lunch bag in hand.

Daas: What will be the work like?

BB: (pointing to a nearby gurudwara) You go and eat there everyday, and bring back food for me!!!!


Langar - something we all take for granted. But Guru's 24 hour Langar is nothing short of a revolution and
a miracle. There is a gurudrawa in Kenya, which is world famous amongst western "penny tourists" for 24
hours free langar and lodging. It is something that only the Guru has managed to pull off in this world.

The guru has done this in this physical world. Now imagine what the guru can and does in the spiritual

langar chale
gur shabad har ||

The real langar is gurshabad. The langar of gurshabad is like a nectar-filled bottom-less lake of bliss.

kha-vo kher-cho ral mil bhai

toT na aavay
vadhon jaee ||

There is no end to the bliss, ras, intoxication of naam. It is guru's "job" to become a saaki (wine - provider)
and provide naam for all those who *really* want it.

Now the question is - who really wants naam?

- pyasi sakhis

What is the sign of a pyasi sakhi? One who:

- wakes up at amrit vela and

babiha preo preo kare ||

Like a mother begs for her lost child,

Like a lover begs for his lover's sight,

gursikh vaNjare, gursikh sakhis longingly call out to their one and only love - waheguru. Waheguru, they
say in love. Waheguru, they cry out in pyar. Waheguru, they sing out in prem. With waheguru, they let the
tongue savour waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

With eyes filled with sparkling pyas, with tongues drenched with longing prem, gursikhs wake up at that
intoxicated hour called the amrit vela and say

ik-on-kar waheguru
sat waheguru
naam waheguru
karta waheguru
purakh waheguru
nirbhou waheguru
nirvar waheguru
akaal waheguru
moorit waheguru
ajooni waheguru
saibhang waheguru
gur waheguru
prashad waheguru
jap aad sach waheguru
jugaad sach waheguru
habi sach waheguru
nanak hosi bhi sach waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru


Pyareooooooooo, the idea is to become a pyasi sakhi. That's *all*.

Guru ke laloooo, show your pyas (thirst) to guru. And guru will *surely* drench you with something which
will quench your thirst forever. It is a promise from the guru to gursikhs.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

The cage door stands open
She is perched at the gate
looking out
Her lover calls
she can hear him
dare she fly?
She looks back in
Feathers faded
from the listlessness of her existence

What lies beyond?

She hears his call of plaintive longing
Green, live
What lies beyond ?
Her heart beats harder, stronger
from the fear
She feels that he is very near
Will she have the courage to step over the edge
into the unknown
spread her wings and sail into to the light

She feels exhilarated when she sees him

Beautiful vibrant against the grey of her world
She takes one step
And falls into the unknown

If she turns back she just may make it

back to the safety of the cage
or fall free for one moment of ecstasy in flight.

The Appointed Hour

Meditation? You meditate? I've never got that.... whats the point?

One soul recently ask this question?

This One replied:

Dear One,
Yes i do meditation. It is my life.
The point of meditation is devine union.
That is to be come One with Everything.
the experience of union is one of utter bliss
The experience of seperation from the One
is what causes all misery and longing.

Whatever is is you long for,

does it really every satisfy
once you get it.
or is there something more you still want
It has been my experience in life that no matter what is
was i thought i wanted, no matter how badly
once i got, it i still had that feeling inside
that something was missing.

Once i began meditation it sometimes happend

that that craving was subdued and my craving turned to
craving meditation.

One purpose of meditation is to still the 5 voices

these voices
Lust, anger, pride(ego) greed and attachment.
these voices are the primary drives we experience
but as stated before cannot be satiated.
Through meditation they can be quieted
so that the devine can be experienced.

Generally the best time for meditation is early morning

because the world is more quiet then
and there are less distractions
however ideally meditation is continuous through out the day.

It's not for everyone

because mostly people are pursuing pleasures
which they believe will bring them satisfaction
but which in fact seperate them more and more
from what the soul truely longs for.

We speak of the devine as our beloved

that is what the poem was about
waiting and longing for that time
to enter union with the beloved

The body needs rest... and so we sleep

betrayed .....

i'm sorry that i cannot put it more simply...


Sleep betrays me as i await the appointed hour

for the tryst with my beloved love
i wait restlessly
the moon shining brightly in my window
my eyes steal towards the clock
as i await the appointed hour
my beating heart, flutters in my chest
how can i pass the moments and seconds left
until the appointed hour of my beloved loves awakening
longing breathlessly for his embrace
for the light that is his face
a thousand life times seem to stand between me and
The Appointed Hour

Wonder of wonders
The Bride sacrificing Her head to Her Groom.

In the Bridal Chamber,

She lays Herself against Him,
Hearing the Beating of His Heart...


Hearing and Seeing the Five made One,

His Beauty and Splendor like no other.

The ringing of His Voice,

The Splendor of Light within His Eyes.
Prem, the Glint and Glow of His most Perfect Complection.

His Glory wrapped in the Pure White Linen of Light upon His Head.
Yet His Glory escapes even this Linen in It's Midnight Blue.
Tumbling down his Great Shoulders, that Support the Universe.
The King of this world and the Next,
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

She had Seen this One as if in a dream,

Long,...long ago............
The dream of this life and death, this Maya.
He Looking up at her with Gleam of Waheguru Jot in His Eyes,
She Swooning in His Embrace.

The Sleep of Death,

Is Perfect Peace.

In this Death,
All Life Manifesting,
Sitting in tears of Awe and Wonder,
Her Beloved Rests His Glorious Head upon Her Lap.

Looking deeply within Her Eyes,

Says Her Beloved,
"I am both You and I,"
"Just Look Inside,"
"I am your Groom,"
"Yet I am the Bride."

"I am the Creator,"

"I am the Enjoyer,"
"I am the Liberator and the Liberated."

The One in Ten,
Five in One,
The One that Realizes His Self.

"I am She, who is Loved and Loves,

and I am He.........."

There Being no other....

Looking at Beloved Sees Waheguru,
Looking sees only His Own True Self.

No greater Love had any many at any time,

than Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Nanak-Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Sangat Ji,
Roop of my Beloved,
It is With tears of Joy and Longing,
I Crave Your Darshan...
You are the Form of Beloved....

I falling at Your feet beg from You only GurPrasad...

Let us with Joy celebrate and Remember....


XIII. Naam Techniques

naam techniques
Dont ask me how to sit
or how to breathe
or what to focus on

Dont ask me about chakrs

or the heart centre
or the tenth door

Dont ask me about mechanics

the how what why and where
I'm not a body mechanic
I want to be a lover
at the feet of Waheguru
wiping them gently
washing them humbly
drinking amrit-naam
waheguru waheguru

I'm not a body mechanic

I want to be a lover
yearning for my beloved.

Guru Nanak Maharaj

without you I have no other
You know all the methods
I know nothing
except how to serve
and to fight the five
and to get rid of desire
and to be focused on the One
with One Mind
One hundred percent of the Time.

Naam knows its own ways

Naam knows how to reach Waheguru
So dont ask me what to do
how to sit,
how to breath
the best way to chant
All I know is

Tujh bin kavan hamara

Mera preetam pran adhara.
Antar kee bidh tumhee janee
Tumhee sajan suheleh.
Sarab sukha ma tujh te pae
mera takur agam atholey.

Without You, my lover and support of life,

who is mine?
The methods of the heart You know
You are my friend and companion.
All Peace, I have obtained from You
My Master, Beyond my Senses and Unweighable.

Another technique-less technique
imagine being made love to by the greatest lover of all...

why try to concentrate on waheguru ji

when waheguru ji is always part... nay the master...
part and participle of the entire universe... just as are we

just forget everything and love waheguru ji

waheguru ji already love you

imagine having a lover who love you so devotedly

that his presence make you tingle and vibrate
lose sense of self and merge into universal being....
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Beloved ones, always see the big picture. Beginning lovers need technique
too - books, images etc other-wise love making sloppy and selfish.

After a while, no technique needed - only knowledge that giving pleasure will give oneself greater pleasure.

The Zen of Naam Japna

A naami gursikh told daas to tell the Naam Net sangat:

"An hour of naam simran at amrit vela is nothing but a good start. It has to be done all the time..."
Yet another naami gursikh told daas:

"... If you do 20 minutes naam simran at amrit vela, make sure that you are present for those 20 minutes..."


Is there an in-consistency between these Truths?


Because only if we do naam simran *all* the time, can we be present for 20 minutes at amrit vela.

Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singh jee:

"Do naam simran all the time. Start with the tongue - keep the tongue busy with the gurmanter - no matter
what it is doing. The mind, of course, for beginners, can not be expected to be with naam all the time and it
will run away - however, the mind *will* return. When it does returns, it will do naam. After a while, the
mind will like naam so much, it will not want to go away."

Practice makes perfect. From quantity *will* come quality.

Try it!

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

How to Celebrate Guru Nanak Jee's Gurpurab

How to celebrate and meditate Guru Nanak Dev Jee's Gurpurab?

Well this is what some devoted Sikhs do :

* starting a few weeks in advance (some people like 40 days in advance) you make 'Karah Prashad', take it
to Guru Granth Sahib Jee and do your ardas saying 'O great guru Nanak dev jee, help me do 40 days
continuous meditation upto your Gurpurab, please accept the Karah prashad as an offering', then take the
hukam nama (reading) and now you have the blessing to begin.

* the meditation can be anything that appeals to you, one Sant used to say do 6 malas (rosaries) of Mool
Mantr on each bead every day, Or you can commit to doing 2.5 hours of chanting Waheguru in the early
hours....upto you

* focus on Guru Nanak Dev jee, I have noticed that it is very easy to tune into Guru Nanak Dev jee around
this time of year I think because 21 Million sikhs around the world are all focusing to the day. Focus on
Guru Nanak Dev jee means when you chant, chant to Him, when you do ardas pray to Him, when you walk
around and see nature and people, see Guru Nanak jee. Basically, drown the senses with Guru Nank Dev
jee ---

Salok M 5 (Rahras Sahib)

Antar gur aradhana, jiva jap gur nao
netree satgur pekhna sravanee sunanan gur nao
satguru setee ratia, dargah paee-a thao
kaho nanak kirpa karay
jis no eh vath day
jag meh utam kadee-a
virlay kayee kay-i.
Take support of Guru in the heart
Repeat Guru with the Tongue
See Guru with the eyes
Hear Guru with the ears
One who is absorbed in the satGuru
Will obtain a place in the True Court
Nanak says the one to whom the Lord is merciful
and bestows this 'state of mind'
Will leave the world being the highest
they are rare indeed

* On the final day i.e the Gurpurab, take food for the langar, celebrate by serving the saints - this is what
pleases Guru Jee. Sing Kirtan and thank Guru jee for being able to achieve the weeks of continuous

* so get focused!!!
Kirpaa Ney Hoyee
Time and time again, one may hear or ask oneself "I am Japping Naam but KIRPAA NEY HOYEE" To
answer this (trying not to take much bandwidth) one has to look at oneself in two folds. In context of
BIRTHEE - notions coupled with manners and HUKAM - a total absolute submission to Satgur Parbrahm
Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee.

BIRTHEE - notions coupled with manners. There are three types of BIRTHEES

1) Give and obtain - Vahparee (To expect some thing in return of deed, like businessman).
2) Receive and Acquire - Lainaa (Always takes but nothing gives in return, just like dass kookar).
3) Boon or Give - Upkaree (Always gives even life for/to other) just like Sat guru jee da Gurmukh.

HUKAM - total absolute submission to Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee. Total
absolute submission to Guroo Jee means to live and abide by Guroo Jee's BHANAA. Satgur Parbrahm
Parmesar Guroo Dasmesh Jee Himself set an example for us by, sacrificed by achieving martyrdom of His
Pitta Jee, Sahibzyaddas, Matta Jee, and after all that ultimately voiced with not a speck of self glory:-
"POOJAA AKAAK KEE" (Naam Japping) that is BHANAA of HUKAM.

Of three BIRTHEE's -Boon or Give BIRTHEE is the way of Gursikh. Giving PREM, PREM, PREM,
PREM, PREM and not expecting any thing in back. Just abiding by HUKAM (Naam Japping) Question is
why does one get eager for KIRPAA after Naam Japping? The answer lies in BIRTHEE of Receive and
Acquire - Lainaa. This poses another question why? The answer is in the Banee:



EAK SUEAAN = One dog (One's Maan filled with LOBH. Here a Maan is mentioned as a dog of LOBH)

DHOYAA SUAANEE NAAL = With two bitches named TRISHNAA and ASSA. TRISHNAA means
desire and ASSA means anticipation (Please correct this Kooker for any mistakes) With this dog of LOBH
and two bitches Maan is roaming everywhere all the time as Satguroo Jee say's in next Pangtee


Satguroo Jee Dee Pyaree Naam Net Sangat Jee, to defeat this dog roaming with two bitches, keep on Naam
Japping ALL THE TIME because this is the HUKAM of Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak
Dasmesh Jee.

Ultimately, BIRTHEE of Gurmukh coupled with HUKAM will be KIRPAA and recognised when every
pore of one's body pronounces Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

Once one starts naam simran for 20 minutes; one is hooked for life and dreams only of doing more and
more; until one starts doing it for 24 hours.

This is all due to the guru, of course:

kirpa kare je apNi

tan gur ka shabad kama-ea ||

RamaKrishna, a bengali saint, used to say:

"When there is darkness in a room for millions of years and some one goes into the room and strikes a
match stick - it does not take million of years to light up the room; rather just a few seconds."

Similarily, when waheguru decides to light up the match of naam in our dark room - a room which has
being in darkness for million of ages - it only takes a few life-times to light up.

The ones who are japing naam are the true elite of the world. They are on their way out.

Sakhi SaVaahLakh Jee wrote about gursikhs who say "kirpa nahin hoi"; well, anyone japing naam for even
a few minutes should consider themselves extremely, extremely blessed with guru's kirpa. Because we, on
our own, can not possibly jap naam for even a second; it is all gurprasad.

That's why enlightened souls go goo gaa over souls who jap naam even once in sleep.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

I too find it hard to concentrate when doing Simran. My mind is very chanchal and I find it very hard to
concentrate in the quiet so I like to have some Kirtan playing in the background and Jap steadily to the beat
of the kirtan. I also wave my head to the left and right slowly which helps to keep Japping and Japping
along with the kirtan.

A Gurmukh who usually comes down does Simran very, very slowly and he gets Anand but i can't do that.
Maybe it is different for everyone. Japping with Sangat helps keep you awake and is beautiful. If Tan Tan
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is there with you then it is even better.

Another good technique is to have a Tunda Kesi Isnaan which gives Anand on its own. Wear a chola and
hold one 3foot Sarbloh Kirpaan in both hands and keep your back straight. I don't know what it is but our
master the Sri Sahib helps a great deal. Another Gurmukh also tells me this helps him.

In the Summer evenings you can go outside, preferably where no one can find you and where there are
trees. Feel the cool breeze and watch the sunset and then remember who created all this. You can take a
walkman to listen to some Kirtan -
Mehrbaan Sahib, Mehrbaan Sahib, Sahib Mehra Mehrbaan.

Also when you are around the house always have Kirtan on even if you are not listening to it. Just keep
playing the kirtan tapes everywhere you go don't watch T.V. or listen to anything else except the Guru's
words, Kirtan. Also try to do Simran while walking, in beat with the footsteps.

These are just some of the techniques which some Gurmukh's have told me. I am sure there are many more
better ways but I think the main technique is to Jap with PYAAR. No technique can beat this. I Jap like a
robot, but someone who can't even speak properly but japs with PYAAR can get the Ras!

A Naam Jappan Vala Singh once told me:

"Some people get Naam Ras by just Japping a bit but for pappi's like us it could take lifetimes so we should
do ardaas that give me strengh o Guru that I may never give up and always keep knocking at god's door."


I am the dog barking at your door.

don't give up. Try everything. Even though we do alot of paap the only way we can make ammends for this
is to Naam Jap to get rid of our sins and this in turn will help you to stay far from Paap and be happy in
future. And then Jap some more cause you'll love it.



How can I make this lost mind understand ???

The lost mind can only understand by listening to the Guru's Word.

Some tried and true tricks to wake up and stay awake

Be first for isnaan

(learned this from camps)
no waiting in lines
no running out of water
some take cold showers to ward off sleep
some do kesh isnaan everyday

Try to get duty to wake others

(if there is no one at home call someome)
companion ship

Have someone wake you up

if there is no one at home - ask some one to call you
have more than one alarm clock
set at 1 minute intervals in case you don't hear the first one.

When alarm goes off - jump from bed,

don't wait for even one breath
sit up and get on feet as soon as possible

Try to get some duty or seva for Baba ji

or some routine that relies on - and requires your presence
Remember Waheguru ji
don't let another breath go by without waheguru waheguru waheguru

Make it a principal that you get up same time each day

unless you are* no longer breathing* - no matter what

If you get to sleepy sitting

try stretching, standing or walking
while naam japping
or reading nitnem
Just make sure you don't walk to the bed!

Give your self reward for waking up and staying awake

(like waheguru ji si not enough of a reward)
like reading* naamnet* e-mail

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

XIV. Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing
Once a sculptor existed. He was known widely for the pure beauty that shone through his work. Very few
knew him personally since he was mostly gupt. And many sought his guidance.

One student, after many years of searching, finally found him in the forest. He begged him to tell him his
secret, to which the sculptor replied:

"My secret is that I don't do anything."

Upon more prodding, he added:

"I put the clay in front of me and sit in front doing nothing and thinking nothing. I do this until my hands
move automatically and mold the clay. This sometimes takes weeks or even months.

My secret is that I do don't do anything."

My Amritvela lies in ruins

My Amritvela lies in ruins
my knees broken by hammers
my backbone shattered
even my tounge is cut
i lay in the bed, a hard cold gravestone
as it clutches me with the jaws of death
even my mind cannot hold to the tune
of Waheguru
The Angel of death hovers
Who can save me?
Angel of mercy, have mercy
pull me out of this open grave
my bed has become
break the bonds that chain me here
and carry me once again
to the Arms of my Beloved
Let me die There in ecstacy
rather then this living death the day has become
without naam
without simran
without worship
without rememberance of the One
Beloved Waheguru

Gur Nanak Panthiooo..................

Gursikhoo..... Mitar Pyarioo......Gur Nanak Panthiooo..... It is often that one forgets how fortunate we are...
Kookar was reading a book after Amritvelaa today that realised this kookar, of Naam and Satkartar Guroo
Nanak Dev Jee's Kirpaa on this one. The words of this book was like a slap on this kookar's face. However,
this kookar of kookak of kookar.... would like to share these thoughts with Naam pramee's.

"Guroo Gyan" book is written by a Hindu siree swami Nityanand at the time his age was 135 years. This is
what he wrote about NAAM

Along with my guru siree swami Bramanand jee we were on pilgrim to all Tiraths. Whilst in Punjab we met
another Udasee swami Tathyanand,who made us aware of Satguroo Nanak Dev Jee's Sikhee Marg (Reetee
and Neetee). Hearing about Guroo Ghar Swami Bramanand jee became very disturbed within and visited
Siree Harminder Sahib Jee, Amritsar. The effect of Darshan of Siree Harminder Sahib Jee was so deep and
profound that he could not eat nor sleep. After spending some time at Siree Harminder Sahib Jee and
deeply wounded by Gurbanee,they decided to return Haridavaar.

The effect of Guroo Ghar was such that siree swami Bramanand jee was that he used to sit alone and cry
day after day. Once I asked him for the reason of his state. In very deep sorrow he replied " All my life I
have searched turning every grain of sand, did painful and hard acts to my body,but unable to find peace
within and the Thath Vastuu(Truth) and it is wasteful life. This Thath Vastuu Naam is in Guroo Ghar only.
Now I have to take another birth in Guroo Nanak's household to overcome the cycle of lives" he died
immediately after these words.

Gursikhoo..... Mitar Pyarioo......Gur Nanak Panthiooo...... let us make use of our lives for the purpose we
took birth, who knows, after so many painful lives we may have been granted this last chance for the same
cycle of lives mentioned above. Satguroo Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee has done Uppar
Appar Kirpaa..... Let us do Naam simran with every breath we have borrowed from Satkartar....

Assa Mahalaa Panjvaa



Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

The Test
I really like this quote from Yogi Bhajan, it is very true:
"When man tries to walk on the path of God, three things will come to him in abundance: women, money
and land. Why have I said women? The test of a male in his steadiness of consciousness is when he can
prove that his roots are deep, and he who is born of woman is always tested by a women. Don't
misunderstand me. Let me make it very clear. The man who gives his word is always tested by a woman."
Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

This is a true example of 'THE TEST' , an eminent Sikh Scholar was renown for his ability to answer any
question on Sikhism in so much depth and detail that the questioner would be left standing in amazement.
This Sikh went as a Missionary to USA in the early part of this century, he was working for Guru Jee and as
Yogi Bhajan puts it 'the man who gives his word is always tested by a woman' This Sikh fell in love, head
over heels with a 'white' woman. One day he asked her to marry him, she said on one condition....THAT
HE CUT HIS HAIR. Later that evening he knocked at her front door, she asked who is it? He replied 'It's
me - I've cut my hair, now let's set a date for the big day'. She told him to "GET LOST! If you can't even
by faithful to your Guru, how are you going to be faithful to your wife?'.

The Sikh ran scuttled back to the Akal Takhat, India with his tail between his legs and confessed his failings
infront of the Punj Pyare, he was given some community service to do as punishment and baptised again.

Rajneesh was saying in his book 'The True Name' that Dharam Khand is all about religion, but we close our
eyes to religion like a person closes their eyes to the sun and says it doesn't exist. When we open our eyes,
light floods them, this is Gian Khand - we accept religion and fill with Divine Knowledge. But then comes
the fall, because of knowledge we think we know something and get into arguments with people who we
think don't know anything. Knowledge gives us ego, and like the Sikh Scholar when we have Ego we will
fail the coming tests. Failing the test, we realise we know nothing, filling with shame we fall at God's feet
with this face. This is Saram Khand - the realm of Shame. Guru Arjun Dev jee says

'Kichoo na jan , mat meree thoree. Binvant Nanak Ot Prabh thoree'...

'I know nothing, my wisdom is meagre. Nanak Prays for your shelter Lord.'

Aakhaan Jeevaa Visrai Mar Jao

Aakhaan Jeevaa Visrai Mar Jao
from Rehras Sahib, SGGS pg 9

Singing His Name - my life, my breath

Forgetting Him is worse than death.

Chanting His Name all the time

It's so difficult, hard as I try
O my mother, tell me why?

I hunger longingly for His Name

That very hunger consumes my pain.

Why do I keep forgetting His Name

My True Lord, who's always the same.

Words alone can never convey

His power and glory, try as we may..

If everyone gathers to sing His praise

His glory they can't lower or raise

He knows not the pain of death or grief

His generous gifts will never cease.

This special virtue is His alone

That He is unique, the only One.

Besides Him there is no other

Never shall be, now or ever.

Your Gifts are wondrous as is Your might

You who created the day and the night.

Those who forget the Highest One

Low and pathetic do they become.

Consider them low caste and oppressed.

If by the Naam they have not been blessed.


hari ke nam bina dukh pavai...... GURU TEGH BAHADUR JEE

Without contemplating His Name, Man suffers sorrow and pain,

The Guru reveals this mystery:
That without true devotion to Him,
Man cannot be free from delusion. Refrain
What use is going to pilgrimage,
What use are all fasts,
If you take not refuge in the Lord?
Know such yoga and worship to be useless,
Which neglects praise and love of God.1
He who discards all attachment and pride,
And sings the glory of the Lord of Light,
Deem such a man, says Nanak,
To be, jivan mukta: liberated in this life.2

The mystic Name of God is the divine stream of life which flows from the eternal Guru to the sincere and
deserving disciple. It is life that begets life. It is not achieved through penance, yogic practices and ascetic
habits, but through devotion, love and grace. Yet the contemplation of His Name has nothing to do with
ritualistic empty repetition of any Name of God without inner communion and devotion. It
is not mere lip-service. It begins with the Guru lighting the lamp in our heart. After this baptism of the
spirit, the contemplation of the Name becomes a constant pouring of the oil in the lamp, till the lamp
(our heart and soul) becomes ablaze with the flame of Light. A true Sikh, a true seeker of truth is never free
from striving. He wanders restlessly and ceaselessly about the Light and majestic splendor of God. Bhai
Gurdas compares the love of a true Sikh with that of Majnu for Leila. Why so, we may ask? Leila was not
a, spiritual being, but corporeal and of the flesh, fashioned of clay. Yet Rumi tells us, "Majnu's passion for
Leila produced such absorption and so utterly seized and overwhelmed Majnu that he had no need to see
Leila with the eye, no need to hear her words by the voice, for he never saw Leila apart from himself, so
that he cried:

Your name is on my tongue,

Your image is in my sight,
Your memory is in my heart,
Whither then shall I write?

Thus the Name of the Beloved whose attributes are true and eternal can bring a man into a state in which he
NEVER SEES HIMSELF APART from the Beloved. He sees NOTHING around him which does not
proclaim His praise.

In the house of mirrors

In the house of mirrors
i see only me
in self fulfilling prophecy,
when i see you
there is a wall of glass i can't get through

i run down the pathway through the hall

at every turn is a mirrored wall

then i catch a glimpse of you

i think i can see through
what turns out to be
yet another barrier i can't break free

i see my reflection
you are standing just behind
but when i turn i find, i can't find
the glass pane separation

the pain of separation

mirrored reflection
glass walls
mirrored halls

lost in the maze of my own making

confusion of a soul awakening
in a dream
a cry, a silent scream
a plea,
don't leave, don't leave me

how can i find my way through

only one door leads to you
they all look the same
the mirrored illusions mayas game

so close now, i can almost touch and feel

a glimpse of blinding light so real
i reach for you this time sure, allure
a lure that keeps me seeking, peeking into every mirror

in the house of my reflection

seeking you in introspection
losing you upon inspection
in the house of mirrors


XV. Beware!!!
Beware!!!! another drug on the streets - SSSG
This gursikh told daas that she tried the drug reportedly more dangerous that even AVSN - SSSG
(pronounced "triple S G").

She said that it was mainly peer pressure - many of her girlfriends were doing it; so she finally gave in and
tried it on a Saturday a few weeks ago.

She said it was more dangerous than she thought, "It completely changed my life," she told daas between
tears. "I no longer enjoy anything without a dosage of SSSG," she admitted.

She further told daas that SSSG is really dangerous because the user needs higher and higher fixes of it. In
fact, she said that the user only dreams and fantasizes about getting more of SSSG.

Santoo, looks like this SSSG - saas saas simroh gobind - is something that we, the Naam Net sakhis, ought
to try.

Naam Net's philosophy is:

1. jaap naam
2. jaap some more
3. return to #1

So SSSG will come natural to the sakhis on Naam Net.

Daas asked full details on how to use SSSG and the gursikh-user was gracious enough to provide them:

1. Choose a day when you are mostly free - Saturday or Sunday would be good.

2. Tell your spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, kids, dogs and cats that you will not be available for
talking that day.

3. Wake up early that day and take a heavy dosage of AVSN (remember SSSG does *not* work
without AVSN).

4. Then make the tongue do "waheguru waheguru" *all* day without break. While eating, do it
mentally - but don't depend on your mind, use your tongue all other times. Do not worry if (at
first) you can't concentrate - just make the tongue do waheguru waheguru over and over again.

This gursikh also told daas the benefits of SSSG. Said she,

"It made me friendly with the gurmanter - waheguru"

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds like

mera man tan har sion heeleya ||

So meri
try this triple S G - it really *is* the essence of sikhi. Everything else is just a preparation.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Don't Forget Me Lord - I am YOUR servant
Mohi na visaro, ma jan teray
Don't Forget Me Lord - I am YOUR servant (Guru Granth Sahib Jee).


I forgot that Guru King Guru Gobind Singh Jee adorned with the royal plume,
sitting majestically on his mighty steed was my father.

Dressed in blue, all prevading like the sky in his hand and the sea in his laps,
I ran away and under the thick, dark canopy in the Jungle of Desire.

O Fool, what a fool I've been.

I forgot that Mata Sahib Kaur jee was my loving mother waiting day after day for my return into her loving
arms. She'd say "Son, where did you run away to? You didn't even say good bye."

O Fool, what a fool I've been.

Eating the berries of hopes a few weeks passed, but when the forest fire started raging I ran for my life. As
I caught a glimpse of the blue Sky and the blue sea, my heart lifted and who should be there to greet me but
my laughing, playing brother Singhs Ajit, Jujhar, Jorawar and Fateh!

"And where have you been hiding little brother, mother sent us to look for you"

And they showered me with love and strength and we rode like the winding river back to the Sea. With the
wind in my face I rode to freedom looking back over my shoulder I saw a red glow fading in the distant.
The fire was far and I would never ran away again.

Falling at Guru King Guru Gobind Singh jee's feet, with tears streaming down I sung and sung with all my
heart, the stars came to listen, the moon gave her blessing

'Mohi na visaro jee, ma jan tera ma jan tera'

'Mohi na visaro jee, ma jan tera ma jan tera'
'Mohi na visaro jee, ma jan tera ma jan tera'
'Mohi na visaro jee, ma jan tera ma jan tera'

What I Am Without God

I am a lost bird in a storm
seeking a place that is warm
with no shelter among friends
this journey never ends
all I see are twists and bends
no mercy do they lend

where is the shelter that I seek

in a tree by a creek
I find the branches there are weak
with no food for my beak
off I fly again
with no peace or a friend
until GURU JI comes to mend
all my pain and then

HE gives me a nest
a quiet place to rest
safe from harm and distress
HE is my friend the very best

Dukh Sukh
Two shopkeepers had their shops next to one another. One shopkeeper (S1) used to close his shop early and
go to see Guru Nanak Dev ji. The other shopkeeper (S2) asked him that why you close your shop early, S1
said he goes to see Guru Nanak Dev ji. S2 also started closing his shop early but instead started going to a
bad place. Both kept on going to their places. One day S2 asked S1 to go home together and agreed upon a
place to meet after visiting their places, so that they can go to their houses together. S2 came to meeting
place early because the door was locked at a place where he used to go. He found golden ring there by
digging through pile of ashes. He was happy. S1 was on his way to a meeting place and thorn (kanda) hit
his foot. So he was in pain and came to a meeting place limping. S2 told S1 that he used to go to a bad
place and found a golden ring but you used to go to a good place and are in pain. S1 told S2 there may be
something behind this and asked S2 to go to see Guru Nanak Dev Ji next day.

Both asked Guru Ji why it happened like this. Guru ji asked " Do you know what you did in the past life?"
Both said no. Guru you told S2, you donated many golden rings in the past life and every day you used to
go to bad place, the golden ring turned into ashes. One golden ring is left because you could not go to bad
place on the last day. Guru Ji told S1, you were supposed to be hanged but because you started coming to
our place, hanging has changed to pain of a thorn.


Dukh and Sukh in our present life are the result of deeds done in the previous lives. Gurbani says

"Dukh sukh purab janam ka kiye".

We can reduce the pains and sufferings of this life by devoting time toward WaheGuru (Naam Japna, Paath,
Keertan etc.). This will neutralize the effects of bad deeds done in the previous lives. My advice is to
devote at least 2.5 hours daily for WaheGuru. Repeating WaheGuru WaheGuru ..... WaheGuru is the most
powerful way especially at Amrit vela (3 hours before sun rise). Keep doing that everyday without any
break, not only your this life will be better but you will reap the benefits after this life also.

You come stealing in like
a clandestine lover
in ungaurded moments
when the chaperone has gone
to sleep
but embraced none the less
in passion

The body clasps you to itself

unwilling to let go
The mind screams "Out, Out,"
but its useless
you won't leave unless forgotten
then you creep out the way you came
on silent feet
until the next time we meet.

It is very difficult for us to know each other, but only through what we write in the mail. Since I have never
written to the sangat I have not given my darshan to the sangat, except through Guru's writings. Anyone
would look good when he speaks Guru's words. I always try to keep my mouth shut since I know
I will only speak filth. But I think I need to sometimes come out of my shell and share with the sangat. I
have been getting a lot of help from this sangat during the past one year. I have been trying to follow the
Gurmat marag you have been showing me through your posts. I am very very grateful to all those posts. I
hope one day I will become one of you and dye myself with the pakka rang. Actually I am a dyer by
profession. I do dyeings everyday on the fabric and know very well how important it is to have the right
conditions (like temperature, pH, chemicals, etc.) to have the fast color on the fabric. Similarly we have to
control the conditions of our mind so that the color of naam dyes our mind. A dye would color the fabric
only if the fabric is precleaned, similarly as our Guru says that we need to first clean our mind before the
color of naam will go on it. I am still trying to clean my mind and hoping that one day it would be ready to
be dyed with a color which would never come off again.

What is your favorite color?

You might be asking yourself what that has to do with naam?

This one has no Gurubani, but remembering this tukk which say in English

Guru ji,
"DYE us in the color of your love"
Think like that
Guru has taken you and given you some of his color
now it start to color your whole life in little ways
Someday you will see a completely different picture
then the one you see today
All colored in!

Maray man, mukh har har har bolee-eh

Gurmukh rang chalooleh raatee, har praym bheenee cholee-eh ||1|| panna

O my soul, with thy mouth, utter thou the Lord God's Name
The Guru's beloved is imbued with the poppy-flower-like red color
and her cloak is saturated with her Lord's love.

When ever we utter Waheguru and give Guru ji our love,

He give us some of his color
soon we are dyed in the vat of his love
and colored with his prem

someday we all be the color of sakhi daas kukoor Didar

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
Not There Yet waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru Got A Long Way To Go waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru Oh Well Tomorrow Is Another Day
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru

The Deceiver of Men

'Above and beyond the Vedas (Hindu holy books), the Semitic (Jewish,
Christian, Muslim) texts and the world of coming-and-going is God. For,
the God of Nanak is a confirmed Presence.'
(Asa M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'You are near, far and in the middle, seeing, hearing and creating all by
(Sri Raag M. 1: Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

The Deceiver of Men

and their best friend,
Hidden from view
yet absolutely true :
Wonderful, Wonderful

Far away in space

closer than your face,
Sitting right in you
watching what you do:
Wonderful, Wonderful

The Giver of Grief

destroying your belief,
Yet still loving you
leading you to the Guru:
Wonderful, Wonderful

Your curtain of pride

will be opened wide,
Revealing to you
the Absolutely true:
Foot loose and fancy free
He wasn't careful with his feet
Oh! but his sword was true and sweet.!

There is a very committed group of young people, led by their Gatka master, going into about their fourth
year now. Each year they give a performance for the thousands that come for the Nagar Keertan.

After four hours they are still jumping, and whirling chakar, dueling, demonstrating their developing art.
From the smallest 6 year old to the tallest Master who towers well over 6 feet, They put on quite a show.
Several young singhni proudly dance the steps they've learned, faces smiling and glowing, eyes sparkling
like the swords edge, they are turning, spinning, marching..

This year they had an extra special event.

A young girl with black distar lay on the ground and some one placed a shield beneath her head. Behind
her a young boy sat with head bent, neck exposed, In front of her a man sat with his face to the sun,
unmoving. And the fourth, well forgive me, but i'm not a Gatka master, sat somewhere to her side, and i
don't remember EXACTLY where they placed the Banana!

She had Banana on her stomach, running lengthwise same as her body. There was Banana on the neck of
the One behind her. And The face had *no* Banana on the Nose. i still don't remember where the other
Banana was placed,? Maybe it will come to me.

A Singh was led to the center and a double blind fold fitted over his eyes, He raised his hands in the air and
was given a sword. The drummers started beating their dholka (?) and just then the semi truck that was to
start the procession started beeping its diesel horn . Honnnnnnnk...The Masters raised their hands and
silenced it. Motioning just small patience, few minutes, the horn sounded again. Beeeeeeeeeeep. The
event was taking place directly in front of its decorated cab... Still, they insisted the demonstration must be

They led the blindfolded Singh through the steps, from banana, to banana, to nose. I could see his fingers
trembling as he traced the nose from first one side and then the other. And the horn sounded again,
impaitently, just as he felt the position of the last banana.

He started waving and twirling his sword. The crowd fell back alarmed, the sword had come a little tooo
close for comfort. The girl laying on the shield looked a little concerned, We laughed nervously. Then he
started his dance. Ummm,, his steps were a little loose there, not tight like the demonstration i had
witnessed at the smagham last year. He bumped into the shield with his feet, kicking up the dust. The girl
raised her head, then lay it down again. Again he hit her head with his feet, sword waving, she raised her
head alarmed! The master rushed in and pushed her head flat. Under no circumstances move your head
again, or you might lose it.!

He danced back. This sword was coming within an inch of the face, and flashing wildly. Then suddenly
*thwack* and the banana split, and fell off the Neck, that one got up and ran. The sword was *kissed* like
a lover. Then, the sword flasher, dashed off again, in another footloose and fancy free maneuver. I really
hate to admit it, but my mind cannot remember the *exact* position of the 2nd banana, but never mind, the
sword knew and was true. *SLICE*, the banana fell in half, and that one fell back into the crowd.
Another *kiss* for the sword.

He came more carefully over and danced slowly around the Nose. I could see him trembling ,visibly, still.
The sword started twirling and flashing, it came with in and inch and a half (remember i am a precision
tile setter, i know my fractions of the inch!) of the Nose spinning, whirling! The Nose never wavered, but
sat as though carved in stone, That one had nerve! Then the sword caressed the Nose like a lover, tracing
the face back to the ear, and again from the other side. While the hand holding the sword continued to
vibrate, whether shaking from nervousness, or because so much energy was running through it, maybe
both. The sword traced the Nose, from the bridge of it, between the eyes, and back to the ear. *Kiss*. I
love you my faithful sword. You never let me down. *Smack, smooch, Mmm*

Lastly back to the girl laying on the shield, dancing wildly around, the sword gyrating madly. A downward
slice, through the air and up again as quickly! The banana bounced of her stomach from the impact, cut
perfectly in half.. She raised her head again.! *Kissed the sword, my beauty, my Guru, my sweet, true
sword, he did.*

Off came the blindfold, the diesel started moving,. My bhainjee and I ran through the crowd to Fateh! the
sword master. To reach for the feet, which danced so carelessly, and salute the sword so True. And to look
deep into the eyes of sach a one who can see the unseen through!

satguru ka sikh bekaar te ha-Te

We all know about how pyare Guru Gobind Singh jee saved Bhai Joga Singh jee from becoming a patit.

Well, the bad news is that gursikhs are *still* getting into the same kind of trouble. The good news is that
they are *still* being saved by the great guru...


This saakhi was told to daas by a gursikh in Canada nearly 15 years ago (there, the secret is out .... daas is
not a teenager). This gursikh lived in Africa before moving to Canada. In Africa, he had some sort of a
trucking business and would make several cross-country trips.

On one such trip, he was accompanied by his African driver and a young British woman. She was a
daughter of a Missionary and why she was accompanying this gursikh, daas doesn't recall.

Anyways, on to the saakhi:

".... I hadn't really noticed her much. But apparently she had taken great notice of me. We reached Eldoret
at supper time and decided to spend the night there. Just before the driver got off, he told me in Swahili,

"Hee-o mas-chana na penda weh-weh" (This girl likes you).

Hearing this, I suddenly noticed how pretty she was. And of course, how she was and had been looking at

Well, one thing led to another and before long she was lying down on the front seat of the truck and I was
ready to kiss her.

She laughed and said, "Wish my father could see me now!"

I took off my dastar and put it on the dash board. As soon as my hand left the dastar, an invisible but mega
strong hand slapped the right side of my face!!! This slap was so real that even she felt the impact.

That slap saved me; otherwise I would surely have broken my amrit that night.

I have no doubt that it was the guru's work, although I am not a spiritual person [he was] and therefore I
don't think the guru himself would have come to save this keeRa; it was probably some saheed Singh..... "

Sabh ko akhai apna jis nahi so chun kadhiai ||

Sabh ko akhai apna jis nahi so chun kadhiai ||
Kita apo apna ape hi lehka sandiai||
Ja rahna nahi ait jag ta kait garab handiai||
Manda kisai na akhiai par akhar eho bujhiai||
Murkhai nal na lujiai||

Gur-sikha man vadhaia jin mera Satiguru ditha Ram Raje||

Kol kar gal sunavai Har Nam ki so lagai Gur-sikha man mitha||
Har dargah Gur-sikh painaiaih jina mera satiguru tutha||
Jan Nanak Har Har hoe-a Har Har man vutha||

Every one poses to call God as his own; but those, who do not so call
sincerely, will be selected and turned away.

The man himself has to render the accounts of the deeds performed by

When one cannot remain in this world for ever then why consume
yourself in ego.

Do not call any one as bad; understand this thoroughly after reading
the words.

Do not enter into arguments with a fool.

Supremem Joy vibrates in the minds of the disciples of the Guru, who
have seen my Guru.

That one, who recites something about God's Name, becomes dear to the
minds of the disciples of the Guru.

The disciples of the Guru, upon whom my Guru showers his pleasure,
are robed in God's Court.

The Slave in whose mind God is pleased to take abode, himself becomes
God says Nanak.

Dhan Dhan Waheguru Ji

XVI. Stilling Wanderer

The Wanderer
Te Sahib ki Me Saar na jaani

Vaheguru ji how foolish I am, Such a phoolla Manmukh. I can only laugh at myself when I think of you, I
can not better myself of my own doing, even that only you can do, and I laugh at myself for even trying
to become good.

I submit, Vaheguru Jee, you have won, my foolish mind didn't know that you had won in the beginning, I
can do nothing, I can not achieve anything, I am useless and I am stuck because I can't get out of this hole,
on my own. I have nothing left the Panj chor have taken everything, nothing left, just homeless, because i
invited them it's my fault.

I accept the path to narkh, because I deserve it! but take pity on me, I am useless just give me your Naam
forever with every breath, I don't want anything else except this, I don't want anything or Kamai even as a
result of the Simran, I will do it for free! and I will go to Narkh as you have written.

Sun Naha Prabh Jio Ekalri Ban Mahe...!

Vaheguru Jee!

It is too much now, can't sleep, can't talk, can't jap, can't do anything, I am mad.

This Mind is just running around the streets naked, I have tried swearing, punishing even trying to sweetly
persuade him, but he doesn't listen, he has me tied up behind him blindfolded

Kou Mai Phoolio Man Samjave

Phoolio Man Samje Gur Sabdi

only you can save me now...!

You don't have to send me to Narkh because without your Name my life is Narkh!!

But all I can say is Vahheguruuu...! Vaaheguroo!

i AM LOST!, i see all the gurmukhs flying high above me and I envy them so much, but I am stuck here, in
the dark thick, black sea of maya, and I am slowly drowning,

Vaheguroo...! Vaheguroo....! Vaaaheguroo!

Deeper and deeper I fall and it's getting darker and darker,

Vaheguru! vaheguru...! vaheguroo!

I'm falling now, going too far......

Vaheguru! vaheguroo!

Maybe i'll fall forever and ever, never to see the light again......

Vaheguroo...! vahegurooooo!

But all I can say is Vahheguruuu...! Vaaheguroo!

Maybe if I am going to fall for ever I could do Simran for ever and ever?...PLEASE!!!
I wouldn't mind falling then!!!!!!!!

Jan Nanak Eh Khel Kathan He!

Jagat me Jootee dekhee preet
Apne Hee Sukh Sio Sabh Lagey , Kia Dara Kia Meet ,Rahao

Mero Mero sabhey kehat Ho, Hitt Sio Badio cheet

Ant Kaal Sangee Neh Kouoo, Eh acharaj He Geet

Man Moorakh Ajhoo Neh Samjat, Sik de hareo neet

...Devghandaree Mohalla Panjva, Ang 536, Tan TAn Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaaj.

this is the state the world is in today..I am in this state today..

Oh! Vaheguru Jee. please do Kirpa on everyone..so we may all be happy and not Mero Mero just:
Tuhee toooooo...tuhee tooooo....Tuhee tooooooo....Tuheee toooooo......Tuhee tooooo....tuhee

vaheguru vaheguru

jin gur mil har har gayah ||

Guru jee: se laal ph-aeh, gooRe rang rate
"They are colored with deep, deep red color ..."

GurSikh: Pyare Sat Sat Sat Guru jee, please do kripa and tell the bee of your lotus feet: who are
they who are colored so deeply....

Guru jee: jin gur mil

"... the ones who met the guru ...

GurSikh: Sohne, Rangle, Pyare, Sat Sat Sat Guru jee, pray, tell the butterfly of your sweet
fragrance: once meeting the guru, what did they do?

Guru jee: har har gayah ||

"... and sang har har - WaheGuru WaheGuru praises"

Sohni Sakhiooooooooooo, let us rejoice in the fact that Dhan Guru Nanak is our guru. Please join daas in
thanking Guru Nanak Dev jee for being our guru

Dhan Guru Nanak

Dhan Guru Nanak
Dhan Guru Nanak
Dhan Guru Nanak
Dhan Guru Nanak
Dhan Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak

Pyare Pyareooooooooo, let us again rejoice in the fact that WaheGuru is our creator.

Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru
Wahe Wahe Wahe Guru

*Our* creator and *our* master is GREAT! How can we possibly thank WaheGuru for creating us and
being there for us whenever we need love.

This creator is different from most other creators.

A painter creates a picture and puts it on a wall to dry.

Our creator created us and doesn't leave us drying; ... nay, this creator lives *for* us ..... caring for our
every need.

A house-builder builds many houses and lives in only one of them.

Our creator creates infinite number of houses and lives in *all* of them!

A mother gives birth to a baby and keeps the baby in her lap and feeds milk for a few months.

Our creator gives birth to us; then puts us in the lap and feeds us milk for*ever*!

Then this creator is so merciful that this creator from within created Guru Nanak and told Guru Nanak to
come to the creation and be a veechola (match maker) between the creation and creator.

SatGuru Jee gave the creation Naam.

Creation --------- Naam --------- Creator

With Naam we can touch our creator. With Naam we can celebrate with our creator. With Naam we can
become the creator!!!!!!!

Isn't life just fantastic!! GREAT is the creator who made life what it is.....

Please join daas in thanking WaheGuru

For WaheGuru's care.
For WaheGuru's love.
For WaheGuru's nature.

For WaheGuru's WaheGuru-Ness.

Upon The Sand - The Wanderer

Said one man to another, "At the high tide of the sea, long ago, with the point of my staff I wrote a line
upon the sand; and the people still pause to read it, and they are careful that naught shall erase it."

And the other man said, "And I too wrote a line upon the sand, but it was at low tide, and the waves of the
vast sea washed it away. But tell me, what did You write?"

And the first man answered and said, "I wrote that: 'I am he who is.' But what did you write?"

And the other man said, "This I wrote:'I am but a drop of this great ocean.'"

The Pearl
Said one oyster to a neighboring oyster, "I have a very great pain within me. It is heavy and round and I
am in distress."

And the other oyster replied with haughty complacence, "Praise be to the heavens and to the sea, I have no
pain within me. I am well and whole both within and without."

At that moment a crab was passing by and heard the two oysters, and he said to the one who was well and
whole both within and without, "Yes, you are well and whole; but the pain that your neighbor bears is a
pearl of exceeding beauty."

this one goes through cycles of intermittant pain sometimes. I have come to believe that this is Guru sahibs
blessing and is an opportunity to burn off karmas. I began to think this way because going to certain
gurudwaras for camps and programs, i would be in unusual pain..... excruciating sometimes, but then it
always goes off after sometime whether it is hours, days, or weeks. Just when i want to beg Guru sahib for
healing i see some ragi or other sant or person with deformity or disfigurment. Then i think that some one
who is always serving Guru , Guru is also serving.

Sometimes this is the pain of deep longing for Waheguru, the most unbearable, but am learning to get
through this with naam.

It is this longing which feels like the pain of the pearl moti.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Hang & High

The traveller was travelling down the hill side to-wards the valley singing his favourite line "as i walk
around this world, i wonder what went wrong with our lives", he noticed an old huge, tall tree and decided
to rest under the tree but the traveller fell asleep. In his sleep he dreamt.

The tall tree was quite and beside it the small tree says "oh, my brother how tall you are, huge, so
strong branches, i wish i were like you, i wonder why i am so small. speak my great brother, are we not of
the same family."

The tall tree said "I wish i were the grass, would dance with the wind, travelers walk on me and rest on
me, children would play i would listen to their laughter, i would feel so happy to serve life."

The small tree said "OH, come brother be honest are you not a landmark, people see you from far, you
are on the maps of the travelers, everybody knows you, what a history you have, you must have seen
thousands men pass, people were born and died, still you are here, please be honest".

The tall tree said "I agree with you, honestly speaking, do you know how many innocent men have
been hanged from my strong branches, do you know how does it feel to listen their cries, do you know how
does it feel to help the murderers, i wish somebody would come and cut me off, as a wood i would serve
the people much more, OH GOD, i wish i could serve".

The Wanderer - The Love Song


A poet once wrote a love song and it was beautiful. And he made many copies of it, and sent them to his
friends and his acquaintances, both men and women, and even to a young woman whom he had met but
once, who lived beyond the mountains.

And in a day or two a messenger came from the young woman bringing a letter. And in the letter she said,
"Let me assure you, I am deeply touched by the love song that you have written to me. Come now, and see
my father and my mother, and we shall make arrangements for the marriage.

And the poet answered the letter, and he said to her, "My friend, it was but a song of love out of a poet's
heart, sung by every man to every woman."
And she wrote again to him saying, "Hypocrite and liar in words! From this day unto my coffin-day I shall
hate all poets for your sake."


Just for you

He sits somewhat aloof

just outside the circle sending words of truth
the philosopher.
Words of love are sent his way
meant for others, everyday
he looks them over.
Do they touch his soul and wound his heart,
or is he self fulfilled and set apart,
is he a lover?
One day a letter came his way
filled with loving words that say
today Love, Love is just for you.
Your Beloved has been waiting for you to be his Bride.
Look closely in yourself, you'll find him just inside
His name is Waheguru
His message is written in the beating of your heart
singhing joyously, make the arrangements, let the wedding party start.
He's waiting just for you
the philosopher,
to be his lover.
Waheguru waheguru waheguru
Make ready now, make haste
Precious one, is time for you to taste
the essence of his Name.
Holding closely in His embrace
He meets you face to face
you find there is no difference you are One, the same.
He showers you with wealth
contained within your breath
waheguru waheguru waheguru
You have been waiting long
to be touched by sach a One
Waheguru waheguru waheguru
Release is sweet
sweeter still the unparalleled beauty of His Feet
waheguru waheguru waheguru
permeated with His Scent
you know forever, Love is meant,
sent Love, just for you.

The true wedding

naachai pi(n)dhee meh saagaraa||rahaao||
naach(n)atee gopee ja(n)naa||

In this garden of God, the mortals dance

like the water in the pots ||pause||
The women and men dance alike
panna 694

The wedding party has arrived:
Before you stands a Golden Prince,
He is leading the horse which will carry you to your new home.
This is no ordinary horse but a very special one sent by his Father.
When you mount his back, Your Groom will ride with you before Him
and encircle you with arms of Love and Protection for the rest of your life..
Together you will ride to your destination, the home of your Husband, to be his wife.

Anand karaj

The true wedding is the union of the soul with Waheguru

...Himself ....the Bride in her dress, ...Himself ...Bridegroom

In this way, the Dear Husband Lord ravishes and enjoys His
bride. The happy soul-bride is pleasing to You, Lord; by
Your Grace, You adorn her. || 1 || Pause ||

She is decorated with the Word of the Guru's Shabad; her

mind and body belong to her Husband Lord. With her palms
pressed together, she stands, waiting on Him, and offers
her True prayers to Him. Dyed in the deep crimson of the
Love of her Darling Lord, she dwells in the Fear of the
True One. Imbued with His Love, she is dyed in the color of
His Love. || 2 ||

She is said to be the hand-maiden of her Beloved Lord; His

sweetheart surrenders to His Name. True Love is never
broken; she is united in Union with the True One. Attuned
to the Word of the Shabad, her mind is pierced through. I
am forever a sacrifice to Him.

That bride, who is absorbed into the True Guru, shall

never become a widow. Her Husband Lord is Beautiful; His
Body is forever fresh and new. The True One does not die,
and shall not go. He continually enjoys His happy
soul-bride; He casts His Gracious Glance of Truth upon her,
and she abides in His Will. || 4 ||

The bride braids her hair with Truth; her clothes are
decorated with His Love. Like the essence of sandalwood,
He permeates her consciousness, and the Temple of the
Tenth Gate is opened. The lamp of the Shabad is lit, and
the Name of the Lord is her necklace. || 5 ||

She is the most beautiful among women; upon her forehead

she wears the Jewel of the Lord's Love. Her glory and her
wisdom are magnificent; her love for the Infinite Lord is
True. Other than her Beloved Lord, she knows no man. She
enshrines love for the True Guru.

If I surrender my body like a bride, the Enjoyer will

enjoy me. Do not make love with one who is just a passing
show. The Gurmukh is ravished like the pure and happy
bride on the Bed of God, her Husband. || 3 ||

The Gurmukh puts out the four fires, with the Water of the
Lord's Name. The lotus blossoms deep within the heart, and
filled with Ambrosial Nectar, one is satisfied. O Nanak,
make the True Guru your friend; going to His Court, you
shall obtain the True Lord.


Enjoyer, and He Himself is the Enjoyment. He Himself is
the Ravisher of all. He Himself is the Bride in her dress,
He Himself is the Bridegroom on the bed. || 1 ||

My Lord and Master is imbued with love; He is totally

permeating and pervading all.

The Gurmukh is the happy and pure soul-bride forever. She

keeps her Husband Lord enshrined within her heart. Her
speech is sweet, and her way of life is humble. She enjoys
the Bed of her Husband Lord. The happy and pure soul-bride
is noble; she has infinite love for the Guru.

The happy soul-brides are attuned to the Shabad; their

egotism is eliminated from within. They enjoy their
Husband Lord forever, and their life-night passes in the
most blissful peace.

Nirankar. . .

...Jan Nanak Har Har hoe-a Har Har man vutha...

The Wedding Day...


The Wedding Day approaches.

Having not even the Knowledge,

of her Groom's Bed,

Yet Swoons She,

at the mention of His Naam.

The exstasy of Joy

so much so,
she cannot even imagine,
for as yet,
she has shared herSelf
with noOne.

Her Soul is Virgin Still,

For there is only One,
that can Bind, can Fill,
can Free, can See;
Who She Really Is.

In That Moment,
the Consumation of Union,
She hopes with Abandon
to Die at His Side,
To Live,
In His Love,
the Forgetting of self.

I am but the Glint of Light on the Window of this world,

He is the Ever and Always Present Sun, and Song,
Word, and Melody.

Sighing of Great Depth

Heaving of the Bosom,
His Breath,
His Heart,
No my,
No me,
No I,
I See,
To Be....

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Jeeeeooooo.....

The Song of the Buddha

by Dennis B. Hill (dbhill@ainet.com)


I remember when I was a child and they called me the Prince Gautama. Having no brothers or sisters to
play with I was immersed in an adult world; mother was my most constant companion. Father watched
over me with keen interest, but from a little distance. The servants were ever attentive making life on the
estate full to overflowing with all I could think to need. Little did I know that this was a planned
indulgence to distract me from a destiny foretold by the seers.

The whole of my childhood was spent in play and in learning the stories from the Ramayana and
Mahabharata. As I grew older I became a little restless and wanted to know more of the world, even though
all my needs were met right here on the estate.

When I came of age my father arranged my marriage. My bride was quite lovely and in time I became
absorbed in my new life as householder. As the seasons came around again I became a father; my son shone
like the moon. He too, surely, would be a prince among men.
But once again the longing reappeared to see life outside the estate.One day while my father was away on a
journey, my companion Govinda, close like a brother, came to me and asked me to accompany him on a
visit into town. I quickly accepted. Through the gates we rode, then out into the countryside - how
beautiful and open, but not as well manicured as the orchards of the estate.

As we approached the town I spied a wretched dried-up creature begging alms. To Govinda I said, "What is

"Just a beggar," he said.

"Can't we help him?"

"There is nothing to be done," replied he.

We also passed by a funeral procession, then into town. More beggars, some lame; garbage in heaps;
unhappiness, pain and deprivation.

"Sri Ram! Why this suffering?"

And my companion could only say; "This is the way it is, there is no help for it."

I became crazed by the torment of human suffering; I must find out why; I must do something about it. I
must come to understand this pity of human existence.

Back at the estate the chilling specter haunted me day and night. I became obsessed to find the answer.

I arose early in the morning, went to my wife and told her what I must do. I kissed my sleeping son and
departed my father's estate.

Taking the road to the forest I chanced upon three wandering sadhus and told them of my search, and they
guided me to a small camp of holy men staying by the river. I asked many of them for the answers to my
questions. Some told me the same as Govinda, "There is no help for it." Others just looked at me and said

Since the wise men didn't know, it was clear that I must find out for myself. Therefore I resolved to sit in
contemplation until I was able to divine the "why" and "what to do" of suffering, and to find a Truth that
would not decay.

For a long time I sat, hardly moving. The old sage who never spoke brought me water from time to time,
and occasional fruit. After seven times around the seasons straining to the breaking point for the
answers I sought, I could find no reason for the suffering and decay. Finally I had to give up. I had failed.
No longer could I continue this suffering in the name of suffering. The despair of failure collapsed my mind
into nothingness.

For a long time I rested in the stillness; the passion of my desire for understanding was broken. In this
tranquillity I realized that my suffering had ceased and joy was welling up in my heart. And from the
depths within, my Soul pleaded to be released from the limitation of the mind.

"Is this the answer to suffering?" I thought again of the pain of suffering, and I felt again the depth of
perfect peace, free from desire.

For 49 more days sitting by the river I experienced the Truth that transcended decay, and surrendered to my
Soul which expanded through the vastness of the Universe. I savored the sweetness of new understanding;
that the nature of being is pure awareness, the light of intelligence, and the bliss of contentment.

Such great compassion arose for the plight of those enchanted by craving for the ephemeral that brings only
grief and another round on the wheel of karma. Surely the travail for the many continues because
such a one has never walked among them who is free from the tyranny of the mind and the clutching of the
heart. If this be the case then the end has come to my solitude in the forest.

I must go now and hold the lamp for those who seek the light, to remind those who have forgotten who
they are, and teach those who would exchange despair for eternal happiness.

First I will rejoin five of my fellow seekers who endured with me the years of austerities while in search of
the Eternal amidst the mysteries of the ephemeral. They departed for a city to the south; a center of
spiritual erudition. I will follow them along the two weeks travel from Bodhgaya to Varanasi. There is time
to arrive before the beginning of the monsoons, a time when a traveler must find shelter against the torrents
of renewal.

These days of travel will be time to reflect upon the knowledge and experiences which arose not of the
mind but as illuminations of the Soul. This has not been a tautology of deduction, but a sort of
remembering of self-evident truth emerging out of the stillness of just sitting.

The dust of the road mixes with the company of merchants, pilgrims, and other travelers to form the ever
changing scene playing in the background. The sublime rapture of pure being, unmolested by the
discontent of the mind or hunger of the senses, forms the fullness of the inner presence. I feel a radiance
within me that reaches out in recognition of all those who pass. They are, in fact, my own Self looking out
through so many eyes. But sadly, the expressions around so many eyes tell the story of preoccupation with
concerns of circumstance, memory of what is no more, and fear of what might be.

The way to Varanasi widens at the approach to the great Ganges River. A few more days along the river
road and my destination will be at hand.

Varanasi announces itself in the distance with the haze of straw and dung cooking fires punctuated by
plumes of smoke from the burning ghats. Many come to Varanasi to leave their body in the belief that
cremation there by the Ganges will assure the soul a place in heaven.

In time I am reunited with my companions. It is to them that I first disclose the Four Noble Truths and the
Eight Means of Attainment. They listen in curious respect as they notice that they are watched by the
unmoving seer. The five are enveloped in the serenity that walks in these footsteps. They ask to be taught
the way to Nirvana.

"You know already of the existence of suffering that is rooted in attachment and aversion. Understand that
the cause of suffering is due to the craving in the mind for what does not exist, the craving of the
senses for transitory pleasures, and craving in the heart for the good opinion of those who do not love
themselves. Understand also that the remedy of suffering is through dispassion: indifference to the
contents of the mind, transcendence of the appetites of the senses, and stilling the restlessness of the heart.

"The path leading to cessation of suffering is through the Eight Means of Attainment: right views, right
aspirations, right speech, right behavior, right livelihood, right effort, right thought, and right

"Right views are cultivated through study of the scriptures and the practice of non-attachment to the
ephemeral things of the world; this is the torch to light the way. Aspire to be content in every moment,
long for refuge in Buddha Nature; this shall be your guide. Right speech is found in truthfulness. Right
behavior requires non-injury, non-stealing, forbearance, moderation, and restraining of the passions. Right
livelihood is enjoyed wherever Buddha Dharma is followed and charity is served. Perseverance in bringing
to rest the chattering of the mind is right effort. Right thoughts are free from the past, unafraid of the future,
and undisturbed by the present. Right contemplation is the silent witness to the truth of pure being,
immersed in serenity, unmoved by the tides of change, and filled with joy at just breathing in and breathing
"Oh brothers, this revelation is not in the least intended to make you self-righteous. Even pray that no one
ever notices your attainment of Nirvana. Treading this path is to free you from the bondage of ignorance,
loose the chains of karma, and bring you peace."

The monks, hearing the words and feeling the presence, knew that it was true. All that is left now is to hold
to the teachings. In time, they too will become the Buddha.

XVII. Sign of Victory

The Khanda Insignia - Sign of Victory
4 overlapping weapons form the Khanda symbol of the Sikhs :

KHANDA: as the most powerful weapon, Guru Gobind Singh ji saw the Supreme Power of the Creator in
this double-edged sword.

CHAKR: the round circle means that the Power of Waheguru is all around us. All Sikh Warriors used to
wear this razor-edged weapon around their turban. It was thrown like a frisby.

MEEREE: this sword signifies Politicial Power. The 6th Guru, Guru Har Gobind ji used to wear it.

PEEREE: this sword signifies Spiritual Power. The 6th Guru, Guru HarGobind ji used to wear it.













(Thoo-hee Nisanee jeet kee

Aj thoo-hee jag beer
Kal thoo-hee
Kalee thoo-hee
Thohee tegh ar teer)

Guru Gobind Singh jee was asked by Mata Gujree jee, whether he missed seeing his 4 martyred sons. The
Master replied, "You are wrong if you think I had only four sons, I have thousands of sons and in them I
see the four I sacrificed. Those four sons were four virtues from Waheguru, their body pots were to be
smashed so that those virtues could be poured into the Khalsa. Ajit means unconquerable, my Khalsa
would rather die fighting than run like a coward. Jujhar means warrior, my Khalsa is powerful and strong.
Zorawar means Power, as long as my Khalsa is distinct I will give them all of my power. Fateh is victory,
my Khalsa will fight for Waheguru's victory. O Mata Jee, when I see one Khalsa with these 4
qualities I see all four sons."

The taxmen come
In the form of the five
I have not ploughed this field
But even then they take their tax

If I had used my Khanda

I would have ploughed my field
Sowing the seeds of Naam
The Khanda would work

If then the taxmen came

The Khanda would slay them
First swiping Kaam and then Krodh
Soon would follow Lobh and shortly after Moh

The wounded four join behind the Fifth

The mighty Ahnkaar fires arrows of doom
Each arrow has the strength of five
Every one hits its target and wounds

No energy left in this slave

The battle is close to its end
The five taxmen have taken all they want
I have nothing more to give them

The seeds sprout into glorious plants

My Guru waters and nourishes them
The plants grow into an army of blue
Now the war shall begin

The Khanda breaks into two the Kaam

Krodh is shattered into a thousand pieces
With a mighty leap, Lobh is beheaded
Moh's advance is also cut short

The glorious army of Blue beholds the Khanda

With unimaginable love the Khanda is struck
Again and again and again
Anhkaar falls to its knees and the war is won

The taxmen have been defeated

Light shines in all directions
Fruitful has been the long and harsh war
For now I am one again with my Beloved
Great is He.
Great is the Guru, who forgives all my sins, even though I commit
them regularly. Even if I realise not his power and glory and see
Him as less, He continues in His greatness, inspiring me and
correcting me, as a father with his child.

How can I ever repay my Master? I have lost account of my mistakes

and of his forgiveness.

The Arms of Power...

Cause of Life
Minister of Death
yet Ever Releasing

The Very One that Binds

Yet the Liberation of Spirit is He

Invoking that which is the Darkness

Only to have Revealed That Light

Conveying the Pain

Only to have experienced His Bliss

Constraint of body
Liberation of Soul

Yet in Radical Surrender

Yet in the Most Ancient of Confidence

Separate Distant
Yet Blending

Pressed tightly to His Warmth

I Exhale
The Heartbeat of the two is One


Are you a Lion or a louse?

every year around this time Bhai Chardhi-kalaa Singh jee catches Louse singh and says 'Be ready for
tomorrow!' and Louse Singh squirms and make excuses like 'O no not barefoot again?' and Bhai Chardi-
kalaa Singh jee says 'Sikh-o don't worry you can wear shoes, just make sure you're at
the Gurdwara at 9am.'

The bibi's prepare the flowers, the bhai sahibs decorate the trucks and floats. The punj pyare and punj
nishan sahib singhs (flag bearers) get ready in the side room. Golden gowns, blue sri-sahibs, kesree
dastars...they glow like the rising sun and the thousands of Sikh suddenly forget about the cold and the rain
and the black rain clouds. The Lions are lovingly doing Waheguru Waheguru... Louse Singh grabs his
nishan sahib and looks for his shoes. The Lions walk tall and strong, firmly placing their naked paws on
the cold tarmac. Louse Singh thinks its going to look stupid if he's the only one wearing shoes, so he
quickly catches up with them.

By the time they reach the royal float surrounded by a sea of Sikhs, Louse Singh's feet are cold and wet, but
he forgets it all when Guru Granth Sahib Jee sails through waves of 'Japo Satnam satnam satnam jee,
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru jee..japo..'

In Ardas, Louse Singh says 'O Guru Nanak Sacha Patshah jee, I'm made of flesh and bone, I'm weak and
fragile. If I try and walk barefoot in the cold rain on the hard roads of Southall I can never do it. O Baba
Jee, when the Akali Singhs marched in rows of fives into the butts of British rifles, they went with no guns
and no shoes. Baba jee they only had Waheguru on their tongue, love in their heart and their forehead
pressed on your Lotus feet. Guru Jee, you're words are sweet, your turban is beautiful and the mystery of
your ways is known only to you. Guru jee carry the Punj Pyare, carry the Punj Nishan Bearers on
Waheguru Naam Jihaaj...the Ship of Waheguru.'

The Nagar Kirtan starts with cries of Bolay so Nihal ...Sat Sri Akaal! and kirtan radiates love in all
directions 'Dhan Nanak Teree Vadee Kamaee, Teree Vadee Kamaee, Teree Vadee Kamaee..Great Nanak -
your work was supreme'

The flag bearers and the punj pyare, looked humbly at the ground and sing Waheguru waheguru, loud and
with love at the head of the procession. Bare feet? What barefeet? Cold? What cold?

Don't you know that more than a thousand Suns are shining? Don't you know we are lions walking in front
of the Master? Don't you know our golden gowns are thin, but we have thick coat of Waheguru love close
to our skin?

You look cold, you are shivering, even while wearing coats and scarfs, shoes and socks. But the lions of
guru Nanak dev jee have nothing, and because they are nothing, Guru Nanak jee gives them everything.
Singing the praises of Guru Nanak Jee, they are intoxicated in the wine of Waheguru, the whole of creation
sings and spins around Guru Nanak Jee.

Kirtan radiates love in all directions 'Dhan Nanak Teree Vadee Kamaee, Teree Vadee Kamaee! Teree Vadee
Kamaee!.Great Nanak - your work was supreme'

Looking at the beautiful holy feet of the Punj Pyare in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Jee desire welled
up 'Dhan Guru Nanak Jee, the dust of the saints feet is worth more than diamonds. Baba jee, their feet will
be covered with the dirt of sacrifice, it would be wonderful if a little louse like me Baba Jee could wash
their feet and get their blessings. But I know guru jee, that Singhs are too humble and by the time I get a
bucket of warm water and a towel they will have washed their feet themselves.'

As the Nagar Kirtan came around the final bend, the Gurdwara Nishan Sahib was seen waving in all three
worlds...'Jhanday choolay Baba Nanak Deh'. Ardas of thanks was said with love, Guru Granth Sahib Jee
sailed back into the Gurdwara through the waves of 'Japo Satnam satnam satnam jee, Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru jee..japo..'

And a humble gursikh came running out of the langar kitchen with a bucket of warm water. He fell at the
Punj pyare's feet and washed them with love, and before the Punj pyare realized what was happening,
Louse Singh put his Nishan sahib against the wall and quickly joined in as the humble Singh's pulled back
their feet.

Love flowed in all directions 'Dhan Nanak Teree Vadee Kamaee, Teree Vadee Kamaee! Teree Vadee
Kamaee!.Great Nanak - your work was supreme'
In Every Face. . .
A Soldier still a Soldier,
A Saint still a Saint.

In the jungle of the world,

no longer of trees,
but of cement.

Rising early,
the Maya of machinery is Silent.

The Breath...
Vismad of Totality,

Out of the nurses lap I leap,

Into the Governess of Daytimes Gaze.

Both Serving the Darkness and the Light,

the Ru
the Gu
and through It revealing
Vismad of Totality.

Climbing down
into these jungle caves,
to cross the gulf of water.

One looks in the eyes of One,

with the Beauteous Darkness of Night,
Shining Bright.

That One Begs,

Or seems to...
"some change for something to eat."

as it were,
by the din of noise in the jungle,
One forgets One.

Hurrying past,
about to enter the gateway to the cave,
Realizing One has forgotten the Gateway to the Cave
Having entered it only a moment earlier,
but forgotten.

One leaves,
climbing out the cave,
to Enter the Cave
One searches for all it has in posession,
Giving it to the One.

Realizing in this One

As Black as the Shining Night,
is Really and Truly
the One Light.

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Waheguru Ji

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the last Salok of JapJi Sahib:


Pavan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahat.

Divas Raat Doi Daiee Daya Khelay sagal jagat.

Changee-aa-ia buree-aaia vachay dharam hadoor.

Kamee apo apanee ke neray ke dooor.

Jini naam dhi-aiaa gae maskat ghaal.

Nanak te mukh ujalay Ketee chutee naal.

What was Guru Jee revealing by saying:

Pavan Guru
- Air Guru

Pani Pita
- Water Father

Mata Dharat Mahat

- Planet Earth Great Mother.

Divas Raat
- Day and Night

Doi Daiee Daya

- are two nannies, one male one female
Khelay sagal jagat
- in whose laps the WHOLE world plays.

Guru Jee in his elevated state of mind knew that the world is in fine balance between Air, Water, Earth,
Day and Night i.e. the Sun. We can call this Nature's Playground.

There was a very interesting program about the 'Wonders of Weather' on TV that explained the fine balance
between Air, Water, Planet Earth and the Sun. They explained that if the Earth was any closer to the Sun all
the water would evaporate, if she was any smaller then she would not have enough gravity to hold the air
close to her bosom - like the air on the moon has left home and drifted into space.

When the Earth was just an enormous lump of rock, boiling and bubbling in her core, she released gases
into space, because she was spinning she kept them close to her. The Air couldn't escape far into space and
the cold temperature caused Water to condense out and fall back to the surface.

Because the Earth is spinning, she ensures that the Sun cooks her on all sides, the constant change between
day an night causes changes in temperature. For example, when it's hot the water rises, clouds forms,
winds blow the whole system of nature is perfectly balanced and the creatures receive food and water
accordingly. This is Nature's Playground.

Guru Jee also knew that a healthy child needs a fine balance between Guru, Father, Mother and Nanny. We
can call this the Family Playground. By combining Nature and Family with the following images

Earth-Great Mother,
DayNight - 2 Nurses

Guru Jee was explaining that each and every soul in the world has been sent by the Creator to play in these
interlinked playgrounds. But for what reason? Well in the next line Guru Jee explains that after watching
how we play it will be decided who gets close to God and who gets further away.

Changee-aa-ia buree-aaia
- good and bad actions

vachay dharam hadoor

- will be narrated before the Divine Judge i.e. God

Kamee apo apanee

- are actions are our own

ke neray ke dooor
- some get near , others go far from God.

So actions are important in determing who gets closer and who gets further from God. By doing bad
actions one's soul will be reincarnated further down the evolutionary scale into an animal, an insect or some
other species less than a human. By doing good actions one's soul will be reincarnated further up the
evolutionary scale, from animal to human, from human into human again but with more divine
surroundings and better chances to find the True Guru.

Actions can get us closer or further from God, but they can't unite us with the Supreme. It is very good to
do lots of charity work, feed the poor, clothe the needy, donate thousands of pounds, never tell lies, never
take life and so on. It is very beneficial to do these actions, it will give us a better human life next time, but
it will not unite the soul with the Supreme Soul. This is what Guru Jee means by saying
Kamee apo apanee
- are actions are our own

ke neray ke dooor
- some get near , others go far from God.

Until the unification happens, the soul will be born and re-born life after life. When the soul-drop does fall
into Supreme Soul-Ocean of Bliss then that drop can never be separated again, it can't be born again to
suffer the pains of life and death.

How can the soul achieve liberation? Guru Nanak Dev Jee explains in the final line, that only the ones who
meditated on Naam, or God's Name played in the right way. When a person is still alive, but their soul has
connected with the Supreme Soul then they are absorbed in the lovelight of the Creator. Even though their
body is in this world, their soul is in the True Court of the Lord. The Light radiates out from them in all
directions, Guru Jee says their faces shine and many others will be liberated in their company.

Jini naam dhi-aiaa

-those who meditaed on the Name of God

gae maskat ghaal

-toiled in the right direction.

Nanak te mukh ujalay

- Nanak says their faces shine brightly

Ketee chutee naal

-and many more escape with them.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Jee, Great Guru Nanak Dev Jee who 5 centuries ago understood the balance of
nature, the balance of family and the purpose of the soul. No wonder the wise, old Siddh Saints bowed at
Guru Nanak Dev Jee's feet and said 'Dhan Nanak Teree Vadee Kamaee...Great Nanak, your spiritual
labouring is extremely high'.

What can the ant on the riverbank say about the secrets of the flowing river called Guru Nanak Dev Jee?

Janam Janam Dhee Khaid

Behind every successful team (ie. soccer, American football, baseball rugby etc), a coach is employed and
millions of pounds or dollars are spent to enhance the team's abilities for winning their games. One of the
coach's responsibility is to analyse and apply the strengths of the individual for the benefit of the team
winning. Now that is only a Sansaree game - if a team loses they can win next time.

By the grace of Vaaheguroo Jee, It is our Uchai Bagh that we were born into Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar
Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee's household by partaking Khandaa Dheee Phaul. As mentioned above the
sansaree team has got the coach, we the Sikhs have Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee
to coach us to win Janam Janam Dheee Khaid.

The difference between sansaree game and Janam Janam Dheee Khaid is that in the sansaree game; one has
a set time span for each game and can be played again and again. On the other hand, in Janam Janam
Dheee Khaid the game we are playing,IT IS THE FINAL GAME OF HUMAN FORM and one does not
know the span of one's game for death is lurking overhead.

As a sansaree coach builds the individual talents. Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee
brings out Mat, the winning Janam Janam Dheee Khaid's talents invested in us by Parbrahm Parmesar Jee.
There is ONLY one formula to win this last game and there is ONLY ONE Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar
Dhan Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee who can help us to win this final game.

Japjee Sahib:



This game can only be won by tapping the mind's treasures and by acting upon and listening to the
instructions of Dhan Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee's Naam formula as Gurparsad.

Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee Dhee Pyaroo... The time has arrived now to win this
Janam Janam Dheee Khaid. It is time now to contemplate Naam not just at Amrit Vela but with every
breath one takes.

Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee Dhee Pyaroo.....Lets all join together and perform
Ardaas to Dhan Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Parbrahm Parmesar Jee for help, strength, support, Shabad Dhee
Mehar and Naddhar to contemplate Naam with every breath to win this final game.

Please, Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee,Please we beg you humbly to bestow your
Naddhar on us beggars so that we can contemplate Naam with every breath to win this final game.

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

Young Khalsa
'Kabir says, what you have to do tomorrow, do it today.
What you have to do today, do it right now.'
(Kabir, Shlokas : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Ride young Khalsa, ride like the wind

Hold on tight and let your journey begin

With the Kirpan by your side, don't forget this thing

Sing Waheguru with the Guru's blessing.

Fly young Khalsa, fly to the sky

Keep looking for Waheguru with your mind's eye

With love in your heart don't forget this thing

Sing Waheguru with the Guru's blessing.

Khalsa Jee, get up, get motivated, it is time to take off into amritvela simran. At least one hour every
morning, just tell your mind 'I dont care if it's boring, or if I cant concentrate or if I'm sleepy or hungry.....I
love Guru Jee and I believe in the Power of Naam and I will carry on japping'

Its easy to get up early if we go to sleep early. Its easy to get up if you've got a sangat that's waiting for
you to naam jap with them. Its easy to get up if you remember death is hovering above your head like a
cat about to pounce on the mouse. Its easy to get up if you leave the desires of the world behind and say
to Guru Jee, 'Once and for all I'm going to GO FOR IT, you are Number One in my life, I live and die for
YOU Baba Jee, I've got nowhere else to go Baba jee, kirpa karo and give me a place at your lotus feet....

Tumaree saran tumaree asa tumahee sajan suhleh

Rakho rakhanhar dyala Nanak ghar ke gholeh

You are my shelter

You are my hopes
You are my friend and companion
Protect my Protector,
Nanak is a slave of your house.

Think of the sacrifice Guru Arjun Dev Jee made, the least we can do is do one hour of simran every
morning....if his sikh's dont follow his instructions then who will????

Its all for our benefit, Guru jee is waiting for us with his arms wide open, just take a step and give guru jee
an excuse to take millions of steps towards us.......

charan saran gur ek painda jae chal,

satgur kot painde agai hoe layt ha

The Son of A King

Say what you want
As loud as you want
Isolate me
Criminalise me
Demoralise me

Lock me up
Beat me up
Hate me
Despise me
Chastise me

Leave me to die
You wont see me cry
Cause I will sing
and sing and sing
that I am the son
of a King

And no matter what you do

no matter what you say
I will always sing
and sing and sing
that I am the son
of a King.

And that means something

not to you
nor to the world
but to my King
Guru Gobind Singh
And I will wear bana with pride
I will sing and chant with honour
and you may fire your words
like arrows and bullets
but you will burn away
before I ever turn away
for I will always sing
and sing and sing
that I am the son
of a King.
I am grateful to the Khalsa,
The Wonderous Form of my Beloved,
For taking me by the hand,
To lay my head at Guru Ji's Feet.

The most powerful Love is that which the Beloved

has for the Beloved.

Thankyou my Sisters for Leading me to the BrideGroom

Dhan Guru
Dhan Khalsa Sangat Ji, Roop of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj,
Dhan Sikhi.

WaheGURU Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGURU Ji Ki Fateh...


Why Was I born a low caste?
When Bhagat NaamDev Jee was singing happily inside the Temple, just clanging the hand cymbols,
singing and praising the Creator that was his singing devotion, no special positions or breathing methods.
Just pure unadulterated, endless divine LOVE.

When the Brahmin priests saw a low caste in their temple, they stopped the kirtan-singing and cursing him
they grabbed his cymbols and threw him out of the temple. Sitting in the dirt, bruised and hurt, he pulled
out another set of wooden cymbols and with sadness at being separated from God (Bairag) he sung to
Waheguru jee , about how he was just innocently singing His praises and they threw him out. Waheguru
Jee felt the heartfelt cry of His Bhagat (Saint) and turned the temple building 180 degrees, the front door
faced Bhagat NamDev Jee and the terrified Brahmins came running out, on realising the miracle they fell
at Bhagat NaamDev Jee's feet.

Bhairo NaamDeo Jee (Amrit Kirtan 323)

Hast khaylat tayray dayhuray aa-e-aa|| Bhagat karat naamaa pakar uthaa-e-aa||1||

Heenaree jaat mayree jaadam raa-e-aa|| Cheepay kay janam kaahay kao aa-e-aa||1||Rahao||

Lai kamlee chale-o paltaa-e|| Dayhurai paachhai baithaa jaa-e||2||

Jio Jio naamaa har gun uchrai|| Bhagat janaan kao dayhuraa phirai||3||
Bhairo Raag, by Bhagat NaamDev Jee.

Laughing and playing, I came to Your Temple Lord;

and as I was worshipping You, they caught hold of me and drove me out.1.

O King of Yadavas (i.e. O God, King of Kings) they said my caste was low.
O Lord, why was I born as a calico printer? 1.Pause.

I gathered my blanket and turned back; I went behind the temple and sat there.2.

The more I uttered the Lord's praise; The more the temple turned towards this devotee.3.

A Giani Jee said he's been to this temple in India and you can still see the huge amount of earth that was
raised all around the sides.

Sing Waheguru Waheguru, sing Kirtan with your heart, sing when your happy sing when your sad, cry on
Waheguru jee's shoulder he hears the heartfelt emotions.

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

How does the river know how to flow to the ocean. It just knows. How do birds know where to migrate to
every year? They just do. Waheguru Waheguru is a river running inside us, it knows its own way, all we
have to do is persuade the mind to sing with love and innocence and one day we will fall into the ocean of
Waheguru just as Bhagat NaamDev Jee. The first few years are spent pulling you out of the maya circle you
are trapped in. Then there are a few years fighting the 5 enemies, then a few more to become humble and
sweet, then a few more spent with your forehead at Guru Jee's feet. Being Pure, desireless, content and all
the other qualities Guru Jees emphasize again and again, you will find your 'channels' open up, your 3rd
eye, your 10th door, you hear the unstruck melody, you taste amrit on your tongue, the sushmana, ida,
pinga become activated, you will find yourself tuned into the Naad, the constant infinite sound that
permeates Creation, you will feel naam chardhi-kalaa (the rising energy of naam) rising inside you. And the
lotus flower that hangs upside down, lifts its face to blossom in Waheguru Sunshine. And most of all you
are in Ajaapa Jap i.e. Waheguru Waheguru carries on singing away inside you with out any effort, even
when you sleep, work, talk - your soul is with the Supreme Soul.

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

by GurPrasad (Guru's Grace) Of Course!!!!!

Used to sleep at 3 am
Now am up by 3 am

Used to dread Jaap Sahib

Now look forward to Jaap Sahib

Used to rush through Rehras Sahib

Now rush through chores to sing Rehras Sahib

Used to spend hours on phone calls

Now do not take phone calls

Used to get ready to go out at 9 pm

Now get ready for bed at 9 pm
Used to spend hours on news
Now rush through headlines news

Used to love TV
Now nothing is more shallow than TV

Used to flirt with opposite sex

Now flirt with guru's feet

Used to spend hours thinking of sex

Now have a hard time having sex

Used to chat away days

Now spend word-less days

Used to tell people about Naam

Now just jap Naam

Used to discuss existence

Now just jap Naam

Used to read Zen books

Now just jap Naam

Used to not jap Naam

Now just jap Naam

Good Old Days...But the Future's better

I used to get fed up to because what guru granth sahib jee tells us and what we read about khalsa in the
history books is nowhere to be seen. So i used to long for the old times. But read history and notice that
Sikhs were just as bad then...there were 22 false gurus before guru tegh bahadur jee was discovered, the
masands were corrupting people and guru jee had to burn them in oil. They were hard times. I really
believe this, and funnily enough baba maan singh said the same thing at the sikhi camp...that the pratan or
old time sikhs have been born again here and now...it is us .. the youth who love blue and bana and
weapons and Khalsa and guru Gobind Singh jee. Why are we here? Maybe because the soldiers of Guru
Gobind Singh jee had such hard lives..away from their families, living on horseback, starving, fighting,
living with terrible injuries and dying in battle, that Guru jee has given us the luxury of the twentieth
century, we're we have cars, houses, central heating, PEACE full times, time to get education and most of
all time to spend on spirituality which is lost when there is battles to be fought. Always thank guru jee for
he has given us everything, we are very blessed. Look at the world and see Waheguru jee everywhere, see
Guru Gobind singh jee in everyone, see the good , be positive and you will be blessed with everything

Ala-Bala-Mo Monkey
Swinging from tree to tree
Ala-Bala-Mo monkey
searching for sweet sweeties
bored with the bland berries

Leaping from branch to branch

Ala-Bala-Mo wants lunch
Suddenly he has a hunch
Swings away from the bunch
Only thinks of himself
Dont care `bout no one else
Bobs and bounces all alone
Into the Old Farmer's home

Puts his hand in the jar

Grabs the sweeties - Ha! Ha!
Tries to pull it out
Fist is bigger than the snout

Jumping from thought to thought

Ala-Bala-Mo is distraught
Hopping mad in the kitchen
He's gotta make his decision

10 minutes pass then twenty

Old Farmer's feeling hungry
He comes walking in
Ala-Bala-Mo starts running

Leaping from side to side

But there's nowhere to hide
Old Farmer throws a net
Ala-Bala's fate is set

Whipped with a stick

Taught to do a trick
Ala-Bala-Mo Monkey
Dances for a sweetie.


GAUREE: Like the straw figure of a female elephant, fashioned to trap

the bull elephant, O crazy mind, the Lord of the Universe has staged the
drama of this world. Attracted by the lure of sexual desire, the elephant
is captured, O crazy mind, and now the halter is placed around its neck.
|| 1 ||

So escape from corruption and immerse yourself in the Lord; take this
advice, O crazy mind. You have not meditated fearlessly on the Lord, O
crazy mind; you have not embarked upon the Lord's Boat. || 1 || Pause



Like the parrot caught in the trap, O crazy mind, you trapped by the
affairs of Maya. Like the weak dye of the safflower, O crazy mind, so is
the expanse of this world of form and substance. || 3 ||

There are so many holy shrines in which to bathe, O crazy mind, and so
many gods to worship. Says Kabeer, you shall not be saved like this, O
crazy mind; only by serving the Lord will you find release. || 4 || 1 ||
6 || 57 |'
Make Peace...
Do you know that three groups of people are garaunteed to be kept out of heaven; the alcohol consumers,
the interest gatherer, and those who break their ties with their family members (blood relatives, such as
siblings, parents etc.)

It is our responsibility to attend to even those who have broken off from us. It may be ego, or 'self-respect'
that may stop us from doing so, from reaching out, and making peace. At times we want others to step
forward, for we think the right is on our side.

How about leaving this 'right is on my side' thinking and reaching out? How about thinking of it this way:
When we commit sins, we break off ties of friendship with Waheguru. Who is first to make peace? Him,
of course.

How dearly wonderful is this Friend! No grudges, no pride, just love and mercy, even though He is capable
of all. He leaves doors of return open. And sends messengers, with encouraging messages, as if you were
the dearest to Him, as if you were the most faithful friend who kept all promises alive, and respected all the
boundaries of Love. And you know very well that you didn't.

So how is it that you may think that your ego, and self respect is greater than Him, not to approach your
loved ones whom you have broken off with?

Go. Make peace. Mend your ties. And if they said you have no self respect. Tell them that Guru told you
that you had to do this. He said say something good to those who may be harsh to you, and
do good to those who treat you with excess.

Life is but a moment that will fly before you blink. Your self created ego, and pride is but your
imaginations. Mend a heart. The opportunity will fly, and sighs of regret are hotter and more painful in the
Hereafter. Approach your loved ones for peace. And if you are approached accept them with open arms
just as Waheguru shows you how He does it.

Gotta give to get

the hari krishna's used to wear orange robes and hold collection boxes at airports and other busy places.
They found that people donated more, if the hari krishnas gave them flower for free, the passer by felt
obliged to give a donation even if they threw the flower straight into the bin.

Moral : you have to give to get. How does this relate to spirituality? we have to give our head to get naam
from the guru. What does this mean day to day? We have to read gurbanee with love and give our mind to
the word. We give up desire, attachment, ego and we get peace of mind, love and a place at guru jee's feet
inside our body home.

What is a gursikh, sant or holy person so called? Because they have given everything and in return they
have got everything.

Give up desire to live and get the highest state of mind

pilla maran kabool jeevan kee chaad aas

hoe sabna kee renka tao ao hamaray paas

first rule of dying is to give up life's hopes

become the dust of everyon'es feet then come into my presence
says guru arjun dev jee maharaj.

Give up ego by wiping the sadh-sangat's shoes while repeating the above lines, then go inside to give your
head at guru granth sahib jee's feet. When the ego goes, waheguru waheguru enters like a river joining the

Great Reward Of Satsangat

Once, there was a clerk employed by seth (rich man). One day, the clerk had to go home for urgent work.
His home was about 4 miles away. Since it was getting dark, seth told him to take bhagat along with him.
The clerk went to see bahgat in the same village and requested for his company for travel to clerk's village.
Bhagat said he will go with him on the condition that on the way the clerk should not talk about any thing
else except God or listen to bhagat about God. The clerk agreed to that condition. Bhagat told clerk about
God all the way to his village. After reaching at clerk's home, bhagat said he will go back now but the clerk
insisted that bhagat should stay overnight. So bhagat stayed overnight at his home.

Before leaving in the morning, bhagat told the clerk that he will die after 8 days. The clerk died after 8
days. Dharam Raja told him that he will have to go to narak (hell) based on his deeds' record. Dharam Raja
asked the clerk if he wants to get his reward for SatSangat with bhagat before or after going to narak. The
clerk replied before going to narak, he wants to visit where bhagats are staying. Dharam Raja aksed the
guards to take the clerk to bhagats' place for short time. The guards showed bhagats' place to the clerk. The
guards stayed outside and the clerk went inside the place. There, he saw bhagats doing bhagti and also met
the same bhagat. The clerk was happy to see same bhagat again. Bhagat asked him to sit down and listen
about God. The clerk got up after some time and told bhagat that the guards are waiting outside. Bhagat
told him the guards cannot come inside this place. The guards after waiting for some time
went back to Dharam Raja and told him that the clerk is not coming out of bhagats' place. Dharam Raja
told the guards that neither you nor I could go inside bhagats' place. So the clerk did not go to narak.


Talk about WaheGuru or listen about WaheGuru when you have company of other GurSikhs.

XIX. Hotline to Heaven

Hotline to Heaven
Came into work this morning and the telephone was ringing in some empty corner. Everyone could hear it
yet no-one answered it. The poor old caller must have been waiting for a good few minutes before s/he
gave up. A few minutes later it rang again, but before a colleague reached it, the ringing stopped.

Other calls get answered as soon as it rings, and at other times you have two people trying to answer the
same phone...one walks over to it and the other intercepts with group pick up facility.

What has this got to do with naam?

Well, everytime we say waheguru with our pure mind, then rest assured that somewhere in Sach Khand,
Akal Purakh has heard your call. It's upto Akal Purakh when the call is answered. We naam jap for a short
time and as God never answered us, we lose concentration and mechanically carry on repeating Waheguru
Waheguru but the mind has disconnected. Akal Purakh doesn't hear the ringing any more. Then we
concentrate again and re-establish the direct line to the King of Kings, and Akal Purakh approaches you to
answer, but by this time we are frustrated or tired or hungry or thinking of some desire that wants to be
fulfilled, so we slam the Waheguru phone back down on the hook and go do something else.

The saints have mastered patience and contentment. They will carry on ringing the Waheguru phone day
and night, they wont stop until its answered. They have 100% faith it will be answered. Desires cant make
them stop either because they have mastered contentment. Pain or Pleasure can't distract them because
they have mastered detachment.

Waheguru jee surprises them one day and answers their Waheguru Waheguru calling. From that day on,
whenever the Saint calls, their call gets answered quicker and quicker.

Aisee Kirpaa Mohe karo

Panna 828

Aisee kirpaa mohe karoh

Santeh charan hamaaro maathaa nain daras tan dhoor paroh
gur ko sabad merai hee-a-rai baasai har naamaa man sang dharoh
taskar panch nivaaroh Thakur saglo bharmaa hom jaroh
jo tum karo soo-ee bhal maanai bhaavan dubhidha door Taroh
naanak ke prabh tumhee daatay santsang le mohe udharoh

Bless me O Lord in this glorious way

For these gifts to thee I pray

May I serve with love Your holy saints,

May I see their darshan every day.

The Guru's Word enshrined within

In my soul, Naam holds sway.

Five powerful demons help me to slay

Let my doubts be burnt away.

Joyously accepting Your divineWill,

All sense of duality driven away

Nanak's beloved, O Giver Divine

With Sadh sangat save me, I pray.

Bhai Santokh Singh Jee from India, blessed the Southall Sikhi Workshop with his prescence last Sunday
15/6/97. The budding Sikh Youth had a question and answer session with this veteran kirtanee. Here is a
summary of the gems of wisdom he shared with us.

He was born in what is now Pakistan and came to Delhi after partion in 1947. His grandfather was Hindu,
his father was the first Sikh in their family. He spent all his life working and his house is opposite the local
gurdwara. In 1984 when the riots happened, the mob tried to raid their area, but they were blocked by the
Muslims whose area had to be crossed. By the time the mob reached them they had gathered enough
Singhs together to protect themselves. After that incident many Sikhs left Delhi back to the safety of
Punjab. He too considered leaving, but he remembered Guru Ram Das Jees loving words ` Jithey Har
Aradhee-a, tithat Har Meet Saha-ee' meaning `Wherever one takes the Support of God, then at that place
God becomes your friend and helper.' So he stayed and and took the support of God. One of his friends
didn't have as much faith and left for Punjab, he was tragically killed in a car accident a few days later. If
one takes the support of God then even a dangerous place is safe, but without god even a seemingly safe
place is dangerous.
His introduction into Sikhi was through Urdu, and like many of the youth today he did not know how to
read or write Punjabee but he had faith Guru jee would help him and did his prayers reading Urdu. He said
all gutkas (prayer books) in those days had joined up words. Guruship was given to Guru Granth Sahib Jee
with joined up words. He said it was difficult to read, but doing ardas to Guru Maharaj is powerful and
with Guru jee's blessings he was able to read from Guru Granth Sahib Jee quite quickly. He said by
separating the words in Guru Granth Sahib jee there are some instances where the words are separated
controversially. It is better to leave Guru Granth Sahib Jee as when Guruship was given and rely on ardas
and Guru jees blessings to learn the correct way.

From 1948 until 1961 he spent a great amount of time in the company of the saint and blessed kirtanee
Bhai Randhir Singh jee. He said when Bhai Randhir Singh Jee did kirtan seva he would be overflowing
with love and forgetting the time would continue for hours and hours. He said kirtan was between you and
Guru Maharaj. It was not for pleasing or entertaining people. 3 or 4 of them often took their instruments
and a lantern into the nearby jungle and sung the praises of their beloved into the early hours. Other times
they would lock the door so they wouldn't be disturbed and sing kirtan for Guru Granth Sahib jee. They
never did kirtan to show off or to please people.

He was asked to explain to the young Sikhs the attitude of a kirtanee, as many of the youngsters have been
upset when they didn't get time to sing at a rensbhaee, or if their time was cut short. He explained that
whenever he went to a Kirtan program, he went with the intention of doing listening seva. He would sit
somewhere out of the way at the back of the darbar, he would never ask anyone for time to sing kirtan, and
only sung kirtan when he was requested to. He stopped when requested to. He said if someone has learnt
one or two shabads and wants to do kirtan on stage to show everyone his/her skill, then that is wrong.

He continued that each kirtanee should have full knowledge of Raags (classical indian music), as the Guru
Jees uttered the shabads in these musical measures. He said last night he went to a kirtan program and the
beloved Gursikh was unintentionally singing in Raag Asa _the morning raag. He said, do ardas and ask
Guru jee to help you.

Regarding, mixing `Waheguru Waheguru' simran into the kirtan he said keep it to a minimum and only at
the places where it makes sense to add it i.e. any line that emphasizes remembering God's Name. He said
when you are doing simran then do hours and hours of mainly simran, when you are singing gurbanee then
sing hours and hours of mainly gurbanee. Gurbanee and Simran go hand in hand. Gurbanee gets us
motivated to do simran and when simran falters then sing gurbanee shabads that request Waheguru jee
to bless you with the gift of naam simran.

He said Bhai Randhir Singh jee would sing one shabad for hours, each line could be repeated upto 10 times
until the whole of the sangat was singing it with love. He said they used to sing on very high notes because
that meant everyone had to put all their energy into singing that loud. Singing loud was an excellent way of
focusing a wandering mind (he touched the middle of his forehead). He said when in sangat make sure
each word is pronounced clearly and audibly so that everyone can hear Guru jees sweet amrit banee. When
in private you may sing quietly, quickly, monotonously or in any way that focuses your mind.

He emphasized again and again that the point of learning kirtan was for you to have direct contact with
Guru Maharaj and not for entertaining people. Kirtan was for you to express your love to Waheguru jee
and not for getting money or praises from people. That is all Maya (distraction from Waheguru jee).

He rounded off by saying that he is not a speaker and this was the first time he spoke to a gathering and
asking forgiveness for any mistakes he said `Waheguru jee ka khalsa, Waheguru jee kee fateh!' then began a
chardee-kala hour of kirtan lead by the blessed kirtanee Bhai Santokh Singh Jee, who of course refused at
first, asking the youngsters to sing instead!!! But WE INSISTED! And afterwards he insisted WE sang!

Havaaey Bandaggee Aaavurd, Dar Vajood Mraa |
VagarNeh, Zaunkay Chunee Aaamdan, Nabood Mraa |

[1] Devotion to you, like the breeze, blew me into the Garden of Existence.
There was no other urge for me to take birth.

[2] Happy is the life that is spent in your worship,

What else is there to gain beneath the blue dome ?

[3] The moment. I am without Your thought, I die,

Without you what purpose have I, in my life.

[4] May my soul and Self be a sacrifice to the dust of his feet,
Who shows me the way to your presence.

[5] There were no sign-posts on the Pilgrims way, through heaven or earth,
It was the zeal of my quest which brought me to the threshold of worship.

[6] Existence without Your thought, O Goya, is not possible.

If pining for you ceases, then end of life is the only thing coveted.

** The devout poet swings and sways and his emotions begin to rise like the
Sap in Spring. Goya goes from thought to thought and from limb to limb and
sees in every physical expression the sight of that Majesty which like a
Magnet draws the spirit of man. He sings himself out of senses and soars
into the regions of soundless call of the human heart.


[1] Deen(u) Duneeaa, Dar Kama'nday Aaa(n) Paree RukhSaar Maa(n) |
Har Doa Aalam, Keematay Yakk Tar(e) Moo-yay Yaar(e) Maa(n) |

My faith and Action, both are prisoners of the angel-faced.

The present and the here-after weigh less than the single hair of my

[2] Maa Namay Aaraim Taab(e) GhammZaa(e) MaiYaan(e) Ooo |

Yakk Nigaah(e) Zaa(n) FaZaa(e)Sh, Buss Bavad Darkaar(e) Maa |

I can not bear the dart of an eye drunk with love.

One life-giving glance is enough for Ecstacy.

[3] Gah(e) Sufi, Gah(e) Zaah'd, Geh Kaland-r May Shavad |

Rung Haa-ay MukhtLiff, Daared But(e) Ae-Yaar(e) Maa |

Sometimes a mystic, sometimes a hermit, and sometimes an epicure,

My beloved, like a changling, roams in many forms.

[4] Kaddar Laa(i) Ooo, BaJuZ Aash-k, Na Daanad Haich Kas |

Kimmat(e) Yaakoott Daanad, Chasham(e) Gohar Bar(e) Ma |

The price of the jewel none but the lover knows.

The value of the tear born pearl only my tear shedding eye knows.

[5] Har Nafas 'GOYA' B-Yaad(e), Nargas(e) MakhMoor(e) Ooo |

Badaa-Haa-ay Shauk Mai Noshad Dil(e) Hushiar(e) Ma |

Every breath is dedicated, GOYA, to the thought of the intoxicated

The cup of those eyes from which my heart drinks the wine of awareness.


An exquisite female is seen pulling the water out of a beautiful well using the rope tied to the water holder,
over and over again countless times. It happened to be a particular time when she was pulling the water out
using the rope from the water holder, that it broke and the holder dropped into the well. She is left alone
with the piece of rope in her hand with great disappointment, she wraps herself with shroud on her wedding

Let us know put the above mentioned story within the context of Satguroo Jee Dee Gurbanee.




The exquisite female is = A human being (we as being wives of Vaheguroo Jee)
The beautiful well is = A Sansaar
The water is = Worldly doings
The pulling rope is = An amount of breaths one takes (Life - swaas)
The water holder is = A body (pandaa)
The Shroud is = Jumdhoots
The wedding day is = meeting Vaheguroo Jee
When a rope is broken = One leaves an empty body here as this is only
PAIKAI GHAR (a maiden home) One has not made preparations to go to
SOURAI GHAR (husbands home)

Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee Dee

.................Naam Pyaree Pyaree Sangat Jee,
........................a time has come not to waste a breath for who knows when a death's Dundaa will strike.
Without Naam there is no place in Sourai Ghar.

Lets all join together for the preparations of the Wedding day for the Sourai Ghar with Naam Simran,
Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,
Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

There is a bhenji who, after having two baby girls, badly wanted a boy (sometimes called a laal by
Punjabee folks). So she went to all the gursikhs, Sants, gurudrawas she knew of to ask for a baby boy.
She even went to Hemkunt Sahib!

But what she got was yet another baby girl. Needless to say, she was quite disappointed and actually lost a
lot of faith in guru ghar.

But this baby girl is no ordinary baby girl. She is about 4 years old now. And she has done nothing less
than transformed her family.

Her father was a clean shaven dance-away-the-night-with-bhangra-and-booze kind of guy. Now he has
stopped drinking and looks forward to attending gurudrawa.

Her mother shows up for amrit vela simran programs!!!

Her elder sister who was a rap-to-all-hours-of-the-night kind of a teenager, now does not leave home
without doing nitnem and keertan. And does not sleep without paTh and keertan.

Daas was recently at their new house and was quite surprised at the size of Baba jee's room - it is usually
big. Daas remarked that, "This is the right size of Baba jee's room - small enough for solitude and big
enough for sangat." And daas was told that the "ordinary" girls sister gave up her room because she
thought that Baba jee room should not be smaller than her room.

The "ordinary" girl herself is nothing less than extraordinary. If she is told to make friends with another
kid, she first checks to see if that kid has not cut his/her hair. And she wears chuni *all* the time and
constantly bugs her mother to cover her head too.

And her looks are simply glorious - she looks like a young Mai Bhago.

Such is the greatness of our guru. When asked for a laal which would last at most 100 years, the guru
gives the laal gift of sikhi to the entire family and kul which lasts for *ever*.

Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankaree

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru


Daas overheard a lady at the Sikh Gurudrawa of North Carolina in Durham:

".... I wish I would get a few hours free so I could weep for Princess Diana..."

Princess Diana, OTOH, probably didn't even know of town called Durham in North Carolina, yet alone
about the grieving lady leaving there.

Worldly love is usually one way. The fish loves the water, but the water doesn't care if the fish is taken out
of it and dies crying for it.

There is however one love which is two way:

love for WaheGuru:

ka-de na moRe
rung ||

"(WaheGuru) never rejects love"

or WaheGuru always accepts love.

Each moment we spend in WaheGuru's love, WaheGuru cherishs that moment.

WaheGuru loves us. Truely, truely loves. Whether we are rich or poor - materialistically or spiritually. It
doesn't matter to WaheGuru. WaheGuru loves us as we are - dirty, filthy, rusty and pathetic.
Pyare Guru ke Pyare Gursikhooooooooooooooooooooooo! Let us not wait much longer. Let us dive into
the batta of NAAAAAAAAAM

and come out streaking RED with Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Yes, red. Like a new bride.

Yes, red. Like a rose bud.
Yes, red. Like the sun.
Yes, red, red, red with NAAM
Yes, red with LOVE
Yes, red with WaheGuru
Yes, red with Mad Love for guru
Yes, red. Like the guru's darshan.
Yes, red, red, red, like WAHEGURU

No, no stopping now, guru jee. You gave us amrit. You gave us naam. Now take, us, our pyare Guru guru
guru guru guru guru guruu jeoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Take us. Like we are. Dirty, lost, manmukh, poor, moorakhs.

Take us, guru guru guru. Take us, to your miThe charan kamal. pyare charan kamal. sohNe charan

Pyare Naam Net Sakhiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, let us all join together in a massive cyber hug
and send a big WAHEGURU to the Sach Khand ... WAAAH GURRRUUU

Each moment without naam is a major, major loss.

Let us forget gian, dhian, just put guru guru on our tongues, our minds and color our hearts with NAAAM


She came into the woods to be alone

She came into the woods to be alone
where the sounds inside could come undone
to be in the beauty of His naam
the agonys and ecstasys to be sung
when she cried out, the woodlands fairly rung
unawares, He'd been there all along
she turned to see Him in first light of dawn
and went to meet Him with her song
melted into the embrace of His loving arms
coming together becoming One
home in Waheguru where we belong


After reading the post below [(above)] by a Gupt Gurmukh; it reminded me of a beautiful shand by Satgur
Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Dasmesh Guroo Gobind Singh Jee. This Banee is not just beautiful in the
semantic sense but gives a divine kick of prem whilst reciting. especially in the end verses:

TOOHEE TOOHEE || forces heart and mouth to utter Vaaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaaheguroo Vaheguroo
Vaaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaaheguroo Vaheguroo


BANAI HAREE || 1||51||
NABAI HAREE || 2||52||
JAMAI HAREE || 3||53||
ADHAVAK HAREE || 4||54||
APAID HAREE || 5||55||
ATUNTAR HAREE || 6||56||
AMATH HAREE || 7||57||
AKARAM HAREE || 8||58||
ASHEDH HAREE || 9||59||
PARCHAND HAREE || 10||60||
ASHEV HAREE || 11||61||
JAPO HAREE || 12||62||
NADAS TOOHEE || 13||63||
ORTHAS TOOHEE || 14||64||
TATS TOOANAN || 15||65||
MECCA TOOHEE || 16||66||
ASHAI TOOHEE || 17||67||
MAST TOOHEE || 18||68||
TOOHEE TOOHEE || 19||69||
TOOHEE TOOHEE || 20||70||

Guru Guru
Inspired by guru gobind singh jee's shabad 'toohee. toohee'.


there guru. here guru

home guru. alone guru
breath guru. belly guru
below guru. above guru
peace guru. serene guru
no time guru. no death guru
no fear guru. no form guru
no tantr guru. no jantr guru
cooling guru. ruling guru
undying guru. soothing guru
living guru. giving guru
loving guru. hugging guru
caring guru. sharing guru
no picture guru. no caste guru
no hate guru. no foe guru
bright guru. light guru
light guru. bright guru
wow guru. you guru
you guru. wow guru
true guru. true guru
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
You guru. You guru
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
Sat Guru. Sat Guru
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.
Wahe guru. Wahe guru.


Beloved Naam doctor thank you for the following Rx prescription for PREM "to be recited with love and
devotion by mouth daily, until one can recite by heart"

Vaaheguroo Vaheguroo.....

In the medical world,

critical care cases in the Intesive Care Unit - I.C.U.
are refered to as being in the *Woods*
or more acurately as not being *Out of the Woods*

Here in the world of Naam

We refer to our Intensive Care Unit ( I.C.U. )
As the * I See You -Waheguru * ward

The following is the personal case history of two sakhis

who have been seen wandering the
*I See You Waheguru * ward hand in hand,
at last report they are still *Not out of the Woods*

I should mention doctor that this is a highly confidential case,

and should be treated respectfully as sach
as those sakhis came to the woods to end life as they knew it.
The taste of Jyam lay bitterly on their tounges
and existance had become unbearable,
And had it not been for the grace of Waheguru,
and the discovery of the sweet taste of Naam,
those sakhi would not be with us today.


In the Woods

I found him lying face down in the snow

He'd lost his way
His language was different
There were no words to say
I held him, and warmed him,
And loved him too
And kissed his lips 'til they turned rosy
Instead of blue

Only his eyes spoke

They were deeper than his chill
Fiery icicles flickering in deep caverns
I remember them quite clearly still

He was so remote,
I felt in his way
I turned to go
He reached out and spoke one word "stay."

Lifetimes unveiled
And slipped away
We were lost in loving until the sweetness of it blossomed
Into a warm spring day

His need, the intensity

Answered my own
My heart melted, warmed now,
Had been frozen like icy stone

Encrypted by sorrow and indifference

The bleakness of each day
Faced with out joy or loving
An endless foggy grey

His love and his need saved me from my intentions

That fateful day
I had come deep in the wood
To slip away

But we were caught in the arms of angels

And still we hear them singh
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru in chorus
To the sounds of glorious spring


Inside the Woods

I was almost gone,

when I felt a bit of warmth creep in.
I realized I was being held,
I opened my eyes and saw her face.
The despair i saw there mirrored my own,
and when she turned to leave, I could not let her go
I pulled her to me and took her face between my hands.
Her cheeks were streaked with frozen tears, her keski
had come loose and there were leaves and twigs,
caught in her hair. Gently I removed them,
and pushed the strayed strands of hair behind her ears,
and wound her keski more tightly around her.
Probably she had been wandering for hours,
she was nearly as cold as I.
I took and wrapped her inside my lo-ee with me,
and put one arm around her shoulder,
she crept closer with her knees lightly resting on my thigh,
and buried her head in my shoulder and began to softly cry.
I tried to comfort her, then she began to weep,
wracking sobs, shaking and trembling,
It wrenched my heart. I tilted her face up
and wiped the tears from her eyes with my thumbs,
kind of roughly, my hands were almost numb with cold.
Her tears were so hot, they nearly burned my skin.
Then I kissed each eyelid, red and swollen from weeping,
and the tip of her nose too.
She was so vulnerable in her distress, I wanted to protect her.
Timidly she reached one hand up and placed it on my cheek,
letting it rest on my beard.
I bent and whispered in her ear, Waheguru.
Startlingingly, the sound of it filled the air,
so loudly, I couldn't tell where it came from, inside or out.
Again, and again, I heard, Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
as though angels were singing.
She rose up and began a dance, lifting her hands towards the sky,
and the snow flakes whirled around her.
Golden light came streaming down around her,
as she stretched higher and seemed to almost lift of the ground.
Then I noticed, she had never left my side.
I blossomed, I became a white petaled rose.
The dancer bent down to inhale my fragrance.
She drank in my nectar.
Then she at my side gave me one kiss.
It was sweeter than anything I had ever tasted.
I was drunken with it, I wanted to fly, to dance, but didn't know how.
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru my petals turned a deep crimson,
and I too began to weep.
All the remorse, longing, the pain of separation, welled up
and spilled out.
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru, it was deafening,
almost maddening, ringing in my ears.
I began to glow with light.
She at my side had blossomed too, into a golden flower,
and sat in a trance like state, whispering Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Then she became rigid, shuddered and dropped her body altogether.
She was holding my hand very tightly,
and I had no choice but to follow, and leave mine too .
All became black and void,
then burst into the light of a thousands suns, Waheguru Waheguru
Then I noticed there was only One, we were the same, no difference.
Souls merged into the light and the sound of Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru, into the sea of Waheguru ji
XX. Gursikh Prem

Gursikh Prem
Gursikhoo, thank you, thank you, t h a n k you for your naam drenched sangat; for your intoxicating words;
for your mad prem de theer.

Daas could not have imagined being in sach a company. Daas is a weak and struggling soul. Gursikho,
make daas like yourselves. Please do kripa and tell the guru that resides in your hearts to drench daas too.
Daas is like a stone in a mountainous creek. Pure and sweet water is flowing all around daas, yet daas is
dry. Pyareo, do ardas for daas.

Pyare guru ke pyare gursikho, mere mita-ro, meri sakhio, meri jaano, mere prano, daas is a sacrifice to
your feet. May guru do kripa and allow daas to roll in your feet, sangat jeo.

All this is kalaa of Naam. Only naam can make one so loving as you. Only naam.

Gursikhs who are drenched in naam are nothing but embodiment of PREM and only PREM. When
Satguru says that even Satguru is a sacrifice onto the feet of gurmukh jan, the guru is *really* meaning it.
The guru *LOVES* gursikhs.

Observe naami gursikhs relationship with naami gursikhs.


After the smapti of keertan smagams at Nar-rang-vaal (Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee's village in
Punjab), Bhai Sahib jee used to walk with the gursikh sangat to see them off.

But Bhai Sahib did not ever want to see them off! And he would keep on walking with them for miles and
miles! The naam drenched gursikhs would beg him to return so that he would not have to walk for so long
on his way back. He would say, "Sat Bachan"; say fateh and give everyone a - guru guru guru guru guru -
hug and then keep on walking with them!

Then the gursikh pyare would, with their hearts in their hands, draw a line and order Bhai Sahib jee not to
cross that line. Bhai Sahib could not disobey this hukam. Bhai Sahib jee and the gursikhs would then hug
each other and cry like a girls going to in-laws after marriage.

Imagine the naam rung of that moment!

Gursikhs - the stars - with intoxicated faces; Bhai Sahib - the moon - drenched in naam and PREM,
hugging each other and savoring and swimming in naam beraag - waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru


Pyari sangat jeooo, this things happened and happen now where-ever there is the oasis of naam in the
spiritual desert.

Pyareooooooooo, naam japo. naam japo. naam japo.

Once Heer was on the way to see Ranja. On the way she accidentally stepped on a muslim fakir's prayer

The mulim fakir was at that time praying, so he could not say anything. But on Heer's return, he scolded
her and told her that she ruined the purity of his prayer.

Heer profusely apologized. And then she said, "Respected Fakir jee, what were you doing?"

The fakir had cooled down by now and said, "Bheti jee, I was loving my beloved, the Almighty Allah,
through prayer."

Heer was quite perplexed and said, "Respected Fakir jee, how could that be? I am in love with my Ranja
and when I was going to see him, I did not notice anything, not even you, O respected one; let alone the
prayer mat. But how is it that you were loving your beloved and you noticed me?"

The fakir was so taken aback by the wisdom coming from Heer's mouth that he fell at her feet and cried,
"O, Wise One, show me how to truely love my beloved; like you love yours!"


Pyareooooooooo, everything is made up of many things. But one quality is usually more pronouced than
the others.

Water does a lot of things: it fills the oceans; it gives life to everything; it showers down as rain...

But the quality of water that outshines the rest is it's ability to quench thirst.

Sun too gives warmth, life and is the center of our galaxy. But the quality of Sun that shines the most is the
Sun's ability to give light.

Similarly, pyareooooooooooooo, WaheGuru is an infinite of things. WaheGuru is powerful; WaheGuru is

the creator; WaheGuru is a life-giver......

But the quality of WaheGuru that shines the most is LOVE. And LOVE only.

Now the question is, how do we love WaheGuru back?

In the materialistic world,

girl meets boy
falls in love
girl keeps on repeating boy's name all the time

In the spiritual realm,

sakhi keeps on repeating WaheGuru's naam all the time
falls in love
sakhi meets WaheGuru

Naam actually makes us pure enough to feel WaheGuru. And as soon as WaheGuru is felt; it is love at first

Gursikhs all over the world read gurbaNi. Many with utter devoting and love. But only the gursikhs who
jap naam are *struck* and *wounded* by love contained within it.

So pyareooooooooooooooooooooooo, naam japo, naam japo, naam japo!!!!!

nanak ke ghar
kavel naam ||

Daas has been told by those who *know* that Dhan Guru Nanak is impressed by only NAAM. So
pyareoooooooo, let us follow Sakh D Singh jee's instructions and jap naam 24 hours a day!!!!


In beginning of this post I picked up the dictionary, the intent was to look up platonic, but it happened to
fall open to lovebird, the page where lies the definition of love.

1. a deep affection for or attachment or devotion to someone, or the expression of this

2. goodwill towards others

3.a) strong liking for or interest in something [a love of kirtan]

b) the object of sach liking

4&5 passion and the object of passion

6. cupid

7. a score 0

1. to feel love for

2.to show love for

3.to take great pleasure in [to love gurbani]

4.to benefit from [flowers love light]

to feel the emotion of love

1. to woo

2.to have relations

from Corinthians 13 love is spoken of as charity

1. Though I speak with the toungues of man and angels, and have not charity(love), i am become as
sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

2.Though I have the gift of prophecy, understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though i have all
faith so that I could remove mountain, but have not charity (love) I am nothing.

3.Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, give my body to burned, but have not charity(love) it
profit me nothing.

4.Charity (love)suffereth long and is kind, envieth not; charity does not puff itself up.

5. does not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

6.Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

7. bears all things, believes all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

8.Charity(love) never fails. prophecies shall fail, toungues, shall cease knowledge, shall vanish away.

9.For we know in part, and prophesy in part.

10.But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

11. When I was a child , i spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became
a man, I put away childish things.

12. For NOW we see through a glass darkly, THEN we shall see face to face. NOW i know in part THEN i
shall know, even as also I am known.

12. Now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three, but the greatest of these is charity(love).


Dearest beloved pyari sadhsangat ji

One very respected singh told me a story once

A robber decided to rob a widow. The widow was a singhni. So he disguised himself as a singh, wearing a
blue chola and big distar. When evening came he went to her house, knocked on the door. She took him in
and fed him, Then it was time for sleep. There was just one bed in the house. The robber asked the widow.
"Where shall i sleep ther is only one bed." The widow replied "you are not a Singh" He asked how she
knew, She replied " If you had been a Singh, then you would know that you were my brother, and would
have slept in the same bed with me."

This same respected person told me the sickness is in the mind of the thinker, not the doer. Some one tends
to put the evil they are thinking into the actions of others.


Love should be encouraged to blossom and flourish. God is love. All love is love for the divine. It is
sometimes distorted and people seek in each other the love they can only get from waheguru.

What is naamnet if not spiritual love. Waheguru ji is always surrounding us pervading and permeating us
with his love.

Thank you
love you
Waheguru ji

purely spiritual

On the Wings of Love

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
my soul bird leaps from it's nest
a breeze is blowing, love is flowing
Baba Jee is smiling, singing glowing
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
Baba Jee guides me in my mind-forest
Why be blue? Only love what's True
Baba Jee says I'm just travelling through

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

rising on His love wave's crest
not fearing the ground, heaven bound
spiralling higher around and around

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Baba Jee says `there's no time to rest'
Flapping and singing bells'a ringing
Keep on sharing, serving, giving.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

breeze becomes a stormy maya test
tumbling, falling, sqeaking sqawking
Baba Jee says `KEEP ON JAPPING'

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

fed up of japping no more zest
flowers are blooming, death is looming
hit the ground ego's fuming

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

tumaree saran tumaree asa tumhee sajan suheleh

rakho rakhnhar dyala nanak ghar ke gholeh

You are my shelter

You are my hopes
You are my friend and companion
Protect me O Protector
For Nanak is Your House slave.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Baba Nanak hugs me to his chest
Crying, crawling, walking, skipping
japping, running, flapping, flying
slowly steadily rising readily
soaring gliding japping merrily

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Arc Angel
Once there was a woman who fell in love with Naam.
She was not a young woman.
She had wasted her youth in fruitless activities and sinful ways.
Lost and drowning in the sea of her miseries, she met Singhs.
Her life changed. She was married and had children.
She should have felt fulfilled, but something was missing.
She met Singhs who japped Naam.
Once again her life changed. She fell in Love.
Falling in love with Naam, she was at once ecstatic, and wildly despairing..
Having found Love, she feared to lose It. She wept copiously, begging her Love not to leave her.
This behavior got her into some trouble.
Although she never left her duties, her family felt the depths of her love,
and felt forsaken never the less, because that love was not for them.
Every morning she rose faithfully to meet her Love.
After sometime the family fell out of patience with her.
She no longer took part in aimless activities, preferring to spend time with her Love...
This Love was misunderstood. The family tried to blame this love on other lovers of Naam.
But it was not the other lovers of Naam she loved so much, as, rather the Naam within the Lovers.
Strangely, the family loved the lovers of Naam, and the family loved Naam.
Only they did not love their mother to love others. She should not love Naam so much.
Even the lovers of Naam tried to persuade her not to love Naam so much, to love her family instead.
But she did not own her heart. It belonged to Naam, and so she suffered for that love.
Fed up the family, threatened her security many times. It became a daily ordeal.
She would rise, meet, and enjoy her Love and then pay the price of searing Anger.
She didn't know if she would continue to have a roof over her head, but she did have Love in her heart.
She begged Naam for protection. Ardently she begged for the protection of her honor.
One morning she was sitting with her Lover.
A golden warrior jumped right out from the very center of her being.
A guardian had come, and she felt comforted.
The following day she went to keertan. She heard one Shabad.

Guru poorai maree raakh la-ee.

The perfect Guru has preserved my honor.

Anmrit naam riday maih deeno janam janam kee mail ga-ee. 1 Rahaao
The nectar-Name, He has enshrined in my heart and my filth of many births is washed off.

Nivray doot dust bairaa-ee gur pooray kaa jape-aa jaap.

Contemplating the perfect Guru's word, the demons and wicked enemies are banished.

Dahaa karai ko-ee baychaaraa, prabh mayray kaa bad partaap 1

What indeed can anyone do to me, for great is the glory of my God.

Simar simar simar sukh p-aa-e-aa, charan kamal rakh man maahee.
Remembering Him ceaselessly,
I remain ever in bliss and enshrine the Lords lotus feet in my mind.

Taa kee sara pare-o naanak daas, jaa tay oopar ko naahee.2
I have entered the refuge of that Lord, higher than whom there is none.

When she returned home, She sang the shabad over and over, it went straight into her heart
She felt so grateful, She had a guardian and one Shabad for protection.

The next day the family was called to meet one Sant. She had seen a picture of this Sant and was always
eager to meet him. She had heard many stories of his deeds. But it was his picture that called to her inside.
However he was oceans away, and she had never expected the opportunity would come.
Waiting for the Sant to arrive, she was asked to read some Shabad. As she finished, one singh and singhni
entered. Like she, they were lovers of Naam, and her guides. She was so happy to meet them and so
sorrowful to ever be apart from them.

They sat very close and enjoyed the Love of Naam together. Sant ji entered. He strode into the room with
long, agile, energetic steps and turned, his golden gown swinging around his ankles in a graceful motion.
She recognized him as her guardian. He had crossed oceans to meet her. She spent the day with Sant ji. He
held her in his arms and had a photo taken.
He came to her home and met with all the family...
Again she was taken into the shelter of his arms. She served him.
As he rose to leave, she asked for his ardaas.
He stood before Siri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj ji, then hukam nama was taken.

The hukam nama was a promise of Peace, celestial Peace

Playfully Sant ji picked up the Siri Sahib from the Ramalas, and swung it in an arc around his head.
Sant ji was a martial artist. He was her guardian. .

Kant lagaae apnae jan raakhae apunee preet piaara.

Hugging to His bosom the Lord saves His slaves.

Their love for Him is sweet unto the Lord.
(from the hukam nama panna 609)

Sant ji departed, her guardian stayed.

From that day forward Anger began to lose it's strength.
Every time Anger it raised it's ugly head, the guardian was there to slay it.
Until finally Anger lost it's strength, and was defeated.
Peace came to reign in the family.
Troubles were not over, but they were bearable.
Love had given her His protection

The Garden of The Heart

We have the garden of Naam living right inside our hearts, and have been given everything necessary to
bring it to life.

At the time of Amrit a small seed of naam is planted in the heart. Every time we utter waheguru that seed

Like every garden, the seed must be nurtured and tended carefully so that it may grow tall, strong, and
bloom. In the Amritvela, we sit and do waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru this is the sun
shining on our garden.

We are given 5 karkars to keep with us at all times. These 5K's act as the fence to our garden protecting the
tiny seed of naam planted inside our hearts, from outside predators. The 5 thieves who constantly try to
break down the fence and rob us of our naam.

In the day time we do waheguru waheguru waheguru during our activities and while cooking, this is like
keeping a lookout posted near our garden.

We are given nitnem and paath to water and fertilize the tiny seed of naam to encourage its growth, and
give it brilliant color to its bloom. Each day when we recite our panj bania, our 5 banis, one by one, as do
the panj pyares, the 5 beloved ones, while they stir the sugar into the water to create the Amrit, we re-
create the Amrit within ourselves.
We have the garden of Naam living right inside our hearts, and have been given everything necessary to
bring it to life.

Quiet Joy
Time stretches out like a River without end
That empties into the Sea, an Ocean called Beloved Friend
My heart a boat carried along
The current of Love, running deep and strong
Kept afloat by desire's sweet
Longing that we meet
Mere Sajan, Beloved Friend
Lover, ever loving without end
Turn my heart from outside in
To Love Thee again, again, and again.
Quiet Joy, bursting bonds of time
Thrilling, unfolding, blooming, becoming Thine
Waheguru Thine
Thou art mine, Waheguru I am Thine
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Thine
Waheguru Waheguru I am Thine

waiting for the rain to fall

waiting for the rain to fall
a flower has no choice at all
her face turned towards the sun
she cannot live without that one
but if the rain should never come
then shall she be scorched and done
she has no choice but to wait and pray
hope and blossom anyway

SAVAN (July-August)

savan sars mana ghan varsai

The season of the rain has come;

My heart is full of joy,
My body and soul yearn for the Master,
But the Master is gone abroad.
if He return not, I shall die pining for Him.

The lightning stikes terror in my heart,

I stand all alone in my courtyard
In solitude and sorrow.

O Mother of mine, I stand on the brink of death.

Without the Lord I have no hunger, nor no sleep,
I cannot suffer the clothes on my body.
Spake the Guru:
She alone is the true wife,
Who loses herself in the Lord.

The Sacred Writings Of The Sikhs

page 109-110

BHADON (August-September)

Bhadon bhar bhuli bhar joban pachtani

Lost in the maze of falsehood,

I waste my wanton youth.
River and land are one expanse of water
For it is the monsoon, the season of merry-making.

It rains.
The nights are dark.
The wife knows no peace.
Peacocks cry with joy,
The paphia calls...peeoo, peeoo
The fangs of serpents that crawl,
The stings of mosquitoes that fly
Are venemous.

The seas have burst their bounds in the ecstasy of fulfilment.

I alone am bereft of joy,
Without the love of the Beloved Lord.

Spake the Guru:

Ask the Master who knows the way,
Walk on the path which leads to the Lord

The Sacred Writings of the Sikhs

page 110

There is no love
except the Love of my Beloved
All other love is false is shame
the love of family and wife,
the love of sons, the love of life
The love of world, the love of gains
all other love brings only pain
except the Love of Wahegurus Name

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

The Love inside of Waheguru

is sweet is fresh, it makes one new
flooding love in every cell
it's the medicine to make one well
Waheguru the water Waheguru the rain
Waheguru the Sun Waheguru the Shine
Waheguru the love that make the heart to bloom
Waheguru the Nectar in early morning time

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru


Prabh keejai kirpaa nidhaan

Ham har gun gaaveh-ge
Hoa tumaree karao nit aas
Prabh moeh kab gal laaveh-ge

Ham baarik mugadh i-aaan

Pitaa samajhaaveh-ge
Sut khin khin bhool bighaar
Jagat pit bhaaveh-ge

Jo har suaamee tum deho

Soee ham paaveh-ge
Moeh doojee nahee thaor
Jis peh ham jaaveh-ge

Jo har bhaaveh bhagat

Tinaa har bhaaveh-ge
Jotee jot milaa-e
Jot ral jaaveh-ge

Har aape hoe kirpaal

Aap liv laaveh-ge
Jan Naanak saran du-aar
Har laaj rakhaaveh-ge


Oh Lord God, the treasure of bliss, have mercy on me that I may sing thy praises.
I rest ever my hope in Thee, O Lord. *When shall you take me in your embrace?*

I am thy ignorant and silly child, O Lord my Father. Bless me with Thy instruction.
Thy child every moment errs and commits faults, but still he is pleasing to Thee,
O Father of the Universe.

Whatever Thou gives me, O Lord God, that alone I receive.

For me there is no other place where I can go.

The saints who are pleasing to God, unto them alone God is pleasing.
*The luminous Lord shall blend their light with His,
and both the lights shall merge together.*

Becoming Himself merciful, God shall make me love Him.

Slave Nanak has sought the protection of the Lord's gate and He,
the Lord, shall protect his honor.

sakhi vaaN

The rain clouds are gathering, hanging heavy in the air,
i bathe, dress in my finest clothes, and plait my hair
i anoint my self with perfumed scent, and color my cheeks
i make my bed with costly silks, satin pillows, and sheets
i darken my eyes, and brighten by lips, awaiting Your embrace
i sit by the window watching, waiting, to catch a glimpse of your face
in the garden the peacocks are crying, their cries echoing the night

i am longing for my Beloved, but he is nowhere in sight
i try to sit patiently, waiting for His will
my longing ever increases, it cannot be still
i try to distract myself with pleasures, memories and such
it only serves to increase my longing over much
i am becoming melancholy, nay overwrought,
trying to recall if i have displeasured Him with a careless thought
The tears begin to gather like the rainclouds in the sky
threating to spill over soon, if he doesn't hasten by
Then i give in to weeping, i throw my self upon my couch
i am forgotten, forsaken, forlorn, without Your touch
I strip my arms of their ornaments, throwing them against the wall
they shatter into tiny pieces and sparkle where they fall
like the tears streaming down my face instead of Your caress
distorted now with grief, my locks in disarray, mirror my distress
My cries can be heard above the peacocks now, as i assume
My beloved loves another, and is disenchanted with my room

This bride lays weeping, mourning on the bridal bed
waiting for Her Bridegroom remembering when He said
He would be coming to love, me to take me to His home
a special place, a palace inside his heart, and seat me on His throne
this room is empty now, like His promises unkept
the bridal chamber a mockery, the bed unslept
i sit weeping, watching, waiting, for love that never comes
my heart a graveyard, where hope lies buried beneath a stone
inscripted with my love and longing unfulfilled
He loves another, he loves another, he loves another, my love is stilled
i offer my head to One who will show me the way where happiness lies
if there be sach a pathway of Truth, i know only treachery's guise
If there be sach Beloved who True to His bride
will tenderly love me and not cast me aside
False happiness, True grief
not even in weeping can i find solace, relief
outside the clouds are gathering, the rain will come soon
the peacocks are crying, i sit in ruin

My beloved was delayed
He returned to find his bride all disarrayed
and kissed her tears
erased her fears
and took her to the bed...

between his hands he held her face

melted her with His embrace
looking deeply into her eyes
until he changed the nature of her cries
and trembling instead...

He reached deeply into her soul

loving her making her whole
together merging light into light
lighting up the darkness of the golden night
while outside the raindrops spilled....

the peacocks cries were drowned

by lovemakings sound
of waheguru waheguru waheguru
and love was fresh and new
and light, white and flashing bright filled..


.........so much anguish, like a fist squeezing my heart, but as you sit in ruins remember ardas:

nimania da maan guru

nitaaniaa da taan guru
ni-otiaa da ot guru

guru jee you are the honour of the honourless

guru jee you are the power of the powerless
guru jee you are the home of the homeless

guru jee I will wait and wait, sun after moon, season after season, you're will
is sweet give me the gift of naam, when i remember you naam then you are
embracing me, when i forget then i lie in ruins. You are WAHE-guru WAHE-GURU
WONDER-guru WONDER-guru, i know you will meet me, help me be patient and
positive, relaxed and thankful for your countless gifts. You give me air to
breathe, you give me food to eat, you give me clothes to wear, you shine warm
sunshine lovingly on my face, you are innocent and carefree like the flowers and
the trees, my i sing your praises, thank you for what i've got, wipe your feet
with WAHE-guru WAHE-guru simran and never never never complain for what i think
i deserve. I am a slave of your house, a kookar dog of your court, which ever
way you pull the lead i walk, whatever leftovers you throw me i eat but you love
me, love me, love me and i watch you watch you lovingly attentively and patiently.

How can I prove my love?

Should I keep a fast
or cut myself in half
Should I refuse to sleep
or weep and weep

What would touch your heart?

Should I wear white
all day and night
Should I refuse to speak
drink and eat?

Why don't you embrace me?

Should I sit cross legged

and focus in my head?
Should I breathe deep
or just weep and weep?

When will I see you again?

Should I travel around

to the holy ground
Should I sit in a cave
or become a slave

How can I love you more?

Give your head to the Guru

Sing Waheguru Waheguru
Live a family life
and find God inside.

the one who satisfies

Every moment that passes without my Beloved is like an eternity.
How may i be paitient and wait on His Sweet Will
i long for some message from Him,
i watch for some sign of His coming,
the longing in my breast is overwhelming,
The beating of my heart is still
The yearning increases
the moments become hours, slipping into days
i'm over come with longing
looking foward only to that day when we shall meet
when he shall enter my heart forever,
never, ever, to depart
only come inside and stay and stay and Stay
my longing intensifies
cannot my Beloved hear my cries
silent passion encompassing me
longing for the only Love that satisfies.

XXI. Naam Rang

Naam Rang
The guru is filled with dhyalta (mercy) and is quite ready to shower naam and naam da gooRa rang on us.
Yes, even in this age and even right NOW. All we have to do is ardas and follow the guru's hukam:
Amrit Vela naam simran
Nitnem and gurbaNi with awareness
Guru seva
Naam on our tongue, hearts and mind at all time.

That's all. It is the guru "job" to give the gur-sikhs naam. As far as daas knows, that the guru's *only* job.

Once a Nihang Singh got stuck in the mud. He shouted out loudly, "Oh, Shiva! come and take me out of
this mud!"

In due time, he did manage to come out of the mud where-upon the other Nihangs Singhs jumped on him
and said, "Oh, you kachea pileayah, you should be ashamed!!!! Why did you take the name of the hindu

The Nihang Singh also got mad and said with josh, "What?!!! You want Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaj,
kalgian vaale sach patshah, to come into the mud? You want his beautiful chola to get soiled! Shame on


So gursikho, let's not waste the guru's time by asking the guru to give us a baby boy or a new job or a new
house or a doctor for a husband, let's ask the guru for what he has the most of and what he wants to give,
give and give.

The guru has been given naam to distribute to gur-sikhs. All we have to do is obey the guru and let the
guru's rang fly and color us beyond our wildest dreams.

"Yes, guru jee," let's say to the guru tomorrow at amrit vela, "Naam rang is what we want. And guru jee,
we are afraid, we will not settle for less. So guru jee, it will be much better if you quickly and with a
liberal hand give us naam rang. We know, we know, we have to obey your hukam, but guru jee, you know
as well as we do, that even your hukam can be obeyed only if you want us to. So, guru jee, just do it!"

"Sure, guru jee, we are not worthy of Naam; but so what? You gave naam to Sajan Thug - we at least, as
far as we know, haven't killed or looted a sadhu (yet). So guru jee, come on, guru jee, please, please, pretty
please, give us Naam Rang."

"Look, guru jee, people call us your sikhs - do you want to be known as the guru of such color-less people
.... we didn't think so, so please color us with Naam Rang. And guru jee, don't wait too long; we might get
distracted and even forget to ask you for it."

ek chise mujeh dey ||

a-ver zaher chise na bhayah ||

man-gan man-gan nika

har jas guru te man-ga-na ||

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

kaamlaa - har ras naam

There is an acid-test to know if your whole-hearted prayer performed in the manner cited above ( repeat the
Name of God with respitory frequency) is on the way to fruition. This will be evident from the following.

har har naam amrit har meethaa har santoh chaakh dikhoh
The Guru says the Devine Name is Amrit (nectar) Taste it. If one continues to repeat the Holy Name ( gur
mantra) with respiratory frequency without loss of a breath, time will come when one's tongue will start
having the taste of nectar with every utterance of the Name (naam) The is a fore-runner of Guru's full
benevolence - this is a top achievement

jin har har har ras naam na paaiiaa tae bhaag heeN jam paas

Those who have not had the taste of nectar ( har ras naam ras) are unfortunate, and they will not be spared
by the Angel of death.

dasvai duaar kunchee jab deejai tou dayaal ko darsan keehai

When the Guru bestows his full benevolence on a disciple the latter will find his10th gate open and he will
enjoy communion with God. Till then mans pursuit must continue.


One Gurmukh who has practice gurmantra- naam simran for over 20 years tell that when lotus hanging
upside down turn up, then nectar begin to drip into throat and one will taste it in tongue.

In Amritsar is a physical example of the heart lotus jewel floating in the nectar pool

Nanak Man Tan Rang

Dhan Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee Tuooo Dhan, Thoooo Dhann, yet another
SARDOOL has come out of his den in the lap of Naamee Sangat.

Vaah Guroo Jee Taree Achjaag Kathaa, fabric nuu Rangan valaa Dyer M Jee panging to dye his Man with
MANJEETHAA (MANJEETHAA means that fabric can wear-out, come to pieces but MANJEETHAA
AANG will never fade or depart the fabric) NAAM RANG.

M Jee wrote:- how important it is to have the right conditions (like temperature, pH, chemicals, etc.) to
have the fast color on the fabric. Similarly we have to control the conditions of our mind so that
the color of naam dyes our mind. A dye would color the fabric only if the fabric is precleaned....

Sardool M Jee, Dhan,Dhan, Dhan,Dhan,Dhan Satguroo Jee has given us... All the formulas to mentioned
above. Buss....... Dekh taa saahee.....try it.... at Amritvela..... Keep on rubbing,scrubbing the SAABUN of
NAVAI KAI RANG...... consequently, as your MAAT PAPPAA KAI SANG will start to depart for
good,this will be replaced by


Japjee Sahib Jee


Sant Jee, Dil nuu jitan valaa Surmaa, D Singh Jee can prescribe you a AVSNV drug... and with your own

Back to Rang, Satguroo Jee Dee Banee......




Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

A few days back my mother casually asked about the kirtan programs Guru Sahib takes me to or I try to
attend . She had not been to some of them for some time , she was just curious . She really wanted to know
how can people or Singhs be inspired to do Keertan with such intensities . I being a pappi did not have an
answer right away .

I told her that when I go to a Keertan program it seems as if some of the people are enjoying something
good to eat , like a Laddoo , as if a laddo is hanging there and people are having it , what makes me go is
the fact if some of them can taste that Laddoo , why not me (even though I am a big pappi) . At times Guru
Sahib gives a taste of that Laddoo even though I am a big pappi . I commit infinite sins everyday , I am not
saying this out of humility or having known the essence of Sikhi , its just plain truth , but very amazing ,
Guru Sahib still gives me something . This Laddoo has many flavors, tastes, sizes and forms . Different
people get their own Laddoo's , but its there .

Try going to any Keertan and ask for the Laddoo, code word is Laddoo (Naam Da Laddoo) . Any singhs
willing can give information of any other items on the menu and the code word please .

Sweet Naam - 'Naam Prabhoo ka laga meeta'

The Naam of God is sweet to me says Guru Arjun Dev Jee in Sukhmanee Sahib...'Naam Prabhoo ka laga
meeta'. Like when you go to someone's house and you drink the sweet tea, then take a bite of the even
sweeter jelabee, then sipping the tea again you think - 'this is tasteless in comparison.'

Bhai Jasvir Singh Jee Khanaa vale gave the above example and continued, we think pleasures of the world
are sweet. We love our spouse, our children, we get pleasure from food and drink, but once we have tasted
Sweet Naam then all these worldy pleasures become plain in comparison.

The thing with saying 'Waheguru Waheguru' again and again is that it is tasteless at first says Bhai Gurdas
Jee, like licking a rock. Whereas in the amusement park of the world, the glittering attractions are instantly
pleasing to the mind. Pop music wants to make us dance as soon as it touches our eardrum, our mouth
waters as soon as we smell our favourite food, our heart leaps at just the thought of that special someone.
But saying 'Waheguru Waheguru' at amritvela just puts us to sleep. The mind wrestles with you 'Go to
sleep man! This is a waste of time...no miracles are happening, I cant see no light nor hear the celestial
music....just go to sleep man.'
But that's what happens in the first few years, after spending alot of time riding on the glittering attractions,
they become boring. That special someone no longer gives you a buzz everytime you see their face, your
favourite food just taste average nowadays, that favourite song of yours is getting to sound
repetitive....everything's boring. But the one who didn't listen to the mind and carried on saying 'Waheguru
Waheguru' every amritvela without fail has a different story to tell. 'Waheguru Waheguru' gets more and
more addictive as you say it, 'Waheguru Waheguru' calms the mind down, picks it up out of depression and
makes it fly like a bird. 'Waheguru Waheguru' wraps you up in an invisible blanket of love and
humility.......one day 'Waheguru Waheguru' showers you in God's Love and Light....one day 'Waheguru
Waheguru' makes you feel like our spread at across the whole of creation tuned into everything...and one
day 'Waheguru Waheguru' tastes like sweet amrit on your tongue...amrit naam....'Naam Prabhoo ka laga
meeta' and everything else seems tasteless in comparison.

We are not the first ones to walk on the 'waheguru Waheguru' path, nor are we the last. All we have to do is
have faith that it WORKS! It worked for Bhai Lehna Jee, Bhai Amaroo Jee, Bhai Jetha Jee and it worked
for Guru Arjun Dev Jee as he sat on the hot plate with burning sand pouring over his blistered shoulders.
Without any fear or hate, without any pain or sorrow Guru Arjun Dev Jee's state of mind was

'Tera keea meeta lagey. Har Naam Padarth Nanak Mangey'....

Your Will is sweet, Nanak asks for the gift of Naam.

God's Will is Sweet

God's Word is Sweet
God's Naam is Sweet

The one who has these residing in their heart is also sweet. Sweet and gentle in the way s/he speaks, sweet
and beautiful to all of God's Creation.

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev Jee....The King of Martyrs.

Music and Naam

Whenever I listen to quality instrumental music eg. drums, flute etc.
all I hear is the Shabad, Waheguru, Waheguru OR Dhan Guru Nanak, Dhan
Guru Nanak.

Try it GURMUKHO and tell me your experience.

My wife thinks I am going crazy. But I love the experience.


The above sakhi has definitely crazy,!

It confirmed by the Naam doctor.
He hear Waheguru shabad in everything
even the animals of the woods,
the drums, the flute.

He is tuned to his Creator.

When he hear the washing machine,

the windshield wipers,
his bhainjees babies mechanical swing,
and the froggies outside, doing simran,
then he knows he gone over the edge,
And is right where he belong
on Naamnet


Amrit / Naam Space

When a student applies to a grad school to earn a PhD degree, it is not necessary that all the studies be done
at the graduating institution. One may get knowledge from other schools or from work experiences. And
that knowledge will be given appropriate credit from the grad school.

When a student completes the PhD degree, their application for graduation goes to the grad committee,
which has the power of rejecting or accepting the application.

If accepted, that student can officially be called a Doctor.

However, a student with all the knowledge of the world but without the official recognition of a grad
committee, can not legally be called a Doctor.


The Gurmat School of Guru Nanak Dev jee is similar. One may take amrit (enroll in school), jap naam,
recite gurbaNi, stay away from ku-karms and eventually become pure and graduate (merge with

However, one may jap naam, recite gurbaNi, stay away from ku-karms *without* taking amrit. Then,
when that student (gursikh) takes amrit; the naam, gurbaNi and gursikhi jeevan that was earned by this
student will not be thrown away, rather it will be blessed with the signature of the guru and become the
gursikh's permanent treasure.

Do note, however, that enrollment in the school is *required* to graduate.


There are several gursikhs who take amrit and "come out" completely transformed and streaking with
naam. Then there are others, who come out just a little wet.

This is because of the kamai that they have done prior to taking amrit. Daas de Dada jee (grandfather) was
a sangi of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee and wanted to take amrit. However, he was repeatedly told
to wait (for about 2 years), even though he lived the gursikh rehat completely (amrit vela naam simran,
gurbaNi veechar, gurbaNi keertan, sangat, seva, kakaars, sanjam from kurahets etc).


So pyareooo, this naam japna is not restricted to just amrit dharis or even just to gursikhs - this naam is for
everyone - gurmukhs, manmukhs, good or bad people. All are children of WaheGuru; why can't they take
their mother's name?

khateri brahmin sudh vas

chow varan ko updesh sanja ||
gurmukh naam japeh oo-th-reh so kal man
khat khat nanak manja ||

gursikh: Guru jee, please do kripa and tell us who can jap naam?

guru: khateri brahmin sudh vas, chow varan ko updesh sanja ||

"A common updesh is true for all four castes (khateri, brahmin, sudh and vas)"

gursikh: Pyare SatGuru jee, what is that common updesh?

guru: gurmukh naam japeh oo-th-reh so kal man...

"In kal-yug, the one who japs naam **** through the guru**** will be saved"

gursikh: Kripa karo, Parmesher jee, where is this naam?

guru: khat khat nanak manja ||

"That naam is present in all souls"


Naam is a seed present in all souls. And just like a seed in the Earth will stay dormant for even decades
before sprouting when the right conditions are present; similarily, the naam beej is present in all of us. And
it stays dormant for ages (millions of years, literally) and only sprouts when the soul, through WaheGuru,
meets with a guru.

However, do note that a soul may jap naam *before* meeting a guru; because naam is our True self - all of
us have the right to meditate on our True self. However, only after meeting the guru will this naam japna
become effective - in practical terms, only after amrit does this naam become ras-filled. Naam simran
*after* taking amrit changes quite dramatically. Because, then the power of the guru is behind that Naam.

The period (upto 3 months) after taking amrit is very important. What really happens is that the praNi is
blasted into Naam Space by the kalaa of the SatGuru during the amrit sanchar and with the power of the
explosives of panj's naam kamai.

Now, if the praNi japs naam and stays on path prescribed by the panj, then that praNi will stay in naam
space for*ever*.

However, if the praNi leaves the panj hukam and starts following the mind, then that praNi will come back
to Non-Naam space . If and when that praNi decides to go back to Naam Space, that praNi will have to get
the explosive power from somewhere - either through heavy duty naam simran or through
sangat of naami gursikhs.

It is as simple as that.

So daas would urge all non-amritdharis sakhis of Naam Net to start following the guru-mat NOW and then
after amrit, they will have a much easier time staying in Naam Space.

So, pyareoooooooooooooooooooooooooo, naam japo, naam japo, naam japo.


Naam Simran and the greedy miser

What is Naam Simran? - Naam Simran is LOVE. Only Love, nothing more, nothing less.
How comes that we talk of Naam Simran, and not of LOVING?

Let me give you a small example.

There was a boy (his name doesn't matter for the time) who was deeply in love with a girl. Lets call her
Neesha. He thought day and night, night and day of her, and whatever he saw reminded him of her. People
used to call him Divanaa (one who is lost his sane mind because he is in love) but he didn't care.

Someone reported he heard him whispering NeeshaNeeshaNeeshaNeeshaNeesha all the way to work!!!
There were some people who would never admit it, but they were really jealous, that this boy had such a
strange smile on his face all the time, and loved his girlfriend and needed nobody else. They weren't jealous
of him directly, but they wondered how great it would be to be in love like him.

And so, someone who pretended to be a Yogi started saying RAM RAM RAM RAM all the day. People
were amazed! How much must this man love God to utter his name all the time (they didn't notice
that the Yogi didn't seem to be happy, only when he got money he started smiling). Many many people
started parroting this.

Someone who was really greedy found himself once saying MoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoney all the time
and started thinking (he wasn't only greedy, the person was very intelligent as well) about the relation of
greed... and saying MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney. He wasn't ever told to say it, but he found having Money
extremely exciting. He thought again that it MIGHT be possible that the effect of saying
MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney is working the other way round as well and makes people greedy if they just
say it. He started teaching people how to become rich.

Once he was in a funny mood, and thought he could try saying WaheguruWaheguruWaheguru (as his stupid
neighbors were shouting with loud voice every evening) and see what happens. Since his
mental discipline was very well developed, he had no problems thinking all the time WaheGuru WaheGuru.
Once sitting in his office he was again thinking WaheGuru WaheGuru and suddenly
felt that it wasn't an empty 8-letter word anymore, but he has really started to LOVE WaheGuru. He was
aware of the meaning: Wah = Amazing Gu = absolute darkness Ru = light [the amazing
light which lites the absolute darkness [of ignorance]) and that it was a name of God. He started breathing
Wahe [breathing in] Guru [breathing out] and had the feeling that he was obtaining an enormous power by
breathing In WAHE and breathing out GURU he is destroying thick wall which was separating him
for such a long time from his beloved.
He changed his life in a couple of weeks from a greedy miser to a lover of WaheGuru and tells everybody
who enjoys his company about his experience.

The Journey


Uddami Banda opened his eyes and looked through the mist. Daylight was breaking. He felt the moistness
on his cheeks. His eyes filled up again, as he said "Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Waheguru!"
and closed his eyes one more time.

This morning had started like any other - he woke up at "Amrit Vela", splashed his eyes with cold water,
washed his hands and face, then sat down to do "Simran". His breathing was soft, his eyes shut, as he
meditated on "Waheguru". Soon, he was totally immersed in Naam. The sounds of nature no longer
permeated his ears - the chirping of the crickets, the heart-rending cries of the pied cuckoo were all silent.

After a while, his heart full of gratitude, he started reflecting on Waheguru's numerous blessings. The
following "Shabad" kept repeating in his mind:
Terian sada sada changiaaian
Anmangiaa daan devnaan

(All that you do is good, beneficient

You give un-asked for bounties)

Suddenly, Banda felt a nip in the air. It wasn't like the biting cold of winter, but the gentle breeze at the end
of a hot, summer day. Actually, it felt more like the gentle caress of a moist, lightly scented towel. His eyes,
forehead, cheeks, felt cool. In fact, his entire being felt cool. He felt relaxed. The feeling was one he had
never experienced before. "Waheguru! Waheguru! Tun-hee! Tun-hee!" was all he could say.

Even as he sat savoring this experience of equipoise, Banda felt a glowing warmth around him. It
enveloped his entire body. The only way to describe it was the way he had felt in his mother's arms - warm,
secure, loved. Only, this was all pervading - extending outwards to all creation! "Pyaare Pita, Waheguru,
Tere haan! Tere haan!", he cried. (O beloved Father, Akal Purakh, we are yours, only yours!) Waheguru!
Waheguru ! Waheguru!

When he finally became aware of his "surroundings", total calm pervaded his being. The light was a misty
shade of blue. The air was perfumed with the scent of a thousand roses - not overpowering, just perfectly
pleasant to the senses. Time stood at a standstill. He drank in the sweet nectar of His Naam. His eyes filled
to the brim, then tears rolled down his cheeks.

Banda opened his eyes and looked through the mist. Daylight was breaking. He felt the moistness on his
cheeks. His eyes filled up again, as he said "Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Waheguru!" and
closed his eyes one more time.


Uddami Banda awoke to the sounds of nature in the quiet night. He got up hurriedly, not wanting to waste
another moment of the precious "Amrit Vela". Soon, his mind was filled with Waheguru's praise - His
beautiful Creation, His numerous blessings, His Fatherly love! Banda wanted so much to be with him. This
shabad kept repeating in his mind:

Dehu daras sukhdatiya, mai gal vich lehu milaaye jeeyo

(Bless me with your presence, O giver of happiness, and hold me in your embrace)

External sounds ceased to exist, as Banda found himself "transported" into space - it was dark, pitch black.
The darkness enveloped him. Banda was surprised to find that he wasn't scared. A certain calm pervaded
the atmosphere. He wondered where he was, but his mind continued remembering Waheguru.

Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Waheguru!

Banda lost himself in Waheguru's refuge. He gave himself up in his entirety. He felt complete peace.
Suddenly, he realized that the darkness was receding. It became green, then gray, then he saw a light as if
he were coming to the end of a tunnel. The next moment, he was out of the "tunnel", and enveloped by
light so bright, so dazzling, that it blinded him. The intensity was like that of a thousand suns; the brilliance
more than an eye could bare. How then was he beholding this?

With a startle, Banda realized that the Light appeared within him as well. He was one with the Light.
Within and without him was the one all-pervading Waheguru. Peace! Complete peace!

Jhim jhim amrit varasda,

Bolaaya _
Banda quaffed deeply of the nectar of His Name, and soaked in the Light for a while - a long, beautiful,
precious moment!

Dhan Waheguru! Dhan Naam! Dhan Simran! Dhan Sikhi!

Banda opened his eyes, and in so doing, lost sight of the wondrous beyond. He closed his eyes again, but
there was nothing. Emptiness! For an instant, he panicked, as a child at losing his favorite toy. Then, his
eyes welled up with joy and gratitude as he reminisced on his experience.

... Vismaad nadree aayaa!

"Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru!Shukar hai! Shukar hai! Waheguru, Tera shukar hai!"

Banda wept unashamedly!

Haun reh na saka bin dekhe preetma

Mai neer vahe veh chale jeeyo

Now, Banda could no longer stand the separation from his beloved Waheguru. The tears would not abate.
Through the tears, he noticed a bright, tiny star. It had the brilliance of a diamond, and the intensity of that
pure, white light. Such magnificence! Such purity! Where was this coming from? Slowly, he realized that it
was emanating from within him - an infinitesimally small reflection of Waheguru's Jyot!

Man tu jyot saroop hai, apnaa mool pachhan

Man, har jee tere naal hai, Gurmati rang maan

Banda closed his eyes once more, and the tears flowed freely!


Uddami Banda sat very still, and peered into the darkness. Slowly, he raised his shoulder, then turned his
head to one side. No pain! Just a dull ache as a reminder of what had been.

Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru, Tera Shukar Hai! Shukar Hai! Shukar Hai! Waheguru, Tera Shukar Hai!

Kot Apraadh bhare bhee tere chere raam|

Filled with countless sins, we are still Your slaves (to protect and cherish)

Banda let the flood gates of emotion spring forth, as he closed his blurry eyes and cried, "Waheguru!
Waheguru! Waheguru!".

Last night, Banda had been unable to sleep because of the pain in his upper back and neck. He would doze
off for a while, then wake at the slightest movement. He couldn't figure out how he had hurt himself so
badly - he had exercised no more than any other day. As the night progressed, his only thought was that he
might fall asleep, and miss his Naam Simran.

Finally, he pulled himself out of bed and washed, though it was much earlier than normal. The pain was so
intense that he couldn't put on a jacket. Wrapping his blanket tightly around himself, he went to his Aasan
in the backyard, and sat down. He closed his eyes and started meditating on Waheguru. But he kept
experiencing the pain, and could not immerse himself in His Beloved Creator.

The pain of not being with Waheguru tugged at him. For a moment, he forgot his bodily pain and cried:

Haun vaari mukh pher Pyaare! Karvatt de mo ko kahe kau maare!

Please glance at me, my Beloved. Why are you killing me by turning your back!
Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru!

Slowly, he lost himself in Naam, and the pain receded into the background. Love, joy, bliss - all at once! He
savored the experience, then realized that the "stage" around him was changing. He was "recollecting"
previous events - like a movie in reverse. Startled, he found he was hurtling back through time.

Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru!

The frame stopped. Banda found himself in a room. He was saying something to a person facing away. The
words were lost, but the effect was dramatic. The person they were targeted at reeled backwards, cut to the
quick. The shoulders hunched, and the pain was obvious. All of a sudden, Banda realized what had
transpired. But what could he do?

Banda prayed fervently for forgiveness. Undeserving as he was, he turned to Waheguru's Sharan.

Asee khate bahut kamaaunde ant naa paaraavaar

Har kirpa kar ke baksh lehu hau paapi vad gunehgaar!
We commit many mistakes, there is no end to it.
Waheguru, bless me, grave sinner that I am!

Kirpa karo deen ke daate, mera gun avgun naa beechaaro koyee
Maati ka kya dhopay Swami maanas ki gat ehee!
Show mercy, O provider of the meek, do not delibrate on my qualities and shortcomings
Just as washing mud does no good, so is the state of this human being!

"Waheguru, Kirpa kar! Baksh lai!". Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru!

Banda lost himself in totality. He found himself connected with the cosmos.

Sabh mai jot, jot hai soye!

He found he could reach out and touch all Creation. He reached out to the other "jyot". In some way,
through the Name, the hurt he had inflicted was gone. There was no debt left to pay. He felt completely at
peace. He drank off the sweet nectar, as it rained around him. Timeless joy! Beauty! Vismaad! He spent an
endless moment in bliss, then opened his eyes, and returned to the present.

Banda sat very still, and peered into the darkness. Slowly, he raised his shoulder, then turned his head to
one side. No pain! Just a dull ache as a reminder of what had been. Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru, Tera
Shukar Hai! Shukar Hai! Shukar Hai! Waheguru, Tera Shukar Hai!

Kot Apraadh bhare bhee tere chere raam|

Filled with countless sins, we are still Your slaves (to protect and cherish)

Banda let the flood gates of emotion spring forth, as he closed his blurry eyes and cried, "Waheguru!
Waheguru! Waheguru!".

XXII. Naam Experiences

Seeing The Light
Let's see ....once upon a time i didnt know anything about anything, went for amrit because i knew thats
what you got to do to reach God...didnt understand anything the punj pyare said....didnt even realize they'd
given me naam of gurmantr waheguru!!!! didnt even realize naam was important until i started reading
translations of nitnem and guru sahib is saying do naam jap all the time.

So the question in my mind was "what is the technique??????? Why doesnt guru jee tell the technique as
well??????" Used to have a mala(rosary), used to sing waheguru, say it internally to the rhythm of the
kirtan as i didnt understand kirtan so i just sang waheguru to the tune.........did that for a good few years and
imagined that i was surrounded by a sea blue nihang singhs.......(i think i actually was but i thought i was
imagining it) any way didnt have any other inspiring sangat...mum and dad's spiritual stage was way to
ahead to come back and help me with the details.

Ended up going to rensbhaee kirtans..loved the waheguru waheguru mixing, went to camps felt like guru
jee was there, cried felt like 'I'd come home'.....one day Yogi Bhajan came to our workshop, talked about
feeling pain in the forehead, seeing light......made it sound so easy, then he said to everyone come to USA
to learn.....i was considering it. But at the same time the maya storm was brewing, my mind was longing
for the worldy love of a woman. But I was going to fight...no way mind, the harder you attack, the lower
i'm going to fall at waheguru jee's feet to save me, O save me guru jee, keep me at your feet I've got
nowhere else to go.

The baba jee i used to go gurdwara with was glowing at amritvela , he said with a smile 'Guru jee has made
my mind into a flower'. At same time i read rajneesh's comment that to get rid of ego one has to meditate
for 3 days, just as Guru Nanak Dev jee disappeared into the river for 3 days. So I took 4 days off work....I
was love sick! Said to Guru Granth Sahib jee with firm faith....."no more doubts guru jee, you are my
guru, no-one else. why should i go running to USA to learn from Yogi...he only got his knowledge from
you. You can teach me direct guru jee."

I remember seeing a film about an indian boy who wanted to learn how to be a warrior archer like Arjuna,
but Arjuna's guru/teacher wouldnt teach the boy. So the boy went to the jungle and made a statue out of
mud of the guru and he used to believe the guru was teaching him, he mastered archery in that way. When
the guru met the boy he asked how he'd learnt so much without a guru, the boy said, "but i have a
guru...YOU". The guru was surprised and on hearing about the statue he said if I am your guru then obey
your guru and cut off your shooting hand. So he did! Sad but true, not all guru's are nice. But the moral
was that if you have faith 100% in Guru then guru teaches you.

"Guru Granth SAhib Jee, You are my Guru of Gurus, you are the Sant of Sants, you are my Yogi of
Yogi's..mera SaGuru Jogee....
I bow to you again and again, forever and ever......satguru daya nidh, mehma agadh bodh, namo namo
namo nayt nayt nayt ha."

Just did "waheguru waheguru" all the time, every moment with determination and asked for forgiveness
each and everytime my mind got distracted. By Guru's kirpa i started singing waheguru really slowly and
long on the vaja...music teacher had told us to do an alaap which lasted 15 minutes!! (alaap is the
introduction to a shabad, just a few mellow mystical notes in raag to create the atmosphere). I could feel
the 'vastness' of Waheguru in that sound, I could feel vibration on my forehead, a little bit of light, so i
continued in search of Waheguru. By Guru jee's kirpa I carried on going to sadh sangat in morning and
evening with Baba Jee, but never let go of "waheguru waheguru" for a moment.

I played a tape by Bhai Jasveer Singh jee for hours on end, kept turning it around and doing simran in
rhythm to his kirtan and discourse. I dont know where it came from..it wasnt mine. He was singing and
explaining about dasam duar and he kept saying do ardas, bentee, put your hands together and say to guru
jee ,'ma oora, tu poora'...I am incomplete You are complete....'ma oora too poora' Guru jee make me
complete as well. So while sitting on the edge of the bed with straight back and palms pressed together like
in ardas, with fingertips touching third eye point and head bowed slightly forward, kept begging Satguru
Nanak Dev Jee.
Kept imagining my spine was a stem and my face was the blossoming petals of the flower. I breathed in
through my nose and imagined the 'sap' rising up the stem, along the top of the head and as i breathed out ,
I imagined the 'sap' energy gently washing over my face like the sunlight shining on the petals. And the
flower would fall at Guru Nanak Dev Jee's invisible feet........that was all imagination.......never read it in
any books, I didnt know yoga techniques or breathing techniques...just the odd bits and pieces that the
Gurmukhs had mentioned........then to my amazement imagination turned into reality.......I could feel energy
on either side of my spine, rising slowly as i breathed in and pulled the sap up, it went across the top of my
head and at the 3rd eye point there was light glorious light, flooding in, merged in Guru nanak Dev Jee's
invisible feet. Waheguru was far away, even the fingertips touching the skin on my forehead was too far,
Waheguru jee was inside and i basked in the glory and the love and the humility and the brilliance......a
flower at guru nanak dev jee's feet...I could feel a bright aura around my head like the light around the full
moon, it was warm and wonderful and all around in all directions.........it lasted for a few minutes i guess,
but it was too hard to concentrate for longer, then thoughts came back in and the curtain was
closed........and thats the way it stayed no matter what i tried. That was in the afternoon.

Next morning, the fourth day, at asa-dee-var, I was just relaxing and still just doing "waheguru waheguru"
at every moment, the kirtanees began singing Bhagat Kabeer Jee's shabad to Waheguru jee, it was so
beautiful, the sap rose once again and in the light, in tune with the shabad I could feel the endless lovelight
and humbleness that Kabeer Jee sung the shabad with........it was beautiful, i never knew the Bhagats and
Guru Jees had so much love, so deep so pure and unadulterated..........after that it was back to reality, I got
obsessed with getting the feeling back, i focused on the techniques of how i was sitting , how i was
breathing and i only got more and more frustrated because it wouldn't happen again!!!!!!!

Lesson learnt:

Say to guru jee that I have 100% faith in only you my dear guru granth sahib jee. Focus on love and saying
waheguru jee all the time with full determination, begging for forgiveness when you forget. Do seva of a
blessed soul, be near them even if they dont say anything, they radiate waheguru in all directions and all
over you, opening your channels.

Afterwards I found out that sap is called Kundalini by the Yogis, the channels on the side of the spine are
Ida, Pingal. Sushmana is the central one. These three go around the top of the head and meet at the third
eye point......LIGHT. In gurbanee, Guru Arjun Dev jee says 'Ulta kamal bigsnaa'..the upside down flower
blossoms. A blessed soul was saying there is a lotus inside you but it is facing down , when it faces up you
have spiritual experience.

Magic moments
I have recently been blessed by the cyber sangat on naam net........infact this is my first posting.....I wanted
to take this opportunity to share a very special celestial experience.....from september 6 to 13 I had gone to
India to attend a samagan in a little village in punjab.....where the emphasis were on the 3 essential "S"s -
Simran, Sangat and Seva...........I wanted to share some of these magic moments with my cyber sangat....

Those seven days were like a dream...........a sweet dream.a dream where I visited paradise!!!!! But wait a
moment....was that a dream or is this a dream!!!!! I think that it was the ultimate reality..........reality here I
experienced love, nature, my souls' pangs of separation, my creator, gratitude, humility, my divine lover
and an ocean of unconditional faith.....

Every face I saw I felt the glimpse of my beautiful Guru, I felt his divine smile in my heart, every shoe I
touched (while serving in the shoe room) I thought belonged to Guru Nanak.......well may be it did. while I
was swayed by the celestial music coming directly from the angels I felt that it carried my soul to beautiful
heights.........and with each flight I felt coming closer and yet closer to my enchanting, merciful, all loving
master.........when I shut my eyes and I heard the "goonj (echo)" of WAHEGURU all around me, I felt that
33 million angels were rejoicing and praising my divine master and seeking his fulfilling audience.
When I floated through the non asphalt paths of this begumpura (paradise) I felt totally intoxicated, my
body felt numb, almost like being stung with an anaesthetic......my feelings were consumed by total and
unconditional love for each and creation of the ultimate creator.......I felt like serving each and every one
them....I wanted to clean the dirt off of their shoes, while they told me stories of my beautiful Guru.....

I wanted so much .....more than any thing ....to see my divine master through the eyes of my intuition.......I
did get a glimpse. I think......but it got fogged every time by my ego..........may be some day my Guru
Nanak will take pity on my poor helpless suffering soul and tear aside these layers of ego and shine in my
intuition like a bright summer sun.

At 6 pm when it was time for rehras I would stand on top of the high rise building, even though it was only
three floors high, I felt so high, I felt so light .......I felt I was flying.....I was talking my good friend the
SUN, I was bidding him farewell for the day. The sunset is indeed a very solemn occasion.......it reminds
you that yet another day has gone by.....it makes you dwell on the day......it makes you dwell on what you
have done during the day........during the life......and what a short period we have between now and our final
sunset.......and how we must use this time wisely and spiritually effectively! I also told my friend the SUN,
because he never leaves me regardless of which part of the world I am in, to give a warm hug to my
soulmate across the atlantic.......

I has so overwhelmed by gratitude to my divine master I felt that if I could have a million lives and I
sacrificed my self a million times in each of those lives......I could not thank him for even one of his
blessings.........and there are millions of blessings.............so my only real recourse is a complete and
unconditional surrender! this ofcourse cannot happen without his sublime grace


More Magic Moments

I can relate to what the above sakhi says. Although I didn't experience the acharaj that he did. I also spent
some time with some Gursikhs in India. Vaheguru! They where so amazing. All they did was go to
Smagams, Kirtans, Rain Sbhays and do Gur! Gur! all the time.

They didn't care where you were from or what jatha, they just loved everyone and when they got together it
was so beautiful. I would look at them and wish I could be like them. They were so happy and contented.
Just doing Gur! Gur!

They would wake up at Amrit Vela while I was asleep and do Simran near me and when I would wake up
they would say "chal koi gal nahi, kuna che ta peya huna". I loved them so much. Vaheguru!

Then they would sit together all from different jathes and different places and laugh and talk about Gur!

When they got together to do Kirtan it would kill me, I wished I could be just a little like them, Then they
would start Gur! Gur!

Sometimes I wished I could clean they're moje with my roti and wash they're feet in my bata of milk.

I feel like this about Naamnet as well,

I go balihaar to that Gurmukh. Vaheguru!


Prem, Prem, Prem................


In the mid sixties,once dass went to Canada BC Prince Rupert to visit close relatives. One day on a Sunday
morning, dass visited a mill nearby accompanied by a well known Gursikh Jann. A few Sikhs at the mill
decided to make a trip to a small town named Kittamit (not sure of spelling!)

On the way to the town this well known Gursikh Jann requested to stop the car to experience and see a
beautiful a place at the edge of a river and mentioned that this place seems like 'Bhagtee Karnai Valee'. We
had one particular Gursikh who was very ordinary yet extraordinary, radiating a fragrance of Prem. These
words were taken literally by this Gursikh from the mill and requested if he would be allowed to take half
an hour to sit and meditate. Everyone nodded as he was well respected within the mill.

All of us started to admire the beauty of the nature that surrounded us. In no time this Gursikh was sitting
by the other side of the river whilst reciting Mool Manter and Naam. How had he got there we asked each
other? Some strange melody drowned our concern....for how he got on the other side of the river.

This melody of Mool Manter and Simran was a result of Naam, Banee uttered by this Gursikh on the other
side of the river. It had a profound effect on us - the absolute coolness, calmness and soothness,
the sound of a waterfall in the distance somewhere in the mountains, with the noise of the ripples of the
river coupled with tree leaves rattling was like as if the whole of nature was in tune with Dhan Satguru Jee
Dee Naam uttered by this Gupat Gurmukh Jann. We all were hypnotized by this and we all sat on the other
side of the river enjoying this melody with tears of Prem shedding from our eyes.

All of a sudden, the melody was broken by the well known Gursikh Jann shouting to a Gurmukh and
requested him to correct his Mool Manter as he was uttering 'Moorakh' instead of 'Moorat'!. This Gurmukh
had difficulty in pronouncing 'Moorat' as he was totally illiterate. The melody was interrupted as he tried to
correct his mistake.

Anyhow, eventually, in the intoxication of this Prem we all started to walk towards our cars which were
parked at a far distance. As we were halfway to our cars, we heard a cry from this Gurmukh on the
otherside of the river, we all turned to look what had happened, by amazement, this Gurmukh was running
towards us on the water of the river without his feet touching the water!..he was crying to say that he forgot
the correction, when he reached this well known Gursikh Jann, the Gursikh Jann threw himself onto his feet
to beg for his forgiveness and uttered:

HAR SIMRAN MAI AAPP NIRANKARAA || panna 262 Sukhmanee Sahib

Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

Naam Net Sant Jann Saadh Sangat Jeeoo,..............even though this Gurmukh could not utter correct Banee
as he was totally illiterate, he had mega Prem for Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee
within himself. One can only conceive this PREM by Naam Simran.

Naam Net Sant Jann Saadh Sangat Jeeoo,..............How sweet and beautiful yet powerful is the above
Pangtee. Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee reveals in this Pangtee that one who does
Simran, Vaaheguroo Jee will reside within the Simran. There is no room for Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and
Hankaar, one is overwhelmed with PREM and PREM PREM PREM PREM PREM PREM PREM PREM



This is the absolute truth, hear/listen everyone!, that the one who indulges in this PREM will achieve
Vaaheguroo Jee.
A few years later when daas visited the same place, one could still smell that distinct fragrance left by this
Gupt GURMUKH Jan and another amazing thing daas noticed was that there was no sign of any snow
where this Gupt GURMUKH Jan sat - everything else was covered in snow.

HAR SIMRAN MAI AAPP NIRANKARAA || (panna 262 Sukhmanee Sahib)

Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo

Roller Coaster to WaheGuru

Yesterday morning's Simran was especially unique and funny too. I am not too sure why but part spin in
Waheguru-land and then laughter as if on a fantastic roller coaster ride.

Something like NAM Wave to me!!!!

Wheeeeeeeee on the roller coaster of Naam. When it was all over (and much too quick too!) I came to the
realisation that Guruji wanted me to accept the roller coaster life for now.

(Just wanted to share this with fellow sakhis).

Naam is bundled in this Email to all recipients who are tuned in to Waheguru's station!

Sat Naam Sri Waheguruuuuu

All the little waves in the oceans are but one and the same with the bigger ocean?

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru......

....... i decided to try the sssg method again this last weekend. this saturday was completely free in that both
wahkid1 and wahkid2 have gone to a camp. so it was perfect. i told wahhub to keep phone calls at bay. he
happily agreed - i think he likes my silence too!!!

i got home at 4.30 on friday and after refreshing up with plums, i took a quick shower and went into baba
ji's room and did ardasa. then i sat and simran till 7.30. it was hard to get into, but one hour after starting
the familiar light came to reside in head. i love that light. a maha purakh has told me to that that light is
vaaheguroo's jot and therefore should be treated as such. he told me to say vaaheguroo thinking of that
light as vaaheguroo himself. just the feeling made me very excited. that vaaheguroo, the great, is watching
and with me. i usually sit with my hands to the side but as soon as this light goes "on", i join my hands and
sit as i would in sangat. after one very wonderful hour, my mind wandered and at 7.30 i went downstairs
and cooked rice and we both ate in complete silence.

wahhub was very supportive and he had a lot of fun saying, 'sant jee is here, what can i do for sant jee?'. i
had vowed to keep silence and only say gurbani words; he got into it too and called me 'sunder nari' - it was
great fun. we were signing to each other. afterwards he had to go somewhere, leaving me alone with the

I went and read from the guru. then after guru seva i did some simran and went to bed around 10. next
morning (sat) i woke at 12.30. it was fantastic. my mind was already rapidly doing simran. my attention
immediately went into my head. i did simran for a long time just lying down. then i don't remember but i
must have dozed off because next thing i know the alarm (3.00) was buzzing - i put it off and sat right
there. my hair had opened and my keski was also unwound, but i didn't bother fixing it; just sat there.
simran was going on again quite rapidly inside. the light was very brilliant and illuminating the inside of
my head. many times, i opened my eyes to see whether there was an external light coming from
somewhere - it wasn't.

after 1 hour, my mind once again wandered and i got up to do ishana. then to baba ji's room and did simran
till 6.30. not much happened - my mind wandered in and out of simran. then nit-nem was simply
wonderful. each word was like nectar. i savored each tukk. jap ji sahib, especially just put me into
vissmaad. i did ardasa at 7.30; had breakfast; made tea for wahhub and gave it to him on his bed. he had
forgotten about my 'mon' and started talking to me; then remembered and left me alone. he is great fun.
once in a while he would peep into my eyes and say, 'where's the light, where's the light'.

i took several walks. and only once had to break my 'mon' when a passerby driver stopped and asked if i
had seen her missing goat! - unluckily for her and luckily for me, i hadn't; so our conversation ended
quickly. i promised her that if i do see a goat (a billy goat, she said), i will contact her.

the fun part began when i started simran during the day. i felt vaaheguroo with me. i did mool mantr and
guru mantr. i mixed them up like this: i would do guru mantr five times and then each part of mool mantr
five times. it was very effective.

... i felt white inside. sometimes when i was saying mool mantr, especially, ik-on-kar, i would fall into awe
of vaaheguroo and say 'vaaheguroo' exactly like it is supposed to be said: in complete presence of him. it
was wonderful.

the most wonderful thing that happened was that my mind was in complete attention of the guru mantr for
several seconds out of a minute at a time! even thoughts which always bug me sort just faded away. for
the first time i understood 'don't ride your thoughts' - i just let a thought walk in and immediately kill it after
analysing it - it was usually some thing from the past or some fantasy of the future.

after that, my mind became quite tired of being confined in my head and ran away quite a bit. after lunch, i
slept a little and then did simran and rehras and slept at 10 again. i woke at 3.00 and simran (nothing fancy
happened) and went to listen to asa-di-var here in wahland.

in asa-di-var, my mind was completely still for several minutes. and i enjoyed myself immensly - more
than ever before. although, quite ironically, i didn't want the keertania to do vaaheguroo vaaheguroo
because gurbani was so nectar filled. i used to love vaaheguroo vaaheguroo in keertan, but now i prefer
just keertan. this might be a phase i am going through. then again it might not be....

The Meeting of the GURU

i will tell a story that happened to me. if you think that my mind was playing tricks or that i am just a
simple fool i can totally understand. please SAD SANGET learn from this experience and lets help our
brothers and sisters go farther and not try to bring them back. it hurts TOO much.

the day that the singhs told me was to be the day i would meet the guru started out like any ordinary day. i
got up and did all the things i normally did. i knew that i was alive because that is all that i knew. i felt
very ordinary. although i had no idea how ordinary and how mundane i really was.

then came the time.

i was sent into a room other singhs around - others meeting the guru - was this an amrit ceremony? what
was happening? i went in feeling normal. the singhs demanded that we all remember GOD. so half
heartedly i began to say WHAGURU. all the time looking around wondering what would happen next.

then before i knew what was happening an explosion occurred within me. it was as if an atomic bomb had
gone off in my body and i was exploded into millions of pieces. i did not know what had happened. then i
looked up and a very large singh was standing there. he told me that i needed cleansing since i was not
clean enough for the experience. i felt that i was being bathed on the inside and out and that all my sins had
been removed. after this cleaning i looked up to see the GURU GRANTH SAHIB. a chor was floating
back and forth over the GURU SAHIB but held by an invisible hand. then the covers of the GURU SAHIB
opened and the GURU turned the pages and began to speak.

the GURU read to me the ANAND SAHIB. it was so blissful. I remember hearing the reading and seeing
the reading as if it was a music score that was floating in the air towards me - note by note.
then the last lines.

then as if the world had ended i came back to my body. please no no no. please don't send me back GURU
SAHIB. he told me that he did not care if i returned but the sanget was calling for me and i needed to
return. who could have done this. who would do such a thing. please leave me here. don't send me back
to hell.

but it was done.

i awoke to sanget reading JAP JI SAHIB and doing prayers for my return. apparently they thougth that i
had been out there too long and were concerned.

GURU SAHIB my only prayer is that you will break the bonds that attach me to this world and take me
again to your abode.

Chew Naam, Pyareooo, Chew Naam!!!!




How beautifully the above Shabad explores the existence of a Satguroo Sukhdatta Jee's Sikh. As a fish
lives, eats, breaths, rests and keeps sangat of water throughout it's life span subsequently, it cannot survive
without it, so is Naam Jappreaa Jann who can not survive without Naam Japping, reciting Banee,
performing sevaa and keeping Sangat.

Naam Japping alone at Amrit Velaa is not enough. Let us put this way; Amrit Velaa is like
foundations/footing for that day on which one builds residence of Dhan, Dhan Vaaheguroo Jee. Bhagat
Kabeer Jee state's JAL MEH REHEHOU JALHAI BIN KHEEN || as a fish lives in the water and
without it, gets feeble and finally dies so does a Jann who do not Naam Japping, repeatedly recite
Gurbanee. How does one feel when one misses out on Amrit Velaa or Banee the answer has got to be
miserable, feeble, angry, and almost soul dead?

Many times a question was addressed to Bhaiee Sahib Bhaiee Randheer Singh Jee: If one gets tied in Naam
what would one do? Gurmukh Jann Bhaiee Sahib Bhaiee Randheer Singh Jee always replied: start reciting

Pyaree Naam-net Sant-Jann, Satsangat Jeooooooo.......... all of Jann Jee who are married try one of you
reciting Gurbanee and other Naam Simran simultaneously. The Sangat of the couple and the combination
of Sat-Kartaaree Jee's Banee with Kartaar Jee's Naam (It is difficult to word the experience) It is like as
some one gives a Prem dee Peengh daa Jhokallaa (a rocking motion on the swing of Prem/love) of Dhan,
Dhan, Dhan, Dhan, Dhan Vaaheguroo Jee. The more the couple does this, the more higher the swing flies
towards Dassam Duaar. Dass feels that Gurbanee and Naam are two wheels of Naam Raas.If one of the
partner is a bit down the other picks him/her up to the same level. Single Sangat Jann may try with help of
listening to Gurbanee or Simran from tapes or another Premee Jann!
Dass's humble suggestion, Pyaree Naam-net Sant-Jann,Satsangat Jeoooooo, one may see many people
chewing gum during all day at workplaces, educational instuitions, on trains/buses and on streets all around
us. Well why don't we also move our mouth with each breath in/out vibrating all day Naam Vaahe-guroo,
Vaa-he-guroo, Vaa-he-guroo, Vaa-he-guroo, Vaa-he-guroo just like others chew a gum all day. Try it, you
will enjoyNaam simran without any one knowing. Not taking much band width I
remembered a occurrence which goes like this:-


Once three of us were going to somewhere. Driving an old (Mastaanee) banger (car) which barely pulled
our weight. We named this car 'BAGEE' as at times we felt that it ran on Simran rather than petrol. There is
another occurrence behind 'BAGEE's naming which dass will share with Sangat some other time. During
our journey one of us recited Sukhmanee Sahib with a long loud eruption of Simran in-between by all

Seemed like BEAHKUNT...........just imagine it, Mastaanee BAGEE rocking with Simran on highway
facing sunrise rays moving towards.......Dasam Duaar!!

As we started early we were quite hungry, upon reaching our destination we decided to call at this Gur-
Sikh's house first whom we haven't seen or met before. To our amazement, it seems that he was waiting for
us in front of his house. He greeted us and invited us straight into the room where he had laid a langer of
Paroathaas, Dhayee etc on the floor on a white Chadar, as if he knew that we were hungry. He also
portrayed to be verbally of a stubborn nature when talking to his Singhnee Jee.

When we requested him to join us in langer he said that as Paroathaas, Dhayee do not appeal to his health
he would not join us. One of dass Gursikh companion asked him what would appeal him to join us......
cutting through his sentence he said garam,garam Fulkaa. Dass Gursikh companion inserted his hand into
his Neelaa Cholla's pocket and pulled out two piping hot Fulkaas placed on empty Thaal and said now you
can join us in langar. Two of us felt concerned for our Gursikh companion, performing REDHEE-
SHEDEES. Anyhow, in silence we took our langer after an Ardassa which almost killed our hunger.

As we finished with langer this Gursikh broke the silence. He stated that he had a dream last night of us
visiting him quite hungry at the precise time we reached. He praised himself for reciting Mega Banee,
subsequently ended up saying that it was Banee's Partaap that he knew of us coming to him.
He questioned our Gursikh companion actions to which our Gursikh companion very humbly stated
praising Dhan Guroo Nanak Deshmesh Jee that it was Naam's Partaap. Upon hearing this he became very
distressed holding his head in his hands as if he had no strength left in him. He was in this state with silence
for a long time then all the sudden he started to weep loudly saying that he feels empty inside now and has
been shattered by our Gursikh's companion statement. Cutting the story short it was established that this
Gurmukh Jann only recited Gurbanee all the time without a Naam and started performing REDHEE-
SIDHEE'S (Miracles) unable to control him-self doing so. He was realised of the need of Naam simran.

Dass met this Gurmukh after few years with his Singhnee Jee as a totally different person Prem and only
Prem was overflowing from his eyes and his Rassnaa not a smell of ego or Hankaar. Such is the power of
Gurbanee coupled with Naam. Dhan Guroo Jee, Dhan Banee Jee, Dhan Naam Jee and Dhan Vaaheguroo

Pyaree Naam-net Sant-Jann,Satsangat Jeoooooo,

Naam simran and recitation of Banee go hand in hand. Do Mega Naam Simran then see how one plucks out
priceless treasure from the endless sea of Gurbanee's recitation.

Pyaree Naam-net Sant-Jann,Satsangat Jeoooooo,

Go and take a dive into the seas of Dhan Guroo Granth Sahib Jee whilst Japping Naam................and
achieve Mahaa, Prem, Naam Rass..........

Coming back to Bagat Kabeer Jee's shabad-


As a pet parrot can not be harmed inside the cage by the Bobcat. The pet parrot owner feeds and waters,
teaches words and moreover takes great care of the parrot in all aspects. Similarly, If a Gursikh takes a
refuge in Sangat like a parrot in the cage, as a Bobcat cannot harm parrot, similarly Jumdooths can not
harm one in the Sangat. Satgur Sukhdataa Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee take's care in all
aspects. Even teaches Shabad as pet owner teaches the parrot words.

World Wide Erection of Naam's Cage

Pyaree Naam-net Sant-Jann,Satsangat Jeoooooo,.... Many of Sant Jann may say there he goes
again........dass ask for your forgiveness.

Yes, another suggestion dass Kookar beg Veer Jee, D Singh Jee to organise 24 (TWENTY FOUR HOUR)
continuous Simran across the world once a month then at least once a week by Naam net Sangat. Dass
suggests that a table to be drawn indicating divisions of fifteen minutes of GMT. North/south pacific time,
Australia and India time. No names but a cross against the time to indicate a particular Sangat Jann will
perform Simran. Let all Janns of Naam-net Sangat erect a cage world-wide just




With the grace of Satgur Sukhdataa Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee, once the Sangat has
established twenty-four hours simran on a weekly basis; this Kookers inspiration is to start Sehej Paath or
Akhand Paath similarly as Simran simultaneously.

Dass Kookar asks for forgiveness for any mistake from Pyaree Naam-net Sant-Jann,Satsangat Jee.

The Phenomenon
(Extracts from an article written by Osho,
formerly known as Shree Bhagwan Rajneesh http://earth.path.net/osho)

I am reminded of the fateful day of twenty-first March, 1953. For many lives I had been working --
working upon myself, struggling, doing whatsoever can be done -- and nothing was happening.

Just before twenty-first March, 1953, seven days before, I stopped working on myself. A moment comes
when you see the whole futility of effort. You have done all that you can do and nothing is happening. You
have done all that is humanly possible. Then what else can you do? In sheer helplessness one drops all

And the day the search stopped, the day I was not seeking for something, the day I was not expecting
something to happen, it started happening. A new energy arose -- out of nowhere. It was not coming from
any source. It was coming from nowhere and everywhere. It was in the trees and in the rocks and the sky
and the sun and the air -- it was everywhere. And I was seeking so hard, and I was thinking it is very far
away. And it was so near and so close.

Just because I was seeking I had become incapable of seeing the near. Seeking is always for the far, seeking
is always for the distant -- and it was not distant. I had become far-sighted, I had lost the near-sightedness.
The eyes had become focussed on the far away, the horizon, and they had lost the quality to see that which
is just close, surrounding you.

The day effort ceased, I also ceased. Because you cannot exist without effort, and you cannot exist without
desire, and you cannot exist without striving.

The day the desire stopped, the day I looked and realized into it, it simply was futile. I was helpless and
hopeless. But that very moment something started happening. The same started happening for which for
many lives I was working and it was not happening.

In your hopelessness is the only hope, and in your desirelessness is your only fulfillment, and in your
tremendous helplessness suddenly the whole existence starts helping you. It was absolutely positive. It was
not just absence, a presence was felt. Something was overflowing in me, overflooding me.

Those seven days were of tremendous transformation, total transformation. And the last day the presence of
a totally new energy, a new light and new delight, became so intense that it was almost unbearable -- as if I
was exploding, as if I was going mad with blissfulness. The new generation in the West has the right word
for it -- I was blissed out, stoned.

It was impossible to make any sense out of it, what was happening. It was a very non-sense world --
difficult to figure it out, difficult to manage in categories, difficult to use words, languages, explanations.
All scriptures appeared dead and all the words that have been used for this experience looked very pale,
anaemic. This was so alive. It was like a tidal wave of bliss.

The whole day was strange, stunning, and it was a shattering experience. The past was disappearing, as if it
had never belonged to me, as if I had read about it somewhere, as if I had dreamed about it, as if it was
somebody else's story I have heard and somebody told it to me. I was becoming loose from my past, I was
being uprooted from my history, I was losing my autobiography. I was becoming a non-being, what Buddha
calls anatta. Boundaries were disappearing, distinctions were disappearing.

Mind was disappearing; it was millions of miles away. It was difficult to catch hold of it, it was rushing
farther and farther away, and there was no urge to keep it close. I was simply indifferent about it all. It was
okay. There was no urge to remain continuous with the past.

By the evening it became so difficult to bear it -- it was hurting, it was painful. It was like when a woman
goes into labour when a child is to be born, and the woman suffers tremendous pain -- the birth pangs.

I used to go to sleep in those days near about twelve or one in the night, but that day it was impossible to
remain awake. My eyes were closing, it was difficult to keep them open. Something was very imminent,
something was going to happen. It was difficult to say what it was -- maybe it is going to be my death --
but there was no fear. I was ready for it. Those seven days had been so beautiful that I was ready to die,
nothing more was needed. They had been so tremendously blissful, I was so contented, that if death was
coming, it was welcome.

But something was going to happen -- something like death, something very drastic, something which will
be either a death or a new birth, a crucifixion or a resurrection -- but something of tremendous import was
around just by the corner. And it was impossible to keep my eyes open. I was drugged.

I went to sleep. It was a very strange sleep. The body was asleep, I was awake. It was so strange -- as if one
was torn apart into two directions, two dimensions; as if the polarity has become completely focused, as if I
was both the polarities together... the positive and negative were meeting, sleep and awareness were
meeting, death and life were meeting. That is the moment when you can say 'the creator and the creation

It was weird. For the first time it shocks you to the very roots, it shakes your foundations. You can never be
the same after that experience; it brings a new vision to your life, a new quality.
Near about twelve my eyes suddenly opened -- I had not opened them. The sleep was broken by something
else. I felt a great presence around me in the room. It was a very small room. I felt a throbbing life all
around me, a great vibration -- almost like a hurricane, a great storm of light, joy, ecstasy. I was drowning
in it.

It was so tremendously real that everything became unreal. The walls of the room became unreal, the house
became unreal, my own body became unreal. Everything was unreal because now there was for the first
time reality.

That night another reality opened its door, another dimension became available. Suddenly it was there, the
other reality, the separate reality, the really real, or whatsoever you want to call it -- call it god, call it truth,
call it dhamma, call it tao, or whatsoever you will. It was nameless. But it was there -- so opaque, so
transparent, and yet so solid one could have touched it. It was almost suffocating me in that room. It was
too much and I was not yet capable of absorbing it.

A deep urge arose in me to rush out of the room, to go under the sky -- it was suffocating me. It was too
much! It will kill me! If I had remained a few moments more, it would have suffocated me -- it looked like

I rushed out of the room, came out in the street. A great urge was there just to be under the sky with the
stars, with the trees, with the earth... to be with nature. And immediately as I came out, the feeling of
being suffocated disappeared. It was too small a place for such a big phenomenon. Even the sky is a small
place for that big phenomenon. It is bigger than the sky. Even the sky is not the limit for it. But then I felt
more at ease.

I walked towards the nearest garden. It was a totally new walk, as if gravitation had disappeared. I was
walking, or I was running, or I was simply flying; it was difficult to decide. There was no gravitation, I
was feeling weightless -- as if some energy was taking me. I was in the hands of some other energy.

For the first time I was not alone, for the first time I was no more an individual, for the first time the drop
has come and fallen into the ocean. Now the whole ocean was mine, I was the ocean. There was no
limitation. A tremendous power arose as if I could do anything whatsoever. I was not there, only the power
was there.

I reached to the garden where I used to go every day. The garden was closed, closed for the night. It was
too late, it was almost one o'clock in the night. The gardeners were fast asleep. I had to enter the garden
like a thief, I had to climb the gate. But something was pulling me towards the garden. It was not within
my capacity to prevent myself. I was just floating.

The moment I entered the garden everything became luminous, it was all over the place -- the benediction,
the blessedness. I could see the trees for the first time -- their green, their life, their very sap running. The
whole garden was asleep, the trees were asleep. But I could see the whole garden alive, even the small
grass leaves were so beautiful.

I looked around. One tree was tremendously luminous -- the maulshree tree. It attracted me, it pulled me
towards itself. I had not chosen it, god himself has chosen it. I went to the tree, I sat under the tree. As I
sat there things started settling. The whole universe became a benediction.

It is difficult to say how long I was in that state. When I went back home it was four o'clock in the morning,
so I must have been there by clock time at least three hours -- but it was infinity. It had nothing to do with
clock time. It was timeless.

Those three hours became the whole eternity, endless eternity. There was no time, there was no passage of
time; it was the virgin reality -- uncorrupted, untouchable, unmeasurable.

And that day something happened that has continued -- not as a continuity -- but it has still continued as an
undercurrent. Not as a permanency -- each moment it has been happening again and again. It has been a
miracle each moment.

That night... and since that night I have never been in the body. I am hovering around it. And that's why I
say it has been a tremendous miracle. Each moment I am surprised I am still here, I should not be. I should
have left any moment, still I am here. Every morning I open my eyes and I say, 'So, again I am still here?'
Because it seems almost impossible. The miracle has been a continuity.

Remember, since that day I have never been in the body really; just a delicate thread joins me with the
body. And I am continuously surprised that somehow the whole must be willing me to be here, because I
am no more here with my own strength, I am no more here on my own. It must be the will of the whole to
keep me here, to allow me to linger a little more on this shore. Maybe the whole wants to share something
with you through me.

That night I became empty and became full. I became non-existential and became existence. That night I
died and was reborn. But the one that was reborn has nothing to do with that which died, it is a
discontinuous thing. On the surface it looks continuous but it is discontinuous. The one who died, died
totally; nothing of him has remained.

Believe me, nothing of him has remained, not even a shadow. It died totally, utterly. It is not that I am just a
modified RUP, transformed, modified form, transformed form of the old. No, there has been no continuity.
That day of March twenty-first, the person who had lived for many many lives, for millennia, simply died.
Another being, absolutely new, not connected at all with the old, started to exist.

Religion just gives you a total death. Maybe that's why the whole day previous to that happening I was
feeling some urgency like death, as if I am going to die -- and I really died. I have known many other
deaths but they were nothing compared to it, they were partial deaths.

Sometimes the body died, sometimes a part of the mind died, sometimes a part of the ego died, but as far as
the person was concerned, it remained. Renovated many times, decorated many times, changed a little bit
here and there, but it remained, the continuity remained.

That night the death was total. It was a date with death and god simultaneously.

XXIII. Naami Gursikh Amolak Bachan

Naam Technique - 1
The following is based on a conversation with a Brahm-giani, one who knows God.

H: Baba Jee, you are old and wise, everyone respects you because no matter what happens you never alter
in following your rehat, Guru Gobind singh jee's code of conduct. As for me Baba Jee, I am solid for 2 or
3 weeks at getting up at amrit vela, then I don't know what happens. My mind gets upset, I get upset and
lose motivation. I know Waheguru jee is true and beautiful, but without motivation I just sleep through
amritvela. Baba Jee why does my mind falter?

B: For 6 months after receiving amrit my mind strongly resisted following the rehat. It was a very
difficult time.

H: So how were you able to become solid in your rehat?

B: I was not able to do it. Guru jee did it, on whomsoever he bestows his favourable glance that person
will be protected. The mind falters because of the 5 enemies: anger, lust, greed, attachment and pride. We
have desires and hopes, they lead to anxiety and worry. The mind falters. The mind is trapped by these 5
enemies. Beg for Guru jee's kindness, do ardas and seva.
H: Baba Jee some Sikhs say to me use breathing techniques to do naam simran. But, I have been blessed
enough to meet very spiritual people who have never used breathing techniques as far as I know. They
say focus inside. What would you say.

B: There are blessed souls, they have done a great amount of bhagatee, or devotion in previous lives.
They receive naam in the amrit ceremony and have no need for breathing technique. Their consciousness
connects very quickly. They do naam simran internally at the dasam duar, or tenth gate at the top of the
head. When the spirit goes beyond this while still alive, then salvation is obtained - one becomes jeevan
mukat. Worldy people who drink alcohol, eat meat and are consumed by their daily lives do not realize
the potential they possess. Each person can become jeevan mukhat, but not realising this fact they are
born to die again and again. Most people are not as advanced as these blessed souls who's consciousness
connect quickly without techniques. That is why the breathing technique of saying Waheguru with
inspiration and expiration is so helpful to the beginner. It gets one in the habit of doing simran with every
breath 'saas saas simaro gobind' says Guru Arjun Dev jee. The breaths carry on 24 hours a day without
stopping, so if one's simran is also latched onto the breaths then Waheguru is remembered automatically
day and night. One day the breaths will stop, but the simran should not. That is why the Waheguru
simran should ultimately be done by the spirit, the tongue doesnt move, the body is still. The
consciousness rises to the tenth gate and that person becomes jeewan mukhat.

H: So if I wanted to learn the breathing technique what should I do?

B: No matter where you take amrit you are given Waheguru Naam by the punj pyare. That is good.
However not all of groups teach the breathing technique. If you want to learn the breathing technique to
help you then you tell me where you would prefer to learn it: From a book, from a holy person, from
yoga classes or from the Punj Pyare?

H: From the Punj Pyare of course!

B: When the Punj Pyare are in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib jee, then know it as a fact that the
presence of Guru Gobind Singh jee is there. It is Guru Gobind Singh jee that teaches you himself. You
have already received amrit, if you wish to learn the technique then attend an AKJ amrit sinchar. The Punj
Pyare will teach you, they will add this valuable simran technique to what you already know. They will
not make you take amrit again.

H: Thankyou, Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee kee fateh!

Naam Technique - 2
Naami Guru Sikh (NGS) told me a technique that has worked almost always whenever i have been able to
follow the instructions. Trouble is that the instructions are hard. Here goes.

Hardest Step (i find):

When you first wake up focus yourself on Naam.

NGS: Don't use alarm clock to wake you; this way you'll wake up fresh. Don't get up when you awaken;
just remain there and focus yourself on Gurshabad "Waheguru" with deep long breaths. (alternatively : ask
your self "Who am I". This is not asking what is your name, etc.. but who you really are.There will be
complete silence and you will be yourself.)

Remain there and do this for 10 mins or so and then get out of your bed to use the washroom etc..

My implementation:
Use alarm clock otherwise I'll over sleep which for me is worse than under sleeping (individual preference:
figure this one out for yourself) . However I do make an effort to get at least 7 (yes 7) hours of sleep so I
feel fresh.When I awaken, I sit up instead of lying down to do the initial meditation. Otherwise I am gone
for sure (zzzzzzz ahh). When focusing on "Waheguru" shabad I try to take long breaths through the mouth
instead of the nose; it works better to focus the mind.

The idea is to stop the mind from thinking at the very first step. Otherwise the whole morning will be a

NGS: When you get out of your bed, don't let the mind start thinking about anything. Don't think about
what happened yesterday or what you have to do today. Stay focused on Waheguru shabad or if that is too
difficult (when he says stay focused he means no thought whatsoever should come to the mind while you
are following your daily routine), try the awareness meditation.

Awareness meditation: Whatever you are doing say it in your mind. "Ok now I am getting out of my bed; i
am putting on my slippers; i am walking to the washroom; take the toothpaste and apply over the brush; i
am brushing over here back and forth back and forth... now the front up and down up and down .... Keep on
doing this for your whole daily routine including your shower hair combing, dastaar tying, etc.. until you
are ready to sit down for your daily meditation.

Same idea: don't let the mind talk *At all*. These are the 2 hardest steps.

Whenever i have been able to follow these two steps precisely, I have had success. Concentration on Naam
comes effortlessly.

If you do naam abhiaas with the breathing method as opposed to the verbal method, you may find it easier
to focus your mind.

After you've done this for a desired period of time (the longer the better; highly recommended time 4 hrs;
recommended time 2.5 hrs; recommended minimum time 1 hr) read Guru Granth Saaheb jee with love.

My addition: I don't prefer to sleep after this because then I lose the feeling of awe and silence in the mind
which comes as a result of AVSN and reading bani.

Problem is that the first 2 steps are hard (at least for me they are) though they might not seem like it.
Please note that this technique business does not work if one does it mechanically without love. Each time
we say "Waheguru" it has to be said with love and awe. Just think of this creation's wonderfulness. Billions
and billions of gigantic stars in Billions and billions of galaxies in billions and billions of universes. There
is so much in the universe. O Creator you are amazing. Think of your body, its lightning fast nervous
system, powerful warriors of the immune system who die in thousands (at least) daily to protect you; think
of our vast world with so much variety of everything: music, food, sports, relationships, laughter, sadness,
goals and desires, spirituality, worldliness, there is no end. Think of these things so that you may say
"Waheguru" with love. The *purpose* of wonderful thinking is to focus on the shabad; not on the variety
of creation (this statement I am not too sure about, Gursikhs please correct where needed).

Another really helpful thing to focus the mind is to reflect on your surroundings. Reading Guru Granth
Saaheb jee is greatly helpful in this. Guru jee breaks our inner heart from the world by telling us "this world
is a short play; it is not true. Everything you see will be gone then what is the use of thinking about these
things. You will not get this chance again; conserve your energy for naam and don't waste your time.

NGS strong recommendation: Read Guru Granth Saaheb jee evade with understanding.

(If you don't understand gurbani --> man... (or ladies please) work hard and learn this skill. It is not
impossible to do it on your own. Ask G Singh jee (Naam Net wale) to send you a gurbanee vocabulary list
(word document) which can greatly speed up your learning. It is important to create this one on one
connection with Guru Saaheb. And it doesn't take long because many of the shabads are easy.
Reading baanee with meaning brings in us a strong desire to jap naam. It takes our mind away from the
world which is the main thing. Having a right mind set while japping naam can do wonders.

NGS: During the day sing God's glories no matter what you see. Whether it is the sky, trees, or a computer
screen. It is all His creation. Look at water -> when it quenches your thirst it feels like heaven;
it cleans you; it helps you cook; it supports so much of life; look at the material --> what is made of; how
does is feel like that; how does it look like that; how it flows? (you get the idea) This will also greatly help
you to focus on naam the next morning. Whatever I think about during the day, that is what comes in my
mind during amrit vela.

So it goes in a circle -> you think of Wonderful God During the day --> you then think of Him during
Amrit Vela --> then you think of even more Wonderful Wonderful God during day --> you then think of
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Him during Amrit Vela. (Nit charay savaya).

Quality not Quantity

Overheard by daas:

gursikh: "I sometimes get very discouraged. The amount of time left over for simran from kirit and grist is
very little. Is there any hope for me?"

naami gursikh: "On the naam path, quality not quantity counts. If you sit for 20 minutes, put all your effort
in ***being there*** for 20 minutes. That is much better than sitting for 3 hours and not being there."

On another related topic the naami gursikh said:

"The mind is not stronger than *us*. If we tell the mind to shut up and sit down, it *will* shut up and sit
down. However, it is *us* who become unaware and let the mind wander again.

The mind is nothing but a child. Observe how you have to monitor a child all the time. Similarily, the
mind needs to be monitored: make sure it sticks to naam."

Gursikhan daa jeevan - The Circle of Naam

A gupt premi wrote:

"During the day sing God's glories no matter what you see. Whether it is the sky, trees, or a computer
screen. It is all His creation. Look at water -> when it quenches your thirst it feels like heaven; it cleans
you; it helps you cook; it supports so much of life; look at the material --> what is made of; how does is
feel like that; how does it look like that; how it flows? (you get the idea) This will also greatly help you to
focus on naam the next morning. Whatever I think about during the day, that is what comes in my mind
during amrit vela.

So it goes in a circle -> you think of Wonderful God During the day --> you then think of Him during
Amrit Vela --> then you think of even more Wonderful Wonderful God during day --> you then think of
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Him during Amrit Vela. (Nit charay savaya)."

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Gursikh: With due respect, sir, may I ask some questions from you....

Naami Gursikh: Yes, of course.

G: Why do you jap naam during the day?

NG: Because it makes it so much easier to concentrate when at night I sit for naam abhiaas. naam
japing during the day makes the mind collect more and more true (naam) wealth. Further, naam japing
during the day lets less and less false wealth (slander, useless chatter etc) get inside. So when I sit for naam
abhiaas at night, my surati automatically goes into naam.

G: Thank you. But may I ask why you jaap naam at night?

NG: (smiling) Because pyare gursikhaa, by jaaping naam with concentration at night, naam goes into the
subconcious mind (indeed as it does any time naam is japed with concentration). The subconcious mind is
the one which is awake during the night, therefore it too japs naam during the night. In addition, japing
naam at night is very, very important for amrit vela naam ras. If during the night you jaap naam, then little
time is spent to get cleared up before focusing on naam and getting naam ras at amrit vela.

G: Thank you very much. One last question: why do you jaap naam at amrit vela?

NG: (Laughing) Because, pyareaa, by jaaping naam at amrit vela, I can jap naam much more easily during
the whole day.


And the circle goes on and on..................

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

I do hope all of the Naam Net sangat is going to try the KN Day (Kavel Naam Day). Daas suggested
tomorrow. But of course, it could be any day. But do try it. Gursikhs who have tried it confess it changed
them quite a bit.

To jap kavel naam tommorrw, jap naam at amrit vela tomorrow.

To ensure that, make sure naam jaap happens tonight.
To ensure that, start japing some naam NOW.


XXIV. Glimpses of Gupt Sants

Guppt Sants
In the skeptical age we live in, it is sometimes very easy to say that there are no true sants or brahm gianis
around. Well, that really is not only not true, but that is an gross under-estimation of the spiritual
school of Guru Nanak.

That is like saying: no one has graduated from Guru Nanak's gurmat school.

On the contrary, sakhio, thousands of gursikhs have graduated with **flying** numbers. Some of these
gursikh are widely known, while others are gupt (hidden). Of course,

har ka bhagat
nahin shah-phe ||

In many cases, only the few on the naam path and the ones who are close to the sant can recognize the
kalaa in the sant.

In this Gupt Sant series, daas will try to illuminate 2 or 3 such sants. I would also urge all Naam Net sakhis
to contribute to this series by writing saakhis of gursikhs who are no less than sants and yet are not widely

Baba Mani Singh jee

Sant Baba Mani Singh jee was not gupt; his saakhi is, however, related to this theme.

Sant Baba Mani Singh jee was a sangi of Sant Baba Attar Singh jee - perhaps the greatest of all sikhs sants.
Baba Mani Singh jee was notoriously known for his miracles. Baba Mani Singh jee visited Kenya, E.
Africa once and there too showed many miracles.

Once he and his sangis were touring a National Park when the sangat expressed a need for food. It is said,
Baba Mani Singh jee told one of the sangis to go up the tree and shake it a little bit. That was done and
sweets fell from the tree!

On his way back to Nairobi, the capital city, Baba jee suddenly made the driver stop his car in the middle of
the highway. He got off and stood at the side of the road. A female deer came to him. Baba jee hugged her
and a few minutes later, she died in his arms. He later told his sangis that that was his mother in previous
life and that was the sole reason he had come to Kenya - to give her mukti.

Anyways, when he was about to leave Kenya, the Kenyan sangat humbly requested Baba jee to start
residing in Kenya because of a lack of sants in that country (daas had not yet come to Kenya yet ((;-). Baba
jee laughed and said that there already is a puran sant within you. And that was Baba Puran Singh jee
Kericho vaale (daas will illuminate Baba Puran Singh jee's life in a later post).

But the most related part to this theme happened at Baba Mani Singh jee's deathbed (in India). He told his

"Guru did kripa on me because of my sangat and seva of Sant Baba Attar Singh jee; however I spent that
kripa on showing off miracles to the world. I now go empty handed to the other world. However, the guru
is mercifull - I will take another life and in that life I will live a gupt gursikh life and earn naam dhan and
become mukt."

And daas has absolutely no doubt that Baba Mani Singh jee is living amongst us right now. He might be
that gursikh who we see sometimes with a broom in his hand at the gurudrawa. Or the gursikh who has
long hair and wears shorts to gurudrawa and looks nothing like a gursikh but yet who shows up first for
keertan and listens with complete attention and disappears mysteriously before langar (there is one such
gursikh at our gurudrawa).

So pyareo, do not think that guru does kirpa only on the most high profile gursikhs - sants or Bhai Sahibs;
but rather the guru does kirpa on any gursikh. Like us. We could and indeed will be blessed with naam;
with Waheguru's darshan and place in sach khand.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Baba Puran Singh jee

Bhai Puran Singh jee was a contractor from the beautiful hilly Kericho, Kenya. On the outside he appeared
to quite an ordinary sikh who attended gurudrawa, listened to keertan and went home to his household. On
the inside, however, things were completely different. In fact, Bhai Puran Singh jee was a hidden sant who
had to be exposed by Baba Mani Singh jee on his visit to Kenya (see previous post).
Upon exposure, gursikhs for the first time looked into Sant Baba Puran Singh jee'e eyes and saw other-
worldliness and bliss. Daas also had the great fortune to touch Baba jee's feet and sit close to him. Daas
da 9th birthday was being celebrated and Baba jee was one of the guests.

There are many things in life that we see and simply cannot forget. Seeing Baba Puran Singh jee's eyes is
one such thing. In fact, even now, as daas writes this, daas can without any difficulty recall very very
vividly Baba jee's eyes. They were completely focused on something else, rather someone else. It was as
if Baba jee was there without really being there. There were deep like the ocean and were coloured like
planet Saturn. Daas has witnessed only 2 or 3 such pairs of eyes in daas dee life.

Anyways, once Baba jee was discovered, he became famous and many sangats flocked to him and gained
naam laaha. A few years later, Baba jee migrated to UK where it seems was his true mission. For, in UK,
he affected literally thousands of gursikhs.

When Baba jee was discovered he was in his 40s and daas assures the sakhis on Naam Net, had Baba Mani
Singh jee not come to Kenya and exposed him, he would have happily lived and died a gupt life. Indeed,
Baba Puran Singh jee wore a three piece suit even after he was exposed and while he was
doing seva as a sant.

This is one of the cases where the hidden sants was exposed, however, daas once again assures the sakhis
on Naam Net, that there are literally thousands of hidden puran gursikhs roaming amongst us who never
will be discovered.

Indeed, Baba Puran Singh jee used to the say the following:

".... Guru Gobind Singh jee has greatly blessed the Khalsa. On of the hidden vars (boons) he has given to
the Khalsa Panth is that at any given time in history, there are at least five brahm gianis in the Khalsa

It would require little effort to see that this indeed is true. Of course, it would require a great effort to
actually do seva of these puran gursikhs.

So Khalsa jee, be in chardi kala and jap naam. Our panth is doing GREAT. Our guru will quite happily
make us (yes, you and even daas) puran. All we have to do is walk on the guru's path: amrit vela naam
simran, nitnem, awareness of Waheguru and naam on our tongues, hearts and mind.

gurWAH gurWAH gurWAH gurWAH gruWAH gruWAH gruWAH gruWAH

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee

Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee (not real name) was a sangi of Baba Puran Singh jee Kericho vaale. Due to seva,
naam simran and gurmukh jan sangat, he dived so deeply into naam de rang da saagar that he could not
swim out.

Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee became so lot pot that he transcended the ordinary bodily function like eating,
talking, etc. Needless to say, he stopped going to work. His family was greatly worried about him. As is
the tendency in the Eastern world, they attributed this avastha to spirit possession.

So they consulted some sangis of Baba Puran Singh jee and asked them for help. The sangis gladly agreed
and on the following Sunday, instead of their regular naam simran session, went to Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee's
house. Quite unfortunately for Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee, the sangis that got there also attributed this avastha
to spirit possession.
The following is the eye-witness saakhi of one naami gursikh who was present there on that Sunday:

"...By the time I got there, loud keertan with dhol-ki and chim-te was going on. There were 3 rather big
Singhs sitting on top of Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee. And they were handling him quite roughly and shouting
into his face, "WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU?"

Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee would tilt his head and say in a rather masti-drenched voice, "SARAB
VEEYAPAK!!!" (The one who is everywhere).

Luckily for Bhai jee, I and some other gursikhs there had seen this behaviour before. I had spent many
years in the naam drenched sangat of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee and had seen this lot-poting quite

So we pulled aside the jathedar of this "exorcist jatha" and told him,

"Bhai Sahib, you are going a great seva here! You are beating up Akaal Purakh himself! Can't you see the
man's atma has merged with param-atma so much that he thinks he is param-atma. The keertan is only
taking him more and more deeply into param-atma"

Fortunately, this Singh was quite humble and he listened to us and ordered the keertan to be stopped.

Then he asked us what should be done. Some of the naami gursikhs there ordered the family to bring a big
batta with water. Then Bhai jee's feet were washed in it.

Then we all drank that water.

An astonishingly deep naam koomari came over all of us. We all got very very high and walked around
like drunkards buming into each other and hugging each other.

The younger Singhs there were just itching to start keertan again but common sense prevailed (!:) and we
all left.

This ras stayed with me for about 3 days. On the other hand, poor looted pooted Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee
became quite normal and returned to work the following Tuesday."


This incident occured in the 70s and daas is sure that Bhai Lot Pot Singh jee has wised up and doesn't allow
other Singhs (no matter how big) to loot his naam dhan now!

He definitely deserves a place in the guppt sant series.

Take care and don't let go too lot pot (if you do, send daas a quick note and your address) .

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

A gursikh in Kenya
Once a gursikh invited panj pyare for lunch at his home in Nairobi, Kenya.

One of the panj told daas this saakhi:

"... After lunch, the gursikh had tears in his eyes and told us that he had been doing naam simran for over a
decade now [if daas recall correctly, it was 17 years]. He said he wakes up 2.30 am and does simran for 2.5
hours; then nitnem. Then he told us that he had had no spiritual experiences. Once in a while he sees a
star-like light within and at other times, he gets mild anand.

He was extremely frustrated and we could see his longing was quite real. He requested us to do ardas for

We did ardas for his chardi kala.

After a few months, he invited us again. This time he was a different man. He had happiness bubbling out
of him. He shyly told us that our ardas had worked and that now his atma mixes with param-atma..."


Why is this saakhi important?

Because it shows us that completely ordinary gursikhs who jap naam are blessed with WaheGuru's milaap.
One doesn't need to be wearing a big chola or be a great keertania or be an admin of a email inspirational
group to qualify for this gift.

Truely, it doesn't really matter to WaheGuru what kind of worldly status we have. To WaheGuru, a king is
at the same level as a begger. All that matters to WaheGuru is love.

bhagat bhao da pho-kha ||

WaheGuru is so vast and so un-imaginably big that *absolutely nothing* we do - no amount of daan, no
amount of seva, no amount of pra-char, no amount of tapasaya, nay, no amount of even naam japna - can
possibly impress WaheGuru. The only thing that works is simran.

This only happens when a gursikh obeys the guru and japs naam day and night. Then the naam enters the
heart and converts into simran - rememberance. At that point, WaheGuru will come running to the gursikh.

kabir man nirmail bha-yah

jeh-sa ganga neer ||
pha-che lago har phir-yah
ka-het kabir kabir ||

Loose translation: "When my (Kabir jee's) mind become as pure as the ganga, hari followed me around
saying "kabir, kabir"

This is a major blow-you-away-to-sach-khand gurbaNi tukk. Bhagat Kabir jee says this with so much
maan. Only a bhagat of the purest love for WaheGuru's charan kamal can get away with saying such a

And love is something we are *all* capable of. Indeed love is perhaps the *only* thing we are capable of.
And love is so powerful and True and pure that it even attracts the a-gam, a-go-cher WaheGuru to our

Pyareoooooooo, naam japo, naam japo, naam japo.......................

A Nihang Singh
A naami gursikh who spent a lot of time with Baba Johala Singh jee told daas this saakhi:

".... Once a Sadhu-Nihang Singh came to the dera and after langar, went to see Baba Attar Singh jee [rero
sahib vaale, not to be confused with Sant Baba Attar Singh jee mastovaN vaale].
He said fateh and after a few bachan beelaas, told Baba jee that he was planning to leave the body at 4 pm
that day.

Baba jee, in a shocked voice, told him, "What?!! What sort of time is 4 pm to drop the body? Leave

The Nihang Singh said, "Sat bachan."

Next day, he awoke; did naam simran, nitnem and left!


The power to leave the body at will doesn't come after attending a few rainsabes or by doing a raul in an
akand path. No, this power comes to those who spend their lives obeying the hukam of SatGuru sacha
patshah - Dhan Guru Nanak Dev jee.

The hukam of the guru is straight forward:

eko naam hukam hai ||

nanak satguru dee-ya
bojaey jeo ||

This power comes to those who jap this One naam at amrit vela, at dawn, at morning, at afternoon, at
evening, at night and during sleep:

jina saas giraas na vee-se-rhe

har naama man mant ||
dhan se se-ie nanaka
puran so-ea *sant* ||

In this tukk, guru maharaj defines a sant: the one who remembers har naama with each saas (taking in of
breath) and with each giraas (taking out of breath).

Such is the power of Naam.

Let not wait any longer. Let us all obey the guru and spend our lives saying and rejoicing with

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Bhai Mastana jee

Jathedar Prit Singh jee (not real name) was the jathedar of a jatha of naam jaapen vaale gursikh jan in
Beredi near Kanpur, India. One of the gursikhs in the jatha was Bhai Mastana jee.

Bhai Mastana jee was the kind of gursikh which we all take for granted. They keep a extremely low profile
but are indispensable when it comes to seva.

There is one sach gursikh at our gurudrawa. This gursikh washes all the big battas of the langar. Most
gursikhs don't know his name. It is only when he does *not* show up that the langar sevadars can be seen
looking a little tired than usual and saying, "Where's the Singh with the long beard?"

Anyways, back to Bhai Mastana jee....

Bhai Mastana jee was a kind of gursikh who completely blends into the background. He used to practically
live in the langar. The langar sevadars would call out to him when something was needed,

"Ooyeh, Mastaneyan! we need more atta, go get it from the store!"

And Bhai Mastana jee happily would go and get whatever was needed.

One day, Jathedar Prit Singh jee was in the langar and felt like conversing; Bhai Mastana jee happened to
be around and so the Jathedar Sahib, to begin the conversation, said,

"Mastana jee, despite the fact that I have japped naam for a long time, stillness has not come to my

Jathedar Sahib was cut short by the sound of a deep belly laughter from Mastana jee. Mastana jee was
laughing so hard that he was literally rolling on the langer floor.

Jathedar Sahib was a little curious, but mostly annoyed that Bhai Mastana jee was laughing so hard at his
words and he repeatedly asked, "Why are you laughing?"

After a while, Bhai Mastana jee's laughter subdued somewhat and between bouts of laughter he said,
"Jathedar Sahib, this indeed is new! There is no such thing as the mind!"

Jathedar Sahib, quite taken aback, "What you mean? If there is no mind, then what is there?"

Mastana jee, "Only Satguru's jot and Satguru's hukam!"


Whereas Jathedar Sahib was no doubt a gursikh who japped naam and made others do the same; Bhai
Mastana jee, an "ordinary" gursikh was the one who had naam inside and actually saw Satguru's jot

Whereas Jathedar Sahib was no doubt respected; it was Bhai Mastana jee would had the "tatt avastho" of
naam within and was respected tremedously in the spiritual world.

Whereas Jathedar Sahib was asked for advise on many issues and whose example was followed by many; it
was Bhai Mastana jee who understood and followed *only* Satguru's hukam.

This saakhi is not of the olden "golden" days. No, this saakhi occurred in 1957. Many a sikh will tell us,
with a long drawn sigh, "Ooo, the olden days were wonderful. Japping naam was so much easier...."

Not true. Japping naam was never easier.

Then they will continue, "Ooo, there were so many genuine naami gursikhs then. Now everyone is just
concerned about themselves..."

Not true. The *percentage* of naami gursikh is the same and will remain about the same, despite MTV,
global warming or Princess Di's death.

So pyareooo, don't ever be mistaken that naam was an activity which occurred when the guru was in the
human form. No, the guru exists today as much as the guru existed in 1699. And rest assured, the guru
does kirpa and colors gursikh with naam rang as much as the in olden days.

Daas assures you there are naami gursikhs hidden all over the place.

How to recognize them? Easy, do *not* follow the money.

Follow humility.
Follow prem.
Follow shining eyes.
Follow red glowing face.
Follow child-like behaviour.
Follow mithee bhol.
Follow positive (man chao) attitude.
Follow amrit vela jaageran.
Follow ras vaali rasna.
Follow rang vaala hirda.
Follow gurWAH gurWAH gurWAH gurWAH gurWAH gurWAH..... waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru..............

Once Baba Johala Singh jee was traveling with his sangis when suddenly he decided to visit a village
completely out of his travel plans. At the village, he proceeded to a farm where a completely ordinary
looking farmer was working. Baba jee quickly went and put his head quite firmly on the farmer's feet and
kept it there for an extended period of time.

When Baba jee walked away he looked even more intoxicated than usual!

His sangis were quite perplexed that "their" Baba jee would bow down to a man who from the style and dirt
on his clothes looked so ordinary. They asked Baba jee about it.

Baba jee laughed and replied, "That was no ordinary man!"


Indeed! That was Baba A... Singh jee - a relatively unknown Sant on this planet. But known as a Brahm
Giani in the atamic world.


Pyareooo, this effectively brings the Guppt Sant Series to an end. Daas has tried to show that Guru
Nanak's maarag is as alive today as it was when Guru Nanak Dev jee walked in the human form on this

If the guru allows it, daas will next present a "Gupt Gursikh Series" in which daas will illuminate 2 or 3
gursikhs who look and act like ordinary humans but are quite extra-ordinary on the inside!

waheguru wahegur waheguru wahegur waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

XXV. Glimpses of GurSikhs

up and up and up....

There is a town about 4 hours away from where daas lives that holds a keertan once in a while. Daas
always complains to everybody who would listen (not many of those!) that it is simply too far to go for an
hours worth of keertan. "And besides", daas always says, "The people there don't
know anything about sikhi, so it is no use sitting in keertan with them, blah blah blah..."

But daas was proven wrong a few months ago when one of the men there told daas that he does WaheGuru
WaheGuru when he is taking a shower and washing his hair (although the guy is almost bald!). He said he
really gets into it and sometimes doesn't want to stop!!!! (maybe that's how he got bald!).

His wife, though is way ahead. She says that she started doing a couple of malas of WaheGuru WaheGuru
and she feels ".. something inside me, which is brilliantly white, rises up and up and up..".

Actually she was quite scared of this and only after re-assurance from a naami gursikh did she start the jaap
again! She also says that sometimes when she sees her husband and kids, she sees the same light
surrounding them.

Looks like this bibi is becoming quite pure and light-ish. Ready for a trip to Sach Khand perhaps....

Ik-On-Kar WaheGuru
A gursikh told daas:

".... Whenever I listen, I listen to 'Ik-on-kar WaheGuru' going on inside. It is in a rhythm ... no, not with the
breath, but in a rhythm anyhow. And at night if I start listening to it, I can't go to sleep! Then I have to
switch to 'WaheGuru WaheGuru', only then can I sleep...."

Further the gursikh told daas:

".... Guru Nanak Dev Jee is always besides me. All I have to do is look for him and there he is, without
fail. ... I usually get lost when things are going right. Only when things go wrong, I again look for Guru
Nanak Dev jee and he is once again there, *****unconditionally***** loving me. I can feel him about
here [pointing to about 2 feet above the head to the right]..."


Now one would think that this above gursikh was a known gursikhs who everybody bows to. Nothing
could be further from the truth - this gursikh is your everyday looking gursikh who nobody, not even this
gursikhs spouse, knows japs heavy duty naam.

Indeed, this gursikh's spouse gets disturbed when this gursikh wakes up at amrit vela, so this guruLaal just
lies in bed and does simran at amrit vela (and at night).

Business Man
Daas was discussing a naami gursikh's jeevan with another gursikh bibi. The bibi said that she knows that
the naami gursikh we were discussing was a naami just by the way that naami gursikhs walks and talks.
Further she said that she feels a certain naam vibration within a few feet of the naami gursikh. She said that
she used to feel the same way with her father. Daas begged here to tell about her father .....

".. My father was the most ordinary, yet also the most extra-ordinary person. He was a well known
business man. He had everything as far as money and status goes.

He also was blessed with naam.

He would wake up at 12.30am and sit in samadhi from 1.00 am to 7.00 am everyday. And all day too, he
would one could feel that his focus was somewhere else. In fact right here [the bibi touched the space
between her eyebrows].

Indeed it was a well known fact, which he told me too, that he spent 18 hours of a day in simran. He slept
only for 3 or 4 hours.
He died in his early 50s.

[daas asked how his health was]

He lived quite a healthy life. Only in last 6 months of his life, he became quite sick. People and I asked
him why he was sick, as he had lived a life of a gursikh. He said that the guru has arranged it so that I
finish my karms in this life; that I go completely free in the after-life. This sickness is cleansing any left-
over karams.."


A very commonly asked question about naam and naamis is , ".. Naam is supposed to cut all the karams,
then why do naami gursikh suffer even a bit ...". (See the last stages of lives of such naami as Bhai Sahib
Bhai Randhir Singh jee or Sant Baba Attar Singh jee to attest to this).

The answer to that is two-fold:

1. We have a *lot* of karams. Literaly millions of years worth. But Naam is ulta powerful too. But still,
because of our bodily needs and the fact that we live in a Maya-infested world, some bad karams [all
karams which are not focused on WaheGuru are "bad"] do remain and cling on to us everyday.

2. Naami gursikhs are very very soft hearted - they cannot bear the pain of others. And despite that fact
that they know that WaheGuru's will is the best for all, they sometimes do ardas for others in pain and
inevitably carry on the peron's karams onto themselves.


Pyareooooooooo, the guru is dhan dhan dhan. The guru's naam is dhan dhan dhan. The guru's sikhs are
dhan dhan dhan.

Pyareooo, we cannot even comprehend the blessing that WaheGuru has graced us with by giving us the
*sat* sangat of Dhan Dhan DHAN Guru Nanak Dev jee maharaj. Further, Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankaree
has blessed us with amrit naam.

Any one of us who japs naam even for 20 minutes is blessed, blessed, blessed and daas would like to kiss
your feet (seriously). Blessed, blessed, blessed is the one who japs naam.

This naam that Guru Nanak Dev Jee has bestowed upon us is priceless. Yes, amul. Beyond anything we
can give. We give our head in exchange of naam because we don't have anything better to offer. Our head,
nay the whole of creations heads are not worth a single drop of naam.

Pyareeoooooooo, let us not waste this precious, precious, *precious* life that WaheGuru has given us. Let
us become sat with SatGuru Sangat, with SatNaam and with SatBani.

Guru Nanak Darshan

Yet another guppt gursikh bibi who told a naami gursikh daas knows that she has darshan of Dhan Guru
Nanak Nirankaree anytime and anywhere!

This bibi jee is believed to somewhat of a simpleton by her relatives and her community. However, she
really is a simple *hearted* gursikh who says what is on her mind and has no "val-shal" (kinks) in her mind
and heart. Indeed that is the reason, the naami gursikh says, she has darshan of Dhan Guru Nanak

"... It is bole baale (simple) gursikhs like her that attain WaheGuru...." the naami gursikh said.
XXVI. Amrit Vela

Gurbanee Quotes - Early Waking

1 Get up early in the morning and remember Naam. (GURU V, GAURI RAAG)

2 The wealth of Naam earned in the early hours of the morning,

the saints spend freely and it is never exhausted. (GURU IV, SUHI RAAG)

3 In the dewy night the stars glitter.

The saints, who are dear to God, awake. (GURU V, ASA RAAG)

4 In the early hours of the morning, meditate upon the True Naam
and God's greatness. (GURU I, JAPJI)

Jap jee Sahib, pauRi 4th

saacha sahib saach nae

phaakhea bhao apaar ||
aakhaih man-gaih deyhe deyhe
daat kare daataar ||
phir ke agai rakeeai
jit disai darbaar ||
muhaun ke bolaN boleyai
jit suN dharay pyar ||
amrit vela sach nao
vadeaee veechar ||
karamee avavai kaPaRa
naderee mokh duvaar ||
nanak aveh jaNeyen
sabh aapeh sachyaar ||

SatGuru jee:
saacha sahib saach nae
phaakhea bhao apaar ||
"The master is True; True is the master's name;
Infinite the expressions of love to the master"

ankhaih man-gaih deyhe deyhe

daat kare daataar ||
"The masters children ask the master for more and more by saying "give, give"
the giver keeps on giving gifts"

1. phir ke agai rakeeai, jit disai darbaar ||
"SatGuru jee, what can the master's children give back to the master
in order to see the master's court [WaheGuru's nirgun (formless) saroop]?

2. muhaun ke bolaN boleyai, jit suN dharay pyar ||

"What can the master's children *say* by hearing which,
the master will give the master's love in the children's hearts?"

SatGuru jee:
1. amrit vela
"The children have to give the master their amrit vela in order to see
WaheGuru's nirgun saroop."

2. sach nao, vadeaee veechar ||

"The children have to say the True Naam and
reflect upon the master's greatness in order to obtain the master's love in their hearts"

"Pyare SatGuru jee, why do we need to do the above?
Aren't karams like good deeds, giving daan enough for salvation?"

SatGuru jee:
karamee avavah kaPaRa
nadereen mokh dovaar ||
"Doing karams, we get body,
but mukti (salvation) is gotten by grace."

"What happens when we obtain WaheGuru's grace?"

SatGuru jee:
nanak aveh jaNeyen
sabh aapeh sachyaar ||
"All is seen as nothing but True WaheGuru."


WaheGuru has given us so much. Everything we see or feel is a gift from WaheGuru. The question arose
in the above GurSikh's mind that since WaheGuru has given us *everything*; what could we possibly give
back to WaheGuru as gift?

In Gurmat; the acceptable gift to WaheGuru is Amrit Vela.

Now pyare gursikhoooo, to give up sleep at amrit vela is only the true warrior's work.

Daas has seen many gursikhs who do everything gurmat-oriented - they do so much seva; they attend
smagams; they keep rehat; they love gurbaNi: but when it comes to regular amrit vela simran; they look
defeated and say that it is beyond them.

Pyareooo, Amrit Vela is the precious precious gift that our WaheGuru wants. Are we ready to give it?

When we gave our heads, the guru said, "Now you do not exist - what I say you do, you do; when I say you
wake up; you wake up. I say: wake up at amrit vela."

So gursikho, let us live up to the name "gursikh". Let us live up to the concept "Sant-Sipahee". Let us
push away Maya at amrit vela and wake up with guru's naam on our mouth. Let us break throw the
Kulyug's net of sleep at amrit vela and shower in amrit which the guru freely rains on us at amrit vela.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Pyareooooooooooooo, in summary, the 4th pauRi of Jap Jee Sahib answers two fundamental questions of
sikhi (the previous 3 pauRis answered what will NOT work eg outer purity, silence, intelligent etc etc):

Q: What can we give to WaheGuru so that we may see WaheGuru's court - ie WaheGuru's True
nirgun saroop?
A: Amrit Vela.

Q: What should we do so that WaheGuru may place love for WaheGuru in our hearts?
A: Recite Sach Naam and reflect upon WaheGuru's greatness via
gurmanter (WaheGuru)
mool manter (Ik-on-kar, sat, naam, karta, purakh, nirbhou, nirvaar, akaal, moorit, ajooni,
saibhang, gur prashad)
sach manter (aad sach, jugaad sach, habhi sach, nanak hosi bhi sach ||)


Pyareooooooo, daas urges all sakhis who do not samaal amrit vela regularly to make a vow to Guru Nanak
Dev jee that they will start waking up at amrit vela regularly.

Only when we are regular, do we really see feel the nectar that rains at amrit vela. Only then does it drench
us enough to make us go through the day completely shielded from Maya. Only with regularity do we
begin to feel the presence of Naam; first at amrit vela; then all day long.

Only by waking up at amrit vela, do we progress spiritually. Only Amrit Vela Naam Simran takes us closer
to Truth. Closer to Naam Ras. Closer to Guru. Closer to Love. Closer to being who we are really are -
special souls in WaheGuru's creation.

The Torch
It was cloudy full moon night.

A gursikh was doing a raoul in an akand paTh. Suddenly the lights went out. Even though the full moon
was providing some light, the gursikh had difficulty in enjoying gurbaNi. There were moments when the
clouds would cover up the moon and the gursikh couldn't see anything.

Someone handed the gursikh a torch. The gursikh gladfully turned it on and starting blissing out on
gurbaNi again.


That torch is amrit vela.

Without amrit vela, we may understand the guru's message a little bit. But it is usually clouded by our
thoughts, our nature, our surrounding, our worldly knowledge and our fixations.

Only with amrit vela, can we possibly understand gurbaNi at a deep or even at an intermediate level.

As Naam Net is a "do it" net, daas would suggest the sakhis who do not yet enjoy amrit vela to try the

1. Read a banee from Guru Granth Sahib which is not part of the daily nit-nem - perhaps Sukhmani
Sahib or Bara(n) maha

2. Write in a diary how much you enjoyed the banee

3. Start waking up at amrit vela and doing at least one hour of naam simran - don't worry if it is
difficult to concentrate, just do it as best as you can

4. After 40 days; read the chosen banee again and compare your enjoyment/understanding level
with the one from 40 days ago

5. Be blown away

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Q: Why is amrit vela naam simran important?

A: Because amrit vela naam simran is the first and foremost guru's hukam:

guru satguru ka jo sikh aakhaia

so bhal ke uT har naam dhayia
"A SatGuru's sikh is the one
who wakes up early and meditates on Har Naam"

Q: Why is amrit vela naam simran guru's first and foremost hukam?

A: Because at amrit vela Naam Ras is distributed:

raat kathooree vandeeai

suteyah mile na bhou ||
"At night the nectar is distributed,
by sleeping it is gotten not."

Q: Why is obtaining Naam Ras important?

A: Because with naam ras, come *all* the other gurmat qualities:

With naam ras, comes humility.

With naam ras, comes sweet words.
With naam ras, comes mind's stillness.
With naam ras, comes power to fight Maya.
With naam ras, comes prem for Guru's Charan.
With naam ras, comes deep reflection of gurbaNi.
With naam ras, comes detachment from the World.
With naam ras, comes ceaseless "liv" with WaheGuru.
With naam ras, comes mad love for Guru and GurSikhs.
With naam ras, comes WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru.

In short, with naam ras, comes *everything*.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

There were once a type of fish called Clingers. The reason they were called Clingers was that all their
lives, all they did was cling on to the river bank while the water rushed past them.

One Clinger decided he had had enough of clinging and decided to uncling from the river wall. The elders
of the Clingers warned him that he would die the minute he did that. But he was determined - he thought
that clinging was no worse than death. So uncling he did.

And as soon as he unclinged, the river held him in its lap and with love took him to the ocean where he
started LIVING.

Pyareooo, here is the amrit vela naam simran that *will* work for us:

1. First of all, let us convince ourselves that we *want* and *need* amrit vela naam simran. Daas
believes taking the following gurbaNi tukk to our hearts would do that for us:

picchal raat na jaageooa,

jeevandone moyoahe
"The ones who don't wake up at last part of the night (ie amrit vela)
are (spiritually) dead even while being (physically) alive"

This is absolutely true. And daas believes we all understand and *know* this from experience.


A few years back, a gursikh came back from naami gursikh sangat where this gursikh had done amrit vela
naam simran. Coming back, the first thing he did was to beg other gursikhs to wake him up at amrit vela
no matter what. He begged,
"I now know life!
I also know I will die without amrit vela naam simran.
I also know that I will not realize that I am dead when I die.
So Gursikhs, please do not let me die!
And if I do die, please let me know!"


2. Starting tomorrow let us go to the hazoori of Guru Granth Sahib jee (if possible);
stand attentively and repeat "Dhan Guru Nanak, Dhan Guru Nanak" until it is the only thing we
are saying - ie all other thoughts are out of our mind.

3. Then let us put our head on the guru's feet (internally, visually) and repeatedly beg for amrit vela
naam simran and *only* for amrit vela naam simran.

4. Then let us *throw away* our alarm clocks - alarms clocks have *never* awoken gursikhs; it the
guru who does.

5. Do the above steps every day *without fail*.

6. By Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankaree gurpurab of 1998, we *will* be doing amrit vela naam simran


Pyareoooooo, let us not think that Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankaree Jee will be burdened by waking us up.

No, Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankaree Jee *lives* for this.

A naami gursikh recently told daas,

".... Guru Nanak is doing just as much prachar of Naam *now* as he was when he was in the human
body.... If not more..."
Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankaree is an unprecendented paropkaree SatGuru who if asked, will be with us and
provide 24 hours of True and Blissful sangat.

gur mere sang sada hai nale ||

So pyareooo, let us un-cling from *ourselves* and let the

gur navnidh dareyao

river take us to WaheGuru the ocean of Truth and Blissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

The time known as "Amrit Vela"

Taan Sain was the best musician in Emperor Akbar's court. Each evening he would sing for the Emperor
who was a lover of the arts and would greatly appreciate the musician. He would shower many gifts and
praises onto the musician.

One evening, after a particularly beautiful performance by the musician, the Emperor called Taan Sain to
his palace and said, "Today you overwhelmed me. While I was listening to you sing, a thought occurred to
me and that thought was that you are the best musician on this Earth. But as soon as that thought had
trespassed my mind, I thought about the great teacher who must have taught you must also be great. That's
the reason I asked for you. Pray tell me, who is your teacher and how can he or she come to this court to
perform for the Kingdom."

Taan Sain smiled and said, "Sire, my teacher is full of wonders. But I know him enough to tell you that he
will not come to this court."

The Emperor said, "Of course we will do his seva quite handsomely..."

Taan Sain, "With due respect, Sire, no amount of seva will bring my teacher to your court."

This greatly intrigued the Emperor, "Surely there is a way that I could listen to your teacher sing. If he will
not come here, perhaps we can go to him."

Taan Sain again smiled, "Sire, my teacher is carefree and he might not like us going to him."

Emperor, "But surely, my good man, there must be a way."

Taan Sain thought a while and said, "Well, there is one way. My teacher usually sings in the early
mornings by the Ganga River. If the Raja insists, then we must be discreet and hide nearby and listen to
him at that time."

The Emperor was a spiritual man and he did wake up at early hours of the morning anyway, so he arranged
for them to be taken to a place where Taan Sain's teacher bathed and sang.

Both the Emperor and Taan Sain reached the river bank at 1 am and hid in nearby bushes. As was the daily
routine of Taan Sain's teacher, he came to the river at 1.30 am, bathed and sat on the river bank and sang.

His song was so great that it completely mesmerized the Emperor. The Emperor could not speak or move,
and just sat like a stone idol for entire time the teacher sang. Even after the teacher had left, the Emperor
had to be nudged from his vismad smadhi by Taan Sain.

The Emperor half dreamily walked back to the carriage which had brought them to the river bank. The
Emperor remained in vismad for the whole ride back and indeed, the whole day.

After that evening's performance, the Emperor summoned Taan Sain to his palace again and said, "Taan
Sain, your teacher is wonder itself. I am very, very curious at one thing. I love your singing but if you
wouldn't mind, I would request you answer one question."

Taan Sain, "Sire, please ask this servant any question."

The Emperor, "With much due respect, I thought that you were the best on this Earth, but your teacher far
surpresses you. I do not wish to offend you in any way, but please tell me how is this possible that your
teacher's talent is eons deeper than yours?"

Taan Sain laughed and said, "Rajan, I perform for you, he performs for God."


Meri pyare guru jee dee pyari pyari sakhiooos,

Taan Sain performed for worldly people. His teacher performed for Waheguru.

Taan Sain's song was like a rose. His teacher's song was like a bed of freshly-blossomed and fragrance-
laden roses dancing in the wind.

Taan Sain performed for worldly people. His teacher performed for Waheguru.

At the hour that our overwhelmingly-loving guru calls "Amrit Vela" we perform for Waheguru. No one

There is no doubt that when we do seva and sing keertan at the gurudwara, we do it sincerely and with
faith. But I will tell, my lovers, there is always a hint of humai (ego) hidden in our actions. When we do
good keertan, we wait for someone to say, "Wah, Wah."

But at the time that our overwhelming-ras-filled guru calls "Amrit Vela", there is no one there except guru.
Only guru, pyareo, guru. Then we please the guru and the guru only. The guru loves us then. The guru
then has the chance to splash us with the guru's overflowing maddening prem, love, ras and jot.

The time that our very own father, mother and overwhelmingly unconditionally-loving guru calls "Amrit
Vela" is the beginning of sikhi. It is the beginning of our path to the guru's warm and sukh-sagar bosom.

Pyareoo, make that leap. Start Amrit Vela naam simran on June 9th and feel the essence of sikhi and the
guru blossoming inside your heart.

Pyareooo, do ardas for everyone that all Naam Net sakhis may start Amrit Vela simran on June 9th. Do not
delay. It is "now" or never.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Gur Gyan Becomes Visible From Naam Simran





dass kookar recieved few personal posts regarding dass's last post of BED OR FLOOR
One Sakhee has expressed that what dass said is hard to follow Amritvella practically.
Vaheguroo,Vaheguroo,Vaheguroo,Vaheguroo... Other Pyaria Sakhee's Jeooo....Dhoy Hath Jorr Kar Bantee,
dass throw dass-self onto feet's of Satguroo pyariaa jees, who think that dass is in Naam-rass. Definitely
not, harjis nahyee, dass only longs for Naam..Naam..Naam..Naam..Naam.. Nankaree Naam..Vaheguroo
Jee...... If only Vaheguroo Jee could reside in dass's chit (heart)!! dass is not
worthy of any praise or respect only Naam Dataa Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee is worthy of all the praise and
respect and HIS GURMUKHS of Ninkaree Naamee Sangat Jee.

This reminded dass kookar of the following story.........

Once a teacher told his class children that Vaheguroo Jee resides in Ziraa,Ziraa(in every bit)
To make sure that all children understood, the very next day the teacher asked question to the same
children 'Where doesn't Vaheguroo Jee reside' The teacher expected that every one would say there is no
place where Vaheguroo Jee doesn't reside but a small, sweet, over-flowing with love, wearing Khalsaaee
blue Duomalla with cholla, Guroo Kaa Ladlaa raised his hand to attract his teacher uttering- Master Jee,
Master Jee, I know where Vaheguroo Jee does not reside. Teacher asked this child to stand up and repeat
what he said, perhaps the teacher was alarmed at what Guroo Kaa Ladlaa said, The sweet Guroo
Kaa Ladlaa replied again; 'Master Jee, I know where Vaheguroo Jee does not reside, Master Jee very
politely with a smile thinking AHH...HAA he is one of those, and said....'Gurmukh Singh tells us where
doesn't Vaheguroo reside'

This Guroo Kaa Ladlaa radiating with love for Vaheguroo Jee said in very soft voice.

'Master Jee, in my chit (heart) if Vaheguroo Jee resides in my chit (Heart) then I would remember Him
with every breath I take.

'Gurmukh Singh Jee' replied the Master Jee with great respect and honour, Dhan tu, Dhan terey Matta and
Petaa Jee, and Dhan tayree Gursikhee....'

Guroo Kay Laadleyooo, Pyaree Ninkaree Naamee Sangat Jeoooo, dass is unworthy of love dass, has
received from sangat jee, those are dass's true friends, brother and sisters GURSIKHAN BHAYEE
MEETH who prompt dass that Vaheguroo Jee should reside in our CHIT.......and remember HIM
with every borrowed-Breath.

Pyaree Ninkaree Naamee Sangat jee is like a Gurmukh Singh Jee mentioned in the story, which reminds
dass kookar Vaheguroo is in Ziraa Ziraa but not in dass's Chit (heart) but by the grace of Naam Dataa
Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee dass kookar will try as much as it takes, to follow the path:

The Hukam of Amritvelaa.

Amrit-vellaa is like a flame beaming on the top of wick in Deevaa....

and the oil-fuel be one's all DUKH


and as the flame uses the fuel


Through the flame of Naam's light, SUKH can prevail, and one can escape from the meeting the
batons of Jumdooths. Meeting of the Jumdooths are much,much harder than Amritvalaa's of

Japping of Naam at Amritvelaa is mandatory for all Gur Kia Sikh, only through Amritvalaa one can
understand the true meanings of Gurbanee (knowledge)GUR-GYAN, the way to lead this precious, small

One of the Naam's Kalaa (property) invests in Namee is to pursue and ensue radiating light (Gur-Gyan)
in an essence Naam and Banee is;

* Naam is flame/beam on the tip of the wick.

* Gurbanee is a light radiated from the flame.
* Wick is the amount of breaths one has in the life-span.
* Deeva is our human body.
* Body is filled by fuel of DUKH.

Naam is a origin of this light, there is no light without source. Let us put this way without Vaheguroo Jee's
Naam there will be no Gurbanee. Vaheguroo Jee is Naam and Naam is Vaheguroo Jee.

But, one has to be worthy of this Gur-Gyan. This worthiness comes from Naam Simran. Naam dee Prapatee
(Naam's achievement) Naam complements Gurbanee and Gurbanee complements Naam.
thus....NAAMBANEE Sometimes this unworthy kookar, thinks that this may be the reason why
Satgur Parbrahm Parmesar Guroo Nanak Dasmesh Jee has bless us with this hukam:

SOU BHALKYA UTH HARNAAM DHAVIAA|| Japping Naam at Amritvalaa

and then

FIR CHERAA DIVAS GURBANEE GAVIA|| Recite Gurbanee at daybreak.

One can not, will not understand Gurbanee without Naam simran. Dass kookar has met many well-
educated supposed Sikhs who fail to understand that without churning (Naam/Simran)milk, there is no


Often one must have heard someone saying 'I want to understand Banee first' How foolish they are the
HUKAM alone ..... JAP..... of Naam Simran is in the MOOL MANTER which give's a thrust of DO
(Khaal) and then receive fruit (Fal), How can they proceed to understand Gurbanee without following this
fundament key the Hukam of Naam Simran and understanding of the Gurbanee? Reciting Gurbanee on its
own can only, without Naam simran can fuel one's ego... i.e. 'I am reciting this much Gurbanee'!!

But on the other hand if one indulge with Naam/simran from Amritvelaa before Gurbanee (Nitnem) then,
one tends to keep this Naam,Gurbanee Heera/Motee MEEREE,PEEREE, Gupt, and keeps on
bathing/showering over and over again oneself with ATAMIK-Anand.... Sukh of all Sukhs, even Dukhs
becomes Sukh living in HIS BHANAA reciting every breath with Naam and Gurbanee.

One can not know how to recite Gunn of Vaheguroo Jee, one has no words, Mutt, Bal, Gyan, Budhee,
Charg, Shabad, Kaar, and Mukh but through crying out Naam and Gurbanee one can utter billion/trillion
thanks, and know how to sing Vaheguroo Jee's GUN.

Vaheguroo Jee..Rakh.. Laaa

Vaheguroo Jee..Bakish.. Laaa



Please Sangat Jeoo, forgive dass kookar for any mistake made in this posting and perform Ardassaa so, that
this dass can have true Sumatt, and what dass preach let dass do dass-self.
A date with waheguru at amrit vela
heere jasa janam hey
kodi badle jaiey ||

"This life is worth diamonds,

but it goes for the price of shells"

There are a set number of amrit velas in our life. Each is worth a priceless diamond. If it is not properly
deposited, empty shells of sleep fill up our atmic treasury.

These are not empty words. This is True. naami gursikhs tell daas so.

When we die, what we are is instantaneously seen in our atma - soul. The soul of a naami is bright and
light, while one of a manmukh is dark and dense. A naami soul can fly to higher realms. A manmukh
soul, because of its weight of un-awareness cannot.

Each time a soul recites gurmanter, its gets brighter and lighter. Each time.

Eyes are window to the soul. naami gursikh's eyes glow. Actually, the physical eyes don't really glow, its
the soul which glows from within. Similarly, even the rest of the body of a naami gursikh will start

A manmukh soul is dried and dead. It doesn't fly. It knows no light either.

A gurmukh soul is fresh, full of energy and alive with life. Even other souls in close proximity (physically
or in love) get affected. That's why "Sadh ka sang" is so important.

A naami gursikh told daas that each time "waheguru" is done, the soul is effectively jeweled with a
priceless jewel. The catch is that the "waheguru" has really got to be done - that is, with concentration.

To a large extent , the *only* time concentration is possible is at amrit vela.

That's why guru maharaj says:

Har(i) Dhan(u) Rattan(u) Javehar(u) MaNNak(u)

Har(i) Dhanai Naal(i) Amrit Vaylai Vatai
Har(i) Bhagtee Har(i) Liv Laaee ||

The Lord's wealth (Naam) is like jewels, gems and rubies.

At the appointed time in the Amrit Vela, the ambrosial hours of the morning,
the Lord's devotees lovingly center their attention on this wealth of the Lord.

Har(i) Dhan(u) Amrit Vaylai Vatai Ka Beejiaa

Bhagat Khaae Kharch Rahe Nikhutai Nahee || (734)

The Lord's devotees consume and spend the God's wealth,

sown at the opportune ambrosial hours, but it is never exhausted.

but it is never exhausted.

but it is never exhausted.
but it is never exhausted.
but it is never exhausted.

Now, tell daas that daas is crazy because this sounds toooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooood to be true.
Something that is never exhausted!! Now that's what daas calls a d-d-d-d-d-d-deal.

Pyareooooooooooooooooooo, the guru is *always* ready to give, give and give. All we need to do is open
our-selves. This can only be done at amrit vela.

XXVII. Power of Naam

Nagar Keertan
This weekend this one had opportuninty to witness an ordinary man do Nagar Keertan.

In a procession of thousands, with a score of floats, in which the theme seemed to be, he with the loudest
loud speaker and the most tinsel wins. One ordinary man, his singhni, his three bhai sahibs, his two
bhanijee, and few family members, found one float, a model of Harimandir sahib, with no loudspeaker and
followed that.

The ordinary man slung one saropa around his neck, tie to vaja and did keertan of Waheguru waheguru
following that silent float for four hours.

this one followed his footsteps, the last hour when this body could not take one more step, and witnessed
that one stumble, and staggar, with saropa cutting into neck, vaja weighing down, but never giving in until
reaching the Gurudwara once more..

What is this stuff that ordinary singhs are made of?

Extra ordinary Love for Waheguru, Satguru, the One who has given us everything.

What we can give in return? Only our love, devotion, our principals of never giving in, or giving up, never
turning back or letting down, supporting each other until our goal is attained, then maintaining that.

this one learned what is Nagar Keertan.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

He cherishes the human beings

A Singhni lay on the examination table in the Doctor's office...She was very weak and seemed close to
death.The doctor was doing an Ultrasound examination.On the screen could be seen two large objects.
Little black dots began to fill the screen creating black out areas. It was determined that the cause of the
enlarging black area was internal bleeding In fact, She seemed to hemorrhaging and in need of immediate
surgery if her life was to be spared. Causing the bleeding, were two Uterine tumors. One was 5 inches in
diameter, and the smaller 3 inches in diameter. Cancer was the suspect.

The Doctor left the room to make arrangements for the surgery.. Naturally, our Singhni and her usband
very, very alarmed and upset by this devastating news. Her husband, one very Chardi Kalaa Singh went
directly to the phone, and called the head of the family, his respected Bhai Sahib.

Bhai Sahib was in a city nearly 8 hours away. He said very firmly, "Do not allow the surgery. It cannot
cure her and will only cause additional suffering. Take Bhainjee home right away, I will meet you

It was not easy, as she was lethargic and weak from internal bleeding, and blood loss,
but they managed to get Bhainjee out of the office undetected.
She was taken home and Akhand Paath was begun. A bed was made for her in Baba jis room, so she could
listen, and she lay there for two days unmoving, as the Akhand paath progressed.

One Singh, very close to this family was a Medical Doctor trained as a Surgeon. He spent the entire first
night pouring through Medical Manuals searching for any information that would be of help.. What he
found was not good. She had a condition for which there was no cure.

The Akhand Paath continued with Bhai Sahib reading. When the Akand Paath was complete, The Ardaas
said, and the Bhog finished. Bhai sahib passed by Bhainjee. He said to her, "Your surgery has been done
now. Do not return to the Doctor, There is no need."

Miraculously, our Singhni grew stronger.

The Doctor, and Practitioners, whose office she left in sach haste, however were not happy . She received
phone calls urging her to check back in to the hospital, admonishing her to have the surgery, or face certain
death. She refused. The calls continued. Finally she was threatened with having her insurance benefits cut
off, if she did not consent to at least re-examination. She agreed.
She was found to be tumor free, and completely healed...

Todate, some 10 years later, the close family Doctor sahib ji has no medical explanation....

Ik Ong Kar Satgur Prasad... He, who has created the entire world, O brother, is Omnipotent to do all the
deeds. He is the Lord who has fashioned the soul body by using His power. How is He to be described and
how to be seen ? The Creator is unique and indescribable, O brother. Praise thou thy Guru-God,
O brother, from whom thou shalt know the quintessence. O my soul, remember thou thy fortunate Lord.
The Lord, Destroyer of sorrow and suffering, blesses His slave with the benefaction of the Name. Pause

In whose Home every thing is there,

and whose store-houses are brimful with nine treasures His worth cannot be ascertained,
O brother and He is lofty, unapproachable and Infinite.
He cherishes the human beings and other creatures,
and day-in and day out, takes care of them, O brother.
Meet thou, the Perfect True Guru,
O brother, who by his instruction, shall unite thee with the Lord.
By adoring the True Lord's feet, O brother, doubt and dread are dispelled.
Joining the society of saints cleanse thy soul, O brother,
and then thou shalt abide in the Lord's Name.....
Panna 639-640
please do ardas for me
Beloved Waheguru ji,
This life is so full of pain and sorrow, thankYou, because THEN we remember You.
Glady we accept Your will for us and live only to serve You.
To be able to serve You to the fullest, Kind Master, our frail bodies
need the Loan of Your Strength.
Please empty us of our self, and pour into that emptiness Something of
Your Devine Self.
Please bless us that whether sitting, standing, waking or in sleep, that
when we remember You,
all suffering leaves us and flees far away in the Face of Your Beauty.
Especially remember H***** Singh, Your humble servant He is is nothing
of his own without You.
There is nothing that is not with in Your Power, Merciful Lord.
Fill us with your Light and your Grace, so that every bit of darkness is
and we remain vessels that contain only Your Naam and Your Love.
We are only beggars Lord unworthy to sit at Your Feet.
We plead forgiveness for ever we err and go on erring.
Only Your Love can change us...

Dhan Guru Naanak Dev Nirankar

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

HemKunt Sahib Sakhi

This is a true saakhi as told to this one by a gupt gurmukh.

Several years ago, the gurmukh was climbing the trail to Hemkunt Sahib..

There was a woman in the party that would prepare tea for everyone... She would reach the rest stop ahead
of all, and have the tea and snacks ready, After everyone had taken, and was refreshed, they would go on
ahead while she stayed behind to clean up. When they reached the next rest stop, she was again waiting
with hot tea and snacks. No one ever saw her pass them on the trail, never the less she had
reached there ahead of all. This action was repeated until the summit was reached.

Siri Nagar Sakhi

This one has a True Saakhi to relate, about the power of naam, told to this one by a naamnet gupt
gurmukh... who heard it from one raagee who was family member of Gursikhs household.

In a place called Siri Nagar with in the boundaries of Kasmere, a Gursikh family lived. This area was
populated by majority of muslims. The Gursikh family had adjoining property to one muslim family. Their
respective homes were built in such a way as to have a common wall dividing their households.
This was the manner most homes in that area were built as it was heavily populated. These homes were
well established and had been standing for many years. They were built of stone and hardened clay

At some point there was a dispute over the property line. The head of the muslims family called a surveyor
who measured the properties and placed a permanent marker which could not be removed. As the marked
showed the Gursikh family's home was 2 feet on the wrong side of the marker, and intruded onto the
property of the muslim family. The head of the muslim house became very agitated and irate, insisting the
Gursikh family tear down their house and move with in the boundaries of their own property. He threatened
their very lives saying he would kill them if they did not comply. The Gursikh family members were
naturally very upset and feared for their safety.. Finally the muslim house holder gave an ultimatum, tear
down the house by the next morning or be prepared to die.. The Gursikh family was very nervous and
fearful for their lives, they came to the head of their house hold and wanted to know what to do. That one
was very devout Gursikh. He told the other members of the family not to worry, just to sit with him and do

They sat together and through the night did Waheguru waheguru waheguru.

In the morning as soon as it was dawn, the muslim householders came to the door armed and furious, ready
to do battle. The head of the Gursikh household met them calmly, and asked that the marker be checked
one final time. When the marker was checked it showed that the wall dividing the two house holds was
sitting squarely over the marker. Thinking there must be some trickery involved, that the marker had been
moved, the muslims called the surveyor to be brought again. Once again the property lines were measured.
The surveyor announced that the marker was still in place exactly as he had placed it previously. The
marker had not been moved, rather the wall of the house had been moved. The houses were then
measured. The wall dividing the house had indeed moved, The room in the muslim house was 2 feet
larger, than before, and the room in the Gursikh house was now 2 feet smaller.

Sach is the power of Naam

Naam Laddo Sakhi

This is true tale of the power of naam as told to this one by a gupt gurmukh:

Gupt sakhi say it is possible with the power of naam to change the vibration of food. That one tells of one
very saintly soul who had placed laddoo in the hand of one Singhni. That laddoo was ordinary laddoo
having no naam, no vibration of love, it was not looking like nice laddoo at all. The Singhni held the
laddoo in the palm of her hand and placed her other hand over the laddoo, so it could not be seen. She then
did small waheguru waheguru. When she opened her hand the laddoo was transformed into Naamladdoo,
it was glowing with light and love, as she made ready to eat it , the saintly soul who had given it to her
asked, where did you get that lovely Naamladdoo, i want that Naamlaaddo and took it from her hand and
popped into his mouth, and blissfully, gleefully munching down the naamladdoo exclaiming MMMmmm
this naamladdoo is so delicious. Yummmmm.!!!

One other gupt sakhi tell of making naamladdoo for sangat. While that one was making the laddoo,
Sukhmani Sahib paath was heard. That one was also doing paath and waheguru waheguru, but there were
many interruptions. That one was very fatigued, and although having desire to put naam into the laddoo
and do seva for sangat, that one lost patience and became angry while making the laddoo. Then that one
felt very bad, How could that laddoo have love and naam, when anger and frustration had become an
ingredient.. The taste of the laddo was not sweet, bitter and salty only.

That one took the laddoo before Siri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, and did ardaas and asking Guru sahib please
to put HIS Naam into the laddoo for the sangat, as that one had not been able to. Then that one brought the
laddoo to sangat in the AMritvela. During the naamjap, that one continued to plead and beg Guru sahib jee
to please bless the laddoo with His Naam so the sangat should be happy. During the naamjap that one
could smell the aroma of laddoo baking in the oven, and knew that Guru sahib had replaced the ordinary,
bitter, salty, laddo with His Naamladdoo, and very gratefully thanked Guru sahib for his intervention and
love and caring for sadhsangat. That one did not take the laddoo, feeling very undeserving, but those who
did remarked that it was so sweeeeet, how is it made...? That one replied it must be made with love and

XXVIII.Amazing Adventures of Vechara Singh

Eyes and Ears

Vechara hadn't been well lately, old age was taking it's toll. He went to the Doctor and said `I've had a
really bad farting problem recently. I seem to be letting off wind every few minutes, but the good thing is
that it's not noisy nor smelly.' The Doctor gave Vechara some tablets. Vechara returned a week later, rather
upset he said, `Doctor those tablets have made my problem worse, I'm still farting but now they smell
terrible.' The Doctor replied, `Good, the tablets have sorted your sinuses out, now take these drops for your

Vechara stormed out and threw the drops away_'I cant stand these Doctors nor their medicines.' He arrived
home and sat down to eat with some old friends. `Vechara it's good to regularly clean your ears,' said his
friend, ` but next time would you use the end of your OWN spoon!' For the next few days Vechara was
constantly wiggling both index fingers in his ears, he didn't like to waste anything so he made candle with
the wax!. His ears got infected and within a few days so much pus was mixed in with the wax that he could
hear nothing. The Doctor recommended surgery. Both his ears were removed and he became virtually
blinded ...his glasses kept slipping off!

There was nothing left living for. Almost deaf and blind he lay down in a corner of a farmer's field and
waited for the vultures to eat him and save him from his dark, silent world. On the third morning, his
tears were licked off his face by an `Oinking' pig which had come running out of nowhere, he sat up and
stroked it's long floppy ears. Then he had a brain wave, he tied a piece of string around it's neck and it led
him from town to town.


Most of us take our health for granted. While our eyes and ears are working well we fill them with the
sights and sounds of the fascinating play God has created. We never stop to think what our eyes and ears
are really for.

Guru Amar Das Jee lovingly explains to us in the Song Of bliss - Anand Sahib:

O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you;

do not look upon any other than the Lord.
Do not look upon any other than the Lord;
the Lord alone is worthy of beholding.
This whole world which you see is the image of the Lord;
only the image of the Lord is seen.
By Guru's Grace, I understand,
and I see only the One Lord;
there is no one except the Lord.
Says Nanak, these eyes were blind;
but meeting the True Guru,
they became all-seeing. || 36 ||

O my ears, you were created only to hear the Truth.

To hear the Truth,
you were created and attached to the body;
listen to the True Bani.
Hearing it, the mind and body are rejuvenated,
and the tongue is absorbed in Ambrosial Nectar.
The True Lord is unseen and wondrous;
His state cannot be described. Says Nanak,
listen to the Ambrosial Naam and become holy; you were created only to hear the Truth. || 37 ||

So while our eyes and ears are healthy lets strive to make them listen to kirtan and to see God everywhere.
When they're gone it will be too late.

Blood Bath
The curtains fluttered and revealed the full moon lighting up the midnight sky, suddenly a dark, shadowy
black bat came flying in through the window. Kamlee Kaur woke up and removed the bedsheets to lcome
it. The bat was covered in blood and landed beside her. Then it transformed into a human shape :

- "Vechara! You must have had a good feast tonight, look at you, you're covered in blood. My taste buds
are going crazy just with the smell of fresh blood that you've brought in. So, tell me did you sink your
fangs into a buffalo, or an elephant or were you brave enough to suck on the neck of one of the sleeping

Vechara replied, "Well Kamlee, I'm not enjoying being able to transform into a vampire bat on a full moon.
It was fun at first, but next time that Mystic Meg comes thorugh our village I'm going to ask for my money
back and she can have her stinking potion, and another thing I don't like about her is..."

Kamlee interrupted, "O Vechara, stop complaining, I love changing into a bat. Look I'm really thirsty for
some blood so tell me where you had your feast."

Vechara answered, "OK if you really want to know, then take a big swig of that bat potion and follow me."
Kamlee picked up the bottle and gulped down a mouthfull. She handed it over to Vechara and he took a
swig too. Before they had time to say the Mool Mantr, there where two black bats shooting out of the
window into the night sky and an empty pile of clothes where Kamalee had been standing.

They flew through the valleys and over roaring rivers, the glided over the fields of wheat and headed
towards the jungle. Vechara suddenly stopped and sat on a huge boulder facing the dense greenery.
Kamlee landed beside him. Vechara said, "You said you want to know where I had a blood bath, right?
Just take a look over there, can you see that huge, thousand year old tree?"

-" Yes, I see it" said Kamlee,

-"Well, I bloody well didn't!"


Guru Amar Das Jee teaches us that God is all around us, but we are just too blind to see. When we beg for
the Guru's grace then we stop seeing the worldy illusion and only see Waheguru jee in everything.

"O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you;
do not look upon any other than the Lord.
Do not look upon any other than the Lord;
the Lord alone is worthy of beholding.
This whole world which you see is the image of the Lord;
only the image of the Lord is seen.
By Guru's Grace, I understand,
and I see only the One Lord; there is no one except the Lord.
Says Nanak, these eyes were blind;
but meeting the True Guru, they became all-seeing. || 36 ||" (Anand Sahib)

Get up early at amrit vela and repeat the Name of "Waheguru Waheguru!", when you open your eyes try
and see Waheguru everywhere and not the worldy illusion. Keep practising and by Guru's kindness the
Unseen Lord will be Seen.

"Wow Vechara, I can't believe you caught a mermaid!" said the fisherman's son, and they helped him haul
the net out of the river into their wooden boat. The mermaid was wriggling and furious, "Let me go, you
men think you can take what you want. I'm not just another fish in the sea, I am queen of the ocean,
daughter of the Creator and nobody else's slave, so release me at once!"

As the air touched her fin it changed into a pair of legs, now there was a naked woman lying at their feet.
The fisherman's son was looking lustfully at her, his father was thinking that life was so difficult since his
wife died, and this beautiful lady could cook and clean and worship the ground he walked on. Vechara was
thinking that women are nothing but trouble, and recently he'd been trying to follow the teachings of the
great Baba Bayb-koof who never got married, who never even looked at a woman. Baba Bayb-koof spent
his whole life surrounded by young men who would ensure that no deceiving woman could cross his
path. If Baba Bayb-koof did happen to see a woman, even accidentally, he would spend 40 days in solitary
confinement, eating only fruit and water purifying himself. Baba Bayb-koof was a great man, no-one was
as wise and pure as him. He taught that the soul was born again and again, but until it entered the body of a
Man it could not attain salvation. That is why Baba Beb-koof had successfully stopped parents from
educating their daughters about God. Baba Bayb-koof taught that having attained the Man's body, there
would be great tests. A woman would be the one to use her deceiving, sexy charms and drag them away
from God. He said a woman was impure because she had periods every month and she should be kept
away from the family for 5 days without any human contact. She shouldn't be allowed to cook or clean or
touch anything until 5 days had passed, infact her mother, father and brother should turn their head away
from her if she looked at them. Baba Bayb-Koof was truly a great saint and Vechara Singh scorned at her
and turned his head away.

"Set me free at once!" screamed the mermaid, frantically trying to get the net off her body, "Look I'll give
you each one wish if you let me go." The men looked at each other, the fisherman's son didn't believe it
and said, "OK, I've been getting pretty bad grades recently, double my intelligence." The mermaid clicked
her fingers and the teenager started quoting the ancient holy scriptures, then he started talking about
complex maths, physics and chemistry formulas. His father was amazed and said, "If I had half a brain I
could easily turn this one fishing boat into an international business. Triple my intelligence!" The mermaid
clicked her fingers and amazingly the fisherman got out a pen and piece of paper. He had a vision to
convert the bay into a dock where a fleet of fishing trawlers could sail from, he quickly produced a business
plan and cashflow projections. The mermaid looked at Vechara, having seen her powers he was jumping
up and down with excitement. He said, "Quintuple my intelligence!" The mermaid said, "Are you
absolutely sure you want me to make you 5 times cleverer? You know you will see the universe in a
completely new way, you will become tuned in with nature and feel the cosmic energy flowing in and
around you. You will understand the deeper meaning of life and realize love is the answer and ego is the
disease. Are you absolutely sure you want me to click my fingers?"

Vechara thought even Baba Bayb-Koof didn't have power like this mermaid. She insisted that the net was
removed and as she dived back into the water a thumb and finger click was heard.

Vechara turned into a woman!


All of the Guru's made great efforts to raise the status of women in male dominated India. Guru Nanak
Dev jee taught that it was the soul that was important, the body was equal regardless of gender. The mouth
which sung God's praises would be saved. And a woman was not impure because of monthly periods, the
impure person was the one who had lies and slander in their mouth day after day. Guru Amar Das jee
insisted that women removed the veil, or purdah, as it was not right they cover themselves up so drastically
so that men wouldn't have lustful thoughts on seeing them. Guru Amar Das jee sent women missionaries
around India and stopped the cruel practise of Sati were a widow would burn herself on her dead husband's
funeral pyre. Guru Ram Das Jee rejected the dowry system, where the grooms' family demanded gifts and
presents along with the bride. Guru Ram Das jee said that the only Dowry to ask for was that of God's
Name. After Guru Gobind Singh jee, his wife commanded the Khalsa nation. Mai Bhago jee was a great
saint-warrior, a lioness fighting alongside lions.

Guru Nanak dev jee summarises in Asa-Dee-Var :

From woman, man is born;
within woman, man is conceived;
to woman he is engaged and married.
Woman becomes his friend;
through woman, the future generations come.
When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.
So why call her bad?
From her, kings are born.
From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.
O Nanak, only the True Lord is without a woman.
That mouth which praises the Lord continually is blessed and beautiful.
O Nanak, those faces shall be radiant in the Court of the True Lord. || 2 ||

"Vechara darling we haven't got any milk, be a dear and get some from the shop, otherwise the children will
have nothing for breakfast tomorrow morning." Vechara replied to his wife, "It's late Kamalee sweetheart,
but I'll go and check if old Vaparee's shop is still open." Kamalee untied the knot in the corner of her dress
and taking out a roll of notes she placed them firmly in the palm of his hand saying, "Vechara you know
how useless you are with money, so make sure you bring me back the
correct change."

It was dark and silent, everyone in the village had gone to sleep, but Vechara just whistled his tune and
followed the dirt track between the outskirts of the village and the fields. Vaparee's shop was a good
twenty minutes away so he stepped up the pace. A gentle breeze blew from infront and he suddenly got a
whiff of perfume, he looked around and noticed a beautiful woman standing in a side alley. He recognized
her as being the dancing girl that had been going around the village earlier on.

She winked at him and like a drooling dog he followed the scent. She led him to her hut and he put the
milk money on the table. He just couldn't control himself and before he knew it three hours had passed.
Vechara woke up and started panicking, he jumped out of bed and threw his clothes on. As he raced out of
the door he noticed a pack of cards on the window sill, grabbing them he ran all the way home.

"AND WHAT UNGODLY HOUR DO YOU CALL THIS?" screamed Kamalee as he stepped through the
front door. "But Kamalee, darling, listen to me, calm down I can explain everything" said Vechara, "I can't
lie to you Kamalee, I made a mistake, I'm really sorry, but on the way to Vaparee's shop I met that
beautiful dancing girl and before I knew it I spent all the milk money paying her for a good time in bed.
Kamalee you're so precious to me, I couldn't live without you, can you ever forgive me?' Vechara fell at
her feet and sobbed.

Kamalee was still standing tall and straight, feet wide apart and planted into the ground. Both hands were
on her hips and she wasn't moved an inch by his words, she screamed furiously at Vechara ordering him to
turn out his pockets. He took out the pack of playing cards and Kamalee shouted "YOU FILTHY LIAR!


Adultery - What is it? Why did Guru Gobind Singh teach us that it one of the 4 MAJOR sins (bajar

The way I understand it is that Khalsa was an army of mainly men. In most armies the soldiers are of an
aggressive nature and at Guru Gobind Singh Jee's time soldiers would join for a multitude of reasons some
of which could be 'my sister was raped or my sister was kidnapped as a slave girl so I want revenge and

Once the army conquered the enemy, revenge would be to rape a muslim woman in return hence bringing
the same shame to her family. Too unrealistic? Well, a few years ago there was a case of a sister who was
raped, her brothers went and raped the rapist's sister...fair and square in their minds. It's not hard to believe
that mentality existed in the intensely proud uneducated soldiers. In the news recently, was the case of
United Nations soldiers raping and abusing women in Somalia. These soldiers were sent there as a peace
keeping force but their Kaam (lust) was out of control.

Plus what do a lot of marines and navy personnel do as soon as they come into same Far East port? They
go to the brothels...they haven't seen women for months......KAAM is a killer!

To control Kaam, get married and be loyal to your partner and love them only. Guru Gobind Singh Jee
made adultery one of the MAJOR SINS to protect your own honour and of the other party. Nowadays
newspapers say adultery in on the increase, infact if you haven't had an extra-marital affair then people are
tending to think YOU are weird.

Some of these Bhangra songs are always going on about 'Pbabee'...sister in law. Why is a brother singing
love songs to his sister-in-law? It stems from a time when in the extended family one brother gets married
and the other brothers may 'fall in love' with her as well as they're all living so close - leading to adultery.

What's the definition of adultery? Is it when you sleep with someone who is not your spouse? Or is it
when you start to fancy or love or dream about someone other than your spouse?

For example, one single woman may say it's OK to love a married man as long as it didn't get physical..just
platonic or spiritual. WRONG!!!!!!!! Just think about what you are doing. That married man's mind is on
the single women and away from his wife and kids. That single woman is MESSING ABOUT with
people's lives for her own selfish 'spiritual/platonic' satisfaction.

I'd say if there's a married couple with children and then a single women gets attracted to him, then she
needs to fight Kaam. If it gets to the stage where she tells him about it and he says he feels the same, but
they agree not to make it physical but 'love each other from a distance', then THAT IS ADULTERY

Guru Jee says that anything that distracts a person from loving God is called Maya. When a person gets
mislead by Maya, then they are burning with it's fire inside their mind. Just like Vechara started panicking
after his sordid night with the dancing girl. Maya had caused him to mentally burn. Guru Jee teaches us
that when we were in the womb, trapped in that fiery place, our soul was protected because it was
meditating on God's Name. But after we were born and as we got older, we forgot about God's Name and
filled up with desires. These desires lead us into the fire of Maya where we mentally burned and wasted
our life. Guru Jee teaches us that the ones who carried on remembering God's Name with love in this life,
will be protected from Maya just as they were in the womb and they will find God.

Guru Amar Das Jee lovingly summarises this in Anand Sahib :

As is the fire within the womb, so is Maya outside.

The fire of Maya is exactly the same; the Creator has staged this play.
According to His Will, the child is born, and the family is very pleased.
Love for the Lord wears off, and the child becomes attached to desires;
the script of Maya runs its course.
This is Maya, by which the Lord is forgotten;
emotional attachment and love of duality well up.
Says Nanak, by Guru's Grace,
those who enshrine love for the Lord find Him, in the midst of Maya. || 29 ||

Silence Please
"COME BACK SON! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" screamed Vechara, but it was too, late Junior had grabbed his
sack of worldy possessions and sprinted out through the front gate and off into the sunrise. Junior ran and
ran and ran, through fields of golden wheat and deserted forests. His heart was aching and tears were
streaming down his face, "I HATE HIM! I ABSOLUTELY HATE HIM!" kept ringing in his ears. "I'm
lonely cause of my dad's prejudices, but he blames me. Everyone says I'm weird, no one likes me. I've
never had any real friends_____Ahh who needs them anyway. I came alone and I'll die alone, it's the way
of the world. Why should I get married? I don't need prejudiced people to judge me. They can go and rot
in their useless lives_.I don't need a woman, I need God."

He suddenly stopped running. Did he really say that? "I need God?" The more he thought about it, the
more it appealed to him. The sun was setting and he noticed a tall, dark building silhoutted on top of a hill.
He headed for it. Brother IkChup opened the huge wooden gate even before Junior had pulled the bell
rope. "Welcome brother, we've been waiting for you." said Brother IkChup in deep solemn tones. His
wore a long grey robe with a hood covering his head and moving gracefully he took Juniors sack and sat
him down in the courtyard.

Junior loved the place at once. It was so peaceful, like an old caste it had no roof but high walls all round.
Under the moonlight he asked Brother IkChup where he was.

"This is the Monastery of Silence. You may join us but on one condition."

"And what's that?" asked an eager Junior?

"No speaking for a whole year."

Junior gulped.

"And after that you will be rewarded by being allowed to speak two words."

Junior hated the world, he hated the arranged marriage farce and he hated gossiping village folk. Silence
sounded good, and God was all he needed. So he agreed.

The first year passed and Brother IkChup put his hand lovingly on Junior's shoulder as he was planting the
potatoes. Brother Junior looked up. "You have done well, brother. You may speak two words."

"HARD BED!" replied an angry Brother Junior.

Brother IkChup nodded understandingly and walked away.

The second year passed and Brother IkChup tapped Brother Junior's ankle as he climbed the apple tree to
harvest the fruits. He looked down and Brother IkChup said, "I'm very pleased with you brother. You may
speak two more words."

"COLD FOOD!" replied a resentful Brother Junior.

Brother IkChup nodded and walked away.

The third year came and went and Junior marched into Brother IkChup's meditation chamber and made all
kinds of mumblings and humming sounds. He pointed to his mouth and stared at Brother IkChup. "O yes,
you have done well this year brother, you may speak two more words."

"I QUIT!" shouted Junior and threw off his long grey robes. As he was putting on his village clothes,
Brother IkChup calmly placed his hand on Junior's shoulder and said,

"It's probably for the best Brother, as all you've done since you got here is complain."


God cannot be obtained just by keeping vows of silence because the mind is still angry or attached to the
world. One needs to speak less, and at the same time obey God's command and meditate on Waheguru
Waheguru. God cannot be obtained by keeping fasts, because the mind is still hungry. So eat less and
healthily and fill the hunger of the mind by meditating on Waheguru Waheguru. God cannot be obtained by
studying and thinking about God because the mind is still ignorant about humility and love. So think
enough to motivate you to meditate on Waheguru Waheguru.

Guru Nanak Dev Jee teaches us in JapJee Sahib :

By thinking, He cannot be reduced to thought,
even by thinking hundreds of thousands of times.



The hunger of the hungry is not appeased,

even by piling up loads of worldly goods.

Hundreds of thousands of clever tricks,

but not even one of them will go along with you in the end.

So how can you become truthful?

How can the veil of illusion be torn away?

O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Command,

and walk in the Way of His Will. || 1 ||

XXIX. Gurmat 101

It is five minutes to class time and Naami Gursikh is sitting alone in the class hoping that Budhu Daas has
taken the advice and enrolled for "Gurmat for Dummies", but no, Budhu Daas walks right in, smiling face
to face.

Naami Gursikh (taking a deep breath): I see that you have decided to continue this class.

Budhu Daas: Well, I did take your advice and attend "Gurmat for Dummies", but I don't know what
happened - after my third question, the teacher's face became very very red. Then he suddenly sat down on
the floor breathing very very deeply and later he got up and wrote "I QUIT" on the blackboard, and
dissappeared. I had other questions but I will ask them to you instead.

NG (muttering waheguru waheguru): Yes, of course, you will. Well, let me start today's topic. Today's
topic is one of the pillars of Gurmat. Do you know what that might be?

BD: Er...

NG: Starts with a "N". "Ni..."

BD: Nihang Singhs?

NG (smiling): No, not quite. It is Nitnem. Have you ever wondered why sikhs have to do Nitnem?

BD: I think it is good for the aura.

NG: Well, that too. But mainly as a reminder of our commitment to our real goal in taking this human
form. You see, the Nitnem that is prescribed by the Guru is like a snapshot of all the philosophy of Guru
Nanak's path. Nitnem is prescribed at dawn and then again at dusk. The night is for Naam. At night, the
mind tends to be still and can meditate on Naam much more easily. While during the day, the mind is
active and it is good to give it gurbaNi dosage to start it off and then again to bring it into stillness at night
time When at amrit vela, gursikhs jap naam, it is like they build a dam of ras within. Nitnem is like a wall
which holds the ras inside. Of course, during the day too, gursikhs jap naam and recite
gurbaNi as much as possible. Indeed, gursikhs who are well along this path, jap naam all the time - that
however is another topic which we will cover in the coming days.

BD: My uncle says that Nitnem was given to gursikhs to punish them...

NG: No, no, no. Although many sikhs do feel that way and try to rush through Nitnem like it was

BD: My uncle does Nitnem in a peculiar way. He does it while he is eating his breakfast. In fact, he
sometimes talks to his wife while his is doing his nitnem. I think that is not the right way to do nitnem...

NG: Indeed it is not ....

BD: But I do it properly. I have recorded it on a tape. And then tripled the speed. Now I can listen to the
whole morning Nitnem in 9.35 minutes, and evening nitnem in 2.04 minutes. Isn't that incredible?

NG: Er.. Yes, that indeed *is* incredible. Actually, the rule of thumb to use if you are doing nitnem the
right way is that after doing it, you should feel light and inspired. If you feel tired, then you haven't done
it the right way; it's as simple as that.

BD: But I feel light and inspired after watching "BayWatch" - I must be watching it the right way...

NG: Daas, I strongly recommend "Gurmat for Dummies" for you.....

The room is dark. All the sakhis are sitting in a circle. Naami Gursikh sits at the head of the circle. All
sakhis are mediating on the One inside and waiting for the naami gursikh to speak.

After a few minutes of blissful silence, flowers fall out of Naami Gursikh's mukh:

"Only when WaheGuru wants a soul to wake up, does WaheGuru make the soul jap naam.

dhan jaag-ge
je pir bo-lan-ta ||

Taking amrit, doing nitnem, enjoying keertan, japping naam are all signs that WaheGuru has done kirpa on
a soul and is preparing the soul for re-union with WaheGuru.

Just like a fruit's ripeness tells us that it is ready to be dropped back to the Earth, similarily there is a sign
that shows us that we are about to fall back into WaheGuru's lap. And that is "liv" - a continuos connection
with WaheGuru."

Sakhi Fresh Rose (raising hand and after getting approval from Naami Gursikh speaks): "All is
GurPrashad, but that does not mean we become passive. Indeed it is best to put in the best effort."

Naami Gursikh (smiling): "Exactly right! Wonderfully said! (Sakhi Fresh Rose blushes) Indeed it is
WaheGuru who teaches us what to do. And there is a lot to be done to be prepared on this path. Waking up
at Amrit Vela. Doing saad sangat. Doing seva. Not hurting anyone or anything.

But the final frontier on search is SSSG:

saas saas sim-roh govind ||

Once we are doing this, rest assured that we are truely on the beloved's palace's footsteps. And soon, one
moment will come when the beloved will open the palace gates and allow us in to finally find a restful and
blissful bed of the beloved's lap.

Just like amrit vela naam simran had to done forcefully at first, but slowly becomes part of daily life;
similarily, SSSG has to be done forcefully at first until it too becomes part of life.

Just like amrit vela naam simran was difficult at first and showed no apparent results, but slowly becomes
an indispensable part of a gursikh life; similarily SSSG will be difficult at first and will only show it's
results after a little while.

But the sakhis who have tried it say the following:

"... whereas amrit vela naam simran is washing off the face, SSSG is taking a full bath..."

The way to start this off is by dedicating a day to naam and naam only. Tell all family members to give you
silence. Tell them to take care of your phone calls. But do make sure, no one else knows about this,
because ego will come very easily and will destroy any naam ras. If you must speak to someone, do so.

On that dedicated day, make the tongue jap naam. And do not let it rest even for a minute, even if boredom
sets in. If slothfulness takes over, go for a walk, or take a shower. No matter what you do, just keep on
japping naam. Mix mool manter with gurmanter.

If you wish to see results right away, attend a keertan and results in the form of understanding about the
importance of naam will overflow the senses. Try this - life is too short; try it this weekend!"

After this, the Naami Gursikh goes into silence. All the sakhis go into meditation of the beloved's
wonderful, treasure-filled and ras-overflowing Naam.


Suddenly, there is sound of rock music. Clueless Daas (CD) bursts in wearing cool shades, BugleBoy
jeans, T-shirt saying "I'm the one you looking for, babe!" and walkman blasting away Bono (U2) latest hit.
CD puts on the light, flooding the room with worldliness and says rather loudly, "Hey dudettes, what's goin'

Needless to say, a very heavy mutual sigh goes through the sakhis (just like the one that is going through all
the sakhis right now). Sakhi Saaki's hand flys to the Sri Sahib and flying through the air like a cheetah
from the bir-asan and goes towards CD. And with a one single very precise whoosh of the Sri Sahib fatally
beheads the walkman from its headphones.

CD doesn't even see Sakhi Saaki and cluelessly hits the headphones. "Hey, man, where's the muZZic?"

NG: Yes, daas, how are you? You might not know this, but this is a graduate class on Gurmat and it might
not completely suit your (has difficult time saying the next words) .. spiritual level.

CD: Hey, man. I got nothin' else going on. I'll just, like, sit here, and chill, you know what I am saying?

NG: Ok, but please be very still and quiet.

CD: Of course, man, .... whatever, dude.

NG (to the sakhis): Ok, now let us all mediate on the mool manter for a little while more...

Baba AVSN jee quickly terminates the lights. As soon as the lights go out, CD snoozes off. But even in his
sleep, he knows no stillness - his rather tight BugleBoy jeans keep on making him shift. After the sakhis
wait enough time for CD to settle down, Baba 6'2'' jee lightly goes and pick ups CD from under the
armpits, while Baba Data-Paap Destroyer (DPD) removes the BugleBoy jeans. Sakhi R Singh takes the
jeans and *suspends* them on the window sill outside. CD is put back on the floor, and finally goes
into a deep sleep.

All the sakhis give a sigh of relief (just like the one that all sakhis are giving right now)... and continue their
jap of

WaHeGuRu WaHeGuRu WaHeGuRu WaHeGuRu WaHeGuRu..........

Gurmat 101 - Amrit Vela

Naami Gursikh (NG) walks into class and finds Rasta Daas (RD) jamin' to Bob Marley's "Jammin'" on his
ghetto blaster. RD is wearing a T-Shirt saying "JAH" and is sporting dreadlocks on his head and beard.

RD: Hey, Maaan! How you doing, Maan. Me, is just jaaming with Bobby here.

NG (after putting off the ghetto blaster): So, daas, how about starting today's lesson and then we can
discuss Bobby.

RD: You the boss, Maaan. And oh yeah, my uncle tried SSSG and you know what happen? He get fired
from job!!! They say he too loud and then they fire him...

NG (in disbelief): Was he japping naam too loudly at work?

RD: No, maan. He begin to wake up at 3 am. My auntie, you know, she very smart, she tell him to stop
watching Late Night Show till 1.30am but he don't listen. Then he very sleepy at work and he doze off, and
he snore very loudly. So they fire him.

NG: Ahem, I see. Well, there is a right way of doing everything and a wrong way too. And looks like
your uncle do everything the wrong way.

RD (chuckling): You the boss, maan. The boss. Yeah, he do everything wrong.

NG: Ok, lets begin the lesson. Well, if you are serious about amrit vela then certain life styles have to
changed. In Kulyug, it is not waking up early that is hard, but sleeping early.

RD: But my auntie tell me that she is going to stop sleeping early because she get at 4 am and can't go
back to sleep. She also say she will always have a heavy dinner, otherwise, she wake up early feeling light

NG: I must say, your auntie has stumbled upon the two greatest secrets of amrit vela:

Eating a light dinner and sleeping early.

One of the reasons amrit vela is so effective is that our body is well rested. If we have a heavy dinner, our
body spends all night trying to digest the dinner and we wake up not rested at all. Even non-spiritualist say
that our breakfast should be like kings and queens; our lunch like rich people and our dinner like paupers.
They also say, "Early to bed, early to rise, make one healthy, wealthy and wise."

RD (laughing): And late to bed and early to rise make one groggy and out of job!!!

But tell me, Maan, why is it important to wake up at amrit vela?

NG: That is a very good question! There really are two reasons why amrit vela is so important.

The first one is quite apparent. Our body is well rested. Everything and everyone is quiet. There are no
telephones call to disturb us. There are no chores to be done. Even the animal world is quiet.

Our mind, which quite quickly adapts to its environment, also becomes quieter than usual and there is a
better chance for it to merge with the Shabad. In short, at amrit vela we can go deep inside.

The second reason is neither well known nor is it apperent. That is that at amrit vela we have true sangat.
This sangat consists of gurmukh souls within our surrounding area.

A gurmukh soul spreads it essence quite widely. Depending on the naam kamai of the soul, the soul may
spread it's essence to the house it's sitting in, or to the city it is living in or to the country it is living
in. In fact, a highly evolved soul can and does spread it's essence to the whole world.

Our mind gets colored and affected by its surrounding - this is very apparent. Watch a fast moving TV
show and you will see its affect on the mind quite immediately. Similarily, attend a rainsabaee with
gurmukh jan present and the mind gets colored and stays colored for many days. Although do observe that
attending a rainsabee *without* gurmukh jan present will *not* result in mind being colored.

Similarily, our mind gets affected by the gurmukh souls which are present in our area. And the more we
are in tune with these souls, the more our mind gets affected and colored. For example, if we love a
gurmukh soul, we are in tune with it.

And just like in a string instrument like a Sitar, when a big string is struck, the smaller strings with the
*same* frequency also start vibrating.

Similarily, our mind, if it is in tune with higher souls, will also start vibrating with naam.

What it really comes down to is stillness of the mind. If the mind is still, it picks up not only the naam
vibrations of the gurmukh jan close-by, but even Satguru's vibrations which are ever-present. And
ultimately when it is *completely* tuned up, it picks up vibrations of WaheGuru.

The hukam which is sung about in gurbaNi is that WaheGuru's vibration. And those souls which obey the
guru and make their minds still with amrit vela sach naam kamai, will at first feel the tinges of these
vibrations. And later when completely finely tuned, will start playing along with the WaheGuru vibration.

WaheGuru vibration is the "hukam" that is so often talked about in gurbaNi. We shall discuss in this hukam
in another class.


RD (quite affected and staring at NG's glowing face): This is heavy, man, real heavy! Maan, I just love
you. You know what daas is saying, just love you. You are it.

NG: Yes of course, my dear dear daas. I love you too.

RD and NG hug each other for a long time....................

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Look at ME

jumping jumping
on the trampoline
reaching reaching
for the One Supreme
higher higher
flying so high
outspread wings
on a sunny sky
free at last
free at last
lovelight and humility
filling every part of me
Look at ME
Look at ME
Clouds gather
thick and dark
ego rains hard
on the spark
falling down
on the trampoline
remembering the
Beautiful Scene
Jumping jumping
once again
failing failing
to find My friend
day after day
night after night
jumping high
with all my might
crying crying
for His sight
to be merged forever
in His Love light

It's not to be
He's upset with me
Ego I hate you
Waheguru Waheguru
Your will is sweet
I'll jump again
with my tiny feet
hold me hand
and make me complete.

XXX. Playtime
Besides being a inspirational group, Naam Net is also a place for a lot of positive play amongst Naam Net
members. Below is some of the play ... it will not make too much sense to a non-member ..... heck,
sometimes, it doesn't even make sense to the members. ((((:)))))

Brahm Giani Mota Daas jee

This evening was rather a testy evening for Sant Mota Daas jee. This was mainly because Sakhi R Singh
jee, from the local BFB (Babas For Breakfast) had come especially to check out this Baba and declare him
fit for BFB hall of shame too.

To make things worse, one of the disciples had asked about the nature of a brahm giani.
"A Brahm Giani is nir-lep. Pain or pleasure has no effect on a brahm giani. Worry does not touch a brahm
giani," Sant Mota Daas was saying rather uncomfortably.

Sant jee was sitting in the middle of his disciples. It was almost bed time for Sant jee. Just before he went
off to sleep, he loved a warm glass of milk and an even warmer oil foot massage. A disciple was bringing
the batta of special massage oil imported from Saudi Arabia. Yet another one was busy bringing a kick-ass
size batta of milk.

Other disciples were busy bringing other snacks like ladoos and barfi. Sant jee loved the snacks which kept
his weight well above, shall we say, the poverty line.

"It is for you, my devotees," Sant Mota would at times say with a misty look, "that I eat so much. Why, if it
wasn't for my weight, I would fly, with body and all, to Sach Khand!"

His disciples nodded their heads and brought him more and more desi-ghee de paranThe.

Just as Sant Mota was about to receive both the foot massage and the warm milk, an Earth Quake struck the
land (this was the Bay Area, where else?!:). There was much commotion. All the disciples fled to the
nearest shelter.

Only Sant Mota Daas jee sat without moving. The fact that he was stuck in his chair because of the recent
Naam de laddo binge didn't help matters much. But it was no use trying, so Sant Mota Daas jee decided to
grease the Naam de laddo (which he had popped in whole into his mouth) with milk so that he may escape
the chair. He gulped it down.

Just then the EarthQuake ended and all the disciples, quite embarrased, sheepishly came back.

Sant Mota Daas appeared quite calm and said, "Well, WaheGuru is great. I was discussing the nir-lep-ta of
a brahm giani and he decided to explain it to you via experience."

Sant jee winked victoriously at Sakh R Singh jee, "See, while the EarthQuake shakes everything and all
mortals run like rats, the brahm giani sits firmly and without fear. Not only that, he even calmly drinks his

All the disciples shouted, "Sant Mota Daas jee kee jai, Sant Mota Daas jee kee jai..."

Only Sakhi R Singh jee had to be the spoil sport when he said, "Dear Brahm Giani jee, the milk is still here;
what is missing is the massage oil!"

Splash! Splash!!!
Panna 17, line 22, Aavo Bhene Gal Milhe ank sahelarian.........


Come, my dear sisters and spiritual companions;

hug me close in your embrace.
Let's join together, and tell stories of our All-powerful Husband Lord.
All Virtues are in our True Lord and Master; we are utterly without virtue. || 1 ||

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru Waaahheeguuurruuu

waahheegguruuu waahheguruuu Sister was feeling so sleeeepyyy. Everything was so peeeacefuuul and she
felt sooo relaaaxed. Waaaheeguruuuu waaaheguruuuu A little voice inside said "Daas de pillow is close by
wahe not put you head down for just one minute?" Waaaheeeguurrruuu "You can still naam jap, just put
you head down and listen inside, " whispered the tiny inner voice. She been sitting for sometime now. It
had been the most beautiful sweeeet time and she was tooo relaxed. Waahheeguruu waheguru waheguru

She pulled her knees up and hugged them with her arms, and put her face down cradling it in her arms.
Sooo cozy. There were still some precious moments left until dawn.. waaahegurruuu waaheguruuu

Hmmmm? What was that? Sister opened her eyes, and blinked, it was so light. Daas and Kukoor were
standing over her laughing. Kukoor playfully nuzzled her feet.. She giggled. "Kukoor is giving you foot
bath," Daas laughed.

"He's giving me Isnaan with Kukoor kisses " Sister giggled. "Ooohh Kukoor that tickles!" she laughed
pulling her feet under her. He came up and gave her a big Kukoor pooch, smooch, smack on the cheek.
"Ohh kukoor," she shrieked laughing, and jumped up and began to run. It had been raining nectar just a
little while ago. Kukoor caught the corner of her cholaa and she went face down SPLASH! right in to a
pool of nectar. Daas laughed harder. " HA ha WAH! ha, He got you good for all those Prem dhey tear
soakings you've been giving him ha ha!"

"HA ha WAH! ha" Sister laughed back, " splashing nectar on them both, and that's for all the scrapes I have
to get you out of little brother." splash!splash!!!

She stood up dripping with nectar, " Oh i'm totally drenched she giggled." "Don't worry Sis," Daas said,
We are just on our way down to the River of Naam, anyway. Pita ji said we may go swimming as long as
Kukoor accompanies us, because He is a strong swimmer, and can keep us out of trouble. Daas and Sister
looked at each other and burst into laughter again. "Not Likely! " Sister said jokingly.

"Did Pita ji really say we may go into the River of Naam, Daas?" asked sister in Awe. It is so Deep and the
Current is so strong. "Really it is ok, Daas replied, Kukoor here is an Excellent swimmer, and I'm not so
bad myself, he said puffing himself up a little, You're safe with me Kid." Sister looked at Daas with a little
concern, "When was the last time you went swimming Daas, she asked innocently,?" "Wahe it was just the
other day", he replied, "in the Sukh Sagaar." "Well Daas," Sister said seriously, inching closer , I don't think
that was recently enough, and reached out to push Him into the Nectar Pool.

"HA! you got to be quicker than that big Sister. I wasn't reborn yesterday,: he said taking off running with
Kukoor and Sister in hot pursuit. They raced down to the River of Naam. "Daas I'll never catch up with
you," Sister complained, "you are way far ahead of me." Seeing that Kukoor was just about to take the lead,
Daas decided to slow down, while he was ahead, and stopped to wait for his Sister to catch up. "Come on
Sis," he said catching her by the hand. Let's do the Wah! walk the rest of the way." So on they went, hand
in hand,"Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru WaheguruWaheguru." Sister put her other hand through Kukoors
collar.Waheguru waheguru waheguru

"Oohh look Daas," There it is Sister said excitedly, "The River of Naam. I can hardly wait to go in!."
"Sister," Daas said seriously, "That river *is* very deep. We should do Ardaas before we attempt
swimming in its current"

The could hear the vibration of Naam and see the Swift current as the river went flowing by. It looked and
sounded a little like Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo

I think you're right Daas, The current is very powerful and we are not so strong. Do Ardaas the we will be
safe within it's flow, that we will be uplifted and carried by it's current. Then she jumped right in.

"Daas, Kukoor, it's wonderful, come on in," Sister called. Then suddenly she dissappeared. "Looks like we
get another drenching," Daas said to Kukoor as they dove in looking for Sister. Just as suddenly, she
reappeared sputtering, coughing, and laughing.

"Careful you're going to choke," Daas laughed at her, almost choking himself. They both grabbed on to
Kukoors collar. "What happened to you?" Daas asked.

"I got caught up in a Waheguru whirlpool," Sister replied. "WATCH OUT here we go again."
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

That was just a little one, that was fun, she said when they re-emerged.

"Sakhi Sister you are crazy," Daas laughed.

Kukoor looked as if he was in full agreement.
"Have you had enough yet?"
"Just once more" Sister pleaded, "Hold on tight now you two," and under they went again.

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,


"Now that's enough Sis, I'm hauling you out of here, Sehej Sister Sehej!

"Oh Daas, that's what you always say, said sister tiredly, for she really had, had enough.,
and was close to exhaustion, but didn't want to admit it. Daas and Kukoor practically had to drag her out,
she was so spent. "Oh thank you Daas and Kukoor ji, That was sach a great experience." she said
throwing her self down. Daas and Kukoor joined her.

"You two are probably a little hungry after all that excitement". Sister looked at them suggestively, her
face contorting mischeviously. Daas eyes lit up. "What do you have in mind now Sister dear?" he
inquired knowingly "hhmmm?" "Oh just you're favorite snack she replied trying to look innocent, but
succeeding only in looking mischevious. "Naam da Laddoo, Sis,! No Kidding?," Daas said sitting straight
up in amazement. "How did you manage that?" Oh just a little trick i learned from you in editing, Daas
dear" she said mirthfully. "Oh quit teasing, I'm starved now that you mention it." "Well here then," she said
reaching in to the pocket of her cholla, "Have a Naam da Laddoo," this is from my sikhrhet stash, she

""Mmmm... "
Daas munched contentedly
"Gruuuuuuuvy Sis,"
Sister fed one to the Kukoor, "Here you go kukoor ji dear. Thanks for pulling me out of that Waheguru
Whirlpool back there I thought I was gone for sure, then I felt your collar, and a surge of power pulled me
right up again.

"Another Sister please," begged Daas," waaaahhhh."

"Don't be a baby, Daas you can have all you want sweetie."
"Goo Gaa" Daas replied, reaching for the Naam da Laddoo."
"Come on Daas, not in front of Kukoor, you want him to think you are Sisters little baby brother?"
"Sure," Daas agreed, "If it gets me the rest of the Naam da Laddoo,

"But What about Kukoor he looks pretty hungry too.?"

"Yes, Sister, but he's not so interested in Naam da Laddoo,
You know That One likes to feed on Prem."
Sister looked a little alarmed, What do you mean Daas, She asked quietly."
"You should know Sis, you've fed him often enough."
Daas replied blissfully, lost in His Naam da Laddoo.

Sister, looked at Kukoor, he was watching her intently now,

His eyes like deep pools, reflecting light.
"GRrrrruuuuooo" Kukoor, growled softly,
Kukoor are you very hungry?' she asked very softly.
"GRrrruuu, "He answered looking at her steadily, unwaveringly as only a Kukoor can.

Sister moved a little behind daas and peered over his shoulder.
"You feed him Daas," she whispered.
The Kukoor was standing up, looking at them both. His eyes growing deeply, intensely.
Sister felt as though she was caught in an endless Waheguru whirlpool.

"I think he wants you too Sis," Daas replied a little more seriously, licking the sweetness from his fingers.
"These Naam da Laddoo are really sticky."
"Sister caught him by the hand, don't let go Monkey" she whispered.
"Don't think I can, my fingers are too sticky," he joked.
"BE serious Daas, I'm scared."
"It's ok Sis," he said gently," it's not the first time."
But Daas, I have to go so deep... You know what that does to me."

"Go on sis, give him a piece of your heart. It's ok I'm right here with you,
You'll feel better afterwards, I promise."

"Oh Kukoor, you are the searcher after hearts," Sister said in a small voice."
Kokoor moved closer, he looked so large.
He was gleaming, shining, like a sarab loh, batta, his fur, was curly and steely blue.
He was tall and fierce looking, powerful, one of Pita jis most trusted Kukoors.
His eyes were so deep, Sister felt as though she was falling into them from a great distance.
"You want the wounded part, Kukoor ji,?" She whispered,
"The part that is struck deep with His love?
The part of my heart which is Pierced with his Arrows of Love,?
His Prem dhey Theer?
That part which bleed Crimson with Prem dhey tears?
like nectar drops from the windows of my soul?
That part of my heart which once having known True Love
can never be satisfied again, with anything but His Naam?"

"GRRRUU, GRrruuuooo. "

She knelt and put her arms around the kukoors neck,
and buried her face deep into his fur,
and wept silently, Holding Daas hand very tightly.
"Feast then Kukoor dear," She whispered lovingly,
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru... Waahheguuruuoo......
Waheguru Waaaheguuroooo Waaahhheguuurrruuuu.... Waah.. he...gurr.....ruu.......

Golden light soft gleaming , Kukoors eyes..

White golden, glowing.... Daas ...

"Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru.

Wake up Sis, Are you Sleeping through Amrit vela again or just in verrry
deeep meditation ...?"

The scent of delicate peach blossoms in springtime.... waaaahhhh.......


"Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru SIS??? "

She opened here eyes... Hmmmm???

Daas and Kukoor, were sitting quietly next to her...

( looking rather well behaved she thought a little disrespectfully )
"Look Sis the sun is ,Up Amrit Vela is over.
Did you fall asleep again, I keep telling you Sehej, Kid sehej.
You got to take it easy, take better care of yourself."

"Ok, She replied sweetly... Mmm I'm a little hungry."

"What would you like, what is it you want specifically?"
Daas asked with a funny little 'now what?' look on his face.

Sister reached out and took his hand, put it to her face,
and stroked Kukoors silky ears with her other...

"Mmm maybe a nice, ripe, sweet, juicy, peach....."

Crimson tears- what sister fed kukoor

*Panj Bania*

"You want the wounded part, Kukoor ji,?" She whispered,

"The part that is struck deep with His love?
The part of my heart which is Pierced with his Arrows of Love,?
His Prem dhey Theer?
That part which bleed Crimson with Prem dhey tears?
like nectar drops from the windows of my soul?
That part of my heart which once having known True Love
can never be satisfied again, with anything but His Naam?"

"GRRRUU, GRrruuuooo. "

She knelt and put her arms around the kukoors neck,
and buried her face deep into his fur,
and wept silently, Holding Daas hand very tightly.
"Feast then Kukoor dear," She whispered lovingly,

Amrit vela *Panj bania*

Japji sahib

I am so proud. I have received an invitation to the High Emperor's

Carefully i bathe , and anointe myself in costly perfumes, put on my
best silk raiment's. I oil and plait and dress and coil my hair. I put
on my finest jewels.
At last i am ready, wearing my very finest, i am to sit at the Emperors
table. My heart sings in gladness.

Jap sahib

I enter the hall, here the Emperor is sitting at the head of his table
beckoning me to come in. His table is filled with the 36 delicacies.
White table linens, crystal goblets, brimming with the finest wines,
golden plates and the finest cutlery grace his table. A chandelier
shines with the light of a thousand suns. The most delicious aromas
drift through the hall, enticing the tounge with their flavors. I am
completely over come by His opulance.

Tev prasad Sveya

I am uncultured, and do not have the slightest idea of how to begin to

partake of this feast. Here in the midst plenty, i will starve. not
knowing in the least of how to take.
Tears spring to my eyes. Please just allow me some crumbs from Your
plate. Be merciful and feed me with Your hand, like a child, i have
no knowledge of using fine utensils.

Benti Chaoupee

Weeping, i realize, i am a mere beggar, dressed in rags, filthy and

unkempt, my hands are not clean. I am of low birth. My life is one
filled with sinful activities. I am not worthy to be in this palace.
Sobbing, pleading , please just let me take left overs from the plates
of Your servants, and clean their feet, even that is too good for my

Anand Sahib
Covering my face i weep, only let me have a place amongst the dogs of
Your court. i will take only their leavings. Let me serve them, and
fill their bowl with the crimson tears of my remorse.

Shabad Hazaree

Utter shame only

Overdosing on the Naam

Daas and his older sister were playing in the corner of the Langar.
"What do you want to play?" asked Sister.
"Let's play R U my Mother? :)" said Daas with a big grin.
"Ok then, you will be my baby duck", Sister smiled,
" i will hold you in my lap, and hand feed you with Naam da Laddoo."

"Waaah! Waah Qwahhk" cried the baby duck.

Sister broke off a small piece of Naam da laddoo, and popped in the baby duckys mouth. ( beak) :" )

"WAH! qWAH!k" cried her hungry little baby even louder, he wanted the whole Naam da Laddoo.
She popped a whole piece into his mouth "MMMm, goo gaa gaa," he munched contentedly.
She continued feeding him Naam da Laddoo one by one.
He became more and more contented. "Wah goo roooo gaa goo roooo" he cooed.

They played together like this for some time until the baby was in danger of Overdosing on the Naam.
"Gurooooo gooruuuuuuu gooruuuu wah guruoooo, goo gaa gaa goo ruuuuuuuuu"

"i think you've had enough now Daas" Sister said.

"How can you ever have enough Naam?" asked Daas.
"I don't know about Naam, but the Laddoo is too sweet." sister replied.
"Wouldn't be so sweet if it weren't for the Naam", argued Daas, hoping for one more.
Then feeling a little full he said "Got Milk"
Sister handed him a batta filled with milk, and wiped his chin, " Awww, Cut it out Sis"
"But you my baby boy" , Sister teased.

"Did i tell you about the time i was making roti with one Singh Daas?
We were standing in the langar, and in the next room "Bay Watch" was on the TV. We could just see the
screen from where we were standing

rolling out the roti, when *Got Milk* flashed on the screen. Bhai sahib, fresh from the punjab, say "In
India we spell things the British way, like gray is spelled grey, color is spelled colour, and honor is spelled
like honour. In India we spell "Got" GOAT." It was so cute! Daas. He thought it was an Ad for goat
milk. I tried to explain that GOT milk, mean HAVE milk, not GOAT milk. but i'm not sure he *got*
it. It was too cute!."

"That is good one Sis" Daas laughed, "Very refreshing. We are fortunate and blessed to have sangat from
Punjab, coming fresh to US."

He wiped his own face and handed the empty batta back to Sister. She went to the sink and scrubbed it 'til it
shone, "Waheguru Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru. Scrubbing batta always feel like scrubbing
my soul Daas. When it begin to shine, then i feel cleaner inside. I always feel too bad when i see black
batta and want to begin scrubbing right away 'til they shine."

"daasan daas,?"
"Hmmm, what is it daas?" Sister asked, turning and looking at him with a little concern.
"I'm going to have to be away from my desk for a while." He replied.

"Oh Daas dear, i will miss you too much!" Sister said a little sadly, "Who will give me love, and
*playtime* with me when you are gone?" "Kukoor ji will keep you company" Daas replied. Kukoor ji will
miss *Playing Ball with Waheguru * with You Daas," his sister said.
"A steady diet of Prem dhey Thears, no good for Kukoor, It's alright when he hungry for Prem, but he need
time to dry out between drenching, so he don't get rust Daas.

Wahe the eldest of Kukoor jeeoo, He tell me "time to dry up the thears for a while, and tend to family

But when you talk about going away Sweetest, the theears, c-come flooding again, Booo Hoo Hoo."

"It's Ok, Sister I'm always with you inside, you know that" He said softly.
"I do know that". she agreed, "It's so very true, you are inside more than anyone...
I was thinking about how you look, Daas.
And what i saw, is how i know you best, inside.., Golden bright, White light."

"The thing is, I need you to fill in for some of my duties, while i'm away from desk,"
Daas told his sister seriously.

"What kind of duties Daas?" Sister asked concerned, "You know that daasan daas is always ready to serve
you when she can."

"Administrative duties Sis," he replied.

"What?! There is NO WAY, i am qualified for sach duty Daas. This one only daas(u) daas daasan. How can
i take place of you Daas, I never can."

"I'm counting on you for this Seva, Sister-Mother," Daas said firmly, with conviction, from the bottom of
his heart.

"Then i have no choice Daas, my Pyari, Pyari Sakhi." his sister agreed whole heartedly.

Tell daasan daas what she must do, she wait with empy hands...."

Gurmukh vs. Manmukh

It is a week before Chrismas. Sakhi Flyer is going home from work for a week-long holiday. As can be
expected, she is in a jovial mood.

Manmukh Daas (MD) is also going home and he too is in a jovial mood, although as will be seen, he is so
for totally different reasons......

They meet..... After fateh, Sakhi Flyer (SF) says

SF: By the way, the Christmas Holidays are coming up! yipee!


SF: ...all those days to get up REALLY REALLY EARLY ...

MD: Er.... er... you do mean get up really really LATE, don't you?

MD: Er.... do lots and lots of EATING....

SF: ... MAYBE 5 SUKHMANI SAHIBs one day ....

MD: Er... maybe 5 BAY-WATCHES in a row...


MD: Actually, I was thinking of renting all of the 007 movies and watching them continuously and then
going out to watch the latest one. Something like AKAND DOUBLE-O ....


MD: Only two words come to mind when daas thinks of doing something all night .....
.................... PAAR-TE MAAAAN!!!!


MD: Maybe a day of not uttering a single word except, of course, "... give me the darn remote, will ya..."
"... Hello, Pizza Hut?..."

SF: The possibilities are endless......

MD: You are right. The possibilites *are* endless.....

They part ways. Sakhi Flyer to Sach Khand, Manmukh Daas to Kach Khand...................

Top Ten answers to "Pyareoo Naam Jaapo"

10. [Bill Gates]
Naam??? Sure ... Only if we do on a Windows Platform.

9. [Daas dee peachy singhNii]

Listen Daas Dear, I have been meaning to tell you, but the deep real meaning of the gurbaNi tukk:

aver updeshe
aap na kareh ||
aavet jaavet
janmah mare ||

is *NOT*
"The one who preaches without practice is free from death"

8. [Guy at Gurudrawa]
Naam ??? Sure, Sure, but don't you think we ought to *first* settle the Raag Mala issue?

7. [3-piece-suited Guy on the Street]

Naam ??? Sure, Sir, Sure..... Let me tell *you* about Jehovah Witnesses....

6. [Dada Artist]
The Giraffe walked. The purple moon. And oh yeah, pink earrings.
5. [Another Guy]
Hey, I *wanna* be a penguin....

4. [Misguided Fella]
Hey, what better way to serve humanity than to become a rock and let people sit on you???

3. [Mr. Ego]
"Jap His Naam?" "Jap His Naam?" That's all I hear. Why don't you realize I *am* Him....

2. [Red Neck]
Boy, you better get your ##@@@!!## butt of ma property before I unload this here's shotgun lead into

and the number *one* answer to "Pyareooo, naam japo" ... [tabla beat, daadara]

1. [Gurudrawa President]
JAP NAAM? Why, that is utter manmat!!!

Sant to Sant
Sant Mota Daas jee and Sant Vechara Singh jee (copyright Sakhi Flyer Publications) were sharing problems
of being pseudo-sants.

Sant Vechara Singh jee: I am going through a major identity crises.

MD: Hows that?

Vechari *Kaur* jee: See!!! Already I am a woman!! Ever time I turn around, I am something else.
Sometimes I am the God Clinton, sometimes a bat... I just don't know, Man ... one of these days, I am
going to breakdown..

MD: Don't worry ... we all have problems ...

Vechara the cow: moooo, mooo....

MD: Well, since you asked, my biggest problem is that whenever any of my disciples become enlighted,
they leave me!!!!!!

Resumes been accepted NOW!!!!!

Daas is a software consultant and has lately been looking for suitable projects. Daas came across one and
Daas applied, but was rejected after the first word that daas spoke at the interview.

Daas said, "I.." and BANG!!! went the door.

Daas is sure some of the Naam Net sakhis are qualified for it; so daas is posting it.

===== Current Projects available in SachKhand =====

Project Number: 1.

Project Name: HarNamaManMant

Location: Sach Khand

Description: Saying given Word repeatedly

Required Skills: Ability to follow instructions very very carefully

Additional Skills: None

Hours: 3 am to 6 am

Compensation: Employer will take care of all body, mind and spirit needs from 6 am to 3 am. On
successful completion of project, 21 generations of Employee will also given the same compensation.

Bonus: Protection given from 5 common power surges

Retirement Plan: Eternal Bliss

For Information Call: 1-111-WAH-GURU

Informal Description: Like to Travel? Like to Hug? Like to Love? Like to Fly? Like to Bliss Out? Like to

If any or all of the above answers are YES, then this job is for YOU! Come and join our exciting team of
players. We regularly get together and merge into the One and Only!! And we tell you, nothing comes
even remotely close to that blissful feeling!!!!!!!!!


Pyareooooooooo, daas would seriously urge all to apply.


The Employee gives 3 hours and the Employer takes care of the rest of the day. Man (and Woman) this
project is IT! GO FOR IT!!!!


You may see diamonds
i see rust
you may see jewels
i see only dust
if i clean the rust
consume the dust
will i see you ?
waheguru waheguru waheguru

"Daas dearest,"
"Yes sister dear"
"You are so fond of Naam da laddoo, my sweet-lover, that i am needing a much larger battaa, for mixing
them in."
I think you are right Sister, you do need a much much larger battaa for mixing them in, because you are
making me very hungry at just the very mention of Naam da laddoo."
" Do you suppose you can find one for me then little brother?"
"I will start looking today Sis, cuz I can't wait for your next batch MMMmmm!"
Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru .............

"Come to the langar kitchen with me Sis and see the Battaa i found for you, it's a really big and heavy one,
You might need a little help with it."

"WAH! It's really large, i don't know that i can manage that one myself. Where did you ever find sach a
large one?"

"Well i think because it is so big, that no one ever took it, and it's been sitting back here for years."

"Maybe, it's certainly full of rust. Oh look! Daas, What is that?" sister pointed to the battaa. Sure enough
there was something inside.

Daas bent down and looked closer, the light was dim in the corner he had found the battaa in, and he hadn't
noticed anything earlier. "gurWAH! There is a rusty kukoor sitting in this battaa Sis, look at this." he

Sister bent down and looked with him. Sure enough there sat a rusty kukoor in the rusty battaa. What do
you suppose he's doing in here Daas?" she asked.

"Maybe he knows how crazy you are for cleaning battaa, Sis, and wants a nice scrubbing along with the

"Do you think?" she asked. Looking closer she inspected the kukoor collar. Look Daas he is fully
licsenced and of the highest pedigree, She said wonderingly. Stroking his ears she said, "Kukoor, you are a
mystery, how you came to be sach a rusty kukoor, you with sach fine bloodlines."

"I can only think that just like a battaa gets rust with out use, this kukoor has been out of practice cleaning,
and scrubbing, inside." Daas said thoughtfully. "Maybe he thinks scrubbing is just some sort of
ritual, that been going on for long time, and doesn't realize you have to scrub every day to keep shiny."

"Maybe," replied sister," i don't know, But i do want to give this kukoor good scrubbing along with the
battaa, if that's ok with you Kukoor dear," she said softly. "What do you think, a nice lemon scented
soak, and then a good scrub between your ears. Right here Kukoor dear, "she said rubbing the top of his

Daas laughed, "You think you're going to scrub the rust from his dasm dwara, get his hinges working

Sister stuck out her tongue :')" Ha ha wah ha, Daas always so funny. Wahe not ?
Doesn't hurt to try, and Kukoor just might like the scrub," she said still rubbing him between the ears.


"See Daas he likes it," She said. "Sorry for sticking out my tongue at you my dear, exasperating, darling,
brother. My hasthi, houmai, got the better of me again.

"No problem Sis," Daas said grinning, " you're kind of cute, when your perturbed."

"You mean like now," she said, a little too sweetly.

"Ok, ok, just kidding around. What do you say we get this battaa and kukoor out into the light so you can
see what you're doing."

"Ok, thank you Daas, sweetheart, you really are the BEST brother!"
They got the battaa between them, and pushed, and shoved, and dragged, until they got it out into the langar
kitchen where the light was brighter. Sister got out her stash of lemon juice and filled the
battaa right up. "In you go Kukoor ji dear," she said. "For a nice long soak to loosen up all that rust. Then
i'll have you shining in no time."

"What about scrubbing between *my* ears," Daas joked.

I'll give you a WAH! scrub if you're not careful, that you won't forget for a long time." Sister said
She caught him by both ears, put her forehead to his and looked straight into his eyes. "GURWAH! gur
wah! gurWAH!"

"You look a little like a Picasso painting," Daas laughed .

"Funny, all i see is ONE big eye" Sister laughed "You think that Kukoor Ji has been soaking long enough

"Yup-m, i think he's been soaking long enough to loosen every bit of rust from between his curls, and from
his hinges too. Be sure you give them a good oiling," Daas teased.

"You just can't help yourself, can you," Sister said shaking her head smiling.

" I know, i know, A smart mouth is a dumb mouth," Daas said

"The smart mouth does simran and keep quiet (dumb) The smart mouth that always have retort-reaction
is the dumb mouth and always get in plenty trouble"

"That's right, Daas" Sister said, " and you *have* got a smart mouth cuz, all i ever hear from you these
days is Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru. You make me proud really".

They were both quiet for a bit.

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Whew! Wah! scrubbing rusted batta is really chardi kala! Daas and sister exclaimed together.

"It's so rewarding. See how it gleams and shines now," sister said fondly.

"MMHhmmm, and think of all the Naam da laddoo getting mixed up in here," Daas said dreamily, his
mouth watering with naam nectar.


"Kukoor Ji, you look so beautiful and shiny now," sister said approvingly. " Your ears are so silky and soft
now." she said rubbing that special spot between his ears that kukoors just love.

"GGGRrruuuoooooooooooooooo" Kukoor closed his eyes and leaned into the rub, in that way that
kukoors have. "GGGRRRUUOOOOoooooooooooo"

" I think he's a much happier kukoor now, Sis," Daas said, "Just remember Kukoor Ji, you got to scrub and
clean every day with love, and you'll maintain this lovely shine you got going now. That's all it
takes, just a little love everyday."

"That's right" sister said lovingly, bending down and burying her face in kukoors shiny fur, " Just a little

A couple had just celebrated their 50th marriage annivarsery and were lying in bed exhausted from all the
partying (they were both over 70 years of age).

The old lady said, "Jee, do you remember when we were young, you would bite my hand in passion?"

There was silence for some minutes. Then the old man's bones creaked as he got up to go to the bathroom.

Surprised, the old lady said, "Jee, where are you going?"

The old man replied, "To put on my dentures."

naam da laddoo
"Daas ji, hurry up and lets finish the langar seva and go see Pita ji's new kukoors" sister said excitedly.
Pita ji had just come in with the news of his newest kukoor, and sister was eager to see it.

"Calm down sister dear, it's only just a little pappi , what's so great about that?" Daas replied.

"Oh but I love to watch Pita ji training the kukoors Please hurry up." sister pleaded.

Daas was anxious to see the new paapi too, but didn't want to let on. "OK i 'm ready let's go,." he said
trying to sound reluctant. It really was a lot of fun to see Pita ji with his kukoors, but Daas wanted to be
cool, and not get all carried away like his older sister. Girls,! they always have to make sach a fuss. "If
you're in sach a big hurry, then come on, and I'll race you, we'll see who gets there first," Daas teased. "I'll
even give you a head start," and they both took off running, and laughing.

"Wait up Daas, You're too fast for me," sister called to him, when he got way ahead.

"Hurry up, Slow down, Girls can never make up their minds." Daas laughed out of breath.
"Come on," he said pulling her by the hand, "we're almost there. Let's do the Wah walk, the rest of the way.
Wah, Guru, Wah, Guru, Wah, Guru, left foot first, Wah Guru."

"Oh look there's the little pappi, isn't he small? It's hard to believe someday he'll be as big as Pita jis other
kukoors" sister remarked.

" Yeah, and he's been playing in a mud puddle and got him self all dirty again, after Pita ji just gave him a
bath," Daas said, and he bent over to pat the kukoors head.

Sister stroked his little ears. "They are so silky", she said softly.

Pita ji came up just then. The pappi wiggled and squirmed, and yapping, ran over and jumped right up onto
Pita ji, Pita ji picked the pappi up and held him in his arms, he sat down and held the pappi in his lap and
gave him so much love.

"Look Daas, no amount of dirt can ever stick to Pita ji, He is so clean, see how he has that little pappi all
cleaned up again," sister said reverently.

"Yes Pita ji is stainless, yet, He removes all stains," Daas replied.

When the pappi calmed down, Pita ji gave him a little taste of Naam da laddo.The pappi looked quite
contented. He put the pappi down and it followed Him nicely to where the other Kukoors sat waiting.
Pita ji gave Naam da laddoo to each Kukoor in turn. They all gazed at Him lovingly. The little pappi
looked at the kukoors being fed longingly, He couldn't stand it any more and began barking "Gruuu,
grrru." Then he jumped on Pita ji again.

"Pita ji has so much patience with that pappi, see how he waits for him to calm down, then gives him the
taste of Naam da laddoo." Daas told sister.

"Yes Daas, you are a lot like Pita ji that way. You are always patient with me when ever i have trouble
learning something." sister replied sweetly.

"Well you're Ok for a girl" Daas smiled. " Only thing is i can't reward you with Naam da laddoo, Only Pita
ji can do that. "

"The sweetness of your nature is my reward," Sister replied, looking into her brothers eyes, "and your love.
Oh look now Daas, Pita ji has that pappi sitting nicely, he is already beginning to behave like one
of His kukoors."

"Yup", Daas said, "and look at the big taste he got, this time, of Naam da Laddoo. He'll be a big kukoor in
no time and just as well behaved."

"Just like you," his older sister said with a big smile, "I remember when you were just a little pappi too."

Bhai Mota and the $1 million lottery

In the Village by the name of Mota Village, there once lived a man whose name was Bhai Mota. As his
name implies, he was quite mota. His doctor, Dr. Mota, had warned Bhai Mota's wife, Bibi Moti, that Bhai
Mota was a heart patient and all upsetting news - good or bad - could lead to Bhai Mota's heart attack and
therefore should be kept from him.

As it turned out, Bhai Mota was very lucky, in that he won a million dollar lottery.

(Some of you sakhis, particuarly the newer ones, are likely to say:

"Bhai D Singh jee, with due respect, don't you think you are taking too many dramatic liberties. It is clear
from the offset of this so-called saakhi that Mota Village is in India. Now shouldn't it be one million
*rupees* instead of one million dollars?"

daas dee reply:

"Pyari sakhiooooooo, as you know Naam Net is wacko. Time and space don't mean a darn thing here. So
live with it.")

Ok, now where was daas ..... oh, yes, the million dollar lottery.....

Anyways, the lottery company - the Moti Lottery Company - called Bhai Mota's home; luckily Bibi Moti
picked up the phone. She, naturally, was very excited. However, she was very worried that this news
would overwhelm her man and possibly cause a problem to his weak heart.

So Bibi Moti, with consultation with other family members - Son Mota, Daughter Moti and kukoor Mota
Daasu, the soon to be Licensed Stray Guru's Pooch, decided to consult the family sant - who was none
other than Puran Giani Dhiani Sant Mota Daas jee.

Sant Mota Daas jee listened to Bibi Moti and told her not to worry and that she should send Bhai Mota to
him. "What is maya but a fleeting cloud?" he added.
Greatly thankful, Bibi Moti, sent her husband to the Sant. Sant Mota Daas jee talked to Bhai Mota for
about an hour on the transistory nature of maya. "We are not going to take anything with us in the beyond-
world," he stressed.

Finally, when the man was sufficiently updeshed-out, Sant Mota Daas jee casually said, "What would you,
Bhai Mota, do if you were told that you won a million dollars?"

Bhai Mota said, "With due respect, Sant Mota Daas jee, don't you think it should be a million *rupees*?"

Sant Mota Daas: 'Listen man, we are characters in a Naam Net saakhi. Naam Net is where time and space
don't mean a darn thing, so just live with it. Now tell me what you would do if you were to win a million

Bhai Mota thought for a while before replying: "I am not sure. But one thing I know, I will give 10% of it
to the greatest spiritual person I know - and that, my respected sir, would be you."

Sant Mota Daas jee had a heart attack.

FootPrints - daas dee version

One night, after an intense simran session with a couple of sakhis, daas had a dream.

Daas dreamt daas was on the beach with waheguru (and several models from BayWatch). Across the sky
flashed scenes from daas dee life. For each scene, daas noticed *one* set of footprint in the sand.

When the last scene of daas dee life flashed before daas, daas looked back at the foot prints in the sand.
daas noticed that many times along the path of daas dee life there were *two* set of footprints. daas also
noticed that this happened at the very lowest and saddest times in daas dee life.

This really bothered daas and daas questioned waheguru about it: "Hey dude, how come there are two
footprints for the saddest times in daas dee life?"

Waheguru replied, "daas, you should know better than to question me, especially when there are so many
fine creations on mine on the beach. Anyways, since somehow you got mixed up with those sakhis on
Naam Net and overdosed on AVSN (and I have promised all AVSN overdosers that I will be available),
here's the answer:

During the time you see two footprints, you, daas, decided to come down from my lap and walk on your
own. Indeed, that's the reason they were the saddest times of your life."

Daas: "Dude, you are just sooooo cool. daas is overwhelmed that you are daas da pita and daas da mata.
Thank you for creating daas and letting daas celebrate with you. Oh, how I love you (getting quite
emotional now), Oh, daas loves you more than...."

Waheguru: "Quit it, kid, otherwise, I gonna put you down on the sand again!"

FootPrints - sehaj dee version

One night, after an intense simran session with a couple of sakhis, daas had a dream.

Daas dreamt daas was on the beach with waheguru (and several models from BayWatch). Across the sky
flashed scenes from daas dee life. For each scene, daas noticed *one* set of footprint in the sand.

When the last scene of daas dee life flashed before daas, daas looked back at the foot prints in the sand.
daas noticed that many times along the path of daas dee life there were *two set of footprints. daas also
noticed that this happened at the very lowest and saddest times in daas dee life.

This really bothered daas and daas questioned waheguru.

Daas: "Hey dude, how come there are two footprints for the saddest times in daas dee life?"

Waheguru: "Look at me."

Waheguru smiled at daas. Suddenly daas looked back at daas dee life scenes but saw only waheguru. No
daas, just waheguru. All foot prints were waheguru. Indeed all grains of sand were waheguru and
waheguru only. All water was waheguru. All waves were waheguru too.

In fact, waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.

Waheguru: "waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru?"

Waheguru: "Waheguru waheguru waheguru!!!!!!!"

Waheguru: "waheguru waheguru @@@!!!### waheguru waheguru waheguru."

Waheguru: "waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru; waheguru

waheguru, waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru - waheguru waheguru

Waheguru: "waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru."

The Heavy Thinker

It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then. Inevitably though, one thought
led to another, and soon I was more than just a social thinker.

I began to think alone - "to contemplate," I told myself - but I knew it wasn't true. Thinking became more
and more important to me, and finally I was thinking all the time.

I began to think on the job. I knew that thinking and employment don't mix, but I couldn't stop myself.

I began to avoid friends at lunchtime so I could read Sukhmani Sahib. I would return to the office dizzied
and confused, asking, "What is it exactly we are doing here?"

Things weren't going so great at home either. One evening I had turned off the TV and asked my wife
about the meaning of life. She spent that night at her mother's.

I soon had a reputation as a heavy thinker. One day the boss called me in. He said, "Singh, I like you, and
it hurts me to say this, but your thinking has become a real problem. If you don't stop thinking on the
job, you'll have to find another job." This gave me a lot to think about.

I came home early after my conversation with the boss. "Honey," I confessed, "I've been thinking about

"I know you've been thinking," she said, "and I want a divorce!"

"But Honey, surely it's not that serious."

"It is serious," she said, lower lip a quiver. "You think as much as saints and holymen and they don't make
any money, so if you keep on thinking we won't have any money!"

"That's a faulty syllogism," I said impatiently, and she began to cry. I'd had enough. "I'm going to the
gurdwara," I snarled as I stomped out the door.

I headed for the gurdwara, in the mood for some Asa-dee-Var. I roared into the parking lot and ran up to
the big glass doors... they didn't open. The gurdwara was closed.

To this day, I believe that a Higher Power was looking out for me that night.

As I sank to the ground clawing at the unfeeling glass, whimpering for Anand Sahib, a poster caught my
eye. "Friend, is heavy thinking ruining your life?" it asked. You probably recognize that line. It comes
from the standard `Thinker's Anonymous' poster.

Which is why I am what I am today: a recovering thinker. I never miss a TA meeting. At each meeting we
watch a non-educational video; last week it was "Rocky 5." Then we share experiences about how we
avoided thinking about life since the last meeting.

I still have my job, and things are a lot better at home. Life just seemed... easier, somehow, as soon as I
stopped thinking about the meaning.

Waheguru electrical
"Daas! Daas! There is an electical storm brewing in the Waheguru airwaves,
Let's go out and play in it," Sister called. Daas jumped up from his desk and they both ran outside.
The airwave particles were charged with electrical magnetic energy crackling
Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,

"Wouldn't it be fun to fly a kite in this?" Sister asked.

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"Sure would," Daas replied, "Wahe it would be alot like reading one of those T singh ji posts"
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"Really" Sister shouted,over the Crackling

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"reading his post makes me feel like i'm Benjamin Frankling flying a kite with a key during a lighting
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"Yeah me too," Daas shouted back over the ever increasing crackling of Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"I really get a charge from reading them, just as if i were holding on to the string of that kite"
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"Or," Sister said," like riding the tail of that kite." Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"That would really be something wouldn't it Daas, to ride the tail of a kite in an electical system like this
one" Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

" Yeah Sisso, i bet it would carry you clear to Sach Khand"
Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo,

"DAAS!" sister pointed excitedly LOOK! look over there "

Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"What is that?" Daas asked, just as excitedly, It looks like a funnel shaped cloud, and it's coming our way"
Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"It"s a TARANado Daas, like the one that carried Dorothy to OZ" Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"I don't think this one is taking any one to OZ, Sis it's much bigger than that."
Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

"NO, Daas that was a simple tornado, this is a WAHEGURU WHIRLWIND! WAH! and it's headed straight
for us"
Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,

.......Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,





"WAH! Daas ji, this is really some expereince, riding a TARANado"

Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
.........."YEAH Sis this is some twister alright!"
.............."Think it'll carry us to Sach Khand?"
..................."Let you know............
....................when we get...........

................MAHARAAJ! VAHEGURUJi!...............
all these are your children and you love them so much,
All of them deep inside long for and hunger for NAAM,
...........One day they will all take Amrit ......................
...........and we will all do Simran together.................
.................VAhegurooo! Vahegurooo, .................
.................Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,...................
.................Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo...................
.................Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo................

Waheguru ji

Sikhs in the Space Age

Missing a particle of light,
I am back on-line after a long while
Sucked into Your Taste and Fragrance
all else seems dull now and rancid

The shield is down

I cannot hide from You
cutting myself
off into my private hell

Shabds spontaneously break forth from sleeping lips

Ardas deep within my heart
Woken by a Door Bell
but none stands outside my house

The dam of my-self had damned me

Forsaking lust for death I drink the sweet taste of Your Mouth
Necrophilia and sado-masochism
give Way to You

Nectar drips inside my Crown

A Light glow all around
Sweet fragrance as I (You) pray
The Lotus grows in the shit of past misdeeds

Five thieves into friends

Rising up have submitted down
An alchemy as my substance changes
Turning to gold

As the rocket ship launches outer space

The Khalsa will lead the human race

Captain of our Starship sailing through time...

Captain of our Starship sailing through time..
We are in a worm hole tunneling through deep sleep space of the inner
Sucked in to a black hole that swallows even light.
Can't get out of this one with out a fight.
Shields up before we disentegrate..., particles flying apart...
absorbed by Borg, slammed in the heart...
with waheguru WAHEGURU waheguru wahe
deep dreaming, naam laced, inner space. Just try...
to resist the invasion of sleep seduced
reasoning designed to reduce
the hours spent listening
to the inner singhing
of waheguru WAHEGURU waheguru wahe
break through the barrier, just TRY!
to awaken,
forsaken ,
by His will,
Captain, my captain still,
reprogram the ship computers navigation co-ordinants, PLEASE,
get us out of this helpless, hopeless, senseless, timewasting, deep
and into the Inner Light, the Beauty of His Naam, the Glory of His Feet.
surrounded by Thousands, of Thousand Petal Lotus, fragrant, overwhelming
Sailing our ship endlessly in the SEA of Tranquility,
endlessly... endlessly... endlessly..........
Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Naam Net presents... VIRTUAL KEERTAN

Doola jee:
maan tiaagg karr bhagat thagourri
mohh sadhu manttai

Sangat jee:
maan tiaagg karr bhagat thagourri
mohh sadhu manttai

Sakhi SaVaahLakh jee:

mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai

Doola jee (forced to follow):

mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai

Sangat jee:
mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai

Sakhi Saaki (lighting up a spark):

waaaaaaaaaaaaah gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Doola jee, Sangat jee:

waaaaaaaaah he gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
waaaaaaaaah he gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
waaaaaaaaah he gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
waaaaaaaaah he gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sakhi Tarando jee:

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Sakhi Tarando jee:

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

Sakhi LeLaaRee jee


(chaos Happens)
waheguru gurwah wahguru waheuguru wah wah wah wha wha wah wah guru guru
guru wahguru waheguru wahguru waheguru wahgur waheguru waheguru waheguru
waehguru waehguru waheguru ........

Doola jee (trying to bring some sort of order to keertan):

maan tiaagg karr bhagat thagourri
mohh sadhu manttai

Sangat jee:
maan tiaagg karr bhagat thagourri
mohh sadhu manttai

Sakhi SaVaahLakh jee:

mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai, mohh sadhu manttai

Doola jee (seeing potential danger of re-chaos, changing tukk):

sunn sakhiye mill uddam kareha
manaahe lehh har kantte

sunn sakhiye mill uddam kareha
manaahe lehh har kantte

Sakhi Guru Khalsa jee and Sakhi Flyer jee (looking at each other):
sunn sakhiye, sunn sakhiye, sunn sakhiye, sunn

Doola jee:
sakhi vass aayia phir chhodd naa jaaee
eh reet bhali bhagvantai

Sangat jee:
sakhi vass aayia phir chhodd naa jaaee
eh reet bhali bhagvantai

Sakhi GurDaDeep jee (in a rather thin masti-filled voice):

vass aayia, vass aayia, vass aayia.................

(chaos re-occurs)

vaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss gurrrrrrrrrrrrrr gruuurrrrrrrrrrrr
waheeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waehguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waehguru
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wahegurrrrrr wahegurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr waheguru
waehguru............ waheguru waheguru wahegruu waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waehguru whaeguru waheguru........

Doola jee (trying to bring order):


Interuption from Sakhi SaVaahLakh jee:


Bonnie (Sakhi Guru Khalsa jee's kukoor):



Doola jee (finally bringing order):

Nanak jarra maran nivaare
puneet karrai tiss junttai

Nanak jarra maran nivaare
puneet karrai tiss junttai


Daas (rubbing eyes):

Hey, it is over??????????????

WAH!-Land The Land down Under

"Daas, Daas," called Sister excitedly," Pita ji has said that we may travel with him on his journey to The
Land Down Under."

Daas looked up, he had been working too hard lately, and was ready for a vacation, especially one with
Pita ji. No telling what could happen.

"Wahe is it called The Land Down Under Sis?" He asked.

Pita ji says it's because the souls who live there are very humble. They are the dust under the Sants feet.
"Hmmmm, maybe we can meet with some and do their seva," said Daas. That would be really good
blessing for us. Lot's better than working all day," he muttered.

"But daas working is important too," sister said consolingly, "Pita ji means for us to earn an honest living."

Daas almost choked, "Does that mean i should spend less time on e-mail when i'm working?" he said with
a funny little smile.

"No of course not silly. *That's* seva. It gives sangat to all of us who have to go out into the karmic world
to work everyday."

"Well that's good, you had me worried there for a minute."

"Yeah you, and the hidden Sant," sister joked. "BTW, "she asked sweetly, "Did he ever get his extra 32
megs of Raam Naam?"

"Aww, cut it out sis. How are we getting to the Land Down Under anyway? It's a long ways off."

"Well," sister replied, "We have to check with travel agent Sakhi Flyer, and see if we can book tickets on
the Gur- WAH! Airwaves."

"Do you think we can get window seats?"

"Sure we can Daas, but we'll be flying so high, and with Daas Kukoor as the pilot, everythings going to
look just like scrolling through his Vaahe guroo's"

(Scroll down- through the Vaahe guroos to *fly* Gur-WAH! Airwaves for the trip to the Land Down
Under also known as WAH!- Land.)

Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo, Vaahe guroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,
Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo, Vaaheguroo,


"That was really some flight," exclaimed Daas and his older sister together.

"So what do you want to do first Sis, now that we're here in Sidh-nee?"

"I'd like to see the very rare creatures of our Mata ji's creation, that live only in here in WAH!-Land, The
Land Down Under" said Sister.

"Look around us Daas, here in WAH!-land, you can find creatures that exist only In the Lap of Waheguru."

"What do you mean," asked Daas puzzled.

"Well look at that Preeti little WAH!-lah-bhee, that just went japping by. "All WAH!-lah-bhees live in their
Mata jis pouch until they're are big enough to Naam-Jap all on their own. Just like Gursikhs live in the lap
of Waheguru." "When they're ready to jap naam on their own, and can naam jap with respitory frequency
they're called Kangurus. They don't have to stay in their Mata jis pouch all the time because waheguru
lives inside their hearts. Look there goes one now, Daas. See it jaaping Waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru"

How interesting Sis."

"Yes, Daas, Then, there are the Koo-WAH!-lahs. They can eat only one very special food, they live on pure
nectar of Naam."

"WAH!gurWAH! "exclaimed Daas.

"Exactly," said sister.

"But what is that creature over there?" Daas asked.

"Oh, Daas," whispered sister, "That is one of the rarest creatures in creation. That is a Satgur Kot Painda"

"But I thought Pandas were Black and White, that one is RED." Daas whispered back.

"Pandas are black and white Daas, until they begin to Naam Jap. With devotion and love they can become a
very rare Red Panda." Once they begin to Naam-Jap, they are dyed in the poppy-flower-like- red

color of Wahegurus love.

"But ,Sis, i thought Pandas live in China"

"That One probably flew here to WAH!- Land on Vaahe guroo Airwaves just like we did."
And it's a Charan Sharan Guru aek Painda It starts by taking just one step towards Waheguru, Daas, Then
Waheguru ji will take one million steps towards you. Just utter Waheguru Once, and you have begun the
journey that will drench you in PREM Daas, until you are colored a deep RED just like the Satgur Kot
Painda. Waheguru ji begins to color you, until you're no longer Black and White, but LIVING-COLOR"

har har naam deeo daru ||

Guru Khalsa wrote:

Dear Administrator Daas, This is a prority matter of importance requiring your immediate action:

It has come to my attention that there is a break out in the Bay Area. In fact it seems to be spreading

Can you please consult with your Naam Doctaor as soon as possible. You do have one on your staff as I


Indeed daas does, and daas run to this Naam Doctor with your message - Naam Doctor's urgent call was to
monitor the situation very closely; it is quite clear that this could lead to widespread "exodus to Sach
Khand". Individual diagnosis and a cure for some follow:


I have been getting whispers out side the langar, phonecalls, and e-mail reporting concentration problems.

One sakhi call and frequently complains; I just can't seem to get any work done. I'll be sitting at my desk
trying to type in codes and I just get so distracted, I can't concentrate with that waheguru waheguru
waheguru running through my mind all the time.

These are the first symptons of the VaahVirus infection. This is easy to
cure: just dilute the AVSN.

Another sakhi reported actually having to drop of of Naamnet for a while, because ;
I have a beeper on my e-mail and no matter how busy I am, or how much work I have to do, I stop
everything to check my e-mail to see if it's from Naamnet, I just started a new job and I can't seem to get
anything done.

This not a very serious case. The fact that this patient drop off from
Naam Net show that the VaahVirus infection not widespread.

In yet another case;

I'll just be doing simple jobs around the house, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and I find my self whispering
under my breath, Ik Ong Kar- Waheguru.. Just when I manage to get my mind back on my work. I find my
self doing it again. I thought taking a walk might help, but no it's worse than ever Wahe- guru Wahe- guru
Wahe - guru..

'afriad no cure for this. Even though, Mayaxo, Inc, is trying to develop one.

In still another case:

I'll be sitting for keertan and when it's my turn read a shabad, it's really hard to concentrate because in the
back of my mind there is Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru. The really bad part is if I sing Waheguru
waheguru waheguru, I'm likely to forget altogether which part of the shabad I was reading, but even worse,
and this really *is* bad, if i slip up and think of Naamnet I forget which words I was singing, Now this is

You are right. In this case, the VaahVirus has spread to the heart. And once that is hit, no one, daas means
no one, not even daas dee mama, can imagine a cure, let alone create one.

Another Sakhi reports:

I slept through my alarm, I thought this morning I'm actually going to get some sleep, but No.... I woke my
self up doing Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru. so when I start doing naamjap in Baba ji's room I was feeling
really sleepy, so I thought this is my chance to snooze a little, but No chance, because as soon as I notice
silence, it wakes me up and I start waheguru waheguru waheguru again, or I start tipping over, that wakes
me up and it's back to waheguru waheguru waheguru.

Another one over the MayaEdge case.

"Tch, tch," Naam Doctor say (daas don't know why, but Naam Doctor almost seem happy when saying
this - daas very confused, but daas confused for 33 years and 295 days, so no big deal).

Anyways, this is what Naam Doctor prescribe to each of the cases, except where VaahVirus spread to heart
- no cure for that:

"First get AVSN, SSSG, WAH, GUR, NN (common name: NitNem), MM (common name: Mool Manter)
from the MahaDoctor, also known as WAH-Doctor.

(Early morning cure)

Wake up early every day - before 4 am;
Mix AVSN thoroughly with liberal doses of MM;
Sniff powder through nostrils;
Hold head back and let mixture go to the upper part of the heart - where the juRa is;
Hold it there till dawn.

(Dawn time cure)

Take a tablet of NN;
put it on tongue;
let it sit there until it dissolve and spread down into heart area;
Follow with 4 other NN.

(Day cure)
During the day;
keep SSSG in pocket.
Whenever a free moment arrive;
pop SSSG into mouth and if no one around;
tilt head back until it go into the upper part of head.

(Evening cure)
At dusk time;
take another NN - and follow same method as dawn-time NN taking.

(Right after dinner cure)

take walk and with left step pop WAH into mouth,
with right step pop GUR into mouth.

(Before sleep cure)

make a mixture WAH, GUR, NN and MM and drink it with one gulp.

(Night cure)
keep SSSG nearby.
If and whenever; the patient wake;
the patient is to gulp it down."

Guru Khalsa jee, then the Naam Doctor tell daas to thank you for taking such fast action. Naam Doctor
say, that Naam Doctor very interested in the progress of these patients and will for free, visit each patient
and try to adminster the cures personally.

Guru Khalsa jee, although daas respect Naam Doctor very much, however, Naam Doctor look very very
strange. Naam Doctors eyes like no eyes daas has seen. Daas would seriously recommend not allowing
Naam Doctor to visit any patient - daas has heard rumors that Naam Doctor take patients to places
from where no patient ever come back.

Daas very afraid, Guru Khalsa jee, very afraid.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru wahguurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Pillow *FLights*
Daas was always soo..sleepy. His older sister, however, was and
insomni-maniac, who could never sleep. Early one morning she heard daas
jyam napping waheguruuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She, being very selfish,
wanted him to wake up for Amrit Vela, and decided to play a trick on

She sneaked into his room with her pillow, and bopped him rather
hard, over the head. Her pillow exploded into a cloud of feathers,.. and
golden light, Looking up, in amazement, sister rather distractedly got
caught up in waheguru.. waheguru.. and drifted off, japping naam, still
clutching the remnants of her pillow..

Daas, doing what daas does best, just sort of slept though it all,
But when he woke up, and saw all the feathers and gold dust,
he wondered if he had been visited by an angel in his sleep.

He heard some growling sounds coming from oustide his room,,

weGruuuu whegRRuu grr GRrrr whGrrr, and decided he better get up
to invesitgate. He crept over to his door. When he opened it, and
looked out, he saw sister and Pita ji's, kookur ji, covered in feathers,
playing tug of war, with what was left of the pillow...waheguru ..
waheguru.. Poor sleepy daas, he thought that kookur ji had caught the
angel... waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru ji

Sister woke up feeling all out of sorts.She didn't feel like getting up at all. But she'd made a promise, so
she decided to do her naamjap in the bed. Well it went ok, she didn't fall asleep or anything, she hadn't
really tried this before, it was ok. But she still was feeling really irritated. How this was supposed to defeat
homai and fill her with prem...? All that seemed to be happening was homai was getting bigger and bigger.

She got out of bed, did isnaan, and set out to find Daas and Kukoor. By the time she found them she was
really upset, the homai was growing so big it was really getting the better of her, she didn't stand a chance.
She put one arm around Kukoors neck, buried her face in Kukoors fur, and wept hot tears, holding on to
Daas hand very tightly. Kukoor and Daas glanced at each other, This seemed like a really good time to go
and have a good game of "play ball with Waheguru." Kukoors eyes seemed to say" weeping females
Daas?" But Pita jis kukoor was very paitient, and Daas was very comforting. "What's up sis?" He asked.

"Well Daas," Sister said between sobs, "I made a promise to naamjap all the time, because i was told this
would help me defeat homai, and be filled with prem, but it's not working, my ego is just getting, bigger
and bigger, everything is irritating me, and i feel all out of sorts, boo hoo hoo hoo hoo."

"Well Sis, look on the bright side, at least you're identifying the enemy, that's the first step to conquering
any battle." Sister just wept louder, and got the poor Kukoor wetter. "Poor kid, you're really having a hard
time aren't you," said Daas putting a comforting arm around her shoulder. Then he did what Daas does best.
He bent over and whispered in Sisters ear "Waheguru, Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru," Kukoor
growled softly, " Guruuu wahgurrrruu..."

That made sister feel a little better. Then all of sudden she looked up and said, "I've got it. This is a
monthly thing. It's a voice. Just like lust and anger are voices, ego, pride, homai, is just a voice, and i don't
have to listen to it, not any more. It's just a voice. I don't know if i can get filled up with love, but wahe to
love anything false, all i have to do is love naam, and the sangat of naam, and naam jap and everything will
be ok as long as i don't listen to that voice anymore. Thank you Daas and Kukoor ji, you are the best
sangat. Go on and have your game of play ball with waheguru I'll be ok now, Thanks" she said giving
them both big hugs, "Now go on."
Dass and Kukoor looked at each other with obvious relief. "Girls," Daas said. Waahf, replied Kukoor,
Grurrroo, and they ran off quickly before she could change her mind. Then she got ready and went for
keertan, In no time at all she was feeling just wonderful.
Forbidden Fruit
Mother warned us never to touch those berries. She took us into the garden by the hand and pointed them
ut. "These are called deadly night shade" she said. "You must never play with them, or even touch them,
they are poison, and anyone who eats them will die." They were beautiful, tiny red pear shaped, dark blood
red, fruits, and star shaped, spikey, little white flowers with black centers, hanging on a dark green vine.
Some of the berries were black.

We were very young then, and obedient.

I was older now. I had been to the eye doctor. I knew that the drops he put in my eyes were from the
belladonna flower, and came from this plant. I was still alive.

I was watching my younger brother in the garden. He had fallen asleep. I looked at those berries with
longing. They were so beautiful. Surely it wouldn't hurt just to touch one. My favorite pastime was
baking little fruit cakes from wild berries and drying them in the sun. I liked to play that I was a native
child and these were my food.

I decided to pick just one and mix together with the other wild berries. I wouldn't eat it of course, it was
just for play. I looked over at Daas. He was laying in the grass, sound asleep. I reached for the berry, and
plucked it.

Suddenly everything changed, I couldn't see anything, everything went black. Then I saw golden eyes,
with light streaming through the pupils. I looked into them and saw a palace. The palace had marble walls,
it was devided into chambers and halls, all overlaid with pure white marble.

It reminded me of my journey into the Castle Pearl, and a discovery that I had no beloved. Perhaps I should
look deeper into this castle.

It first appeared to be empty, then I noticed a vapor hanging in the air and followed it. I thought of the
opulance of these rooms overlaid with marble, the owner must be very wealthy.

Suddenly I was blinded with light, bright golden intensely radiant light, splendor and glory. I was
immediately drawn into this light and golden pieces of me began to break away and fly into it.

I tried to pull away and began to weep, it was overwhelming and overpowering. I could see just beyond the
light, the outline of a gleaming golden throne. I had reached the throne room, and was in the presence of the
ruler of my heart.

I heard the voice of my Beloved speak, gentle soothing words, begging me not to be afraid and to come
near. I wanted to, but He was too brilliant. Then I felt his touch. Silken petals brushing my cheek, and
the scent of peach blossoms filled the hall. The taste of honey dew filled my being and I lost conciousness.

I woke to a blur, and a maddening, deafening sound filled my ears. Waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru, like a thousand bees humming, and buzzing, waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

I looked for Daas, he was still lying in the grass. There were berries all around him. I ran to him, and tried
to wake him, there were berry stains on his fingers and around his mouth. I shook him, and tried
again, to wake him. "Daas ji Please wake up", I cried. I took his hand and put it to the tears on my face.
"Please daas, I love you, please wake up, mother will be calling us." I put my face to his begging,
imploring him to awaken.

But he lay still, sleeping in the grass, unmoving.

My head begain to spin, I lost my reasoning. When ever I closed my eyes the light of my Beloved was
blinding me. I heard Him calling me. I forgot who "I" was. "I" forgot my name. "I" still can't remember.

I don't know who "I" am. "I" can't remember my name. "I" don't know it, and Daas won't wake up and tell

Castle Pearl
Take a guided tour through Castle Pearl
Follow me as we explore your inner world
As you wander through the halls
Look to see whose pictures you're hanging on the walls
Whose face is hiding behind the mask
Self discovery is your task
Who is sitting at your feast
Who is most important, Who is least
Write a letter now to each
Address your loved ones with a speech
Keep a record of your find
As you uncover your subconcious mind

What I found was though I was loved

There was no One to call my Beloved
For many, many year in dreams I longed
To meet the One to whom I belonged
I would always see my family there
But no Beloved anywhere
There was no earthly One for Whom to care
I reached the depths of my despair

Then found in the saftey of naam jap net

It happend that my Beloved was met
Just as easily as I connect
To Thy beloved sadh sangat
I found that I belong to you
My One and only True
Love, Beloved Waheguru
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru


Early one morning, Daas was in the langer kitchen, when he observed his Mata ji, removing something
from the oven. He asked his Mata ji what had she baked, that had sach a delicious aroma. She replied,"
My beloved Daas ji, I have baked some sand tarts ( actually a name for a cookie) for you, and the others.
Now run along and tell them, so you may all enjoy together."

Very obediently, Daas turned to leave. As he did so, he noticed that his Pita ji had come in, and was placing
the sandtarts high on a shelf that was out of reach, behind the cupboard door.
Daas ran into the next room where the others were. He began shouting in a loud voice," Mata ji has baked
some sand tarts, she says we may have them, come on lets go."

The others said "Hush Daas, quiet down. We can't hear the TV. Our favorite show, Bay watch is on. You're
so into sand, this show is full of sand, you can have all the sand you want. What's so special about the way
sand tastes any way? Yeah, daas wahe.. do you want a mouthful of sand?"

Daas replied quietly, " I was just wondering about that sandy taste"

Just then his older sister happened to come in and heard him.. Curious she asked "Daas, dearest, Wahe are
you wondering about the taste of sand? Don't you prefer the taste of Wahe guru?"

Bhai this time, Daas had begun to get interested in the TV show. So he replied. Waheguru IS sand ,sister
dear, see all the sand on the TV, millions of grains of sand , what could be sweeter then that.?"

Now sister had a sweet tooth, and she was pretty sure that TV sand didn't taste so good. So she
persistantly begged Daas to explain to her wahe, sand was so.. tasty, that Daas would be wondering about
its taste..

Sister knew too, that Daas enjoyed sweets, and she was pretty sure she wasn't going to get anything sweet
from watching Bay watch. So she pestered Daas some more. Finally, Daas revealed his sikhrehet and said,
"Our Mata ji has baked some sweets, some sand tarts. But our Pita ji has placed them out of reach. So do
be quiet please, and watch the show."

Hearing this, sisters desire for sweets became even stronger. She pleaded, "Surely Daas, our Mata ji has
intended for us to have those tarts, Let us try. If you uplift me, then perhaps, we can reach them
together." Daas thought this sounded like a good plan, so sister was able to lure him away from the TV and
back into the langer hall.

When they reached there, Daas pointed to a high shelf. He said, "the sand tarts are up there behind that
door." The aroma of those freshly baked tarts wafted down into the langar, it was so tantalizing, that
their desire to reach those tarts greatly intensified.

Sister and Daas tried very hard to reach those sweets. First she stood on his shoulder, and then he stood on
hers, but to no avail. They were just unable to reach those tarts by there own efforts.. Sister sat down on
the floor and began to weep.. She could smell, and almost tatse, those sand tarts, but they were out of reach.
" Oh, please daas, do ardaas, that we may be able to reach those delicious sand tarts, that Mata ji has
prepared for us, I cannot bear to be seperated from them for another moment."

Just then a kukoor wandered in. He was one of pita jis most faithful hounds. He saw poor sister weeping
and put his head in her lap to try and comfort her., She stroked his silky ears crying into his fur. Daas
however, became very happy, because he knew that this particular kukoor was never far from his Master.
Surely Pita ji must be close by.

He said gently, "Sister dear, Wahe do you weep, You know out Pita ji must be very near. So sister dried
her eyes and looked up. There was Pita ji standing over her. She was so thrilled to see him. " Oh, Pita
ji, dearest most beloved, we have been trying so hard to reach those sweets up there, on that high shelf,
behind that door. But we can't do it by ourselves. Please help us."

Beloved Pita ji opened the door. Mmm.. they smelled so good... He took down the plate and gave each a
tart. They were incredibly delicious, Mata jis special recipe, naam and nectar, a sweet crunchy taste, just
like sand.. Waheguru

After they had enjoyed their treat, and were satisfied. Pita ji said, "Now, go and tell the others, so they
may enjoy also." As they turned to go, He again placed the sweets high on the shelf and closed the door.
But now His children were happy, They had learned a sikhrehet.
Together in sadhsangat by doing ardaas, it IS possible with Gur prasaad, to open the door, behind which
is all the sweetest sweetness.., and enable us to recieve our Waheguru jis blessing, Naam ...elixer.

too(n) meraa Pita, too(n) hai meraa mataa,

too(n) meraa bandhap too(n) meraa bharataa
too(n) meraa raakhaa sabhanee thaa-ee,
taa bha-o kehaa kaaRaa jee-o

tumaree kirpaa te tudh pachaaNaa ,

too(n) meree oT too(n) hai meraa maaNaa
tujh bin doojaa avar na ko-ee,
sabh teraa khel akhaaRaa jee-o

jee jant sabh tudh upaa-e,

jit jit bhaaNa tit tit laa-e
sabh kich keetaa teraa hovai,
naahee kich asaaRaa jee-o

naam dhi-aa-e mahaa sukh paa-i-aa

harguN gaa-e meraa man seetalaa-i-aa

gur poorai vajee vaadhaa-ee

Naanak jitaa bikhaaRaa jee-o


You may remember that daas has an older sister. And that this particular sister has a sweet tooth.

After the discovery that sweet tarts were kept hidden in special cupboard high in the langer hall behind a
hidden door, this sister began to spend all of her time in the langer hall. She found every excuse to remain
in the langar doing seva. She would sweep the floor and clean the pots, always on the look out for some
one who might be tall enough to reach the tarts. She stayed, wanting to make sure to be there, if her Pita ji
came in again, hoping perhaps Mata ji would let her assist in the preparation of those sweets.

Sure enough, she spotted some very tall. Sister approached him saying," Uncle ji, There are some
delicioulsy sweet tarts on the top shelf of that cupboard over there. I am not tall enough to reach them my
self, but if you could kindly follow my instructions, I will direct you as how to obtain,them. Then we may
eat, and enjoy them together." The uncle was agreeable and did exactly as sister said. However, he was
not quite tall enough to reach the highest shelf. In the process though, he reached a lower shelf. He
exclaimed, " How did this happen to come to be here .This is something I 've been looking for my whole
life," He walked off happily, but sister didn't see anything at all. A little Puzzled she went back to her seva.
To keep herself busy, she began to hum, "ik on kar. sat nam, wahe.. guru," thinking of the sweets so
intently, she imagined she could smell them.

After a bit ,she noticed some ladies had come into prepare the langar. Sister went over to them. "Auntie
ji," she said to the tallest of them, I know of some wonderfly sweet tarts here in the langer. They are on a
high shelf . I am unable to reach them, perhaps if you were to try, you would be able to, you are so much
taller than I. Then we could distribute them to all, and enjoy a tasty treat." And in saying, she could
practically taste them, believing them now to be within reach.

Auntie did exactly as sister asked, and was able to reach the cupboard door, but could not get it to open.
Suddenly ,she said in amazement, "Oh look, here is something I thought had lost. I wonder Wahe I find it
now? "and went off to join the other ladies. Again sister could not see anything at all.

Sister went back to doing her seva. She was remembering how she and Daas had shared the sand tarts their
pita ji had given them..Now she really began to long for her Pita ji.and her Mata ji,and Daas, and Pita jis

A barefoot man with a long beard, a very tall dastar, dressed in a long blue robe entered the langar.He was
carrying an assortment of weapons, and looked very hungry and weary. He sat down on the floor. When
sister saw him, she forgot every thing else, all of her desires seemed to melt away,except for one. She only
desired to serve this one..

She took his shoes, and cleaned his feet. She brought him a bowl of food and fresh water. When he
finished, she bent to take his bowl and looked into his face, He looked so.. much like her Pita ji that she
began to weep...

As she turned her face away to hide her tears, she noticed that the cupboard door was standing open. she
seemed to have grown very tall and could easily reach the sweets. She took one and shut the door, then she
remembered Daas. The door came open easily this time, and she took a tart to share with Daas and ran off
to find him.

When we forget ourself, let go of our desires and serve others, and long only for a glimpse of him. It is
then, we are able to recieve through the grace of our Beloved Guru ji, Wahe guru jis blessings for us.

Jinh har meeth lagaanaa, tay jan pardhaanaa, tay ootam har har log jee-o.
Har naam vadaa-ee, har naam sakhaa-ee, gur sabadee har ras bhog jee-o
Har ras bhog, mahaa nirjog, vadbhaagee har ras paa-e-aa
Say dhann vaday sat purakhaa pooray, jin gurmat naam dhi-aa-e-aa
Jan naanak rayn mangai pag saadhoo, man chookaa sog vigoy jee-o.
Jinh har meeth lagaanaa, tay jan pardhaanaa, tay ootam har har log jee-o.

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru

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