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Complete reference to Informatica: Informatica Experienced Interview Questions part 1

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Complete reference to Informatica


May 2011


Informatica Experienced Interview Questions part 1


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Discussion Forum 1. Difference between Informatica 7x and 8x? 2. Difference between connected and unconnected lookup

Filter Expression Router Sorter Rank Transaction Control Source Qualifier Stored Procedure SQL Transformation Normalizer Sequence Generator Aggregator Union Joiner Update Strategy Look Up

ETL Life Cycle What Is Informatica Client Components Services Behind Scene Try U R Hand's on Admin-Console Difference Between 7.1 and 8.6 Informatica 8.6 Installation

transformation in Informatica? 3. Difference between stop and abort in Informatica? 4. Difference between Static and Dynamic caches? 5. W hat is Persistent Lookup cache? What is its significance? 6. Difference between and reusable transformation and mapplet? 7. How the Informatica server sorts the string values in Rank transformation? 8. Is sorter an active or passive transformation? When do we consider it to be active and passive? 9. Explain about Informatica server Architecture? 10. In update strategy Relational table or flat file which gives us more performance? Why? 11. W hat are the out put files that the Informatica server creates during running a session? 12. Can you explain what are error tables in Informatica are and how we do error handling in Informatica? 13. Difference between constraint base loading and target load plan? 14. Difference between IIF and DECODE function? 15. How to import oracle sequence into Informatica? 16. W hat is parameter file? 17. Difference between Normal load and Bulk load? 18. How u will create header and footer in target using Informatica? 19. W hat are the session parameters? 20. W here does Informatica store rejected data? How do we view them? 21. W hat is difference between partitioning of relational target and file targets? 22. W hat are mapping parameters and variables in which situation we can use them? 23. W hat do you mean by direct loading and Indirect loading in session properties? 24. How do we implement recovery strategy while running concurrent batches? 25. Explain the versioning concept in Informatica?

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Complete reference to Informatica: Informatica Experienced Interview Questions part 1

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Unit Testing Integration Testing UAT Informatica Testing Debugger Constraint Based loading Target Load Plan

Necessity Of Performance-tuning Identification Of bottle

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Necks Optimization of Bottle necks Performance tuning of Lookup Push Down Optimization

Advanced Concepts
Mapping Parameter's & Variable Mapplets Partitioning Working with links Scheduler Types of Task's- 1 Types of Task's- 2 Indirect Method for Loading SCD - Type 1 SCD - Type 2 SCD - Type 3 Incremental Aggregation Mapping Templates Grid Processing Work Flow Variables

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