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Dens u mondo Nos sens l Dens u mondo, Lest franc bi Lest ver.

Tot parir Nos passens Dens la via Sens songir Tot lo temps aprs Bgagir. Pas lo temps De rgardar. De tant dovrjo ft soccupar. Mas le temps Vat passar ; Ceti bi temps Porqui pas Lo-t amar ? Des pomos Lat dens lr, Prends lo temps De sofflar , De recuelyir Dens ta tta Lharmonia Des telyes. Here we are. Beautiful Is the world, But of course. What the hell, we go on in this life, thoughtlessly, stressing out constantly. Whos got time to look around? So much to do, tasks to tick. However time will go by; Take the time To embrace These good times. There are poems In the air, Breathe out And take them in, Pick them up in your head! Read the signs Of the stars!