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Invention Day

On Tuesday 17th September I took part in the Grade 4 innovation day. In order to prepare for the day I had to think of a new invention. I decided to make a lunch box that can freeze your food and it cannot freeze your food. (The name of it is Ice Lunch.) The purpose of this invention is to freeze your food and to not freeze your food. The audience for my invention would be everyone because it cannot heart you and it is harmless for kids. I used the design brief to plan the equipment, materials, design and the procedure I would follow on the day in order to make my invention. I also created an advert for my invention by creating a poster. On the invention I was really excited and afraid because I thought if I made a mistake, it would ruin everything but at the end it all turned out like I expected. At the beginning I had to change a lot of my rules. My favourite peace of the invention was painting and gluing everything together. On the 18th September I displayed my invention, design process and advert as part of the Grade 4 Innovation Exhibition. The Grade 2s, 3s and parents came to visit the grade. Now add 3 points from the exhibition such as

If your parent came to visit or A special comment made by a visitor Followed by a final statement about your experience.