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i; a Living Creator; a living (wo)man; on The Land;

Notice of Deceased Person

Notice to Respondeat Inferior is Notice to Respondeat Superior God requires no law; as it is written; it shall be done; This is a private international communication;

Respondeat Inferior: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd thru Right Honourable Christopher Geidt; Care of Buckingham Palace, London, England near [SW1A 1AA] IN RE: God Given Inheritance The Will of The Father: The soul, body, mind, and spirit of living men and women have been enslaved and trapped in the Underworld, the Book of the Dead. This enslavement is perpetuated through deceitful words, ctitious and counterfeit laws, out-right lies, and absolute fraud. The slave masters [false prophets] claim to be God and claim to speak the Word of God. The words PERSON, PROPERTY, and OWNERSHIP appear in all ctitious [counterfeit] law and legislation. These and many other deceitful words perpetuates the fraud [the swindle], and gives rise to the attornment of a child at birth from God. Through tacit and fraudulent contracts, parents are conned into gifting their childs being, life, inheritance, and future labour in exchange for privileges and benets of property. The living child, man, and woman now appear as PERSONS owning no PROPERTY and have turned away from their God Given Inheritance. We have been conned into bondage, into slavery, serving a false God. Three fraudulent claims over ones being, life, inheritance, and labour appear, in form, and are manifest through the transmission of living energy into an imaginary PERSON and PROPERTY. Fraudulent claims of the land into real property, the body into personal property, and the soul into ecclesiastical property has conned living men and woman to act as blind fools, as slaves. The remedy to this FRAUD is in the Original King James Bible. During the British Coronation ceremony you were presented this Bible with these words: We present you with this book, the most valuable thing this world affords. Here is wisdom. This is the Royal Law. These are the lively oracles of God. [Only the Original King James Bible is to be used as a reference as other versions have been altered to hide its original intent] Romans Chapter 2 Verse 11; For there is no respect of persons with God. Acts Chapter 10 Verse 34; Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons; It is my wish to set the record straight. I am living and aware. I am NOT lost at sea. I am a Living Creator, I am a living (wo)man, on The Land. It is my wish to withdraw all my energy from this fraud and claim my land, my being, my life, my inheritance, and my labour, ab initio, nunc pro tunc. It is my wish to have my God Given Inheritance restored in full. It is my wish to see the Birth Certicate Name [Corporate Person] FIRST MIDDLE LAST [registration number 0000-00-000000], which I was conned into using and is an absolute fraud, be declared CIVILLY DEAD and PROBATED, and the temporary fraudulent ESTATE returned to honor. All ctitious debts and claims against the PERSON are to be setoff and settled [refer to Unam Sanctum, all fraudulent Cestui Que Vie Trusts and House Joint Resolution [HJR] 192 of 1933]. The presumed claim of ownership over my land, my being, my life, my inheritance, and my labour is NOT valid, null and void, ab initio, nunc pro tunc. It is my wish for you, Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, as temporary Co-Trustee, to dissolve ALL ctional and fraudulent claims of ownership and transfer my God Given Inheritance in full

into a Private Living Trust [as a Living (Wo)Man], with no liability on yourself. If you are unable to perform your duty as temporary Co-Trustee, it is my wish for you to seek, nd, and delegate and utilize another temporary Co-Trustee skilled in this duty. It is my claim that My living soul, body, mind, and spirit are now free of the Underworld, free of the Book of the Dead. By my free will as a living (wo)man, I enter the House of My Father, the Book of Life. I am free and on the Land.

A Living Creator, a living (wo)man, on The Land email: living.woman.man@icloud.com