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TJ Internet Safety Curriculum/Training Action Plan

GOAL STATEMENT TJ goal is to provide access to i-Safe resources and staff development components to all
instructional staff to support the Virginia state goal of ” requiring schools to integrate Internet
safety into their curriculum”. More info here>>>
Inform staff by e-mail of Knight May Staff bring concerns to
upcoming e-mail blast providing team leaders
Inform instructional staff and more implementation
provide access of e-Rate information.
Compliance Package Baxter June 1st Staff log in and confirm
Send Individual School i-Safe E- accounts
mail Blast at predetermined time

Instructional Staff beginning i-

Learn training components About
i-Learn and Personal Safety on
Instructional Staff begin i- Learn their own or computer lab on Instructional Staff June Staff logs in and begins
training Wednesday afternoons the i-Learn Components

Instructional staff continues to

Instructional Staff continues to complete the i-Learn components
extend learning with i-Learn of “Cyber Community Issues” Staff logs in and continues
and “Intellectual Property” on Instructional Staff July-Dec to learn from the i-Learn
their own or Wednesday training

Instructional Staff becomes

familiar with available i-Safe Aug-
curriculum and delivers lessons Instructional staff uses i-Safe Instructional Staff June Staff uses lessons a few
when appropriate/fits in with lessons when they fit. times throughout the year.
existing curriculum

Created 3-2009