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This is a hacked version of Ajaxupload plugin created by, which is really good

enought for normal use.

In this hacked version, it submits the specified file type of input element only,
so we don't bother with extra form fields.
how to use it?
1. include jquery.js & ajaxfileupload.js javascript files
2. create a function to be fired when the upload button clicked.
function ajaxFileUpload()
//starting setting some animation when the ajax starts and completes

prepareing ajax file upload
url: the url of script file handling the uploaded files
fileElementId: the file type of input element id and it
will be the index of $_FILES Array()
dataType: it support json, xml
secureuri:use secure protocol
success: call back function when the ajax complete
error: callback function when the ajax failed

dataType: 'json',
success: function (data, status)
if(typeof(data.error) != 'undefined')
if(data.error != '')
error: function (data, status, e)

return false;