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Brand Name: Clexane

Generic Name: Enoxaparin sodium

Indications: Prevent pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis after hip or knee
replacement surgery, abdominal surgery, patients with acute illness who are at
increased risk because of decreased mobility. To prevent ischemic complications
of unstable angina and non-Q-wave MI with oral aspirin theraphy.
Drug Classification: Anticoagulants
Mechanism of Action: A low moleculer weight heparin derivative that accelerates
formation of anti-thrombin III-thrombin complex and deactivates thrombin,
preventing conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin. Has higher anti-factor Xa to
antifactor IIa activity ratio.
Dosage: Initially at 40mg SC q8 for 10 days.
Special Precaution: History of Heparin induced thrombocytopenia with or without
thrombosis. Do not administer by IM route. Renal or hepatic insufficiency,
History of hepatic ulcer, arterial hypertension, diabetic retinophaty, shortly after
neuro or ophth surgery.
Pregnancy Risk: B
Adverse Reaction: Hemorrhage. Thrombocytopenia. Local reactions (Small local
hematoma). Exceptional cases of skin necrosis. Rarely cutaneous or systemic
allergic reaction. Increase liver enzymes.
Contraindications: Conditions with high risk of uncontrolled hemorrhage including
major bleeding disorders.
Form: Ampules 30mg/0.3 ml, Syringes (prefilled) 30mg/0.3 ml, 40mg/0.4 ml, Vial
Nursing Responsibilities:
 Monitor pregnant women using the drug
 Instruct patient and family to watch for signs of bleeding or abnormal bruising
and to notify prescriber immediately if any occur.
 Tell patient to avoid OTC drugs containing aspirin or other salicylates unless
ordered by physician.