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AUDIT Quality (system) Audit - A systemic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating

it objectively to determine the extent to which audit criteria are fulfilled. Process Audit - Often known as First Party audits. An audit conducted by, or on behalf of, the organization on its own systems, procedures and facilities. Those performing the audit need to be independent of the activity being audited. The internal audit seeks to identify not only conformance to the management system and conformance to contract requirements, but also opportunities for improvement. Systems Audit - An audit to determine whether or not a system has been developed with the objective of providing confidence that the requirements of the quality management standard, company objectives, and/or customers requirements can be consistently achieved. The systems audit attempts to check adequacy only; it does not attempts to determine if the system is in compliance.

CALIBRATION All the operations for the purpose of determining the values of the errors of a measuring instrument (and if necessary, to determine other metrological properties). CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY A documented record which is issued as objective evidence that an entity has fulfilled all specified requirements for quality. COMPLIANCE An indication or judgment that the product or service meets the requirements of the relevant specification or regulation; also the state of meeting the requirements. CONFORMITY The fulfillment of a requirement. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Set of processes that transforms requirements into specified characteristics or into the specification of a product, process or system.