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Menard MGS31 - Geometry

Name: _______________________ Logic Project

Logic Project: Global Citizenship Poster Congratulations! You just got an internship at a prestigious New York City Global Youth Organization. Your first assignment is to create a global citizenship poster that will be displayed all over the world. Your poster, which should be at least 11 x 17, will have a message must include: a conditional statement the inverse statement the converse statement the contrapositive statement graphics (illustrated by hand, or with pictures from the internet or a magazine)

What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship describes individuals who share an awareness of and a concern for the health and well being of humanity and our planet. Global Citizens recognize that certain current issues and problems require global attention and action. These priorities include the promotion of:

Peace Justice Diversity


Democratic Participation Poverty Voting Rights Child Welfare World Peace Diversity & Tolerance International Relations

Some topics you may consider: Education Environment/Climate Recycling Health Care

What You Will Do: 1. Come up with a conditional statement relating to a topic of interest to you. For example: If everyone learns math, then world problems will be solved. 2. CREATE A DRAFT OF THE INVERSE CONVERSE AND CONTRAPOSITIVE OF YOUR STATEMENT. 3. Get a SIGN-OFF on your draft from Ms. Menard. 4. Get your creativity on! Create a poster which depicts your conditional statement. List the inverse, converse, and contrapositive are they true? You might address this in the poster. 5. WRITE AN ANALYSIS of the four forms of the conditional statement (original statement, inverse, converse, and contrapositive). Your analysis should address the following ideas: a. Which form of the conditional has the same truth value as the original statement? b. Does the converse of the conditional make sense? Why or why not? What is its truth value? What about the inverse of the conditional does this make sense? c. If the converse and/or inverse of the conditional do not make sense, is there a way the statement could be rewritten so that they would make sense? Due Date: Posters are due on ________________________. This poster will be graded according to the rubric below. The grade will be counted toward the Projects/Tasks portion of your grade.