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Job No. :07.


Electrical Works

Job name: Building Type (B)-For modification Item 1 Description Cables Supply , install , connecting and testing as shown in drwings and specs.multicore or singlecore power copper cable with stranded copper conductors complet with conduits and with all requireed accessories for perfect connection cables' cross section area : (3x185+95+50E) sqmm multi core cable AL/PVC/STA/PVC (5x1x16) sqmm single core cable CU/PVC Distribution Boards Supply , install , test and operate main distribution boards as shown in drwings and specs. complete with metal eclosure , instrumentation , earthing ,fixing & supporting materials, and all cable glands, for incoming and outgoing cables termination. MDB.B KWHM Panel-Enclosure only complete with all connection reserved for 10 KWHM's Cable Trays: Supply , install as shown in drawings & specs. cable tray with the following description : - Hot Dip Galvanized Steel sheets & with depth of coating as mentioned in specs , 2 mm thickness,complete with all required accessories for complete installation and grounding :10cm width x 5 cm height 15 mt 1 1 Unit Unit 25 180 mt mt Qty Unit Rate L.E Amount L.E

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