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Infected Mushroom Heavyweight: http://bit.


Hi everybody, So, most probably, youre reading this because you saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm-emTnj3Wo :) and wanted sheet music. I know this isnt exactly sheet music, but I play mostly by ear, so this is really what I wrote up and used for recording the song and video. If you read this along with listening to the music in the original song or watching my piano cover, maybe it can help you out. Hope you find this useful. Please: Like my FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/FrankieThePianist Subscribe to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/FrankieSimon Buy the MP3 version here: http://bit.ly/HeavyweightPiano Buy a whole album(!) of my piano covers here: http://bit.ly/PianoOne

- Frankie Simon

Infected Mushroom Heavyweight: http://bit.ly/HeavyweightPiano

Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight 140 BPM vocal: eee ggggggg f#### g eee gggg a b G bass: [e b e f# e b] x6 C->c e c e f# e c | C c e c e f# e g => REPEAT 2 times two more times with square tempo end with: E, E , E, EGEGE E^ (jump a little in right hand : E G e G E G E (high)G... e.... C (g b F#-g-f#-e 1. e f# g D eee | e f# g D eee | 2. e f# g D eee | e f# g E eee 3. C e f# g A eee | e f# g A eee | 4.(C) e f# g A eee | (nobass) E C B A, G repeat above with 4. bass: C# D-D# (E B E G, F#) repeat above with cutoff in end of 3. and 4. bass: C# + silent (e b e G, F#) <MARK> G# a b e g# e x2 | G a b f# e f# x2 | G a b e c e x2 G A B C#(low 1st time) E C# | G B G F# A D# two more times with solo: B~~~ e E-D-E B, e-E-D-E G, e-E-D-E G , E D G~~~ E D G~~ E D A~~F#~~~ (repeat) in second time: E G~~, E A~~~ G# repeat in skippy beat but same as first <MARK> (utzutzutz) E b d g f# e d (low)E, _ b d g F# e d e E b d g f# e d (low)E , b d e (high)Bb b Bb b repeat TWICE without bass on last one: repeat and ADD: E F# G A , E F# G Bb (no bass on two last note)

repeat TWICE with slow bass: E_____ C(b) ____ C#______ D___ D#___(b) with quiet background (B~~~ Bb B B~~~~ D C) b f# g f# e b e x2 b f# g f# e Bb e Bb f# g f# e b e b f# g f# d G d , (g) x2 gFgfdad a f g e c a c (a-) repeat twice with higher guitar line (occasionally go higher E)

Infected Mushroom Heavyweight: http://bit.ly/HeavyweightPiano

(Em) b e B Bb g e b~~, _ e B Bb g e __ , (Em+Bb) ___ B Bb g e Bb, __ B Bb g e (high)E~ b e b d b a g | a b d b | a-g-a-b d-b-a-g | a-b-d-b a-g-a-b | Dm(f) Am(a c) (in left hand repeat: Em D Am C ) b-a g-a~~ Bb a g e e~~

solo: E-D, b-a g-a~~ g-f# F#~ g-e d-e~~ E-D, Bb-a g-e B-a G e Bb-a g-e, , d e d Bb a g, e-d b g , A Bb-a-e... gentle same left hand with: (g e

, g e b g e ..

b g e.....)

repeat same with more left hand: __________________ end with : E~ F#~ A~ B~ _ e f# g e~~~ , b e f# g, e, E~~~, Em D Am C b e f# g e, b-d~ b a, f#-g e-g e-g b-e-f# Em D Am . C

g-G (high) G A Bb B g-b g-b g-b g-b E-g-b-e-g-b-e-g F#, g-b-g-f# Em D Am Cm Em D Am C e f# g e~ , e b e f# g, e, d-e-A~~, Em D Am C _ b e g e~d, b e-f#-g (repeat) a, g Em D Am . C b e f# g e Em g e D g e g Am e f#-g-f#- e Em , b d a g e g~~~e D Am

Bb~~~ a E~~~~~~~~~~ d d b d a d g f#-g-d C E D A C Em D Am C

again quiet part + cccccccB eeeeeeeeeeA . G F# G F# E DE DE DE G DE cccccccB eeeeeeeeeeA . G F# G F# E DE DE DE G DE, cccccccB eeeeeeeeeeA . G F# G F# E DE DE DE G, DE cccccccB